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An Update on My Twin Sister

After her husband died, Lucy didn't know if she could love again...

Vacation Photos: Palm Springs and San Francisco

In which California stole our hearts.

When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air, a memoir by my brother-in-law Paul Kalanithi, about facing death and finding meaning.

Family News

The obituary of Paul Kalanithi, Joanna's brother-in-law, who died of lung cancer in March 2015.

Sujatha: “My Secret to a Happy Marriage”

I thought long and hard about the marriage tip. Again and again,…

Our Old Apartment Was Transformed by My Brazilian Friend

What if a friend moved into your home and completely redecorated? That basically happened with us!

9 Budget Ways to Transform Your Home

Swap out your lampshades! And eight other affordable decor tips.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Fun links from around the web, including how to talk dirty (kind of) and a genius exercise app.

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

My Sister’s Home Makeover

My sister Lucy's dramatic home makeover. Here's the before-and-after.

Have a great weekend.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

13 fun links, including how to beat the post-vacation blues...