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An Update on My Twin Sister

After her husband died, Lucy didn't know if she could love again...

Vacation Photos: Palm Springs and San Francisco

In which California stole our hearts.

When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air, a memoir by my brother-in-law Paul Kalanithi, about facing death and finding meaning.

Family News

The obituary of Paul Kalanithi, Joanna's brother-in-law, who died of lung cancer in March 2015.

Sujatha: “My Secret to a Happy Marriage”

I thought long and hard about the marriage tip. Again and again,…

US Book Covers vs. UK Book Covers

Which do you like best?

How Did You Pick Your Child’s Middle Name?

"Our son ended up being conceived in Montana, so his middle name is Monty."

Our Old Apartment Was Transformed by My Brazilian Friend

What if a friend moved into your home and completely redecorated? That basically happened with us!

9 Budget Ways to Transform Your Home

Swap out your lampshades! And eight other affordable decor tips.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Fun links from around the web, including how to talk dirty (kind of) and a genius exercise app.