Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We might go to Rockaway Beach to feel the wind in our hair and the sand in our toes.

More important, we’ll be posting much more about this on Monday, but children are being ripped from their parents while attempting to cross into the U.S. AND THIS MUST BE STOPPED. Here are a few ways to help, and we made company donations to The Florence Project and RAICES. Meanwhile, let’s all be extra kind this weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

A beautiful post about a family lunch.

Anton and I made this strawberry cake the other day and it was delicious.

The 25 best heist movies of all time.

Mister Rogers fixed old shows that he thought were wrong. Love this.

Eating like an astronaut means kimchi for Koreans and lasagna for Italians.

Digging this ’70s-style shirt.

Wow, look at these views!

A joyous wedding that was all about family.

In praise of an afternoon at the movies.

Plus, two great reader comments…

Says Amy on a funny thing that happens in relationships: “The other night, I said to my husband, ‘Do I look like someone familiar?’ He frowned and looked me over — then laughed and took a photo. I’m slowly turning into him and his tragic home uniform: sweater, sweatpants, ankle socks and Adidas slides. Send help.”

Says Alyssa on pretty signet rings: “I wear a signet ring that’s uniquely blank. My husband found it at a vintage market right after I miscarried our first baby. We thought the symbolism of a space held empty for the baby without a name was poignant and sweet. I have cherished it ever since.”

Thank you so much for being here. xoxo

(Photo by Olivia Rae James.)


Our Favorite Everyday Bras

ThirdLove bras

When’s the last time you bought a bra? Bra shopping ranks right up there with bathing suit shopping in terms of potentially unpleasant experiences. But ThirdLove, the woman-led brand dedicated to inclusivity, is working to change that. In honor of their latest launch — their bras are now available in 70 sizes — we talked with three women about all things bras, breasts and bodies. Here’s what they had to say…

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The Beauty of Signet Rings

Signet Rings

Do you have any jewelry staples? Our new editorial assistant, Franny (more on her soon!), wears two signet rings. “I don’t feel like myself if I forget to wear them,” she says. “My mom gave me one with my initials when I turned 16, and the other was from my grandma when I graduated from Smith. Both are sweet reminders of where I’m from.” They’re beautiful, understated and always a conversation starter.

Here are five pretty options: custom, silhouette, modern, heart and heirloom.

Thoughts? Wouldn’t it be lovely for best friends to wear each other’s initials? Or to wear your children’s?

P.S. Gold earrings and pretty necklaces.

(Photo by Stella Blackmon for Cup of Jo.)