1. Conga by Gloria Estefan
    Two of Hearts, Stacey Q
    Kids in America, Kim Wilde
    Romeo, Donna Summer
    Genius of Love, TomTomClub
    Neutron Dance, Pointer Sisters
    Physical, Olivia Newton-John
    When Your in Love with a Beautiful Woman, Dr Hook
    Don’t Do Me Like That, Tom Petty & The Heatbreakers (all time fave)

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. joy says...

    Joanna, your spotify playlist is quickly becoming a dinnertime staple in our house. I asked my son a few days ago if he wanted to listen to some cheerful music and dance while I cooked, and he said yes, and we’ve been listening to it every evening since, while he does this crazy wonderful writhing dance, usually swirling a couple of swaddle clothes in the air as well. Thank you!

  3. Love Train – The O’Jays. gettin’ me through this pandemic.

    • One million likes to Love Train!!!

  4. annie says...

    when we all still lived at home (i’m 34), my parents (especially my mom) liked listening to john prine’s ‘in spite of ourselves’ album. it is SUCH a wonderful, upbeat album of duets to sing along with and generally relax into. and it always reminds me of my family and being in our house together. i miss them so much right now! and with john prine having gone on his journey, it is perfect music for this moment, for me.

  5. Stacey says...

    I’ll Believe In Anything-Wolf Parade

    “And I could take another hit for you
    And I could take away your trips from you
    And I could take away the salt from your eyes
    And take away what’s been assaulting you
    And I could give you my apologies
    By handing over the olive trees
    And I could take away the shaking knees
    And I could give you all the olive trees
    Oh look at the trees and look at my face
    And look at a place far away from here”

    Listening to this song reminds me of those kinds of days where the sunlight shines through spring green leaves, a breeze is blowing, your blood feels electric and you just KNOW anything can happen (in a good way :) I listened to this song on repeat on my long commute to and from work when I was pregnant with my (almost 9 months old!) daughter in the hopes that it would weave itself into her little infant psyche and that one day we’ll listen to it and dance together <3

  6. June says...

    A song called “What’ll I do” by Lisa Hanigan has the most infectious melody and builds to a delightful singalongable chorus … If that woman only knew how much joy her song has served me!

    Thanks for all the ideas! x x

    • Stacie says...

      Oh I love Lisa Hannigan! Especially her song “I Don’t Know” and the music video for it. Going to play her music right now. Thanks, June! x

  7. Stephanie says...

    Anything on the Sound of Music soundtrack :) Anything by Julie Andrews/that movie will forever put a smile on my face!

  8. Stacie says...

    Day In, Day Out – JR JR
    Salvation – The Strumbellas
    Paranoia in B Major – The Avett Brothers
    Only the Wild Ones – Dispatch
    Painted Yellow Lines – Dispatch
    Midnight Lorry – Dispatch
    White Flag – Joseph
    We All Need Someone – The Strumbellas

    Enjoy! x

  9. Lala says...

    A Little Less Conversation by Junkie XL and Elvis! Yeah!

  10. So many good ones on here! Definitely setting up a playlist out of these. I would add Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’.

  11. Caitlin says...

    Oh! Also Sparkle by Rubyhorse :)

  12. Felize says...

    Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake
    Groove Me by King Floyd
    Peg by Steely Dan
    Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina
    Groovy grooves and jammy jams all of them!

  13. Caitlin says...

    Sugar We’re Going Down (Fallout Boy)
    I Wanna Get Better (Bleachers)
    Miracle Mile (Cold War Kids)
    One Big Love (Patty Griffin)
    Strange Overtones (David Byrne & Brian Eno)
    In This Life (Delta Goodrem)
    Kick Drum Heart (Avett Brothers)
    I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
    Call on Me (Erik Prydz) * PSA Video NSF Kids!*
    Everyday (Dave Matthews Band)
    Stars (Switchfoot)
    Feel Again (OneRepublic)
    Grace Kelly (Mika)
    I Believe In A Thing Called Love (The Darkness)

  14. KIrstin says...

    I just bought Leo Sayer- You Make Me Feel Like Dancing for this reason!

    Songs you just can’t be sad when you listen:

    Freddy Jones Band- In a Daydream
    Steve Wynwood- While You See a Chance
    Bellamy Brothers- Let Your Love Flow
    Christopher Cross- Sailing

  15. Liz says...

    “I Feel It All” by Feist! Lifts me up every time.

  16. Margaret says...

    Ok, quick story. One of my shelter-in-place coping strategies is to strictly prohibit myself from thinking about what else I’d rather be doing. And I’m doing a really good job with one exception, and I have no idea why this is the exception. Last summer one of our local museums hosted an outdoor movie night with the Beatles movie, Hard Day’s Night. And it was a glorious night and my husband and I had our take-out food and were crowded in with everyone else, many of whom were singing along with the Beatles. When the title song came on, the movie got snarled up and stopped, but the crowd just kept singing along. I keep thinking about that and it makes me happy. SO. Hard Day’s Night.

  17. cat says...

    Has anyone noted Zou Bisou Bisou yet by Gillian Hills? Remember the scene from Mad Men? LOVE this song!

  18. Lamah says...

    Ob La Di Ob La Da – The Beatles. Kisses ?

  19. Martha Patterson says...

    Tom Jones- After the Lovin
    One Direction- That’s What Makes You Beautiful
    Great Big Sea- Consequence Free and When I am King
    Earth Wind and Fire- September
    From the musical “Pippin”- No Time At All

  20. Scout says...

    The Best by Tina Turner. Such a classic! My two and half year old daughter loves to twirl around to this song. I always join her.

  21. VT says...

    Dancing queen – has to be the Jimmy Somerville / Communards version
    Sultans of swing – Dire Straits

    (Showing my age here!)

  22. Libbey says...

    Wow thank you so much, this playlist brought me so much joy this morning :)

  23. Julia says...

    My younger son, 1, is a morning person (unlike the rest of the family). Today was my day to get up with him (we take turns). I was really tired, because he is not a good sleeper as well. Not knowing what to do, we took a bath at six in the morning while listening to your playlist. It set the mood for the day and we had a lot of fun! Thanks!

  24. Wendy says...

    Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
    Cactus Tree – Joni Mitchell
    One Day – Matisyahu
    We Are All Made of Stars – Moby
    Let’s Live For Today – The Grass Roots
    Today – The Smashing Pumpkins
    Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
    Friday I’m in Love – The Cure
    Yeah 3X – Chris Brown (and the official music video!.. gets me out of a funk nearly every time)
    Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed
    It’s a Beautiful Day – U2
    Rain – Ben Platt (LOTS of dance sessions around the house to this one. :)
    She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones
    and the entire soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine

  25. Alli says...

    Is it just me or do we tend to want to listen to songs from the past? Ever since this started, I pretty much only listen songs from childhood and high school. It may be the association of good ole’ days (the only worry-free days of my life)…

  26. Katie says...

    Restless by Common Jack! Also classics like Build Me Up, Buttercup and 500 Miles.

  27. Emily says...

    my 2 year old son is currently obsessed with “Come and Get Your Love”. He cried for the “Home Depot” song and i had no idea what he wanted until the next time we were there and it came on. He lit up and said “THE HOME DEPOT SONG!!” We are now long past being in stores but the song as stayed around.

    (the kids also adore the happy songs “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher”, “Oblade Oblada”, “You Make My Dreams Come True”, “Church” by EARTHGANG, and randomly, they love the clean version of “Let the Beat Build” by Lil Wayne)

  28. Pam Smith says...

    You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry

  29. Frances says...

    ‘Walking on sunshine’. Katrina and the waves.
    Impossible to be sad and listen

  30. Willow says...

    ‘What a day for a daydream’ by The Lovin Spoonful. Such a chilled out, summer song. Bonus-it is the song I absolutely identify with my chilled out, daydreamy little boy.

  31. LN says...

    Thank you so much for this playlist – I needed it today. My partner and I are riding out lockdown at a family cabin in Northern California – and we have been blasting it on full volume. Something we can don’t back home in a small apartment. xxx

  32. Laura says...

    Calypso by Spiderbait
    Black Betty by Spiderbait
    Good Thing by Fine Young Cannibals
    These Words by Natalie Bassingthwaite

  33. Molly says...

    Ohmygosh, you included two of my all-time FAVORITES – Come A Little Bit Closer & I’ve Just Seen A Face. Plus so many other great ones!! You, have PERFECT taste:) xoxo

  34. Bonnie says...

    Can’t get enough of this collaboration of musicians in different countries by Playing for Change (a non-profit musical education program). The song is not necessarily upbeat, but a Middle Eastern dude playing the oud and Nepalese dude playing the sitar along with Ringo Starr and others jamming to “The Weight” by The Band gives me pure joy!

    click here

    • Whalin says...

      I saw this yesterday and loved it so much!

  35. Carolyn McGann says...

    Swing swing by ayokay. The number of times I’ve said “Alexa, play ‘Swing Swing by ayokay'” probably sets some kind of record. Try it now!

  36. MooMooTheStrongestCow says...

    “Go for a Soda” by Kim Mitchell

  37. Grace says...

    The soundtrack to the movie “Look Who’s Talking”

    :) Love this post!

  38. Edna says...

    Kodachrome by Paul Simon is my favorite song because it brings back such sweet memories of being a teenager growing up in Brooklyn. Hanging out on the stoop with my friends while that song played in the background.

  39. MG says...

    Ooh Child by Nina Simone. All day, every day.

  40. Trina says...

    Blind Melon, “No Rain.” My standard happy song.

  41. Judith says...

    Here Comes the Sun – Beatles
    Take it Easy – Eagles
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

  42. ashley says...

    Can’t wait to listen to your playlist joanna. I made a playlist of tunes last week that I emailed out to my dear ones. Some of the songs are cheerful; I call it music for cooking, smiling, crying, reflecting, and DANCING. It includes:
    1. Virtual Insanity (Jamiroquai)
    2. Underdog (Alicia Keys)
    3. How it Feels to be Free (Nina Simone)
    4. On the Sunny Side of the Street (Esperanza Spalding)
    5. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
    6. Found/Tonight (Lin Manuel Miranda & Ben Platt)
    7. Still Feel (Half Alive)
    8. Tightrope (Janelle Monae)
    9. Anybody (Burna Boy)
    10. Canned Heat (Jamiroquai)
    11. Handsome Boy (E Wara) ( The Rwenzori’s)
    12. Wait for It (Hamilton, An American Musical 360)
    13. Silang Mabele (Vusi Mahlesela)
    14. Sha Sha-Tender Love (feat DJ Maphorisa, Kabza de Small)
    15. Awe (Asa)
    16. Agolo (Angelique Kidjo)
    17. Lose It (Oh Wonder)
    18. The National Anthem (Radiohead)
    19. Sunshine Day (Osibisa)

    here’s a link to it on youtube– (some of the videos are really fun)-https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PL61RT0_S0g96F7l1qMYi0iR_o4ABRnh4A


    • H says...

      Love these songs, thanks for introducing me to some new music, Ashley!! Will make the grey 40 degree weather in Indiana a little brighter this week :)

  43. Joanna says...

    A couple in our townhouse complex has been throwing separate-but-together patio and balcony parties for everyone on Saturday nights. They bring out their amazing speakers and blast a self isolation inspired playlist (songs like Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself”, Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now”, Robyn “Dancing On My Own”) and everyone comes out on their balconies and patios and has a little boogie. It feels so good to move, and we’re all there together, chatting, singing, connecting, albeit separately. We all laugh at the clever song choices and wicked dance moves, and you can feel a lift in the energy. I never thought social distancing would bring us that much closer to our neighbours!

  44. The Way You Used to Do – Queens of the Stone Age
    Alright – Supergrass
    I Want to Break Free – Queen
    One Day Like This – Elbow
    Love it When You Call – The Feeling
    Feel it Still – Portugal. The Man

  45. margie says...

    I love this! You should stream this!!

  46. Deana says...

    Jennifer Juniper – Donovan
    Love Shack – B-52’s
    Vacation – The Go-Go’s
    Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
    Downtown – Petula Clark

  47. Ilze says...

    It must definitely be in comments somewhere already, but “We Can Work It Out” by Stevie Wonder always cheers me up. So good!

  48. Alyssa says...

    It’s a Beautiful World Out There by Henrik Nagy has been so uplifting during this time. A good reminder that the world is still beautiful, especially when we are brave.

  49. Lisa says...

    I think this needs to be a regular feature, and next up should be Toby’s playlist! I’m pretty sure that would be the best thing ever.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha that’s a fun idea!

  50. MK says...

    Feeling Good by Nina Simone!

  51. Marie says...

    Could you do a book listversion of this??? I need a new book to read but find that everything on my shelf is too dark for the current moment!!! Thanks a bajillion!!!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      ooh good idea!

    • Alyssa says...

      I just read “Where the Forest Meets the Stars” and it was a seriously lovely, heart-warming, not too heavy book for right now!

      Also highly recommend Where’d You Go, Bernadette!

  52. Claire R. says...

    Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out. Florence just makes you wanna dance so I would include her whole cannon but the Lungs album is so great!

  53. Lainey says...

    I listened to “Always Look on the Bright Side (of Your Life)” from the movie As Good As It Gets, yesterday & I felt cheered up immediately. My husband said he felt like watching Monty Python:)

  54. Chandra says...

    I’m very late to this party but Radiooooo is a very cool app music experience which lets you choose any decade and any country and hear songs from the period/region! It’s a very fun thing to try out for an afternoon and I think people of all ages could enjoy. Currently listening to the Black Pumas a lot tho anyway.

  55. allyson says...

    Two Princes by Spin Doctors and Lady You Shot Me by HarMar Superstar.

    • Yes…Two Princes – what a fab song!
      Pocket full of Kryptonite was the fist album (on cassette!) I bought and I played that song on repeat!

  56. Amber says...

    We’ve really been digging Desmond Dekker, a Jamaican ska and reggae singer from the 60s/70s. It’s all pretty upbeat and fun (the lyrics might be darker but the songs are super catchy). Our fave song of his for family dance time with our baby is Isrealites (we first heard it on HBO’s Watchmen!).

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you!!

    • Bec says...

      Thank you soooooo much for sharing your playlist!!!!
      I’ve been out of touch with music for a long while since having a baby – bloody kids’ tunes jingling in my head even when they’re not playing. ?
      Lately I’ve been thinking that I’ve got to get into some music and then came across your link!
      I’ve been listening to it all day; it is next-level cool!!!!
      I want to share it with everyone I know. My husband remarked before how much he was liking the music too!

  57. Lindsey says...

    The OC Soundtrack! We should do a CoJ group on Spotify to share playlists :)

    • lauren says...

      that’s so funny, just this morning i got “california” stuck in my head out of nowhere! nostalgia! i love that soundtrack.

  58. joy says...

    I randomly put on the Bangles a few days ago, and my 4-year-old LOVED IT and did this amazing freestyle solo dance to Manic Monday and Walk Like an Egyptian. It was wonderful. So, I would add those two songs to any cheer-me-up-in-the-pandemic list.

  59. Christina says...

    Come Get it Bae by Pharell Williams- makes me happy

  60. Margaret says...

    Last week “at work,” I listened to Carly Rae Jepsen’s albums from Kiss through Emotion Side B, in order and in full. So good for chair dancing and singing along.

    Recent singles I’ve had on repeat are You & Me Together Song by The 1975, Waking Up Down by Yaeji, and So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings by Caroline Polachek. They all sound like spring to me.

  61. Alison says...

    Hold On – Alabama Shakes
    I played this on repeat during a rough time and it’s in (sadly) timely rotation again. Raw and hopeful all at once. Thank you Brittany Howard!

    • Kristin says...

      Hold On is my infertility anthem :)

  62. N says...

    Hands down, my favorite song for a boost – “Fresh Feeling” by the Eels.

    It’s like springtime, new love, butterflies in your tummy, looking to the future, type of music.

    Give it a listen and SWOON!

    • Emily says...

      I LOVE Fresh Feeling. That was on an old playlist I’ve totally forgotten about and it is getting revived asap!

  63. Ashley says...

    Heart of Glass- Blondie
    You can call me Al- Paul Simon
    Dancing in the Moonlight- King Harvest
    Ooh La La- Faces

  64. Brit says...

    “Save It For Later” English Beat (all time fave!)
    “Love My Way” and “Pretty In Pink” Psychedelic Furs

    • THANK YOU for introducing me to this rad album!

  65. Bianca says...

    My kids have been watching Guardians of the Galaxy and are really into this one song from the movie (though the soundtrack has plenty of great songs on it), “Come and Get Your Love’ by Redbone. Such a fun and happy song. The other day we took the kids to a deserted parking lot and they listened to that song over and over while riding their scooters around. My husband said “I guess this is our family song now”. That thought makes me hopeful for hearing that song at future weddings and fun family gatherings once this whole thing passes. Perhaps I’ll hear it then and remember the slow, sunny day in the parking lot with the kids on their scooters.

    • Catherine says...

      My kids love that movie, too, and the songs were the soundtrack of our summer last year. :)

  66. Cleo says...

    As a single woman living solo, I decided to form a family bubble with my parents once the lockdown started. They live close by and we meet up a few times a week. Not only has this saved me from going insane with loneliness, but it has also been such a pleasure to spend this extra time with them, bonding in ways that we haven’t experienced since I moved out 15 years ago.

    One of the activities we do together, is our newly established little music academy. I’m a musician, my parents aren’t, but my dad still remembered some basic guitar chords from when he was young and my mom was very happy to give singing a try. They pick songs (good vibes only!), I teach them how to play and perform them, and every week on Wednesday night we do a little concert for our growing audience of enthusiastic neighbors who are singing along from their windows and doorsteps.

    We only do cheerful songs. And we adapt them to the times we live in. Last night, we sang Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles. Hey Jude already made it better two weeks ago. And next Wednesday, we’ll fight our cabin fever with Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock :-).

    • Willow says...

      I love everything about this!

  67. MBT says...

    This is a great list and it was MUCH needed this morning! Your reference to watching The Hangover last night made me wonder if you could put together a list of laugh-out-loud movies, too? My husband and I crave those at the end of our days full of working, homeschooling our boys and doing chores. I would LOVE a list from you and your readers of things we could watch to just LAUGH!!! So far, we are planning to re-watch Spy, Legally Blonde, and Stepbrothers, so those are my contributions!

  68. Therese says...

    Lizzo! Good as hell. Its impossible NOT to sing along.

    • Nigerian Girl says...


  69. Jane I. says...

    Sunshine by Little Dragon. I love to sing this to my little baby and dance with him in the mornings!

  70. Brooke says...

    Loving the suggestions. A gem from the 90’s that has always put me in a good mood:
    “Anniversary Song” by Cowboy Junkies

    Well I have known all these things
    And the joys that they can bring
    And I’ll share them all for a cup of coffee
    And to wear your ring

    Makes me think of driving around on a sunny day, happy, young and in love. (Maybe it’s just my own nostalgia.)

  71. Holly says...

    Michael Buble is my guilty pleasure bc I totally understand why people think his music is corny, but sometimes it’s the exact right thing. Case and point: “Someday”, his duet with Meghan Trainor. Bouncy with singable harmonies. A great song for right now.

  72. Miranda says...

    Thank you for this! Playing it now (while my bonkers two year old plays / tantrums / is generally insane) and it is brightening our morning and saving my sanity. 95% of the time we listen to our local classical station (All Classical Portland! It’s wonderful! Community supported & no ads). I’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles (like everyone) and Paul Simon’s Graceland album. Hawaii Calls albums make me feel like I’m somewhere else, and my husband has been playing 90s TV show themes (Baywatch & 90210 especially) for sheer silliness. Plus lots of Raffi, of course.

  73. Emma says...

    “Another Sunny Day” by Belle & Sebastian

  74. jen says...

    give me all the jaunty tunes by Vampire Weekend.

  75. jenny says...

    Making a coronavirus playlist was really therapeutic for me and my kids! Songs ran the gamut from It’s the End of the World, Home, Don’t Stand so Close to Me, Don’t Come Around Here No More….It’s great fun!

  76. Lauren E. says...

    There’s a song by Dua Lipa called Don’t Stop Now which gives me I Will Survive vibes, and when I put it on, I cannot sit still! It’s so good. Perfect for a one woman dance party in the middle of the afternoon.

    • Margaret says...

      Dua Lipa’s new album is a quarantine godsend. Physical is great for a 4-minute made-up step aerobics break!

    • Kristen says...

      I totally agree. This album came at exactly the right time!!

  77. Katie H says...

    This was a such a great post idea and one I really needed today! I just took all the recommendations and created my own Happy Songs playlist. A few I added… Closer to Free by the BoDeans, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, and All These Things That I’ve Done by the Killers.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      good additions!!

  78. Sydney says...

    Make Me Loose Control by Eric Carmen
    Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townsend

  79. Chris says...

    No matter the mood or situation, “Nineteen” by Old 97’s always makes me happy.

    • Carol W Wayne says...

      Anything by the Old 97’s makes me happy!

  80. Amy Norton says...

    Did someone say Mr. Blue Sky by ELO already?

  81. Deana says...

    The Beatles have songs for every occasion, and many are happy songs, but my favorite is Here Comes the Sun. Others:
    Will It Go Round In Circles – Billy Preston
    Waterloo – Abba
    Fun, Fun, Fun -The Beach Boys
    I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
    C’est La Vie – Robbie Nevill
    Happy Talk – Captain Sensible
    Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
    Sweet Soul Music – Arthur Conley
    Celebration – Kool & The Gang
    Pissin’ In the Wind – Jerry Jeff Walker

  82. Laura says...

    Uptown Girl! Love your playlist and your positive posts. I’ll be listening to your Spotify List this weekend. :)

  83. Anya says...

    Spotify has a pretty good playlist I’ve been listening to in the mornings to get me out of bed and into the shower, called Have a Great Day! A few of the songs on it aren’t as upbeat, but it’s pretty good in general! I’ll have to check out your Spotify playlist, Joanna.

    Some of my favorites from the playlist:
    Lovely Day – Bill Withers
    If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out – Cat Stevens
    Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
    Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
    Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

    Lots of fun peppy music to help put me in a good mood for the day!

  84. Talya says...

    Thank you SO much for this playlist.

    I would add “Je veux” by Zaz

  85. hm says...

    At the Beach – the Avett Brothers
    The Swimming Song – Loudon Wainwright III
    Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

    • amanda says...

      Oh, big YES to LW’s The Swimmimg Song!!

  86. Agnès says...

    That’s such a great idea, thank you so much! I’ll add a few mariachi songs, they make you cry and laugh at the same time, which is quite a relase right now: El Rey and Volver.

  87. Isabel says...

    Stay high – Brittany Howard

    Best music heard since a long time. Just perfect, in every single way!!!

  88. Ashley says...

    I love seeing so many new songs! Here are some of my go-to’s: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Live)” by Ben Rector and also his song “Let the Good Times Roll.” “It’s a Good Day” by Peggy Lee is so bouncy and has total Marvelous Ms. Maisel vibes. “Barcelona” by Ed Sheeran, and finally – “You Love Are My Only” by Foy Vance!

  89. Mo says...

    Remind Me by Emily King!

  90. Lindsay says...

    Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The part where they rock out (a la Wayne’s World) is my favorite!

  91. Lynn says...

    “This Year” by The Mountain Goats

  92. Bella says...

    “With My Face on the Floor” – Emmit Rhodes
    “Motley Mary Ann” – Pisces
    “Our Love Will Still Be There” – The Troggs

    A little 60s vibe will always put a smile on my face : )

  93. This made me smile and was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for the cheerful vibes!
    Here are a few I’ve been loving lately:
    I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
    My Little Corner of the World – Yo La Tengo
    Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader
    Love You For a Long Time – Maggie Rogers (and Light On is a great one too!)

    Can’t wait to listen to all these suggestions!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      great recs!

  94. Claire says...

    A few more to add…
    Always on my Mind – Pet Shop Boys (reminded about this one from that amazing dance sequence in Friends from College)
    Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric
    Harmony Hall – Vampire Weekend
    Common People – Pulp
    Never Thought That This Would Happen – the Arkells
    Dancing on my Own – Robyn
    Everything Now – Arcade Fire

  95. Neena says...

    “Walking on Broken Glass” by Annie Lennox. And “Little Bird”!

  96. Amanda says...

    “Send me on my way” by Rusted Root. It always puts me in a good mood. It was the walk-in song at our wedding and everyone was chair dancing along.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh yes! what a fun one. that was a big hit when i was in college and it takes me back!

  97. Kirsten says...

    Up Up Up by GIVERS!

    • AMK says...

      thank you for sharing! I just looked for this song and added it to my kid’s playlist (that’s I’ve been listening to nonstop; it’s fun!).

  98. Becca says...

    Top two right now:

    Sweet Soul Music-Arthur Conley,
    Do You Love Me-The Contours

    Just try to resist dancing, it can’t be done!

    • B says...

      Sir Duke – Stevie wonder
      Eight days a week – the Beatles
      Got to get you into my life- the Beatles
      Sweet escape- Gwen Stefani
      And while not at all cheerful, this charming man and panic by the smiths are super upbeat, and therefore I associate them with cheerful/happy.

  99. Adele Burke-Werneburg says...

    MmBop (Hanson) and Daydream Believer (The Monkees) Love this!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      mmbop! love it!

  100. Claire says...

    The Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow
    Hard not to dance to this one, never gets old.

  101. Cruisin by Smokey Robinson
    Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

  102. Alisa C says...

    She’s a Rainbow by the Rolling Stones <3 :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  103. Amanda J says...

    My #1 pump up song for probably the last 2 years has to be, ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk the Moon. Love how upbeat and fun their music is! It instantly puts me in a better mood.

  104. Heidi says...

    Say Hey (I Love You) by Micheal Franti and Spearhead is our happy song. We love it!

    • Lainey says...

      They are the BEST!

  105. Marina says...

    Brown eyed girl, by Van Morrison! Sha la la…

  106. What a lovely playlist! I love music that puts me in a good mood. I would add Friday I’m in Love!

  107. Sonia says...

    I love the song Wagonwheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. It always makes me feel really happy

  108. Emma Jaros says...

    Oh My Goodness by This Year’s Medusa! Find it on Spotify!

    • Marine says...

      Lara I just want to say THANK YOU, your playlist is ace!!

  109. Catharine says...

    So currently my kids and I are “taking a trip” to France. I tuned in to the Edith Piaf station on Pandora while we are making French flags and it is wonderful thinking of France in our own home. Very cheerful and relaxing.

  110. J. Elizabeth says...

    My all time pump up jam is “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. When I’m working out, I like to imagine I’m singing this 1983 song, but the hero I’m holding out for is myself.

  111. Kathryn McCormick says...

    My “dance it out” song right now is Six Days in June by the Fratellis. Very upbeat and cheery.

    I have also been listening to Kacey Musgraves and Maggie Rogers.

  112. Megan Johnson says...

    “Beautiful World” by Colin Hay

  113. LK says...

    Simply the Best by Tina Turner! A la Schitt’s Creek!

  114. Ali says...

    Nothing tops ‘The Safety Dance’ by Men without Hats.
    “We can dance if we want to, we’ve got all your life and mine
    As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it
    Everything’ll work out right”. Perfect for these times.
    Lovely Day – Bill Withers
    Born Again Teen – Lucius
    John Cena – Sho Madjozi (so fun!)
    Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

  115. Meghan says...

    Sydney by Brett Dennen always makes me smile- it’s such an upbeat, catchy song!

  116. Meghan says...

    Whenever I hear Sydney by Brett Dennen, I cannot help but smile. Its an upbeat, catchy song.

  117. Lindsay says...

    Definitely Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass – totally fits in with the vibe of this playlist too!

    • Little Miss says...

      * Nicosia,Cyprus.this is actually the first time in the 37 years ive been around that i realised the usefulness of my country.covid has spread fast but with strict measures it seams manageable.
      * living with my parents and some of my sisters.
      * working and in fact im working a lot!!!
      * not seeing my nephews and niece.thats all.i dont mind strict measures,i dont mind everything being shut.but i adore them and wish we lived together.
      * this new way of life…most people seem more understanding and accepting of other people’s needs.also,my (very) silent drive home everyday…its magic (and im an introvert..hahaha)