What’s on Your Workout Playlist?

The Best Workout Playlist

Now and again, a friend will hint at the sordid things they would hate for someone to discover in the event of an untimely death. I have no such things. I do, however, have one really embarrassing one: my workout playlist…

It is my personal belief that workout music is most effective when it falls into one of two categories: powerful and uplifting, or else something so cheesy you’d never admit to listening to it. I’m talking the kind of tune that, should someone hear even the slightest suggestion of it coming out of your headphones, would induce total mortification and complete denial.

In the very best cases, a song can be both.

Of course, the cheesiness of a song is completely subjective. What’s important is how it feels to you. For me, the epitome of ridiculousness is listening to Eye of the Tiger during runs. The lyrics are bonkers (what is “the kill with the skill to survive?”) and I am so not Rocky. It never fails to make me laugh.

“I always listen to Meghan Trainor,” says one friend. “On a recent run, I was listening to Dear Future Husband at a stop light, and I suddenly realized I was dancing around.”

“I only use Spotify while I’m at the gym. As a result, I’m terrified that someone will see my ‘curated for you’ playlists on Spotify and think that’s actually my taste in music,” laughs Allie. So, what exactly is on these playlists? “Katy Perry’s Firework features prominently.”

Just last night, while I waited for a fitness class to begin, the instructor plugged her phone in to cue the night’s music, and the most recently played song came blaring out of the studio speakers. It was “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona — the poster child of 90s dance compilations. She immediately turned it off, but my soul heard that one verse and went, “YES!” This is the epitome of a good workout song.

Naturally, different songs are good for different activities — upbeat anthems for high impact routines; and more methodical beats for long runs.

I’ve been coasting along with the same playlist I’ve had for ages. There is a musical cameo from the Hamilton soundtrack as well as soulful offerings from Laura Mvula and a healthy dose of Sia.

Does it also feature songs from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack? I don’t know! Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t!

I have a half marathon coming up in March, and it will be of the utmost importance that my music is on point. (To anyone who is like, “I run to the sound of my own breath,” I salute you, but I most certainly am not you.) And so, I need help making the most epic workout playlist that has ever been.

For the collective good, I implore you: What do you listen to when you run, dance, or clean up around your home (this, too, is cardio)? What songs help you go the extra mile?

P.S. The art of (bad) running and the best YouTube exercise videos.

  1. NK says...

    Have you ever listened to Girl Talk? Long distance runner here, and this is a go-to! Basically an hour-ish of mashups (Rap/Classic Rock mostly/90s). I recommend the albums All Day and Feed the Animals – definitely the best. The beat picks up right when you need it and you get little boosts of energy.

    Shoot, I just got so energized I need to go for a run!

  2. Omaya says...

    My labor nurse admitted that she was always interested to see what soon-to-be mothers put on their birth playlists. She pressured me to put mine on while I pushed. I resisted her insistence because I had only created a playlist for laboring–the tempo was relaxing rather than energizing. At about an hour into pushing, I gave in to the nurse’s pressure and had my husband put my labor playlist on. I handled the slow songs only for so long before I exasperatedly had my husband switch over to my exercise playlist. I birthed to Pitbull.

    • veronica says...

      Haha! I’m dying.

  3. Natalia says...

    Lots of rap. Playboi Carti, YG, Kanye, Dababy, all of it.

  4. Nicole says...

    Work B*tch by Britney is a classic on my running mix

  5. Emily says...

    I never thought I would choose to run without music either, but, after I broke my phone for the second time in college, I started running without music and haven’t gone back.

    BUT I do give myself pep talks during harder runs, usually out loud. I used to teach spinning and got so much motivation out of cheering on people in the class that I started doing it for myself when I was feeling tired or wanted to push a bit harder. Mostly my comments make sense, but towards the end of a half marathon, I found myself chanting, “There’s no quitting in baseball.” Not sure where it come from, but it worked!

  6. Karin says...

    I have dozens of playlists for all moods ranging from happy sunny runs to deep, emotional runs to nostalgia runs to women-power runs to rage-filled, post-2016-election runs that get my anger out…

    some of my top songs are Head like a Hole (NIN), Firework (Katy Perry), Good as Hell (Lizzo–this song single-handedly got me out of fetal position after the election), Tik-Tok (Kesha), Wah-Wah (George Harrison), Beautiful Day (U2), Lose Yourself (Eminem) and Lovely Day (Bill Withers)

    As for embarrassing: I have a weakness for 1990s-2000s hip hop with horribly offensive lyrics (see: Eminem). Just spent a morning running to “Get Down” by Li’l John and turning bright red every time I went by another runner.

  7. Deanna says...

    I run to sooo muuuucch Queen. I finished the marathon to “Don’t Stop Me Now” and every time I hear it I remember how good it felt to finish. :) I actually found that I’m strongly driven by tempo, and I seem to like 160bpm. is a great site with a searchable database of songs by bpm. It’s really expanded my running soundtrack!

  8. suzy says...

    Good luck with the half marathon! I lean towards upbeat…
    Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
    Good as Hell – Lizzo
    Electricity – Silk City, Dua Lipa
    You’ve Got the Love – Florence & the Machine
    I Would Die 4U – Prince

    And show tunes always get me going too:
    – corner of the sky & magic to do – pippin
    – this is me & come alive – greatest showman
    – seasons of love, La vie Boheme – Rent
    – defying gravity, one short day – wicked

  9. Lynn says...

    I dare anyone to not be able to stand still while listening to Mick sing Gimme Shelter or Bob Seeger sing Hollywood Nights. And let’s not forget ANY disco hit from the ‘70’s! Bee Gees, anyone?

  10. omg! so embarrassing!! Pitbull is all over my workout playlist and I absolutely cringe at all of his sexist lyrics though he does seem to have cleaned it up a little lately. I am a huge feminist so this is a major confession but I pretty much starting salsa-ing in the weight room as soon as I hear him. Even my grade 8 basketball team shake their heads and tells me: “Coach, he is so ’90’s!!”

  11. Kirsten S Suer says...

    10 years ago I trained for a marathon and Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself was my go to when it got tough and I needed to focus on my pace, particularly when he repeats “Sweat, sweat, sweat…”

  12. Emily Weber says...

    Sia’s “The Greatest” and “Chandelier”. Also “Titanium”. And “Dreams” by the Cranberries!

  13. Sarah says...

    Is it weird that I mostly listen to podcasts? Except for going to barre 1-2x a week, I use FitnessBlender or DVDs to work out at home. I love turning off the volume of the video and listening to a podcast (The Daily, Where Should We Begin, Heavyweight, and 10 Things To Tell You are all faves) while I sweat. Maybe it’s a way to distract myself from the burn and the panting?

  14. Mary says...

    No shame! It’s what gets us through the workout, the run, or pumped up before we hit the pitch!
    What’s Love Got To Do With It
    Paradise City
    Mr Brownstone
    Kickstart My Heart
    Dr Feelgood
    99 Problems
    Sorry (Beyoncé)
    What’s The 411
    Break Ya Neck
    No Vaseline
    New Jack Hustler
    If I Ruled The World
    Started From The Bottom
    Hustle and Motivate
    Feelin So Good (Remix)
    Play (Slack International Remix)
    Check The Rhyme
    I Would Die 4 U
    Raspberry Beret
    Goin In feat Flo Rida
    Money Cardi B & JLo
    Check Yoself
    Return of the Mack
    Wicked Garden
    We Still Party
    Born And Raised In Compton
    Needed Me
    Bitch Better Have My Money
    Stand Back
    Like A Girl
    Hurtin Me feat French Montana
    You Can’t Play With My YoYo
    Too Funky
    Fight The Power
    Killing In The Name Of
    Burning Down The House
    Mama Said Knock U Out

  15. GC says...

    This is super out there, but Born to Be Alive, by Patrick Hernandez. It’s high-energy cheesy disco from the 70s, and it is perfect.

  16. Gretchen says...

    Queen! Don’t stop me now!

  17. TT says...

    I just made a playlist for myself of all songs suggested here! I don’t know all the artists but know the Cup of Jo community cannot steer me wrong! I am excited to start using it this week on my elliptical!

  18. lydia says...

    eminem “you better lose yourself in the music you own it, you better never let it go you only get one shot do not miss your chance to go this opportunity comes once in a lifetime” i don’t know if those are the actual lyrics but it is THE BEST pump up song for running! also yelawolf till it’s gone. love it!

  19. Hannah says...

    Maneater by Nelly Furtado. It’s the perfect beat for pacing a run (for me) and just embarrassing enough to be fun.

  20. Jill says...

    Why, Feeling Good by Nina Simone, of course!

  21. Erin says...

    My most recent workout playlist is mostly girl artists for whatever reason…old school stuff like Madonna (Like a Prayer), The Bangles (If She Knew What She Wants) & Belinda Carlisle (Mad About You) that take me back in time and also my newer favorites like Maren Morris (Sugar, 80’s Mercedes). Now that I’m reading everyone’s lists I’m tempted to do a different genre for each day of the week, so fun!!

  22. Tammy says...

    If you want a bit of amazing Broadway motivation, try “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. (The original Broadway recording, not the movie.) It’s not only candy-coated, can’t help but smile fun, but it’s also over five minutes long, so it’s the best thing to help you get through the final stretch of a run!

  23. I listen to a lot of Carly Rae Jepson when I work out — it’s fun and poppy, often with often beat for cardio — but it’s pretty much the opposite of what I listen to any other time.

  24. Nicole says...

    I have curated my racing playlists so carefully, to the point where I time them to have specific songs play at certain points in the race when I know I will need the boost. I need songs that are fast and LOUD!

    Musical preference is so subjective, obviously. But, some of my favs are:
    Countdown- the one and only Beyonce
    I Love It – Charli XCX
    False alarm- matoma
    Higher love- kygo/Whitney remix
    Bang bang- Jessie j
    I’d do anything- Simple plan

  25. Annie says...

    Rhythm of the Night is on mine! Some others:

    Oooh Wa – Rubblebucket (also many other songs by them!)
    Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics
    Sex on Fire – King of Leon
    Another Night – Real McCoy
    If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
    Wildflower – CeeLo Green
    Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine
    Wobbly – Ezra Furman
    The Lion The Beast The Beat – Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
    I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li
    I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing – Aerosmith (I imagine myself singing this at karaoke while running…)

  26. Brooke says...

    “Shut Up and Dance.” It’s my five year old’s top request and it really is great.

  27. Becky Blair says...

    I recognize banjo music might not do it for everybody…but it really helps me push through a run. Even banjo-lite, like Suit and Jacket by Judah and the Lion. Also, Mule Skinner by Dolly Parton.

  28. Molly says...

    Girl talk’s—“feed the animals”. Trust me. You’re welcome.

  29. Laura says...

    The comments on this post are amazing, and made me SO PUMPED to work out while it’s my husband’s turn for toddler bedtime tonight. YES! A couple of my faves that I haven’t seen yet:

    A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Marlie Grace
    Talk Too Much – COIN
    Girls Like – Tinie Tempah
    Get Lucky – Daft Punk
    Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce
    My Type – Saint Motel

  30. Holly says...

    I have a marathon running friend who exclusively listens to audiobooks while she runs and I mean she must be the most mentally and physically strong person I know. How is it even possible to get motivated by that!!!?!? I am a book lover. I’ve run three marathons. I. Could. Never.

  31. Jo says...

    I did a half marathon last year and I was obsessive about the playlist! Made such a difference, truly! Good luck!

    Strip me- Natasha Bedingfield
    Shut up and dance- Walk the moon
    Can’t stop the feeling- Justin Timberlake
    Neon lights- Natasha bedingfield
    Shape of you- Ed sheeran
    Feel it still- Portugal the man
    Fight song
    Stronger- Kelly clarkson
    I lived- one republic
    Send me on my way- rusted root
    Call me Maybe
    King of wishful thinking- Go West
    Dog days are over
    Eye of the tiger
    Sugar- maroon 5
    Save tonight- eagle eye cherry
    My love is your love- Whitney Houston
    What about us- Pink
    Who knew- Pink
    You’ve got the love- Florence the machine
    Human- the killers
    Down under- Men at work
    Walking on broken glass- Annie Lenox
    Africa- Toto
    Hold on- Wilson Phillips
    Cut to the feeling- Carly Rae jepsen
    Confident- Demi Lovato
    Your song- Rita Ora
    Supercut- Lorde
    One less day- rob thomas
    New shoes- Paolo nutini
    Only you- Yaz
    Juice- lizzo
    Lots of Taylor Swift

  32. SLA says...

    Such a weird one – but the entire “Smash” album by Offspring is perfect for a 30 min run. So much energy!

    “Tall, Tall Shadow” by Basia Bulat, “Blankest Year” by Nada Surf, and “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms have also been recent favorites :)

  33. Laura says...

    Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen is the BEST running song. How can you go wrong with lyrics like “I’m a sex machine ready to reload” and “I wanna make a supersonic woman of you”???

  34. Sara says...

    Love mixing new hits with 2000s favorites!
    1. Lose control- Missy Elliott
    2. Soulmate- Lizzo
    3. Diamonds- Normani/ Megan Thee Stallion
    4. Fergalicious- Fergie
    5. Salt Shaker- ying yang twins

  35. kate says...

    “Slip Away” by Perfume Genius and “XO” by Beyonce will rescue even the most tragic run for me

  36. Minn says...

    Hahaha this post is so on point for me! I wholeheartedly agree with everything Caroline wrote here and would also die from embarrassment if someone heard my running music. I love Shake It Off (in any form, original by Taylor Swift or the piggies from Sing) and All About That Bass. Those two always get me going an extra mile at the end of my run.

  37. Reina says...

    I have ZERO rhythm in my body but I love reggaeton songs. It makes me feel sexy and with lots of energy (also very good to lift your mood before going out)

  38. Jocelyn says...

    I added Running Up that Hill by Kate Bush to my playlist. And of course it came on right as I approached a big hill in my San Francisco race!

  39. Abigail says...

    Justin Bieber, specifically Where Are U Now? and Sorry. Oh, and Travis Scott, Highest in the Room and Sick Mode. 🤷‍♀️

  40. Jessamyn says...

    I actually prefer to run to audiobooks over music. I know it sounds boring, but if you find the right book the miles and minutes just slip away. It has to be a captivating story that isn’t too complicated with an engaging narrator. Anything by Rainbow Rowell is perfect for me. It’s a bonus if Euan Morton is narrating. I’ll run further than I need to just to keep listening.

  41. Melissa Thompkins says...

    while Beyonce’s Homecoming album is featured PROMINENTLY on my workout playlist and can empower me through the most excruciating runs, I have found that the Whiplash soundtrack (read: Caravan and Whiplash) can inspire me (a self-proclaimed sprinter and non-runner) to run for up to an entire 9-minutes with zero breaks.

  42. Em says...

    I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston!! So good.

    • Mel says...

      Yes! This song is also great for removing ear worms–I sing it to myself every time I get a song stuck in my head. For some reason it always works!

    • Sukai says...

      Seconded! :-)

  43. Ali S says...

    Love this post. I count on having something catchy pumping through my headphones when I run – preferably with lyrics I know and can mouth during a tough mile!

    Here are some of my recent faves:
    – Missing U by Robyn – the sparkly synths!
    – Mr. Brightside by The Killers – supremely sing-along-able
    – Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National – I save this for the very end. Something about the urgency of the drums + piano vs. the broadness of vocals makes my heart race

  44. Ann says...

    Mickey by Toni Basil and Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. And I’m a walker!

  45. Kristin says...

    Maybe I need to change things up, but I listen to Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara, Pod Save America, the Bon Appetit Foodcast, etc! I mean, listening to things going on in the world today can get my heart rate up!

    • Karen says...

      Me too! I also listen to Pod Save America plus Pop Culture Happy Hour.

  46. Meagan says...

    I started listening to Michelle Obama’s playlist last week, and it’s 🔥🙌🏼

    • Cheryl says...

      So so much 80’s- 90’s music! I love big music, all the sounds, and drama!
      Just Dance by Jamiriquoi
      We Run This by Missy Elliot
      Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson
      Cold Hearted Snake Paula Abdul
      My Perogative by Bobby Brown
      When Doves Cry by Prince
      Spoonman by Soundgarden
      Get Me Bodied by Beyonce
      Sweet Dreams are Made of This by Eurythmics
      Venus by Bananarama
      Hungry Like the Wolf Blue Oyster Cult
      American Girl by Tom Petty
      We Will Rock You by Queen
      Evenflow by Pearl Jam
      Safety Dance by Devo
      One way or Another by Blondie
      Bust a Move by can’t remember
      Ray of Light by Madonna
      Whoop There It Is by Tag Team
      Sweat by C&C music Factory
      Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root
      Thong Song can’t remember
      Whip It by Devo
      Plus a cool down to classic Led Zeppelin…

      …So so so many! And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

    • Allyson says...

      I agree! We had the same thought and posted at the same time ;)

  47. Mary says...

    I have a 200+ song workout playlist that I’ve curated over the last few years (I just put it on shuffle and see what happens!), but sometimes I’ll mix it up by playing ONLY Betty Who for a workout! Her music is so upbeat and fun. Start with Somebody Loves You, Alone Again, You Can Cry Tomorrow, Mama Say, and Human Touch.

    I’ve also recently been loving Holy Ghost by Borns and APESHIT by The Carters, and some of my perennial workout favorites are Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran, Into You by Ariana Grande, I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston, Greek Tragedy by The Wombats, and Stoopid Rich by Crankdat (I am eclectic).

    Keep us posted on your running adventures, Caroline. :)

  48. Noelle says...

    I’m going through these comments adding a bunch of these to my various running mixes! (I have some more laid back mixes for easy runs and save the really good ones for hard workouts and races)

    Some of my favorites right now:

    Tightrope – Janelle Monae
    Fire Drills – Dessa
    Freedom – Beyonce/Kendrick Lamar
    This is America – Childish Gambino
    Ray of Light – Madonna
    F E M A L E – Sampa the Great
    None Of Your Business – Salt-N-Pepa
    Is Your Love Big Enough? – Lianne La Havas
    Bombastic – Bonnie McKee

    And one of my favorites – Never Give Up by Sia got me through the end of my first marathon when I was ready to quit at mile 23.

    • Tash says...

      Love this list! Literally adding all of your recommendations to my list.

  49. Allie says...

    Rage Against the Machine has gotten me up some insane hills!

  50. Robyn says...

    I am having a hard time admitting this, but angry music. Or, more specifically, West Coast rappers from the 90s and early 00s. Tupac, Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, NWA. Eminem, mentioned many times in the comments above, but for me it’s Til I Collapse. I think, as a woman, and a very small sort of woman who tends to be called “cute” and gets pats on the head from total strangers . . . there just isn’t much of an acceptable outlet for me to express anger. So I shred at the gym and get it out, and, in the words of my trainer: Leave It All on the Mat.

    And, for proof of concept, my husband recently loaded up a playlist for me, all full of blues (Buddy Guy) and 70s rock (Allman Brothers). My average heart rate dropped by 20+ bpm!!!

    • Meghan says...

      I hear you! I don’t run but I can only listen to emo or metal music while lifting. I need to hear someone literally screaming in my ear and insane drum fills to get psyched up. I’m talking Saosin, Underoath, August Burns Red…I highly recommend channeling pent up anger into your music and workout.

  51. It’s all Phish for me. The perfect 2.5 mile run can be broken down into a slow, steady but groovy Cities, an upbeat Birds of a Feather, an intricate and complex Reba that builds to a blissful peak, and then a full-energy Mike’s Song to push through to the end.

  52. Liz says...

    Entirely old school:
    • Viva Las Vegas – ZZ Top
    • Yours to Keep – Teddybears ft. Paola
    • Not Fade Away – Rolling Stones
    • Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – Robert Randolf & The Family Band
    • How Could I Live – Peerless Four
    • Hippo Walk – Mongo Santamaria
    • Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams
    • My Pledge of Love – The Joe Jeffrey Group

  53. Lisa says...

    Most “cringey”: Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
    I found it worked really well with my pace a couple years ago, so it is still on my running playlist!
    Other faves:
    Blondie – One Way or Another
    Queen or Glee version – Another One Bites the Dust
    Kelly Clarkson hits

    • Nicole says...

      Ummm I love Girlfriend for running. It’s perfectly fast and I have no shame about that!

  54. Tristen says...

    Pour some sugar on meeeeeee!!!

    • Ellie says...

      YESSS! After my own heart. I am often listening to hair metal on the rowing machine hahaha. Can’t wait to see Def Leppard again this summer!

  55. Don’t mean to be a “downer”, but as a race director of marathons, halfs, 10Ks, & 5Ks, I ask you to please keep the sound level down so you can hear what’s going on around you. Enjoy your run!

  56. Tipsy says...

    I discovered this app called FitRadio two years back. Ever since then, I’ve never had to worry about creating a playlist. They have zillions of them, by genre, by BPM, by artist. Try it.

  57. linda says...

    Love Shack-B52’s. It’s long, it’s cheesy, it’s pop music, it has a dance beat, everything a run song should be in my opinion. It’s the Love Shack, baby!

  58. Jenny says...

    I was just running to the same stuff as always immediately before reading this!
    My Spotify most played song of the decade is She Works Hard for the Money and I stand by it! Thunder Thighs is a favorite, and Off & On by Findlay is a power jam to me.
    Shout out to the guy I was sitting next to on a plane whose airbuds died and so his phone speakers started playing epic jam None Of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa… for the entire song before he noticed I was laughing at him and seat dancing along

  59. Shannon says...

    Can I put in a request for Cup of Jo playlists on Spotify?!

    • Ali S says...


    • I second that!

    • Tovah says...


    • Sarah says...


    • Samantha says...

      second this request

  60. Kate says...

    Anything by Metric (I love the album Fantasies) or Peaches. Also Settle by Disclosure is excellent for anything either difficult or rage inspiring (when a fire starts to burn!)

  61. Katie L. says...

    I’m training for my first 15k (next weekend….eek!) and my “long run” playlist is the most important thing in my life right now…..currently a carefully curated blend of emo rock from my teen years (dashboard, everclear), upbeat T.Swift, and Eminem. Also, have you listened to Dance Monkey? Might just be the best running song ever. Good luck in the half, Caroline!

  62. liz says...

    My running playlist is embarrassing but powerful lol.
    Cher’s “Believe” and “Strong Enough” were recently added,
    Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”,
    Shakira’s “She Wolf” and “Hips Don’t Lie”,
    Daft Punk’s “Hard, Better, Faster, Stronger” (obviously) and Kanye’s use of it,
    Savage Garden’s “I Want You”, and
    Florence & the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” are all favorites that I’m willing to share.

    I usually make most of my playlists on spotify public but this one is LOCKED DOWN

  63. Em says...

    Haha, I am definitely “runs to the sound of her own breath”

    I like having the situational awareness and also engaging a little bit with what’s around me.

  64. Nan says...

    This is really funny and SO TRUE. I also am mortified but I’ll share here: I have Dee-Lite, Kesha, Britney Spears, Madonna, cheesy rappers who do house music (hip house genre), lots of mashups, Lady Gaga (sorry, true fans), even 70s disco like Boney M.’s Daddy Cool.

  65. Megan says...

    Modest Mouse- Float On has gotten me through many a tough mile in my running career. It is somehow perfectly synced to my running speed (s-l-o-w) and puts me in a happy mood. Taj Mahal- Queen Bee is another one that is a great ‘mood adjuster’ song for when I’m tired and just want to stop running.

  66. Calla says...

    I prefer lifting weights to running, but maybe there is some useful musical crossover? Like for big pushes up a hill or a final sprint? These are my current favs
    I’m Out (Ciara ft Nicki Minaj)
    Gasoline (Daddy Yankeee) I know, this is the most corny one but its soooo good for getting that extra oomph
    Hey Mama (David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj) don’t love the lyrics to this one but crazy catchy
    Bestie (Bhad Bhabie ft Megan Thee Stallion)
    F*ck Em Up Sis (Renni Rucci) makes me feel like such a badass
    16 Shots (Stefflon Don)

  67. Monica says...

    I can only run to rock such as GreenDay, Limp Biskit and the Hives, angry loud drum beats get me running so fast !

    • Lauren Ruben says...

      I recently started listening to Dolly Parton radio during workouts and it’s nothing short of amazing.

  68. Carrie says...

    If I thought hard on it I could rattle off a thousand songs. The first one that comes to mind though, is Franz Ferdinand- Live Alone (Delorean Remix) …it’s perfect for high intensity intervals!!

  69. Bethy says...

    Spot on with how embarrassed I an about this!!! When I’m alone: Bastille, lots of Imagine Dragons, and Keith Urban. When others are listening: the Killers, Lizzo, and old Kanye.

  70. Nina says...

    Dance parties abound in this house with my 4 year old!

    Some favorites are:

    ‘Rattlesnake’ by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
    ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ by Deee-Lite
    ‘Juice’ by Lizzo
    And anything by Sofi Tukker.

  71. Clau says...

    soundtracks!!! the bodyguard and tron legacy by daft punk are favourites.

    • elinor says...

      I love “End of line”!!

  72. Twyla says...

    I choose not to run, but I do like a good elliptical workout and need a beat that I want to keep up to. Among my faves are:
    Juice & Boys – Lizzo
    Vida – Ricky Martin
    Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa
    Can’t Stop the Feeling – JT

    When I’m lifting weights I love loud, angry music – Born Free by M.I.A hits that in exactly the right spot.

  73. Angel says...

    My workout playlist is Cassie, City Girls, Kendrick Lamar, and JLo!
    Depends on the workout though, cardio calls for more rock, lifting is more hip hop/r &b.

    • Ash says...

      JUSTIN BEIBER. I mean come on act like you don’t!

  74. Lindsay says...

    I teach choreographed indoor cycling, and there are two songs that get me hyped like no other:

    “Beat It” Mutrix Remix and “Amsterdamned” by Yellowclaw

  75. Grace says...

    I have a Spotify playlist called *~athletic~* that I have been mocked for but stand by 100%. There’s lots of ABBA and 80’s pop!

    • rosie says...

      this sounds like a great playlist!

    • Susan says...

      DJ Earworm! So fun to run to his mashups and mixes and available for free.

      Good luck!

  76. Marisa says...

    Good luck, Caroline! I luuuuuurv curating playlists! These are some that are on my “pump it up” workout one:

    Push it – Salt n Peppa
    Push it – Garbage
    Fast as you can – Fiona Apple
    Roar – Katy Perry
    Obsessed – Mariah Carey
    Papaoutai – Stromae

  77. When I ran my marathon I started out fun (think Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 and some 2010s dance hits (thanks Rihanna!) Then ended on some Foo Fighters. Best of you got me through the last few miles. It’s one of those songs that always moved me.

  78. Cara says...

    I actually went through a phase where I thought running without music was the purer method, so that resulted in running my first (and only) half marathon in Moab without any music and just the sound of my own breath. That was a mistake. The clothes strung along the desert highway coupled with my screaming shins, the barren landscape, and the tremendous amount of sweat soaking by body punctuated by nothing other than my raspy, dry, gasping breathing for HOURS made me feel like maybe I was actually fleeing a fascist regime rather than participating in a recreational activity that I paid money for. Headphones were invented for a reason.

    • Mariana says...

      Ahah love this

    • Nina Nattiv says...

      I’m sorry for your experience but that made me cackle.

    • Esther says...

      Laughing so hard at this amazing comment! My headphones suddenly stopped working for the last few miles of my first half-marathon and I thought I was going to die. I can’t imagine doing the whole thing without them! You are hard core!

    • Sarz says...

      Ha ha! You could flesh that out into a whole short story.

      Definitely agree, though.

    • Christine says...

      I trained and ran my last half to Hamilton. The story and pace were perfect, save for one or 2 slow songs I consistently skipped. Plus, I had a tangible goal-If I finished before he died I knew I had a solid time.

    • Nikki says...

      oh my gosh- it’s so funny how people are different. My first marathon we were encouraged not to wear headphones or have it on quietly. I figured I would run the first few miles sans headphones and then decide. When hours are split into 2/3 minute intervals they go a lot longer. The miles flew by when I wasn’t stuck in a song for only 2 minutes. Now I do all my long runs sans headphones or with a podcast. To each their own!! :)

  79. Kristen says...

    My kids and I have a dance party at least one a week. Since my son got a Fitbit that tracks heart rate, we decided to see what song pumps him up the most…to my indie-rock-loving husband’s horror, the clear winner is Turn Down for What by DJ Snake (130 bpm!). Personally, my heart jumps at Water Me by Lizzo.
    Cant wait to add some of these suggestions to our playlist!

  80. Emily L says...

    Haha I’m definitely one of those “run to the sound of my own breath” people (highschool cross country drove that into me and I can’t quit it) but I just started going to a workout class that includes a bunch of these and I’ve been loving it!

  81. Lynea Wilson says...

    Nearly laughed audibly, years ago, as I shared a circuit machine with the most grunty, muscly man listening to Carly Rae Jenson’s “Call Me Maybe.” I fully support this as a gym-worthy bop, but it was on repeat! For nearly an hour!

    Nowadays I live in a land of retirees and the songs that play in my regular gym class are all pop and high beats-but from a very different era. Smooth operator came on in this morning’s cool-down and I think the cheesiness had restorative properties.

  82. ErikaMC says...

    I’m Gonna Take That Mountain – Reba McIntire

  83. Ginger says...

    Anything authentically or vaguely Glam Rock keeps me going: Scissor Sisters, The Darkness, Foxy Shazam, The Velvet Underground, Queen, Kiss, David Bowie, New York Dolls, Roxy Music. Anything with lyrical screaming.

    Also mid-aughties Garage Rock Revival like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, Bloc Party. They often have really great driving baselines in their songs that help keep up the pace.

    • Jill says...

      Totally agree about the baselines in many of those songs! Take Me Out and Float On (modest mouse) are my two fav running songs. They are exactly right tempo for my slow run ;)

  84. Zoe K McSwain-Jackson says...

    Why is the pop/rock everyone else is listing “embarrassing”?

  85. Nicole says...

    My high school boyfriend was on the wrestling team. Before a match, they would come out and do a warm-up routine to “Eye of the Tiger.” It was all very serious! Of course, said boyfriend was also named Chad.

  86. I listen to the same songs every single time I run and no matter the distance of my run I always, always, always end it listening to “Survival” by Muse. It makes me feel like Rocky running up and down the steps!

  87. Anonymous says...

    1. Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze
    2. Gonna Make You Sweat by C + C Music Factory
    3. Dancing in the Dark by Springsteen
    4. Perfect Gentleman by Wycleaf Jean

  88. Liz says...

    “My Body” by Young the Giant is my favorite running song of. all. time.

    • Caitlin says...


    • Frankie says...


    • Deanna says...

      Sooo goood! This song has gotten me over the 59th Street Bridge many a time.

    • Nancy Preston says...


  89. Hilary says...

    Wrangling my toddler through the hour dinner, bath, books, bottle and bed every night is my version of HIIT. It’s truly a mix of cardio (chasing) and strength training (he’s 30 pounds) with some stretching (picking stuff up, etc.) We listen to the Hawaiian Dreams set on Spotify to get us through the mad dash :-) Soothing for him and cheerful for me 🌺

    • Siobhan says...

      This is my evening too…going to see if I can find this playlist as I need something to help get me through!

    • alexandra says...

      Ha! :)

  90. Kerstin says...

    Last fall my three-year-old got really curious about the concept of “exercise.” My husband downloaded a 7-minute workout app, and now all three of us do the exercises together – our son making sure we all have correct form. While “Eye of the Tiger” is definitely on the list, we also listen to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” and Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” (and, when he’s not around, I add in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop”). A good soundtrack is key, but there is nothing that gets me more excited to exercise than watching my three-year-old do push-ups!

  91. Dawn Pearson says...

    A Taste of Honey by Herb Alpert!

    • Sarz says...

      Very cool choice! Their album art for Whipped Cream and Other Delights has been burned in my memory since childhood.

  92. Grace says...

    Missy Elliott…especially the Under Construction album. I’m also obsessed with the Galantis song “Peanut Butter Jelly.” I’m always dancing around singing those lyrics under my breath. Spread it like peanut butter jelly, do it like you owe me some money!

    • LK says...

      Oh my god GOSSIP FOLKS

    • Grace says...

      LK: YES, Gossip Folks is my jam! I would blast it driving around in high school and now it motivates me during strength work outs.

  93. The songs that keep me running are:

    Basket Case – Green Day
    Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna
    Love on Top – Beyonce
    Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

    Apparently I’m really drawn to songs that literally tell me not to stop!

  94. Adrienne says...

    Totally agree with Sia! She rocks. Three others that always help me kick it in:
    Remember the Name – Fort Minor
    S&M – Rihanna
    No Easy Way Out – from Rocky IV (best cheesy running song ever – “there’s no shortcut home…”)
    Good luck in March! :)

  95. kiki says...

    same embarrassing pop / rock as everyone else is listing. BUT, when you don’t want to curate a playlist and just want a nice steady beat for a long run, throw on a Strokes album! they are perfect to zone out and cruise to.

  96. ba says...

    ha this is awesome, i’m adding all of these! my embarrassing workout song is miley cyrus, party in the USA!

  97. Pip says...

    Recent Jonas brothers, a David Guetta song that degrades women, Flo-rida – Good feeling, Ting-Tings – That’s not my name, Haim and Calvin Harris – Pray to God, The Weekend – Can’t feel my face and Blinding lights, Jason Derulo – whatcha say, Taylor Swift – shake it off – listen to this lot whilst plodding/ jogging around they all keep me cheery and running at a fairly consistent pace there is nothing worse than something that makes you run too quickly! Thanks that was quite cathartic!

    • Nancy Preston says...

      Oh man, I have so many but these are definitely the ones that have gotten me through some difficult miles:

      Stamina- SIA
      Freedom- George Michael
      Miracle Mile- Coldwater Kids
      Scandinavian Girls- Satellite Stoties
      Roller coaster- Bleachers
      Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance (Mile 25 or a ridiculous hill song)
      All These Things that I’ve done- The killers
      Lose Yourself- Eminem

      Have a great run! Enjoy the journey!

  98. Milou says...

    As a very bad runner, I am trying to be an almost ok runner. The songs that get me through are anything by the Ramones and Shakira’s “Waka Waka”.

  99. Parker says...

    My phone once died mid-run and I managed, while running over a bridge, to reconnect my headphones to my Apple watch, where one tiny playlist is stored. “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers came on and the strong beat got me the rest of the way home. Also, “all these things” I’ve done now includes this run! I was so disappointed that it never came around the shuffle during my half-marathon in January. But good luck out there Caroline!

    • Calla says...

      I totally forgot about that song! It is so excellent! As I recall they even used it in an epic Gatorade commercial

    • Nancy Preston says...

      Omg, that is my absolute favorite song for running! So much so that I had the lyrics printed and framed after I ran my first ultra.

  100. Heidi says...

    Something about Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass saying, “Yes I did, yes I did, somebody please tell ’em who the eff I is” totally pumps me up.

    • Sarah says...


  101. Stella says...

    Love to listen to rap music while I run – actually not knowing the lyrics to things help. my only exception to this is P!nk because thinking about her singing while flying in the air keeps me motivated!

    Playlist related, AmazonMusic has a “Thanksgiving Dinner Party” that is perfection.

  102. Ramya says...

    For me, it’s the new Nigerian music, reggaeton, Cuban salsa and classic house music. These are the beats that keep me moving!

  103. Roxana says...

    “or clean up around your home (this, too, is cardio)” LOL!

    Sadly, these days cleaning up around our home is the sum total of my cardio workouts. However, back in ye olden days when I’d run for 4-5 miles I would proudly listen to Christina Aguilar’s Stripped album as well as Usher’s Yeah! Ft. Ludacris and someone else who I can’t remember. Yeah! still gets me pumped just thinking of it. This stuff is running gold. Oh, and every once in a while I’d throw in the soundtrack to Gladiator just to be good and random, and because Maximus Decimus Meridius was so inspiring and who doesn’t want to feel like him? Ha!

    That 80s aerobics pic is AWESOME.

  104. Elle says...

    Usual suspects for me include:
    – Carly Rae Jepson – esp. I Really Like You and Now That I Found You
    – Cash Cash, Bebe Rexha – Take me Home
    – Hygo, Whitney Houston – Higher Love (I love the Steve Winwood original but it doesn’t quite do it for me for jogs)
    – Katy Perry – Never Really Over, or almost anything Katy Perry
    – St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

  105. Meredith says...

    Am I the only one who finds podcasts more helpful than music for running workouts?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i like listening to podcasts, too — it helps pass the time!

    • Steph says...

      I tend towards podcasts, too. 45-60 minute format if possible.

    • Ann says...

      I go back and forth. I find I run faster to music (especially rap) and for a longer time/ultimately farther to podcasts or audiobooks.

    • Amy says...

      I love podcasts too but I sweat more if u listen to music!

    • Kristin says...

      Same. My best friend laughed that most people listen to Rap while on a run and I listen to podcasts on grief (she was newly widowed and I desperately wanted to be a good friend). Lol. Did y’all know that you can speed it up if they talk to slow??? Game changer.

  106. Allison says...

    I start every running race I do with Sheppard’s “Geronimo” and try to finish on Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”! I recently added several songs from the musical “Six” and a good deal of Carly Rae Jepsen and Ida Maria, too. And “Bang Bang Into the Groove” and Little Mix’s “Salute” are welcome at any workout!

  107. EJ says...

    Since this is for the greater good, I will share some of the shining stars from my HIGHLY curated gym spotify playlist. I add new songs only after I am 100% certain that they’re perfect – always a good beat, potentially a huge swelling chorus and never anything mopey. I’m not sure I’d be embarrassed if this accidentally blared out of my phone, but I also wouldn’t want to be judged based on this either!
    Ranked in no specific order:
    1. La Cintura – Alvaro Soler, Flo Rida, TINI
    2. Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William, Beyonce
    3. Came Here for Love – Sigala, Ella Eyre
    4. No Excuses – Meghan Trainor
    5. Move to Miami – Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull
    6. Taki Taki – DJ Snake, Selena Gomez
    7. Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer
    8. Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa
    9. Body – Loud Luxury, Brando
    10. Forgive Me Friend – Smith & Thell
    11. Touch the Sky – Julie Fowlis
    12. This Is Me – Keala Seattle


  108. AB says...


    • Em says...


    • Annie K says...

      ROBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYN. Specifically Dancing on my Own and Call Your Girlfriend.

      And also Sara Bareilles song Brave, and Ace of Base I Saw The Sign.
      Come On Eileen. Only the Good Die Young.

  109. Millie says...

    Oh, I’m so excited to hear people’s responses to this! My new favorite is Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine. But Katy Perry’s Roar and Mr. Brightside by the Killers are always amazing!

    • Calla says...

      Dog Days Are Over holds such a special place in my heart. I went to college by the ocean and while I was never much of a runner, when I was feeling down I would go for walks on the beach. That was one of the songs I would always listen to. When the chorus came it made me want to move so I would sprint through the shallow surf. There is absolutely no way to be said while running through waves and listening to that song, pure joy.

  110. Amanda says...

    I always have the music from the Ocean’s Twelve scene where Night Fox is going through the laser alarm (La Caution – Thé à la Menthe) along with Pit Bull’s “Fireball.” Recently I listed to “The Incredible’s” soundtrack and it wasn’t half bad for working out – one of the few toddler addictions I can tolerate…

  111. Christina H. says...

    My workout playlist is mostly Lizzo, Beyonce, Ariana, and Cardi B. I love Money and Press when I’m lifting weights–makes me feel like a badass in the gym! You’d never guess that I’m actually a classical musician…

    • Alyssa says...

      Christina, we’ve got the same taste in workout music! Please tell me the name of your favorite Spotify playlist so I can add it!

    • Natalie says...

      I’m also a classical musician, and I share your taste in workout music! I’d also love if you’d share a playlist!

  112. Um, LIZZO!!! I have a Peloton bike and they did a 30 minute Lizzo ride that basically made me feel like I could take over the world. For working out I’m all about pop, but I’ve found on the bike that EDM rides tend to bring the beast out of me!

    • Danielle says...

      Yes! I love that ride! I also really love all the 90’s hip-hop or r&b rides (usually taught by Alex)

    • Natalie Todd says...

      Yes! Lizzo has been my favorite during my HIIT workouts lately. One time, “Worship Me” came on right as I was finishing my last set, and I was like, YESSSSS, I CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE I’M AN AMAZING GODDESS!
      Love any up-tempo Lizzo song! “Water Me” has just the coolest bass line.

  113. Alissa says...

    I’ve actually gotten really into listening to podcasts while running. I find the funny, lighthearted ones so distracting! My favorite is the Popcast – most episodes are about an hour too, which works well. I did the NYC marathon last fall, and it helped get me through training!

  114. Sarah says...

    My playlist for running is 100% oldies and guilty pleasures. Here are my favs:
    House on Fire- Tall Heights
    Will You Be There- Michael Jackson
    River of Dreams- Billy Joel
    Do My Thing- Tiggs Da Author
    Hang on Sloopy-The McCoys
    Silk- Wolf Alice

  115. Gail says...

    I LOVE Apple’s “Pure Cardio” and “Pop Workout” playlists — the subscription to Apple Music is worth it alone for me for these two lists, which are also fun b/c they feature some artists I know and some I don’t, so there’s an element of surprise and discovery that ups the ante a bit with every workout.

    • Megan says...

      For those who have Spotify, highly recommend their Pumped Pop playlist!

  116. Patricia Perez says...

    I play mostly rap and reggaeton (think Daddy Yankee). The filthier the better, for some reason.

    • Sarah says...

      I’m a 33-year-old pregnant lady who can’t get enough Little Mix while I’m working out. If I ever start doubting whether this is okay, someone PLEASE tell me to stop taking myself so seriously!

    • Sarah says...

      Oops sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply :)

    • Yesss! Daddy Yankee is the ultimate workout music!

  117. Janell says...

    Infinite & Endless by Sir Rosevelt and Work This Body by Walk the Moon are two favorites currently.

  118. Abby says...

    Sweet’s Fox on the Run is one of those ridiculous songs that just makes you want to keep moving! And may I also be so bold as to suggest some orchestral tunes? Abram’s Pursuit is oddly energizing – it features xylophone, tympani, and french horn! What more do you need!?

  119. Emily says...

    My workout playlist features mostly female, anthemic songs (Demi, Sia, Arianna…). Classic rock doesn’t usually pump me up, but there’s something about Freddie Mercury that!! Lots of Queen for me, and “Somebody to Love” gets me through those rough spots in my long runs every time.

    • Roxana says...

      Oooooh! That’s a good song!

      Wow! Brings back so many high school memories!

    • Sarz says...

      YES! I’ve been doubling-down my efforts to spread the word about them ever since MCA passed on. Glad there are others who never forgot. 😊

    • Ericka says...

      I do old school boxing and my trainer always blasts rap (like Eminem classics), Kanye remixes, and a lot of System of a Down (Chip Suey!!!)

      My favorite moment was when we were all about to hit the bags and the chorus from Awolnation’s “Sail” hit right as we all went in for the first punch. Magic!!!
      A class right before me listens to loud, dramatic symphonies and opera, I love it!

      “Lucky You” with Joyner Lucas and Eminem is great as well as “Pen to Paper“ by Brother Ali.

      I also listen to a lot of chopper rap featuring artists like Tech9, Twista, Busta Rhymes, etc. They flow incredibly fast so it helps keep your tempo up,

      La Roux is fun too!

  120. Hannah says...

    my two running playlist categories are sexy/poppy and cheesy/throwback!

    i would like – zara larsson
    kiss and make up – dua lipa
    mistakes (vax remix) – tove styrke
    sex with me (salva remix) – rihanna

    believe – cher
    around the world (la la la la la) – a touch of class (LOL)
    call on me – eric pyrdz
    calabria 2007 – enur, natasja
    be my lover – la bouche

    • EL says...

      Yes! Call on Me!

  121. Nadja says...

    My elementary-school PE teacher had one CD (ONE) of hardcore rock music that he blasted during every. single. class. Thrice a week, for five years, I ran around the school gym listening to AC/DC and Twisted Sister and The Rolling Stones.

    Now I’m in grad school and…those songs are all on my workout playlist. Nothing hypes me up like they do! Like Pavlov’s dog, I have been conditioned to run around whenever I hear Twisted Sister sing-scream about how “we’re not gonna take it.” I swear, even typing those lyrics made my heart rate go up a notch!

  122. txilibrin says...

    I no longer run (two kids, hi!!!), but when I used to, I remember I was at bar saving a song title for me to look after at home to add to my playlist. By no means I’d ever listen to those songs unless I was running. And I loveeed doing that. Now, when I randomly listen to them, I get flashbacks of the great and not so great runs I had.
    And Katy was my GO TO for running (and Pink, cause it help with punches!)

  123. Betsy says...

    I listen to the most embarrassing music when I run, and the more cheesy and on-point it is (Dogs Days are Over from Florence and the Machine, telling me to run faster!), the more I love it.

    When I ran a marathon a few years ago I asked my husband to make me a curated playlist, with very specific requests. Slow, easy stuff for the first hour, then steadily building in intensity with some classic favorites in the middle, and all super-cheesy inspirational (Firework, Stronger, Eye of the Tiger, etc) for the last 10k. He did a great job but I accidentally put it on shuffle and was very confused when Livin’ on a Prayer came on at mile 5 instead of “halfway there”!

  124. E says...

    Oddly topical- but Lose Yourself by Eminem.

    • Joyce says...


      I also like the “Waitress” soundtrack in addition to Hamilton. And my all-time fave running song is The Dog Days are over by HRH Florence (and the Machine). There is a part that literally says “run fast…” (for your mother, run fast for your father) which ALWAYS makes me smile when I’m on a long run. It’s like the friendliest reminder ever to maybe pick up the pace ;)

  125. Tyler says...

    Anything by Sia– her lyrics get me through my runs!

  126. Judy says...

    I love anthemic indie music… I used to run quite a bit and my favourite albums were Manners (Passion Pit) and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Phoenix). New workout song of this week is Lost in Yesterday, which is off Tame Impala’s new album. Such a good beat!

    • Deana says...

      I love those albums!

  127. Louisa says...

    My gym played “Ice, Ice Baby” this morning, and I loved it.

  128. Becky says...

    Eye of the tiger and born to run😂

  129. Courtney says...

    “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim always pumps me up! I like to viualize myself running through a continuous tunnel of people doing flash-mob style dancing to the music.
    Also “Sandstorm” and anything by Girl Talk; all the classics.

  130. Sophie says...

    three words: it’s britney, bitch

    • Heidi says...

      Work, by Britney Spears. Totally. “You better work, bitch.” Makes me go faster every time!

    • Sarah says...


  131. CB says...

    “Don’t stop me now” by Queen. It tricks me into enjoying running for about three minutes and thirty seconds.

    • Jess. says...

      “Defying Gravity” from Wicked does that for me! (for a full almost 6 minutes) xox

  132. Di says...

    Guilty pleasure: Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” is a great way to set a PR on a run.

    Totally claiming it cuz it’s awesome— Dessa, a hip hop artist who just put out an album with the MN orchestra, is effing amazing and crazy empowering, esp “Bullpen” and “Fire Drills.”

    • Amanda says...

      I just checked out Dessa – thanks for the great recommendation!

  133. Veronica says...

    I have a YouTube playlist titled “Clean” that is comprised of 80s and 90s songs that I like to listen to when I clean the house. It includes: Whitney Houston, Billy Ocean, Go West, Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom,” and “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” by Nelson. It is completely cheesy, and as a 30 year old, I experienced none of it when it came out originally. It never fails to keep me in the zone while cleaning.

  134. Laura says...

    Definitely 90s dance music and pop songs from artists I would neverrr listen to normally like Sam Smith and Halsey. The new pussycat dolls song is also an unfortunate banger

  135. Emma says...

    Soulful strut I’m talking the theme that can only make you think of The Parent Trap. So cheesy, but it gets me up the hill every time with a smile on my face!

    • Noelle says...

      Oh yeah, love this one! The other one that makes me laugh every time is Soul Bossa Nova because it makes me think of Austin Powers.

  136. AJ says...

    Gotta say, the soundtracks for Sex Education check ALL the boxes for me. Pop, mood, ballad, techno. There are a bunch on Spotify. It’s also just a delight of a show.

    The one thing it lacks is Tina Turner. There’s no hill that can’t be beat…by Tina’s beats.

  137. Sarah Sommerville says...

    I totally agree…a good workout playlist is EVERYTHING! “Body Talks” by The Struts, “Work” by Ciara, and “Walk on Water” by Thirty Seconds to Mars are three that have been giving me that extra push lately! Good luck on your half!

  138. Lee says...

    I rarely listen to music when I run (only when I’m forced indoors on the treadmill), but…my cousin-in-law is big runner and shared her half-marathon playlists with me. She has a lot of Queen, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Girl Talk, and Lizzo.

    • kat says...

      A second vote for Girl Talk–All Day is my perfect running compilation.

  139. Liz Jackson says...

    Mighty Little Man by Steve Burns (of Blue’s Clues fame). A chorus that demands turning up loud, and power lyrics (“Nobody else is stronger than I am, yesterday I moved a mountain, I bet I could be your hero, I am a mighty little man”). And strangely enough, the theme from The Goonies. It’s instrumental, but it’s got this really great up tempo section that just screams “We can do it!” (Goonies never say die.)

  140. Emeline says...

    Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams have long been my staples. Perfect running pace.

  141. Jenny says...

    Sylvan Esso – Just Dancing. Other songs too

  142. Lisa says...

    I will fully own up to my workout playlist featuring a lot of black eyed peas, Beyoncé and shakira, and even my very serious husband has used my jogging playlist in the past.

    But – I have Apple Music and two small kids. A couple of months ago, I went to the gym and put my jogging playlist on, only to find out SOMEHOW they’d managed to fill it with nursery rhymes and an album which is just someone saying times tables. FYI, none of that is good workout music

    • Sarah says...

      An album that is someone saying times tables! 😂😂

  143. Madge says...

    LOL! I totally feel you! Here are my faves (anonymously!):
    Enrique Iglesias (Duele el corazón, Súbeme la radio)
    CNCO Hey DJ
    Maroon5 One more time
    Usher Crazy
    Swedish House Mafia Don´t you worry child
    Eric Prydz Call on me
    …though I have been running to the Harry Potter Audiobook 1-8 lately

  144. celeste says...

    The link’s broken, supplying you with a new one!

    Working towards a 10K – Katy Perry’s Hot & Cold perked me up (there’s a station on Spotify called “Cleaning”). The last time I did a 10K I listened to the whole “Greatest Showman” soundtrack twice.

  145. Frankie says...

    My teen alt/grunge loving self would be mortified but Carly Rae Jepsen is tough to beat. Throw in some Gaga and Beyonce and you’re off to the races.

  146. Becca says...

    Kesha!!! Every song is empowering and loud and has a great beat. Do I imagine myself singing and rocking out on stage as I plod along on the treadmill? Yes, yes I do. Does it help? YOU KNOW IT.

    • Susan says...

      imagining myself onstage commanding a small capacity venue is my secret weapon to finishing a 3 mile run. : )

    • Karrie says...

      When I am training for runs I love Girl Talk, which is a bunch of mashup songs. Lizzo is so good for running, too. Turbulence is great for revving up. Wrecking Ball by Milie Cyrus, surprisingly powerful song!
      Old school hip hop is fun.
      Have fun!
      Good luck on your run.

  147. Courtney says...

    90s/early 2000s rap and hip-hop. Biggie, 50 Cent, 2-pac, Jay-Z…

    • Kelly Drummond says...

      Same! Kendrick Lamar and old Kanye gets in there too though.

    • Lucy says...

      This ^^^

    • Sarah says...

      Call On Me- Eric Prydz
      Satisfaction – Benny benassi and the biz (this is definitely one of those that I would never listen to if I was not running! I love the beat.)
      Sexy and I know it – lmfao

      When I was marathon training, I put so much care into making a great playlist with 4+ hours of music (mostly hoping that it would take my mind off the injury I was recovering from). My friends surprised me and took turns running the first 20 miles with me, but the last 6 miles were absolutely terrible and I was on my own so I finally turned on my music— though I couldn’t function enough to navigate my through playlist (remember those iPod minis you wore with an armband?) so I put it on shuffle. In the last mile, “With a Little Help From My Friends” by the Beatles came on, and I started sobbing. Would I ever pick the Beatles as workout music? Not in a million years. But I think about it as a little nod from the heavens, and it’s become my anthem for when I need to dig deep and get through the tough stuff.

    • Molly says...

      yeppppp same here! Bring on allll the rap/hip hop hits from 90s/2000s with a dash of Brittany.