When Have You Forged Your Own Path

The world is abuzz…

When Did You Forge Your Own Path

…with the news that Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex have decided to step back from the royal family to “carve out a progressive new role.” While no one is certain what this role will entail, it made us think.

The “Megxit,” as the press has dubbed it, has been met with both celebration and condemnation, much like everything the royal couple does. But this move, unlike dissecting their fashion choices or decoding body language, feels relatable on an emotional level. We all face times when life beckons us to break from convention — even (and perhaps especially) when you are royalty.

Joanna left law school after only one year (with $54K in student loans) to get an entry-level job for a small editorial firm. “People thought it was misguided, but I felt like I had to do it,” she says.

Kim moved to New York City from the Midwest with no job lined up. “I was scared to leave the only place I’d ever known, but I knew it would work out, even if it took a while.”

As for me, I’ve realized that every two years, I make a leap that people think is nuts, but it always feels right. When I left my corporate job at Penguin to “work for the internet” people thought I was bonkers. Then I decided to write full-time and everyone was like, “what the eff are you doing.” But as a friend said to me recently, “You need to be comfortable not only with people not supporting your decisions, but also not understanding them. No one needs to understand your choices, because they don’t have to live your life.”

While none of our decisions involved disappointing Her Majesty the Queen, it can still be a challenge to do what feels right in your heart. We may not understand much about what it’s like to be Harry and Meghan, but when it comes to making tricky life choices, we can definitely relate.

When did you forge your own path? We’d love to hear.

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