What Sounds Do You Love?

Polruan, Cornwall, England

On this blustery Wednesday, let’s talk about something fun. What are your favorite sounds? My top five are…

Anton and Toby sharing a room

Anton sucking his thumb. It is painfully, painfully sweet.

Polruan, Cornwall, England

The seagulls in Cornwall, England, where my grandmother lives.

Mamma Mia dancing

Toby singing Mamma Mia songs at top volume.

rose wine

The sound of a cork coming out of a wine bottle.


The oven popping as it heats up.

I might even say Alex’s toes while watching a movie, a sound that usually drives me crazy but I also sort of weirdly have grown to love?

What about you? I want to hear…

P.S. The most beautiful thing you’ve ever read, putting ice in wine, and the hardest tongue twister.

(England photos by Belathée for Cup of Jo. Wine photo from Need Supply. Cookies photo from Half Baked Harvest.)

  1. Emma says...

    One of my favorite sounds in the world is my partner’s “work voice” drifting in from the other room. He has a deep, deep voice that gets even deeper when he is ordering at a restaurant, showboating for his buddies, or taking a conference call for work. On the rare occasions we are both home during the work day (teleworking, taking a sick day, or if I am swapping my schedule around to work a weekend), I am so comforted by that noise. Its sort of like being wrapped up in a really soft blanket when you are sleepy. Maybe it’s because I don’t see this side of him everyday. Maybe because it only happens when we break our routines. But it is one of the best sounds in the world.

  2. Wendy says...

    Song birds.
    A train whistle off in the distance.
    Ocean waves.
    Fall leaves or snow crunching underfoot.
    Children’s laughter.
    The still, quiet of a forest.
    Kayak paddles through water.

  3. Trina Enriquez says...

    A crackling fire. Rain on the roof and the trees. The plangent sound of ocean waves (specifically NorCal waves against rocky coastline). Baby and toddler belly laughs. The mockingbird near my parents’ house. Pulsating sprinklers (in the summers growing up I’d open my old bedroom window at dusk and listen to it while I read my books and magazines). Mmm!

  4. Sarah says...

    Rain on the skylight in my bedroom.
    Crows cawing in the fall.
    My daughter’s belly-laughs.
    The sound of horses munching hay.
    My love’s deep breathing while he naps.

  5. Daniela says...

    My husband’s soft breathing when he sleeps.
    When my cats purr and then sigh so the purring is extra loud.
    The dryer going at home.
    Rain falling.
    The sound that comes from stepping on leaves or snow.
    The crackling of a fire.
    The sound of the ocean.
    When it’s so, so quiet that the silence almost becomes a sound in and of itself.

  6. Kathryn says...

    When I was in Paris on my honeymoon, a shopkeeper in a wine shop opened a bottle for us to have on the go. As the cork popped from the top, he said, “ah, le meilleur bruit!” (the best noise). It’s something we say every time we pop a bottle at home, nine+ years later.

  7. Anja says...

    Oh, there are many!
    What comes into my mind rigth away:

    -rain on an umbrella/tent etc.
    -a soft (!) clicking of heels
    -a singing blackbird/robin
    -fire crackling
    -soft crinkling (Plastic bags etc.)
    -soft clicking of computer keys

    Well, I’m highly responsive to ASMR, so there are many sounds that give me that feeling.

    • Anja says...

      Oh yes, and the crackling sounds of vinyl records!

  8. JananW says...

    the ocean.
    palm fronds rubbing in the wind.
    a chorus of birdsong.
    my humming family.
    a record, just after the music stops.