What Are Your Top Three Movies of All Time?

The Godfather

The other day, my 17-year-old daughter texted a question on the family group chat. “Poll! What are your top three favorite movies?”

Naturally, when someone asks you a question that broad, you can’t think of a single movie you’ve ever seen in your life. One, for me, was obviously The Godfather, though, so I texted that first — followed by Annie Hall and a tie between Finding Nemo/The Incredibles. My husband texted The Godfather, Thin Red Line and Rushmore. Our other daughter, Abby, 15, had a hard time limiting herself to three and texted Get Out, Juno, Black Panther, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up and Iron Man.

Get Out

Little Miss Sunshine

Fantastic Mr. Fox

My daughter Phoebe (whose favorites included No Country for Old Men, Unforgiven and Little Miss Sunshine) then told us that her film teacher at school had predicted The Godfather would be on most if not all the Top Three lists of an older generation. And look at that, her teacher was right!

The Godfather

Two years ago, I queued up The Godfather and The Godfather Part II back to back, and beforehand actually worried that maybe they weren’t going to hold up. But it was the opposite: they were better than I’d remembered and now it’s my goal to convince my kids to make room in their top three for either.

What about you? What’s in your top three?

P.S. Actors’ movie accents rated, and the best TV show of all time.

(Photos from top: The Godfather, Get Out, Little Miss Sunshine, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Godfather.)

  1. Alice says...

    I have *dreadful* taste in films and haven’t seen like ANY classics (I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, for instance!!)- so my top three films aren’t exactly the ones I think are best in the world, but the ones I love most and can watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER-
    1. Before Sunrise
    2. You’ve Got Mail
    3. 500 Days of Summer

    Runners up include When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, About Time, and It’s A Wonderful Life!!

  2. The Mirror Has Two Faces
    Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion
    Begin Again

    • Erin says...

      OMG Romy and Michell YESSSSS

  3. Katie says...

    Good Will Hunting
    Shawshank Redemption

  4. Bunkster says...

    Scrolling through the list means I keep adding movies to the list. I’ve narrowed it down to 5…
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Splendor in the Grass
    The Muppet Movie

    Honorable Mentions: Roman Holiday, Some Kind of Wonderful, Charade, Dazed and Confused, Animal House, The Breakfast Club, Top Secret…. I’m sure there are more.

  5. Denise says...

    Shawshank Redemption
    It’s Complicated
    Little Miss Sunshine
    This is 40

    • Lauren says...

      This is 40 is amazing

  6. Alyssa says...

    So glad to see many votes for You’ve Got Mail. My ABSOLUTE favorite movie of all time.

    Had trouble thinking of two others. But I’ll go with Jurassic Park and Inside Out.

  7. Colleen says...

    This is so fun! First three movies that came to mind:
    Terminator 2
    Crazy Stupid Love

  8. Katey says...

    Jurassic Park
    When Harry Met Sally (my husband and I watch it on NYE when we don’t have other plans)

    It was hard to choose! I was so happy to see so many votes for You’ve Got Mail, which is also a fave.

    • Michelle says...

      If everyone who loves You’ve Got Mail hasn’t seen The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart, you must watch it. Perfection.

  9. Jessica says...

    The first two make my list, too! And “Y Tu Mama Tambien”

  10. JO says...

    Dirty Dancing
    Circle of Friends
    The Family Stone

  11. Krista M Sharp says...

    I can’t narrow it down to three, I have FIVE:
    The Big Lebowski
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

  12. Sonia says...

    In no particular order:
    The Godfather (parts 1 and 2)
    Brokeback Mountain
    Gone with the Wind
    The Royal Tennenbaums
    The Straight Story
    The Departed

  13. Berti says...

    Jurassic Park
    Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet
    Disney’s The Lion King

  14. STAR WARS (I’m surprised more people didn’t list this…)

    Call Me By Your Name

    Only Lovers Left Alive

  15. Young Frankenstein
    Ocean’s 11
    The Bourne Supremacy

    But also Marley & Me and the Holiday :)

  16. Diana says...

    Love me if you dare
    Two days in Paris

  17. E says...

    I’m not sure about my top 3 but my favourite movie of all time is:
    The Parent Trap (w Lindsay Lohan)

  18. Gaby says...

    What a fun post!
    Along Came Polly
    The Wizard of Oz

  19. Heather says...

    -about time (that dad!)
    -sound of music (all the singing!)
    -little giants (underdogs!)
    -the breakfast club (awkward!)
    -zoolander (Owen Wilson!)
    -pride and prejudice (swoooon!)
    Can’t pick just one!

  20. M says...

    Top three: The Lives of Others (German), The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (French), Love Actually (which I’ve watched more times than any other film, including at least once every Christmas).

    Close runners up: Amelie, the Before Sunrise/Sunset films, Paris je t’aime, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (a New Zealand film)

    • Kathryn says...

      Oh, the Lives of Others, so good.

  21. Mouse says...

    The African Queen has to be on it.

  22. Abby says...

    Call Me By Your Name
    The Martian
    Heaven (with Giovanni Ribisi)

    Star Wars (the first one) and Empire Strikes Back
    The Godfather
    Stand By Me

    Comfort food:
    The Breakfast Club
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Just watched this with my kids and they LOVED it!!)
    Love Actually

  23. Nigerian Girl says...

    1) The Sound of Music
    2) Pretty Woman
    3) Clueless and You’ve Got Mail

    This list has me all worried. Seems I’m a closet romantic.

  24. Sharon says...

    The Godfather series and Out of Africa.

  25. agnes says...

    The Godfather
    The Shining
    (I have seen these 3 so so so many times)

    (PLUS: Les demoiselles de Rochefort and Call me by your name)

  26. Anita says...

    Fried Green Tomatoes

  27. Dee says...

    Im stumped too! But these are the movies I dont mind repeating: Love Actually, Definitely Maybe, Mission Impossible series, Love Affair, An Affair To Remember.. many many more!

  28. F says...

    Mine would be The English Patient, Juno and Forrest Gump.
    I am SO glad someone already mentioned Forrest Gump – I find it really tender & moving in places, and this line has always stuck out for me- “But at nighttime when there was nothing to do and the house was all empty, I’d always think of Jenny”
    I meant to include it in your previous post about memorable words! There’s something about that sentence that implies such deep longing on his part, which always gets me.

  29. Stephanie says...

    Dead Poet’s Society
    The Before trilogy

    Runners-up: Away We Go, Almost Famous, When Harry Met Sally

  30. Emily says...

    La La Land
    Crazy Stupid Love
    Sound of Music

  31. Kanga says...

    I love that I can (pretty much) tell the age bracket of the commenters by their movie choice!
    I’m a total cliche:
    Dirty Dancing
    Pretty Woman
    Top Gun
    … and Breakfast at Tiffany’s for good measure ;-)

    • Adrienne says...

      Oh yes Top Gun! <3 <3 <3

  32. Mariana Leite Braga says...

    Paris, Texas
    American Beauty

  33. Susanne says...

    I cannot believe that NOONE wrote
    Reality Bites
    other than that, hm…
    Benny & Joon
    Star Wars Rogue One

    • Cece says...

      I will basically watch *anything* including young Winona Ryder! Little Women is my number one, but Reality Bites, Mermaids, Heathers, How to Make an American Quilt, Edward Scissorhands? COUNT ME IN.

    • Brooke says...

      Oh Cece, yes to How to Make An American quilt!! So visceral and evocative. And Winona Ryder Little women forever…My sister and I can work quotes from this into many a conversation.

  34. Heidi says...

    1. a Good Year
    2. Three days later (OMG, my heart was racing first time I saw this! So good!)
    3. Dodgeball / Blades of Glory / Burn after Reading – Just because they make me laugh and are great to watch if I don’t want to think about anything.

  35. Footloose (original with Kevin Bacon)
    The Princess Bride
    So I Married an Axe Murderer
    I can’t believe no one mentioned Footloose! I have watched it dozens and dozens of times, and it never fails to make me happy. The Princess Bride and So I Married an Axe Murderer are the most quotable movies ever. EVER.

    • Michelle says...

      We ALMOST named our daughter Harriet. Sweet Harriet.

    • Laura says...

      I haven’t seen So I Married an Axe Murderer in years, but my family still quotes it often- mostly when talking about large heads ;) “it has its own weather system!”

  36. Lisa says...

    The movies that I watch over and over again are: 1. Dirty dancing, 2. Grease, 3. Titanic.
    I can also re-watch all the earlier Disney movies, like Pocahontas/lion king/Aladdin but they are just nice and comforting as they remind me of my childhood.

  37. Sandra S Lashley says...

    Baby Boon

  38. Lindsy says...

    Pride and Prejudice
    Going Clear (the Scientology documentary)
    Random list I think but these three movies are some that I am always down to watch!

  39. Ohh this is a hard one! My top 3 would be:

    1: The Boondock Saints
    2: Lilo and Stitch
    3: The Virgin Suicides

    But my runners up would include La Vita è Bella, Marie Antoinette, Pulp Fiction, Death Proof, Forest Gump, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, The River Wild, The Goonies, Se7en, Girl Interrupted, and all those other wonderful atmospheric and conceptually solid movies!

  40. Rachel Lucas says...

    My sister and I have played this game forever (only ours is a Top 5)…we also do “Filmstars we fancy” & many others (we are both in our fifties now but who cares!!
    Mine are:
    Schindler’s List &
    Brief Encounter

  41. Karen says...

    1. The Intouchables (not to be confused with The Untouchables)
    2. The Holiday
    3. He’s just not that into you

  42. What a great question. I actually keep a list on my phone of my favorite books and movies since I find I get this question a lot as a performing arts teacher. Like others I couldn’t narrow it down to three but here is my top ten:
    1. Rear Window
    2. Funny Face
    3. Saving Private Ryan
    4. Jaws
    5. Atonement
    6. Pearl Harbor
    7. Memphis Belle
    8. Inglorious Bastards
    9. You’ve Got Mail
    10. Finding Neverland
    It’s a bit eclectic but I can’t help loving a well written script that makes me feel like I am part of the film.

    • Funny face! Have to watch that again soon!

    • Jill Palumbo says...

      I love Finding Neverland!

  43. Hillary Williams says...

    Life is Beautiful. Nothing can touch that powerful and beautiful story. To this day it evokes so
    many emotions.

  44. Jen says...

    The Before Sunrise Triology
    The Blue/White/Red Trilogy
    The Tango Lesson (Sally Potter)

    Runner’s Up: Lives of Others, Manhattan, The Pianist, Into the Wild, and Un Homme et Une Femme (lays me flat every time).

  45. Kay says...

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    A Night in the Museum
    I did struggle choosing these three, other contenders were Mary Poppins, Toy Story, and Men in Black. x

  46. Ingrid says...

    Rear Window
    Cactus Flower

  47. Emma says...

    While You Were Sleeping
    The Importance of Being Ernest
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    McFarland USA

  48. Erin says...

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    While You Were Sleeping
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Dan in Real Life

  49. Julia says...

    The Lives of Others (my husband was one of the co-producers)
    Movies by Tom Tykwer (like Run Lola Run)

  50. Fay says...

    About a boy
    You’ve got mail
    V for Vendetta

  51. CHRIS says...

    did anyone mention SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION yet ? (and PRINCESS BRIDE)

  52. Lynn says...

    Julie and Julia
    National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

  53. Kat says...

    1. Amélie (forever and ever The favorite)
    2. The Goonies & Adventures in Babysitting (childhood favorites)
    3. The Lives of Others
    4. Life is Beautiful
    Runner ups: Slumdog Millionaire, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine and anything from Wes Anderson & Hayao Miyazaki.

  54. Ashleigh says...

    1. It’s Complicated
    2. Something’s Gotta Give
    3. Jaws two
    4. Only You (with Marisa Tomei). Have you ever seen Marisa’s vacation wardrobe in this movie?!!!!! The movie is definitely 20 years old and the clothes totally hold up.

    Note: I love happy, uplifting movies but no movie left more of an impact on me as a child than, Jaws!

  55. Julia says...

    1. Labyrinth
    2. Spirited Away
    3. Kabhi Khushi Khabi Gham

    I am apparently v. easily impressed by an over-the-top set and/or big dance number?

  56. Kay says...

    The Shop Around the Corner
    You Can Count on Me

    Feel kinda bummed my instinctive top three are all by men but it was the 3 that came to mind. .

  57. Kelsey says...

    – Halloween (1978)
    – Psycho (1960)
    – Titanic
    I love horror with a side of Leo DiCaprio, ha.

  58. seda says...

    The Bridges of Madison County
    About Time
    The Sheltering Sky

  59. mary says...

    The Lovely Bones
    Aladin the old animated one

  60. AMK says...

    50 First Dates*
    Sabrina (90s remake)

    *I watched this EVERY DAY (well most days) when I was pregnant with my first baby. I laughed EVERY TIME when Drew Barrymore chased Rob Schneider with a bat. Ahhhhh. I want to watch it now.

  61. Julie says...

    The Sound of Music
    And it’s a tie between
    The Princess Bride and
    Bridget Jones Diary for 3rd

    Gah.. I could have BJD on in the background always. It’s like a nice, cozy old pair of sweat pants ❤️

  62. Neile says...

    Raising Arizona
    Stand by Me
    Annie Hall

  63. Sara says...

    As it is heaven – swedish, wonderful music
    Monsoiur Cloude and his daughters – French, a catholic family with three son in laws, Muslim, Jews and Chinese, so funny
    Chocolat – the pleasure of chocolate

  64. Billy Elliot
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  65. Lauren Mc says...

    Love. Love. Love this!
    Ship of Fools
    Raise the Red Lantern

  66. Melissa says...

    Sabrina (the 90’s version)
    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  67. Badlands
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Last Picture Show

  68. D says...

    My Cousin Vinny
    A Little Princess
    Mrs. Doubtfire

  69. Rosemary’s Baby
    The Birds
    Cape Fear (60’s and 90’s versions equally loved)

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    The Godfather 1 and 2
    Interstellar (That movie Score!)
    It’s A Wonderful Life

  70. Sarah says...

    Great discussion! I also think I have movies that I watch again-and-again that are separate from favorite movies of all time.

    Ones I’ve watched the most and own:

    10 Things I Hate About You
    Love Actually
    Reality Bites

    Holiday Tie: Home Alone/Christmas Vacation

    Childhood faves: Goonies & Troop Beverly Hills

  71. Taylor says...

    When Harry Met Sally
    The Departed
    The Grand Budapest Hotel

  72. Andrea says...

    Fight Club
    Guardians of the Galaxy.

    My son and I have watched the last one together at least 20 times, know all the words and most of the song lyrics!

  73. Tracy says...

    Under the Tuscan Sun
    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
    The Princess Bride

  74. Rebecca says...

    Back to the future series
    Mean girls
    Monsters Inc

    Groundhog day
    The shawshank redemption

    Haven’t seen some of the suggested movies… Must get to it! Great post :)

  75. Katie says...

    Steel magnolias -laughing and crying at the same time is the best
    When Harry met Sally
    The Abyss

  76. Christine says...

    Not mentioned but loved these movies:
    Leon: the professional (my heart broke during this movie starring a very young Natalie Portman. I prefer the non-director’s version..)
    Ms congeniality (such a funny feel good movie. Could watch it a million times. And best date ever? Definitely April 25. :))
    The wedding banquet (1993 Taiwanese movie directed by Ang Lee with English subtitles about a gay Taiwanese landlord pretending to marry his tenant to appease his parents. So correct wrt cultural and societal observations).

    Honorable mention: My idiot brother (and anything Paul Rudd is in. Such a heartwarming film).

  77. Steph Gilman says...

    When Harry Met Sally
    Steel Magnolias
    aaaaand a tie between Away We Go, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Into the Wild!

  78. Pam says...

    Sense and Sensibility
    Lord of the Rings
    LA Story

    Irresistible question, and super fun comments to browse!

  79. anne says...

    I love this! I jotted down the ones that came to mind before I read the post or comments…
    Back to the Future
    Annie (original 80s AND with Quvenzhane Wallis)
    Life is Beautiful
    [honorable mention to Shawshank Redemption]

  80. Wink says...

    A Room With a View
    The Graduate

    The English Patient
    (I cheated!)

  81. Kristin says...

    Princess Bride
    Die Hard

    I just saw it this week, but Booksmart may crack the top 3 over time as well.

    (I’m 40)

    • Kathryn says...

      I am also 40 and just saw booksmart and loved it, but wondered if high school is truly a universal experience, or was it so funny and relatable because it was interpreted by a contemporary?

  82. Doro says...

    Hot Fuzz
    Back to the Future Trilogy
    Garden State

  83. Ashley F. says...

    Ferris Bueller
    Troop Beverley Hills

  84. Briana says...

    The movies I will stop-whatever-I’m-doing-and-watch when they are on TV:
    Shawshank Redemption
    The Rock
    Two Weeks Notice

    But the movies that warm my heart that I pick time and again:
    Sleepless in Seattle (although its kinda creepy through todays lens)
    The Royal Tennenbaums (love all Wes Anderson truly)
    Elf (doesn’t matter what time of year honestly)

  85. B says...

    The Apartment
    The Grand Budapest Hotel

  86. Paula says...

    1. Cinema Paradiso
    2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    3. Aliens

  87. jamie says...

    Sound of Music
    The King and I
    My Fair Lady
    I know every lyric and every note, and I sing my heart out each and every time I watch these movies. Sing and cry, sing more and cry more. What can I say? I go back to the first time I saw these movies in big screen movie theaters with the most fabulous sound systems. It was pure magic.

  88. witloof says...

    Philadelphia Story
    An American in Paris

  89. Christina says...

    I wondered if I’d be able to think of three whole movies to list…and then realized there are way more than three that I just LOVE. Some of them:

    Moonlight (I kept thinking about and crying over this movie for days and days after I saw it!)
    A Room With a View
    Brokeback Mountain (more crying)
    Desperately Seeking Susan
    Dirty Dancing
    Shakespeare in Love (after this movie, both my friend and I walked out of the theater muttering about how amazing it was…we were overwhelmed!)
    And I can’t help it…I love me some Marvel movies. So fun!

    • Christina says...

      I’m still thinking of this list…
      The Harry Potter Series
      Elf, Last Holiday, The Holiday–all in December
      Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

  90. Lauren Kelly says...

    Like Water for Chocolate
    Little Miss Sunshine

    Bed Knobs and Broomsticks was a childhood fav

  91. Mandy says...

    1. Mona Lisa Smile
    2. Dead Poets Society
    (Well those create a theme… moving on now)
    3. Elizabethtown

  92. Mo says...

    Exit through the gift shop (such a ride!)
    Bridesmaids (Never lets me down)
    It’s a Wonderful Life (because no man is a failure who has friends)

  93. Alic Behr says...

    Groundhog Day
    The Graduate
    Murder by Death
    Home Alone
    Royal Tenenbaums
    Withnail and I

  94. Lucy says...

    Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version – controversial I know!)
    Love Actually
    About Time

    Sorry, had to do four!

  95. Christine says...

    1. The Prime of Miss Jean Brody
    2. Easy Rider
    3. Imitation of Life

  96. AnneL says...

    1) Local Hero
    2) The Thin Man (my children are actually named Nick and Nora)
    3) The Palm Beach Story/ To Be or Not to Be (Jack Benny version)

    My son and I did what we called “Sunday classic movie night” throughout his middleschool and high school years (my daughter sadly has not continued the tradition with me after he left for college although she did join us a couple of times, including when we introduced her to Star Wars). We roughly did the AFI top 100 combined with comedy movies that I had to rewatch for work (I am a comedy professor) but we also allowed ourselves to go on tangents if there was a star or director that we enjoyed. We watched both of his grandfathers’ favorite movies, went on a bit of a Tom Hanks bender, discovered a number of “classic” comedies that did NOT hold up (Trading Places is really uncomfortable and interestingly he did not enjoy Annie Hall – he felt Woody Allen was an egotist pretending to be low status). Still to this day, one of my favorite things I did as a mom. And all the Godfathers of which I had previously only seen the first.

    • Kathryn says...

      I love this idea, there was a time when I would visit my grandma on a weekly basis and we would have lunch and watch a movie. It was such a lovely way to get to know her as a woman, to see what she identified with, and what elicited her memories.

      Also <3 Local Hero

  97. Anna says...

    I love this.

    My top three:

    My Girl
    The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills!)
    The Notebook!

  98. I love a lot of movies so I personally define my favorite films by what I can rewatch literally over and over again without ever being bored and that give me genuine joy:

    The King’s Speech (I had a stutter growing up so this really hits home)

    The Mummy (I was once so obsessed with Egyptology that I watched this film so much I knew all the words, even the ancient Egyptian dialogue)

    Last Holiday (This is my go-to feel good movie. The food! The travel! The clothes! A grown woman learning to love life on her own terms!)

  99. Audrey says...

    Almost Famous
    When Harry Met Sally
    Breakfast at Tiffanys

  100. Cherie says...

    You’ve Got Mail
    Enchanted April

  101. Jemma says...

    If I am solely listing my favorite comfort movies, then I would have to say:
    You’ve Got Mail
    Pride & Prejudice
    The Guernsey & Literary Potato Peel Pie Society
    Princess Diaries

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned not to care so much about fluffing up my list with critical darlings and to be more honest with myself…. yes, my favorite movies might not all be award winners and may often fall into the category of “romance” but who really cares? I’d rather list movies that are on my happy list, that bring me joy, then to pretend every arthouse film is what I turn too when I’m in need of a comfort movie. Because the ones I can always watch on repeat are the ones listed above, they bring me such joy.

    • Kaitlyn S says...

      Honestly, I will stop whatever I’m doing to watch Princes Diaries 2 (because I love Chris Pine…) I really enjoy the original Princess Diaries, but the sequel has a special place in my heart.

  102. Hillary says...

    Not in order:

    1. The Godfather
    2. The Sound of Music
    3. Dead Poets Society
    4. Garden State
    5. Goodfellas

  103. Susan Magnolia says...

    sorry there are too many…
    Pride & Prejudice (2005), A Man Called Ove, The Big Sick,
    What We Do in the Shadows, Big Fish, Amelie, Little Women,
    Arrival, Interstellar, Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
    My Neighbor Totoro, Winnie the Pooh (1977), and Summer Wars.

    • Brooke says...

      Susan, how delightful to share so many of the same favorites in this combination – Little Women, Big Fish (love seeing this get a shout out!), Amelie, and Pride and Prejudice are *all-time pantheon* for me. And a Eternal Sunshine is incredible and poignant. I feel like your whole list is movies that are what film is for: deeply visual, epic, well-written, evocative, storytelling that stays with you forever.

    • Brooke says...

      Oh! And how could I forget The Big Sick. So. Good. The minute it was over my mom and I said we wish we could see it again for the first time. I hope Kumail and Emily write lots more things together.

  104. Zsuzsa says...

    Dead Poets Society
    While You Were Sleeping
    Much Ado About Nothing

  105. Molly says...

    So hard! If I could only watch three movies from now until the end of time I would choose Working Girl (omg Malanie!), When Harry Met Sally and Money Train. I know people think I’m crazy when I mention that last one as a favorite but it’s so damn good! I mean I love The Godfather too but Money Train! A heist! On the subway! J. Lo! What more do you need!?

  106. Stephanie says...

    Raging Bull
    The Shape of Water
    Great Expectations
    Rumble Fish
    (couldn’t pick just 3 haha)

  107. Sarah says...

    To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, tie between Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.

  108. Sarah says...

    My dad used to watch that all the time! That’s a great movie and a great reminder to get your baby the dipTet. :)

  109. McKenzie Randall says...

    This is such a great (and impossible) question! I love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Megamind, and The Sandlot! But The Proposal, Incredibles, & Meet the Robinsons are also movies I can watch again and again!

  110. Kattia says...

    This is so hard:
    1. The age of innocence
    2. Amelie
    3. Gattaca

    Rushmore, pride & prejudice, Hedwig & the angry itch, wings of desire!!!

    I can’t play this game, too many good ones!!! Lol!

  111. K says...

    Gone with the Wind
    Talented Mr. Ripley

  112. talia says...

    love actually
    now and then

    no classics, nothing that makes me have to think or feel super serious real feelings :)

  113. Ruby says...

    Moonstruck!!! ?
    Holiday Inn ❤️
    Firelight ?

  114. Amy says...

    Mine would be…

    One day (the book is just as good!)

    Also, love watching Mrs Doubtfire and anything with Vince Vaughan whenever it’s on TV

  115. Cara says...

    Doesn’t anyone like “Beetlejuice”?

  116. Liz says...

    The English Patient
    Field of Dreams
    Doctor Zhivago

  117. Erin says...

    I’d have to say:

    Contact – gets better every time I see it,
    The Life Aquatic – because Bill Murray, and
    Sleepless in Seattle – I wish Tom Hanks was my dad

  118. Katie says...

    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    About Time

  119. Elisa says...

    It is really hard to narrow it down to 3!!

    The Royal Tennenbaums
    The Big Lebowski
    Annie Hall

  120. kitkat says...

    1. the Before trilogy
    2. Groundhog Day
    3. When Harry Met Sally

  121. Sarah says...

    1. Muriel’s Wedding
    2. Harold + Maude
    3. That Thing You Do

  122. Jess says...

    Dan in Real Life
    The Family Stone
    Sense and Sensibility
    Eat, Drink, Man, Woman ( an early Ang Lee masterpiece!)

    I’ve realised all my favourites have a very strong ‘family’ theme!

  123. s says...

    forrest gump
    mean girls

  124. K says...

    I forgot Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep + Emily Blunt + Anne Hathaway + fashion (Chanel!). *Swoon*

  125. Bonnie says...

    A Walk on the Moon

  126. Béla Dornon says...

    Shanghai Express (1932)
    Dark Victory (1939)
    The Women (1939)

  127. The movies listed are fab: we rented Godfather tonight and it holds up!
    1. Dirty dancing, cause ‘no one puts Baby in a corner.’
    2. Bodyguard, Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner, cause ‘I’ll always love you’
    3. Mhhh, you’ve got mail? No no, A River Runs Through It, cause 1st time I ever saw Brad Pitt

    So hard to choose!

  128. Meg says...

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (just such an excellent movie)
    Coco (best animated film ever?)
    Men in Black (unfailing mood-lifter)

    • Tyler says...

      Eternal Sunshine is my hands down all time favorite!!!

  129. Shauna S says...

    You’ve Got Mail
    Remember the Titans
    Crazy Stupid Love

    • Denise says...

      LOVE Crazy, Stupid Love!

    • Mallory says...

      YES! Another vote for Remember the Titans. I am so on board with this list.

  130. Charli says...

    Rocky, Carol, My Best Friend’s Wedding

    • anne says...

      My Best Friend’s Wedding!! (insert wailing emoji; heart emoji)

  131. Margaret Craig says...

    Legends of the Fall
    The American President
    The Big Chill (this has the best movie soundtrack of all time)

    • Denise says...

      Totally agree with you on The Big Chill!

  132. Liz says...

    Smoke Signals
    The Sound of Music
    Empire Strikes Back

    • Molly says...

      Yas Empire Strikes Back!!!

    • Sara says...

      Into the wild
      Vicki Christina Barcelona
      Million dollar baby

  133. Aoife says...

    Please can we have a poll like this once a week?! My husband likes to joke that my resting state is Quiz Mistress because I am always like, “Name Your Top Three Of This!!” — he says he’s had to get used to it and I think he secretly loves it now. So obviously with this post — I am in my element!

    Mine would be:
    1. The Before Trilogy
    2. Coming Home
    3. Away We Go

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Hahaha you sound really fun!

    • anne says...

      agree with Joanna :D

    • Kate says...

      Away We Go <3

  134. Meg says...

    Good Will Hunting
    Love Actually

    • I was looking for someone with Love Actually!

      Mine are:
      Love Actually
      The Lion King (1994, I haven’t seen the new one)
      Mary Poppins

  135. Amanda says...

    Dead Poets Society
    Love Actually
    The Philadelphia Story

    These are always my top 4 but there are many more that could swap in at any given point depending on what I’m needing from a movie in the moment. I was surprised that I didn’t see many of them in the comments already (though I did see many of my other faves, like the Before Sunrise trilogy)

  136. Sarah says...

    I rarely comment on anything online, but this is fun! :) I’ll be coming back to this comments section for ideas next time I want to watch a movie at home.

    Mine are:
    – Vanilla Sky
    – The Fugitive
    – Lost in Translation

  137. Meghan says...

    You’ve got mail alllllll day

    • Sequoia says...

      Came to say this!!! I especially love it now, something about seems like simpler times even that at the time an online romance seemed anything but. I’m 32 and I swear my generation was robbed of so many simple pleasures like bookstores and apartments made out of wood.

  138. Britt says...

    The movies I could watch repeatedly (but admittedly not the most cinematic or best acting):
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    The Family Stone
    Hocus Pocus
    Garden State

    • Sarah says...

      This is excellent. Happy somebody like you, with this list, is out there.

    • Hillary says...

      Movie twins! <3 all of those.

    • Yes, Hocus Pocus!

  139. Alex says...

    This is really hard, but the first three that come to mind:
    The Commitments – the music! the Irish accents!
    Beasts of the Southern Wild – this may be the most incredible movie I’ve ever seen – I love magic realism.
    Frida (again – the magic realism…)

    • Bonnie says...

      So glad someone else has seen The Commitments. That was a great movie. The guy who played Outspan Foster (Glen Hansard) is a real-life singer/musician still. :)

  140. Meghan says...

    Thelma and Louise
    The Fugitive
    A Star is Born

  141. Michaela says...

    I can’t think of my absolute top three right now, but Raising Arizona is definitely in there.

    • Elisa says...

      Raising Arizona is seriously one of the best movies ever.

    • Sarah says...

      My dad used to watch that all the time! That’s a great movie and a great reminder to get your baby the dipTet. :)

  142. Emily says...

    Blue Jasmine, Rachel Getting Married, and Rabbit Hole.

    I didn’t realize it until writing this that all three movies center women who are dealing with something devastating, but they move through it, even if just barely, in a totally human way.

  143. Nina says...

    1. Silence of the Lambs (Jodie Foster is SO SO GOOD IN IT)

    2. Sense and Sensibility

    3. Baby Boom (made me want to live in a farmhouse in Vermont making baby food with a hot vet near me)

    Also, runners up – love love Working Girl and Sliding Doors (I love a makeover movie)

    • Sandra says...

      Baby Boom makes my list too!

    • Verity says...

      Baby Boom is my favourite film of all time! I watched it obsessively while growing up in England and then somehow ended up living in upstate NY with a lot of apple trees! No hot vet but a very nice hubbie ;-)

    • Steph Gilman says...

      Yes sense & sensibility! I nearly forgot! It always reminded me of me and my sisters and our big age gap :)

    • Brooke says...

      Baby Boom “hot vet” forever ????!!

      Is that Sam Shephard? He’s in my same crush category is Sam Elliot.

    • I loved Baby Boom?

    • kk says...

      DITTO!!! — Baby Boom (made me want to live in a farmhouse in Vermont making baby food with a hot vet near me)

      That seen when they kiss and fall into the fridge. SWOON.

  144. Shannon says...

    Rear Window
    The Thin Man
    Away We Go

    • agnes says...

      Rear window! Such a good movie!

  145. Emma Lewis says...

    The Before Sunrise series. You either love them or don’t!

    • Karyn says...

      Love them.

    • Julie says...

      Yess, love ’em

    • Carrie S. says...

      Pretty Woman
      The American President

    • Nicole B. says...

      LOVE this series!!!!

  146. Kate says...

    Pulp Fiction
    Dirty Dancing
    American Beauty

    • Laura says...

      Mine too!!

  147. Cindy says...

    Unable to narrow down to 3!

    Jackie Brown & Pulp Fiction
    Boogie Nights & Magnolia
    Muholland Drive
    Color Purple
    The Lives of Others
    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Omen
    Fish Tank

    • Kirsten says...

      The Lives of Others is SO GOOD

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Alex and I watched the lives of others on our first date!

    • Mulholland Drive is amazing!!!!

  148. Mandy says...

    Say Anything
    High Fidelity

    I think this is so indicative of my age (42) because for so long I would have had more cinematically beautiful movies on my list but to be honest- I’ve seen these 3 movies about a zillion times each and they make me laugh endlessly and warm my heart which is what I need these days!

    Some runners up:
    When Harry Met Sally
    Thelma and Louise
    Breakfast Club
    Sixteen Candles
    Office Space
    Stand By Me

    • Jen says...

      I’m also 42 and your list is amazing!

    • A. Evans says...

      I’ve never posted anything here. But, your list is my list. Also, 42 years old. I would add Waiting for Guffman too! And, maybe Reality Bites. Just shared Stand By Me with my kids over a vacation in Maine, and they loved it.

    • beth says...

      43, and recognize!!

    • Louisa says...

      Yes! Another 42-year-old endorsing this list!

    • Briana says...

      I’m 36 and this list is basically perfect!

    • Mel says...

      When Harry Met Sally never, ever, ever gets old. Really anything with Meg Ryan (and i’m 33 here)

    • Jenny Rosenstrach says...

      Say Anything!!! We watched it with my teenagers recently and I remembered every single line. Amazing. Totally held up and reminded me why I loved John Cusack so much when I was in high school.
      Don’t be a guy, Lloyd. Be a man!

    • Kim says...

      Also, John Cusack!! Love this list. All so good :)

  149. Maureen says...


  150. Jessica Webb says...

    Groundhog Day
    About Time
    Lars and the Real Girl

    • mj says...

      About Time…definitely in my top 3