What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?

What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?

When I was pregnant with Anton, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, so we brainstormed names for both. Our top girls’ names were…

Penelope (Penny)
Louisa (Lulu)

I also really love the name Anna, but it’s a tongue twister to say “Joanna and Anna.”

It’s funny how you rarely hear the names that were popular when we were growing up — Matt, Josh, Kristen, Jennifer. If my friend were like, “Here’s my new baby, Kevin,” I would do a double take. These days, though, the more offbeat names don’t surprise me at all. We know sweet boys named Ocean, River and Lion. And girls named Persephone, Summer and Charlie.

What baby names do you love? Does it matter to you if they’re popular? So far, according to USA Today and Nameberry, the most popular baby names in 2019 are:



What about you? What names do you love? If you’re expecting, have you made a name decision or are you waiting to meet the baby?

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(Photo by Hana Asbrink.)

  1. Joanna says...

    I’m a Joanna and named my daughter Anna! It is 100% a tongue twister, you’re absolutely right. But having “Ann” in all of the female names is a family tradition, and we wanted her to get to be part of the club. I also have always questioned why it is normalized to name boys after their fathers, but not the same with girls and their mothers. When people ask why we chose her name, I love channeling my inner Lorelai Gilmore and telling them that she is named after her mama. :)

  2. Kathy says...

    I am due in June with a baby boy and we like the name Theodore, and plan to call him Theo. But, this Nameberry ranking has made me so so nervous that he will be one of multiple Theos in his class! Does anyone have any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that Theodore will not be as popular as Nameberry is predicting??

    • Sonja says...

      I only know one and there are LOTS of babies and little kids in our lives between school, friends, lots of sisters with baby boys, etc. Also, my husband is a Sam and he said it has never bothered him to be one of other Sams. He once lived with two others and they still get together. Now I just say “My Sam” and their girlfriends/wives do the same. Ha!

    • Kristian says...

      This is anecdotal, but as a teacher, I can say I’ve only had students with the same name ONCE out of 15 classes of students. Even though names are popular, there is just flat out more variety. So, what is most popular might only be 1% or less of the names, where it used to be 5% or so. You don’t seem to get two or three Tiffanys, Jennifers, Joshs the way you did when we were kids. So, a Theo might grow up and meet and know other Theos, but…. I doubt there will be multiples in the same class or even the same grade.

  3. Elisha Etheredge says...

    We just had a little girl (8weeks), Lucy Isabella. I always loved the name Lucy as she was a dear childhood friend. And Isabella was my Nan’s middle name. She suits it already I think!