Help! What TV Shows Do You Watch as a Couple?

Will and Grace

The other day, Alex and I were at a dinner party, and we got into a rousing debate…

What TV shows do you watch with your partner? It’s the question that comes up most often with my married friends.

If it were up to Alex, he’d watch World War II documentaries on YouTube all night. If I got carte blanche, I’d watch dark comedies with a female lead. Of course, like everyone else, we also have idiosyncrasies: I get scared of super scary stuff (The Handmaid’s Tale gave me nightmares), and Alex doesn’t like things that feel too much like day-to-day life (“I spend my whole day in an office; I don’t want to watch The Office,” he says.)

So, what crowd-pleasing shows are out there? With universal storylines? That pass the Bechdel test?

Over the past ten years together, here’s what we’ve both liked:
Mad Men
Alias Grace
High Maintenance
The Crown
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Master of None
30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Peaky Blinders

Or you can go old-school. Says my friend Gemma: “We put Jeopardy on and have a competition. It’s brutal, we’re both very competitive. I’m better than he is, but I’m extremely turned on when he knows stuff. Sometimes he’ll be like, these are not my genres, and I’m like, you can’t blame the genres!”

The only catch is when you have to wait to watch together. “My girlfriend and I watch the Great British Bake Off,” says our editorial assistant Franny. “Since we’re long-distance, I’ll see on my Hulu that she’s already watched something. She’s like, no, I didn’t. But I know.”

What about you? What shows do you watch as a couple? Please share any recommendations!

P.S. John Hamm photobombing people, Mindy Kaling on friendship and real actors reading Yelp reviews.

(Photos of Will & Grace, Mad Men, Fargo, Insecure and the Crown. Bottom cartoon by Zachary Kanin for the New Yorker.)

  1. The Patriot! I had zero interest in this show even though my husband kept raving about it. I accidentally caught the second to the last episode of the first season and was surprised by how quirky, funny and heartfelt it was. My husband gladly re-watched the entire first season with me and then we caught up on the second season together. It’s shot beautifully, the characters are super interesting and at times it’s laugh out loud funny. Highly recommend!

  2. Jessica says...

    My husband mostly wants to watch French shows and there have been some good ones on Netflix lately:

    Call My Agent! So fun and lots of great actor cameos
    Les Revenants (better than the American version)
    The Frozen Dead, The Break, La Mante (Police procedurals)
    And in a departure from French: Money Heist (from Spain)

  3. Kile says...

    File these under ICYMI. My husband and I watched these recently and loved them!

    Newsroom (this is especially good in the Trump era)
    Episodes (I totally missed this when it aired. Fun, funny)

    I also really liked the Aussie series Sisters (not to be confused with the Sela Ward show (hands!) that my husband would never watch). So good! So funny!

    And yes, to Jeopardy. It’s the ONLY thing I miss about cable. Netflix or Prime had some episodes recently and I loved it so much (even though they were 10 years old!)

    I also want to make a plug for the CBS Sunday Morning Show. I’ve always watched with with my husband and now my kids love it too. (We watch on the CBS app.) If we had a family crest, it would be the show’s logo for sure!

    • Katie says...

      Yes to CBS Sunday morning! :)

    • Karina says...

      Hi Kile, I don’t have cable and also cannot live without 7 PM Jeopardy. My advise is to get rabbit ears! The set up is pretty easy and they’re pretty cheap, and you get access to all of the local channels.

  4. Samantha says...

    Stranger Things
    The Good Place
    I’m working on getting Halt & Catch Fire into the mix …

    • We watched Halt & Catch Fire and it was excellent!

  5. Erin says...

    We watch a lot of the usual shows together (loved The Americans, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Glow, and Mrs. Maisel). But my guilty pleasure is reality TV. I just love to love/hate it. My husband counts this as a mark against my character. Well. A few years ago I achieved a major coup in our TV watching life. I got my husband sucked into Big Brother. I know. I know. Somehow, he started to like it. We’ve been watching it together every summer for the last five years. It’s such a fun summer show, and we enjoy a cold gin and tonic while we watch. With two little kids we rarely get out, so it’s like three mini date nights a week!

  6. Kelly says...

    Yes to The Great British Baking Show! Also, Salt Fat Acid Heat. Nature documentaries. Adam Ruins Everything. Marvel movies/TV shows. Most recently, Watership Down (on Netflix).

  7. Ann says...

    True Detective!

  8. Rachel says...

    Anyone who appreciates sarcasm and a fair amount of “that’s what she said” type humor should be watching “I’m Sorry.” Follows the life of a married couple and their 5 year old – and hilarity ensues. Mostly because the mom is blunt and witty – and it lands flat almost all of the time. It is my FAVORITE show right now – and my husband likes it, too. Can’t recommend enough.

    Would also LOVE if Cup of Jo did a style profile with the lead actress (who also wrote the show!). She’s great and dresses so well.

    • Ki says...

      Yes! I’m Sorry is great! I keep describing it as a Lady Larry David. So funny! That Butt Bumpers episode had me laughing so so hard!

  9. Kyle says...

    We just watched Derry Girls on Netflix together and LOVED it!

  10. Laura says...

    My fiance and I first bonded over the fact that we’re both obsessed with 30 Rock- like, know every word in every episode obsessed, and we continue to re-watch it together all the time. If I had to start dating again, I honestly think not ‘getting’ 30 Rock would be a dealbreaker for me- fully loving the show means you have the same sense of humor as me. Other shows we’ve watched together: Bodyguard, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Brooklyn 99, Party Down. And the show that he loves that I loathe is South Park and vice versa is Friends.

    • Caitlin says...

      Laura, I said, “Never go with a hippie to a second location!” among friends the other day and NOT ONE OF THEM knew what I was talking about. So what I’m saying is I’m in the market for new friends. ;)

    • Justine says...

      Ladies, I’m so with you!

    • Abbe says...

      I actually met my boyfriend through 30 Rock quotes!! We met on Tinder and I had a line in my profile about how 30 Rock quotes make great pick up lines (this is not actually true I think, but I wanted a funny way to tell people my sense of humor and also give people a conversation starter). He said something like “I have a conference call with Geneva right now, but I’m texting you instead.” 3 years later, it still works. :)

      30 Rock is the BEST!!

  11. J. says...

    Great British Bake-off
    Call the Midwife (he was into it! We have to get back to this tho…)
    Lately we’ve started watching Beverly Hills 90210 from the beginning!
    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

    And we both have our own shows that we watch…

    • Anne Dibbern says...

      Old 90201 for the win!! We did that too.

  12. Ellie says...

    Oh and how could I forget…Vanderpump Rules!!! I got him into it and now he’s always asking if we can “watch Jax” hahahahaha

  13. Ellie says...

    The Good Place
    Brooklyn 99
    The Detour
    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Master of None
    (sometimes) Will and Grace
    Last Man on Earth

  14. gk says...

    Currently watching:
    The Good Place! (SO GOOD, so sad this season is over)
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  15. Amanda says...

    FAUDA (on Netflix – it has subtitles but is a better version of Homeland)
    The Looming Tower
    Escape at Dannemora (Showtime – this was so phenomenal)
    The Bodyguard

    Would watch all of these again.

  16. You should try watching The Great British Bake-Off! My boyfriend and I watch it and take it very seriously. At the beginning of the season, we each pick a bracket based on the bakers’ performance in the first challenge. Throughout the show, bakers get eliminated, and we also keep track of Paul Hollywood handshakes, Technical wins and Star Bakers. We tally everything up at the end of the season, and whoever has the last baker standing wins! The loser (for each category) has to do one bake. This past season I had to do all 4. Good thing I like baking!

  17. Jessie says...

    Bodyguard, Mrs. Maisel, Killing Eve, Poldark, & Doc Martin. There was one on Netflix a while ago, Wild Country? (or Wild, Wild Country?)

    We also *love* Below Deck (on Bravo). Luxury yachting! Entitled guests! Crew drama! We watch it faithfully every Tuesday night :)

  18. Lauren E. says...

    My husband and I watch EVERYTHING together. It’s so annoying! I’m relegated to versions of the Real Housewives franchise that he finds annoying (we watch NJ and OC together…) and The Bachelor which he can’t stand because each episode is 2 hours long.

    The only things he watches alone are super dark documentaries (right now he’s watching Ted Bundy) because I’ll get terrible nightmares. Once I woke up in the middle of the night to find him watching a doc on autopsies. No thanks!

  19. Jin says...

    My boyfriend and I have different taste in TV shows. It is hard to find something that we both like watching. Rather than spending 20 minutes picking something, we both will watch to our own liking, but on the same bed. That way, we can still hold hands or snuggle!

  20. I just finished Friends from College and really liked it! My bf and I watched the first season together and really enjoyed it but the other weekend he had to go in on a Sunday to work on a project and I finished the whole second season. Such a fun show! (Sorry bf!)

  21. We struggle to find shows we both like but lately we’ve been renting seasons of Veep from the library and it’s been the best thing! We also watch a lot of documentaries together. One of our favorites was Dirty Money. It was a really interesting series on different financial crimes. That sounds really dry but trust me when I say it was really interesting! We also loved Wild, Wild Country and Mind Hunters which is about how FBI started to use psychological profiling to solve crimes involving serial killers! It’s fiction but based on true events.

  22. Britini says...

    My husband and I are 100% “team inappropriate humor” so we choose shows like Americans Dad, Big Mouth, Family Guy, and the like.

    Portlandia, Extras, and Letterkenny rank high on our watch list too.

  23. Dee says...

    Has The Last Kingdom hit US Netflix yet? If so I rec that (and you’ll have 3 seasons to go at)

  24. Daniela says...

    We have very similar show interests, we both love stand up comedy and darker shows/movies. Recently we have watched a lot of apocalyptic movies, last night it was Arq which was good!

  25. Mary W says...

    Hinterland (Netflix), True Detective, any of the British or American Bake-Off shows, Jeopardy, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Parts Unknown, and (neither of us know why) NCIS.

  26. Emma says...

    The other day I was in a really bad mood and put the Great British Bake-off on while I started making dinner. Dude comes home and we ended up watching half of an entire season in one go together! Yikes. Normally we go through tv very slowly… in two years of dating, Twin Peaks, the Americans, Rick and Mitty, Big Mouth, and the first season of Westworld. We pretty much only watch tv together and have compatible taste. But podcasts! Still can’t agree there.

  27. carolyn says...

    We watch Outlander together…and have both read all the books. We also watch The Crown, Grace and Frankie, The Man in the High Tower and Phillies baseball!

  28. kelly brady says...

    The Patriot is incredible, what a gem. The character development, dark humor…..a winner for both me and the husband.

  29. Mel says...

    Old (that we’ve watched 1,000 times):
    The Office
    Modern Family
    White Collar
    West Wing
    Burn Notice
    Covert Affairs

    Marvelous Mrs Maisel
    Jack Ryan

  30. Sarah says...

    We run the whole gambit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Handmaid’s Tale, Firefly, Black Adder…

    We’ve been doing long distance for almost a year and we enjoy reading the same books or reading each other’s favourite books. This gives us more to discuss and is easier for me to accomplish (I often have poor internet access). Two of our favourites have been Half of a Yellow Sun (new for both of us) and The Night Circus (one of his faves, for me!).

  31. Valentina says...

    What a great question!
    We like watching Brooklyn 99, we must have seen the whole seasons like 3 or 4 times… We also loved Sex Education, The Kominsky Method and Master of None.
    And stand up comedy, pleeease, bring us all the stand up you can possibly fin on Netflix.

  32. oooh, this is a good one.
    friday night lights
    the chi
    and we recently watched the BEST documentary called Momentum (HBO) you don’t want to skip it. inspirational and beautiful.

  33. Anita says...

    Boyfriend and I like to watch music videos together! Either nostalgic ones (we are the MTV generation) or current hits (for a kind of joyful reveling in the badness of pop music).

  34. Jean says...

    I’m single so I get to watch whatever I want!

  35. JB says...

    This is a Canadian show, but I believe it’s on Netflix now – Workin’ Moms! It’s definitely targeted at a female audience but it is HILARIOUS and my hubs and I laugh every episode.

    We also love:
    Jeopardy (I’m all geography, tech, lit and he’s all history, religion, music)
    The Good Place
    Brooklyn 99
    The Bodyguard
    Peaky Blinders
    Master of None
    Parks and Rec

    But our all time favourite show together is SCRUBS. We quote lines to each other all the time. Hands down, my favourite couple show ever.

  36. Kristian Olson says...

    I didn’t see anyone else rec it, so gotta plug Brooklyn 99! Yes, a half hour sitcom (not usually my jam but…) this is SO well written. Pretty ensemble centric and hilarious and, as the kids say, woke. Follows the interactions of the dectectives of the Brooklyn 99 (not their cases so much as their friendships….)

  37. Megan Lec says...

    Years ago I had a tough job working as a therapist at a substance abuse residential treatment center. I would come home emotionally and physically exhausted and just needed a strong dose of happy. That started our nightly tradition of keeping our shows light and fun. Over the years we have watched and re-watched; Parks and Rec, New Girl, Veep, and we’ve now caught up with Brooklyn 99. Some other tried and true favorites are The West Wing, Sherlock, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (we started watching It’s Always Sunny on our honeymoon in Ireland so it holds a special place in my heart and memory.)

  38. Alexandra says...

    My husband and I mostly watch crime / spy dramas together (e.g. Counterpart, True Detective and British series like Hinterland, Shetland, Vera, etc.) with some historical and fantasy shows thrown in (The Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones, Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse, for example). Of course some reality shows (Instant Hotel!), sports and comedies are also good to unwind – right now we love Schitt’s Creek, which is so underrated! I agree that part of the interest in watching TV to unwind together is in seeing something that is *not* your daily life – which is why as a lawyer I usually avoid law shows!

  39. federica says...

    I think that SHTISEL on Netflix is a great one to watch together. So much food for thought.
    “A Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem reckons with love, loss and the doldrums of daily life”

  40. Kerrie says...

    Have you given Stranger Things a try? I am generally scared of everything (Handmaids Tale also freaks me out) but maybe because Stranger Things is a bunch of kids its not as scary? Its GREAT though. Also, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I didn’t think my husband would like it but he likes it more than me! Suits is a great option too! Friday Night Lights is an OG favorite of both of ours! Also, Shameless is so entertaining!

  41. harper says...

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Even people that aren’t into sports will love it. It’s not about the football it’s about all the people and their relationships and how their lives are intertwined by what they love (football),

    Every time I’m dating someone new, one of the first things I figure out is what shows they haven’t seen that I want to expose them to and FNL is always there. And I LOVE watching people fall in love with it. LOL nerdy but I’m a super fan.

    • Devin says...

      Totally agree with this comment. Love this show so much.

  42. Hayley says...

    You guys would love Ozark! We’re loving The Crown right now (my husband’s not even a history buff and is seriously geeking out). We also LOVED watching Glow and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel together – both are such fantastic shows! We’re going to dig (hah) into Escape at Danemora next. Also, if you can, you should definitely catch True West on Broadway (but act quick, as it’s only running until March 17th)! It was incredible, and Paul Dano and Ethan Hawke were so amazing in it! So intense, fun, and thrilling to watch – hope you guys can see it!

  43. Courtney says...

    Seinfeld is the latest. I grew up with it but never watched chronologically. He’s never seen it.

  44. Kristen Nelson says...

    Schitts Creek
    The Americans

    • Danielle says...

      Schitt’s Creek is so good. We’re also in the middle of the Americans and really liking it. Also Kim’s Convenience is one of our recent favorites.

  45. We’re in love with YouTube, but we always argus what we gonna play next! Other than that The Simpsons are pretty cool, even though it’s nothing new.

  46. We’ve been watching Outlander, and let’s just say… ahem… it’s working wonders for our relationship.

  47. Gabriele says...

    Jack Ryan
    Corner Gas
    The Closer
    Harry Bosch
    Scott and Bailey

  48. Kim says...

    I definitely relish a good TV show/series more than my husband, probably in part because English is his second language so he has to really focus to follow the plot (not such a relaxing escape!). Some shows we’ve enjoyed watching together, and maybe helpful to others with a similar dynamic:
    Dexter – yes it gets campy, but the first couple of seasons were fun
    Breaking Bad
    The Handmaid’s Tale – it surprised me he liked this
    The Wire
    Ray Donovan – before it got too depressing for me a few seasons in
    Shameless – he isn’t hooked but will watch with me every now and then
    Louis CK – before shit hit the fan
    The Dog Whisperer – random but we both love watching old episodes
    The Daily Show (with Trevor Noah)

  49. cleo says...

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is fantastic, it really has everything. My boyfriend wasn’t convinced Grace and Frankie was for him at first. He would look at his phone, but put it down all the time.
    We also enjoy The Good Place for some light entertainment. Continuum is good if you want some action, but nothing too scary.
    And then there are the British panel shows like QI (if you like it, you’ll have 16 seasons to catch up on, it doesn’t really age) and Would I Lie To You? and we both love The Great British Bake-off, as well as the gardening show Big dreams, small places (I so want Monty Don to come to my house and give me advice on my garden! Like, it’s my celebrity dream)

  50. Veronika says...

    haha sounds very familiar :-)we really liked the Trump documentary on Netflix (it’s crazy how he hasn’t changed a bit yet he managed to be where he is) We love Chef’s table as we both like good food, interesting life stories.
    We loved :
    The Deuce
    Catastrophe (hello 4th season!)
    Marcella (is great English crime series, loooved it!)

  51. Laura says...

    Oh my goodness, Friends from College…just the best sit com right now.

  52. Scarlet says...

    After 10 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to be honest with each other, and admit that we didn’t like each other’s taste in T.V shows or movies :)
    We now spend the evening after the kids are asleep watching our favourite things on two separate laptops, each with our own set of AirPods. We hold hands while he watches his sci-fi and I watch my documentaries and it has revolutionised our marriage.

  53. Bonnie says...

    Kimmy Schmidt and Sex Education (so good!)

  54. Game of Thrones
    True Detective
    The OA
    The Deuce
    Band of Brothers
    The Pacific
    The Kominsky Method

    And a lot of Belgian/Flemish series like Code 37, Tabula Rasa, Eigen Kweek, Chaussee d’Amour… We’re Dutch ourselves (and we often need subtitles to keep up) but this is definitely a common ground we’ve found!

    The Mister has joined me during some reruns of Outlander and we watched all of Desperate Housewives together, but generally we seem to find our middle ground in drama/action combinations with a great atmosphere.

  55. Hah! My husband and I don’t really like the same things. TBH he’d watch almost anything (I do not understand shows like Shameless (!!!!) but he’ll watch them). But we enjoy watching Masterchef Australia, even though it takes us MONTHS (we have a 3 year old who doesn’t like to sleep), and CSI (esp New York before it was discontinued). We caught an episode of the new FBI series last night, and I think that might be a good one! We’re looking for a shorter 20/30 min show to watch. HIMYM or Big Bang Theory style. Something funny and short, but haven’t found anything yet. My cringe factor is low, so shows like Modern Family just don’t appeal to me AT ALL.

  56. Mariana says...

    I can’t believe everybody has forgotten about Lost! THE best show ever. Although my boyfriend and I have mearly perfectly matching tastes in music, movies and books so it’s easy to watch shows together.

  57. Sarah says...

    Glow, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Killing Eve, Friday Night Lights, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Wire, Fresh Off the Boat, Modern Family, Friends from College

  58. Carolina says...

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine! My husband and have just started binging episodes (we are late to the game, as always) and we love this show so much!

  59. The Wire. Forever, the Wire. Best show of all time. And one that my husband and I both adored. We literally still talk about the characters as if they were real people (which they kind of are).

  60. Mirte says...

    Ah, it’s so much fun to read what other couples watch together! We watch(ed):
    – Travelers
    – The Big Bang Theory
    – Brooklyn Nine-nine (the only show that makes my husband laugh out loud)
    – The Great British Bake Off
    – Game of Thrones
    – Firefly
    And there are some shows I watch and he will secretly follow when we are on the couch together:
    – The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
    – Grace and Frankie
    – The Good Place

  61. Martini says...

    After 50 years of marriage we’ve pretty well got it down to:
    Jeopardy…without fail
    Morning Joe
    Anything with Anthony Bourdain
    Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods
    A Chef’s Life
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Lonesome Dove
    NFL Games
    TCM Classic Movies

  62. Cris F. says...

    – All the Marvel tv shows – all the fighting is like a catharsis from the everyday life and they are really good (daredevil! punisher!).
    – The sinner (crazy people are our thing)
    – Other super heroes tv shows just to entertain (even if they are not that good…)
    – Mindhunter (see? crazy people ;))

    Alone he watches the walking dead (and NBA replays) and I go for grey’s anatomy (for example) and other brainless shows.

    And yes, I regularly fall asleep while watching tv shows/movies so sometimes after dinner he just picks a movie HE wants to see and I watch… 10 minutes? yep, that’s accurate :)

  63. Sabine says...

    Arghh – TRANSPARENT!!! Unbeatable.

  64. Annie says...

    Ray Donovan
    House Hunters International
    The Leftovers

  65. Daria says...

    Watching the Marvelous Mrs Maisel right now and we are both loving it! Also, we both loved Downton Abbey (and The Crown, so maybe it might be a good fit for you).

  66. M says...

    Joanna I’ve heard you mention Homeland before, and I think I’ll try it out with my husband. I’m a huge fan of Claire Danes, and the plot line looks intriguing.
    I’m only wary because I live in Beirut and I know some of the second season is set here. I saw a snippet of a scene from the Beirut airport that looked wildly inaccurate. I don’t mind a little dramatization, but I just hope I’m not annoyed with how the region is portrayed…

  67. Jill says...

    Every night we consistently watch at least one of the following:
    King of the Hill
    Bob’s Burger’s

    We’ve also been enjoying:
    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
    Still Game

  68. Mags says...

    Always watch Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, the Great British Bake Off, I’m a Celebrity…, together. We both enjoyed The Borgias and Westworld too but I’m on my own for Greys and Fortitude and I can’t bear some of the comedy shows he watches.

  69. Marie says...

    Some shows we’ve both loved:
    Brooklyn 99
    Orange is the New Black
    Jack Ryan
    The Last Kingdom
    Game of Thrones
    C.B. Strike (J.K. Rowling detective series–I devoured the books, and loved the series because of the books)
    Patrick Melrose

  70. Amy says...

    We both like:
    Mrs. Maisel
    Brooklyn 9-9 (one of my faves of all time)
    Doctor Blake Mysteries
    Game of Thrones
    Adam Sandler’s latest stand-up special (laughed and cried)
    Mad Men
    30 Rock

    Also, I’ll watch Broad City with him peeking over my shoulder. He pretends like he doesn’t like Abbi and Ilana. Come on.

  71. Kate says...

    We are re-watching our favourite series from varsity days more than ten years ago, on Netflix. Last year we did Friends (my husband had only watched a handful! Where WAS he? Under a ROCK?!). This year we are doing How I Met Your Mother. It’s undemanding and nostalgic and escapism from our hectic lives of toddler, preschooler, child with chronic illness, need I go on.

  72. J. says...

    I’ve seen this pop up throughout the comments, but The West Wing to me has been such a small, seemingly unimportant, but quite real relationship litmus test for me. It’s a perfect show to share, as there’s no race to watch ahead (hurry!…this show was… still on in 1999!), it nearly always inspires some kind of thought or debate (or nostalgia or tears), and to me, it is a bit of a gauge for how well a potential or new partner fits with me: do you care about these things? do you, too, find it odd that twenty years ago, the same (fictional) debates about gun control and gay marriage and immigration were happening so similarly to how they are today? do you cry at a few episodes? (for any diehard fans reading this, Leo’s speech to Josh at the end of the Noel episode in Season 2 will send me into a crying-because-I’m-happy-and-full-of-love crying fit every single time), do you wish you could hang out with this group of imminently relatable, nuanced, complex, wonderful characters?

    I can watch this show over and over and over again, still marvel at the dialogue, develop a deeper understanding of things that are currently happening in real life, and have different conversations with my loved one about the exact same episodes that we’ve seen together time and time before. It’s so versatile in that I can at times sit down and be glued to the screen (again, for an episode I’ve seen a dozen times), or it can be gentle background noise as we’re catching up on our days. Even if you have watched or tried it before, it took me a few tries to get into it for the first time and to this day, it’s the one show (of many that I passionately adore) that I love to share with the one(s) I love (romantic partners or friends!). I hope/think you and Alex would love it!

  73. Christina says...

    The Good Place—you have to stick it out through the end of season one and you’ll be hooked.
    Brooklyn 99
    Grace and Frankie
    30 Rock
    The Crown
    Mad Men

  74. Robyn says...

    Not exercising patience and waiting to watch the next episode until your partner can watch it with you? We call that cheating. As in, “Are you kidding me?!? You cheated on me?! Not cool. Not cool at all.” 😂

  75. Erzsi says...

    Godless! It kind of fell apart in the last episode, but was otherwise spectacular. So many incredible female characters–a sadly rare treat in a TV show.

  76. Jessica says...

    I can’t watch things that are too violent or stressful since having a kid (or since the current administration). So, in addition to the Crown, 30 Rock and Master of None (oh how I love Master of None!), which you also like, these shows are just the right combination of low stakes/high engagement:

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
    (advertisers pegged me early as a target for this show, but I resisted. It wasn’t until two of my most dude-like friends highly recommended it that I took a look – and I have no idea why I waited. I have heard criticism of it because the children are very rarely featured – but that seems more a function of what stories the creators choose to tell and our need to police women’s mothering than a real flaw of the show)
    The new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    (My husband and I also stumbled into marriage because of a pregnancy – it speaks to us. But also it is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen)
    The first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    (my husband regularly had to pause the show, he was laughing so hard)

    Otherwise, I’m open for advice! I also need some new ones!

  77. A Martin says...

    Comedy specials on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Our favorites are Katt Williams, Leslie Jones, Jim Gaffigan, Tom Segura, Sebastian Maniscalco.

  78. Michelle says...

    We’ve watched these together and are really sad that none of them have new episodes out right now. We’ve tried to get into others like House of Cards but can’t! So we are just reading books :)
    Game of Thrones
    Stranger Things
    Alias Grace (I think I read about it here!)
    How I met your mother (back in the day)
    Master of None
    Sex education

  79. He likes Ozarks, I don’t like so we are settling on “friends from college” compromises!

  80. Moo says...

    The Good Place
    Modern Family
    Future Man
    American Pickers
    Nailed It

  81. Marisa says...

    My new husband and I had to be separated for two months while he moved to Seattle and we watched The Last Kingdom together. It was funny because we share a Netflix account, I could see that he was getting ahead of me, so I had to remind him to wait for me to catch up! He moved out last weekend and we watched the season finale together :)

  82. Natalie says...

    LAST MAN ON EARTH!!! Will Forte and Kristen Schaal are amazing plus John Hamm has a cameo if that helps convince you, and so do many other hilarious actors like Will Ferrel and Kristin Wiig. You will laugh. That is a guarantee. You will both laugh. I promise!!!

    Also, I really like “Schitt’s Creek”. I am partial to CanCon (Canadian Content) but it really is funny, even to Americans:) My husband doesn’t find it as funny as I do but I know plenty of men who do so maybe Alex will be one of them:)

  83. BB says...

    We watch Jeopardy – especially now that it is on Netflix!
    And another vote here for Schitt’s Creek – it is so smart.

    Previously we loved:
    Breaking Bad
    The Night Of (! SO good)
    The Newsroom

  84. Shannon says...

    Jane the Virgin!!! Both my husband and I love it, surprisingly, and we just discovered it after our baby was born and we needed something relatively light. It is the perfect mix of heartwarming, super funny, with great twists. I promise you – it is SO good! The TV critic for the New Yorker loves it (while she doesn’t love the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).

  85. Lucia says...

    Frasier, always Frasier! It’s only gotten funnier as we’ve aged and realized that we’re now the same age as Niles and Frasier were in the early seasons. We also feel a real nostalgia for “old Seattle”, even though we moved there over a decade after Frasier did. When I went into labor with my youngest, I made my husband stream Frasier while I sucked on ice chips and walked the halls. As a result, I get legitimately weepy watching the episode where Niles practices parenthood with a 5-lb. sack of flour. Or the one where Frasier tells Roz when she realizes she’s unexpectedly pregnant that you don’t just love your child, you fall in love with them. I’d better stop now….

  86. TC says...

    My husband thinks life is too dark and depressing as-is, so he refuses to watch any dramas or anything that resembles “real life”, so we have watched a lot of the super hero shows (The Flash, The Arrow, Gotham, etc). At first I hated all of them, but now I get it. I can really turn off and relax when I watch them and after the episode is over I don’t have to think about it. But right now we’re watching the first season of Star Trek Discovery and it reminds me of being a little girl watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad every week. I love the female lead!

  87. Julie Chase says...

    We have almost the same taste, a sampling of what we’ve watched together:

    Killing Eve, The Americans, Kimmy Schmidt, The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire, Game of Thrones, Barry, The Wire, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Veronica Mars, Playing House, The Crown, Black-ish, Fargo

    Things I watch without him: Bobs Burgers, You, Broadchurch, Deadwood, Castle Rock, The House on Haunted Hill (he hates horror)

    Things he watches without me: House of Cards, Narcos, The Man in the High Castle

  88. Alice says...

    Schitts Creek hands down hilarious.

  89. Hannah says...

    Victoria on PBS is really good.

  90. Lucia says...

    Frasier, always Frasier! It’s only gotten funnier as we’ve aged and realized that we’re now the same age as Niles and Frasier were in the early seasons. We also feel a real nostalgia for “old Seattle”, even though we moved there over a decade after Frasier did. One funny anecdote is that when I went into labor with my youngest, I made my husband stream Frasier while I sucked on ice chips and walked the halls. As a result, I get legitimately weepy watching the episode where Niles practices parenthood with a 5-lb. sack of flour. Or the one where Frasier tells Roz when she realizes she’s unexpectedly pregnant that you don’t just love your child, you fall in love with them. I’d better stop now….

  91. k says...

    Sex Education
    Friday night lights
    Seinfeld reruns always

    As for shows I watch when hubby isnt home…
    Great News
    Jane the Virgin
    Grace and Frankie

  92. Elaine says...

    Our all time favorite is Friday Night Lights! Man, I miss that show.

  93. Britney says...

    We love so many of the ones on your list. Here are some others we’ve loved!

    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    The Americans
    Man in the High Castle

  94. Anja says...

    The Sinner (preferred season 1!) and A Million Little Things. Oh, and Modern Family and the Australian Masterchef (we are South African). I’m not a big tv person though and it’s mostly me falling asleep to the shows as in the cartoon!

  95. Anna says...

    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Friday Night Lights (!)
    The West Wing
    The Man in the High Castle

    • anna says...

      Mrs. Maisel YES!! x1000 votes

  96. Jenn P says...

    Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, Parts Unknown, and True Detective!

  97. Kathleen says...

    The Americans. One of my all-time favorite shows ever. We both loved it.

    • Jessica says...

      But it’s super scary!

    • Jennie says...

      YES to the Americans!!

  98. My husband and I have recently loved watching Sex Education and Grace and Frankie! The shows we’ve loved for a long time are Game of Thrones and a few quirky British shows like QI (a quiz show) and The Thick of It (fucking hilarious!). Gotta love that British humour!

    I’m SO GLAD that I found someone else who didn’t like The Office. I just wasn’t that into it, I can’t watch shows that make me cringe, they’re not enjoyable. I’m with Alex!

  99. Natasha says...

    For a fun reality show, we love Top Chef and watch it together every season! :)

  100. Meghan says...

    I just always laugh at that Fargo picture. I live near Leroy’s Motor Inn (it is an actual place) so I always think of Fargo. Great, great show.

    • Cindy says...

      Lucky you, Meghan! One of my favorite shows of all time – I am ready to re-watch all seasons though the first is my fave. Leroy’s is on my list to visit and snap a selfie.

    • Meghan says...

      Cindy – Ha! It is in this small town outside Calgary! I live in Calgary where all 3 seasons were filmed so you can find SO many filming locations all over the place. So many things were recognizable and my husband and I always got a kick when you saw a city bus in the background. If you do find your way here – make sure you go to Banff and Lake Louise too!

  101. Ling says...

    Ditto Veep, Man in the High Castle, Ozark, & Magic for Humans is fun!

    • K says...

      Definitely ozark! It fits right in with your last ten year list.

  102. Liz says...

    My fiancé and I are big sci fi and fantasy nerds so Star Trek (Enterprise and Voyager) and Dr. Who (the new season finally has a female lead!). We also love Westworld, GOT (obviously), Mindhunter, Stranger Things and Homeland!

    I’m on my own for Outlander, Greys and Buffy though. Which I am A-ok with.

  103. Brynn says...

    Thrones (duh) and Veep are at the top of our list. Very anxiously awaiting new seasons for both.

    We just started The Patriot (amazon prime) and it’s weird and dark and quiet and suspenseful and hilarious.

  104. L says...

    The Wire is hands down the best TV show I’ve ever seen.

    My husband and I also watch “The Bachelor” together but we are both to embarrassed to admit this to anyone, so we refer to it only as “The Secret Program.” And we are similarly hooked on “Sister Wives.”

    Less embarrassing choices:
    This is Us
    Friday Night Lights

    We actually like a lot of the same shows but have a much harder time agreeing on movies. He likes sci fi, animated films and rom coms. I like dramas and documentaries. We can sometimes find common ground with quirky comedies.

    • JB says...

      THE SECRET PROGRAM – I lol’ed.

      My husband doesn’t love the Bachelor but he LOVED Bachelor in Paradise (it truly is ridiculous).

  105. Kelly says...

    We love screwball comedies. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Futureman, Trial and Error. We also love the Magicians and Black Sails. We watch some historical stuff, but I have the annoying/endearing habit of narrating the real story throughout. We like a dark edge, big laughs, and unpredictable plot. We also watch a ton of things separately but in the same room, so he’ll absorb my GBBO habit by osmosis.

    • Meghan says...

      Love Dirk Gently! Though we haven’t watched Season 2 yet!

  106. Amanda says...

    Turn on AMC (Netflix) is right up there in quality with a lot of the shows you listed and everyone should see it. It is the story of GW’s spies during the Revolutionary war. If Alex enjoys war docs he would love it. Both my husband and I agree that it had the best last episode in any series that we’ve seen. Homeland has a special place in my heart. They filmed some scenes in my home last season. So much work and talent goes into that show. We were lucky to get to see it behind the scenes.

    • Mary says...

      In.Your.Home? Ok, that’s amazing and cool.

  107. Mare says...

    Killing Eve (a must watch),Top Chef, Great British Bake Off, Great News (if you loved 30 Rock), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to name a few. My husband and I _only_ watch tv together.

  108. abbey says...

    a million votes for Schitt’s Creek! we have very little crossover but my husband and I both love this show so much.

    • BBB says...


    • Erin says...

      +100 for Schitt’s Creek!

    • Hannah says...

      This show is hysterical! We have a 3-month-old baby at home, so we just binged this entire show and loved it. Highly, highly recommend!

  109. Diana says...

    Not included in your list, I recommend:
    – The americans
    – The man in the high castle: your husband may enjoy this one as it is about dystopian scenario, where the Axis powers won World War II.
    – 24
    – we also revisit sitcoms frequently to relax: friends, seinfield, and cooking shows.

  110. Jess says...

    Some nights we go down the rabbit hole of B-movie trailers. We both get our genres in, laugh together, and learn a bit more about each as we take in each other’s reactions.

  111. Siddhi Krishna says...

    Killing Eve is a great show!! You might really enjoy it, Joanna!

  112. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! My husband and I both love this show. It’s so witty and smart and laugh-out-loud funny – and set in NYC. Great actors. Amazing wardrobe. Did I mention it’s clever? Best of all worlds.

  113. Emilee says...

    Big Bang Theory is something we’ve watched together since season 1. But as a team, the shows we’ve both enjoyed together are: Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, House of Cards, Prison Break, American Horror Story. Lately, we’ve been getting more into the competition shows that we’ve never been into before, AGT and the new Masked Singer show.

  114. Lindsey says...

    We watch the Great British Bake Off and The Good Place together, and I finally persuaded him to watch Game of Thrones, so we blazed thru those 7 seasons together in about 2 months, in anticipation of the final season this April. We also love watching True Detective together. Otherwise, we have pretty different shows that we like, so we typically go with movies, and have to take turns–sci-fi or documentary for him, and period drama or comedy for me. :)

  115. Ginny Early says...

    Schitt’s Creek and Veep keep us rolling. We don’t often agree on dramas, but these two shows make up for it!

  116. Sasha L says...

    We like the same shows! British mysteries and detective dramas:
    Father Brown
    Death in Paradise
    Inspector Lewis
    The Bodyguard

    Australian dramas:
    Dr Blake mysteries
    The Heart Guy
    The Letdown

    + MASH, the office, somebody feed Phil, cooking shows on PBS.
    Lately we’ve loved
    Derry Girls – charming and hilarious
    Kim’s convenience store -so funny and sweet
    Brain Dead- so bizarre but fun to watch

    • Kelly says...

      Have you tried the Miss Fisher mysteries on Netflix? They’re Australian in the 20s and utterly charming.

    • JB says...

      Shetland is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! My husband wasn’t super in to it but my parents are obsessed now too.

    • Sasha L says...

      Kelly, yes, we watched quite a few then lost interest, but it’s a fun show.

    • Chelsea says...

      My husband and I have watched most of these together as well and loved them, especially Shetland, Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, and Broadchurch!

  117. Heather says...

    Endeavour (BBC on Amazon Prime)… It is fantastic- and I don’t have time for/ don’t ever watch TV!

    • Alexandra says...

      Yes! We watch this too. On Netflix there is also hinterland and shetland.

    • JB says...

      Endeavour is amazing, love it (and him)

  118. Karin says...

    We watch reruns of old shows from when we were kids (like MASH and the Rockford Files). Just got into Mary Tyler Moore on Hulu. It’s comforting to regress to childhood at the end of a long day!

    Somehow The idea of a new series seems like too much of a commitment. We also tend to watch a lot of documentaries (I’d be right there with Alex watching those WWII docs!)

  119. Emily says...

    Life in Pieces
    Big Bang Theory
    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
    Jeopardy – my husband’s life goal is to get on the show!

  120. Carrie says...

    West Wing
    The Wire
    Scott & Bailey
    Fixer Upper
    Doctor Foster
    This is Us
    Chefs Table
    Cooking competitions (top Chef, iron chef, etc)

  121. Hannah says...


  122. Meredith says...

    Mozart In The Jungle 4 LYFE. Maisel lives up to the hype. Also: did anyone else watch (the amazing but very unfortunately named) Trophy Wife? Such a fabulous cast, including — gasp — Anjelica Huston!!

  123. Ash says...

    We are really resisting to binge watch Punisher nowadays. Because I have a crush on Shane from Walking Dead. Because, he likes the action.

    • Sarah says...

      We just binge-watched Season 2 of the Punisher in a way we did not for the first season. It was more compelling and fast-paced, and I think the fact there was less Karen helped :)

  124. Debby says...

    I’ve really enjoyed Scandal. My husband and I are both watching (me for the second time) and it has enough political intrigue to keep him hooked, too.

  125. Allison says...

    A phenomenal show that passes the Bechdel test with flying colors is Killing Eve starring Sandra Oh. Highly recommend- thoroughly enjoyed by my husband and myself!

  126. Denise says...

    Almost forgot….
    Olive Kitteridge

    And this is Canadian but I think will be available on Netflix soon, Working Moms…it’s hilarious.

  127. Rachel Simmons says...

    In our 6yr marriage we’ve only evet found 2 shows we agree on: house & lie to me. Thats it. We couldnt be more opposite!

    • Angela says...

      Oh my god, Lie to Me!!! Yes!

  128. Veronica says...

    My husband and I have watched/watch the following together:

    Penny Dreadful
    Parks & Rec
    Jessica Jones
    Master of None
    Marvel’s Agents of Shield

    However, I find it more interesting what shows couples watch alone. My husband and I have such different taste, and so many of my favorites are shows I could not get him to watch, including:

    The Romanovs
    Mad Men
    The Kettering Incident

  129. Page says...

    The Good Place, The Good Wife, Homeland, Jane the Virgin, Game of Thrones, Broad City, Shameless, Mrs. Maisel, The West Wing

  130. Call My Agent (on Netflix) Joanna– you will love it. I watched the first season years ago and it was so good I just assumed it would never get picked up because that seems to happen– but then, a few weeks ago, I saw there was a season two and three– and binged! Went back and watched first season and it was as good as I remembered. Straight up entertainment. Allez-y! :)

    • Sophie says...

      Love that show!

  131. Hilary says...

    Catastrophe! I asked a friend, who is a couples therapist, for advice on exactly this topic (shows to watch as a couple). She recommended Catastrophe and we love it – we binge watched all the seasons. They’re just about to release a new one!

  132. Courtney says...

    Homeland!! So good. I started watching it first since my husband assumed he wouldn’t like it. He was hooked and after watching the final episode went back to the episodes he missed. I think it’s on Prime.

  133. Ann-Marie says...

    Those not on your list that we both really enjoyed: The Affair, Killing Eve, True Detective, Fortitude, Happy Valley, Broadchurch, Bodyguard, Altered Carbon, The Fall, Black Mirror. We overlap a lot, thankfully.
    Happy comedies: The Good Place, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sex Education, Parks & Rec, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    Some I wouldn’t watch on my own, but can get into them because he’s into them (Game of Thrones, The Expanse, The First). If the writing and acting’s good I’m pretty much up for anything. Likewise, I coax him to watch Gray’s Anatomy, The Resident, and A Million Little Things with me, but anything more girly than that and I’m on my own!

  134. Seona says...

    It’s either full-on drama, or full-on comedy – it seems there is no in between with us!
    Here are some of our favourites: Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, Succession, True Detective, The Wire.

  135. Greta says...

    Arrested Developement, we know all the words to every episode.
    Justified, so good and not scary violent.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, weirdly happy rerun fun now.
    The Durrels of Corfu, achingly beautiful, funny escapism.

    • Martini says...

      “The Durrells”….be still my heart. I miss them and want them back.

  136. E says...

    If you have Hulu ER!

  137. alison says...

    Friday Night Lights was not on your list. I’m shocked and I implore you to start tonight!!!

  138. Amy says...


  139. Susan says...

    Homecoming with Julia Roberts on Amazon :)

  140. Cari says...

    Oh- so many show recommendations to try! My husband is also a WWII documentary buff, and it’s thrilling when we find a show to watch together! Here’s a couple I didn’t notice mentioned: Patriot ( so good- a spy thriller dark comedy), and we’re currently watching Dark on Netflix ( mystery sci-fi- it’s amazing, especially when you hit the mid-point, but must watch it in original German with subtitles; the voice-over seems weirdly disconnected). Thanks all!

  141. P says...

    So fun to read everyone’s suggestions!

    Old favorites that we can watch over and over: The Wire, Curb, The Office

    Recent/newer ones we’ve loved that I haven’t seen mentioned here yet much or at all:
    Escape at Dannemora
    Big Mouth (I thought this cartoon about puberty looked so crass and disgusting when my husband started it but it’s actually hilarious and so smart – worth a try!)

    Did anyone else peter out after season 5 of The Americans? Is that sacrilegious?!

    • Ann-Marie says...

      We definitely stopped watching The Americans and missed the last 1 or 2 seasons, so you’re not alone! Perhaps it picked up after that?

      Same for Westworld, couldn’t get into the second season, though we found the first one extraordinary.

    • Adrienne Hall says...

      We almost gave it up but pushed through. But Oleg! Sniff.

  142. Hannah says...

    The only things we have watched together and both enjoyed are The Mindy Project, The Good Place, and all the nature documentaries ever narrated by David Attenborough. He then enjoys procedural crime dramas and I enjoy period dramas, separatley (cliche, I know).

  143. Laura says...

    My husband and I enjoy watching This Is Us, Life in Pieces, and Amazing Race. But when our NHL team is playing, we choose hockey instead (maybe not technically a show, but we have so few shows we both agree on that I have to add it in :)

  144. Nur'Aimi says...

    We can binge watch FRIENDS all season after we put our son to sleep. There’s something about sitcoms that we never get tried of. Games of Throne comes in second.

  145. D says...

    The Crown.
    Madame Secretary.
    Great British Baking Show.
    Parks and Rec.

    I am pretty pleased with our crossover!

    He watches very different things when alone and I watch Grace and Frankie when alone :)

  146. Anna Spooner says...

    Wow, my hubby and I are really different than everyone else!

    Here’s what we watch:

    Sports. TONS of sports, which we both love. Also sports talk shows.
    Big Bang Theory
    Last Man Standing
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Storage Wars
    Pawn Stars
    Jeopardy and Sports Jeopardy
    Antiques Roadshow
    WWE Wrestling
    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER
    Live PD

    I think that’s about it. LOL.

    • Sasha L says...

      We used to watch Big Bang Theory with our kids, such a fun show.

  147. Rebecca says...

    Period Pieces:
    Downtown Abbey
    The Crown
    Mad Men
    Peaky Blinders
    The Last Kingdom

    Crime Dramas:
    The Killing
    True Detective
    Breaking Bad

    International Crime Dramas/Thrillers:
    The Bureau (Originally Le Bureau des légendes) (This French drama is incredible—SO SO SO GOOD—much more nuanced and subtle and less violent than its American equivalents)
    The Americans

    Game of Thrones
    The OA

    Mozart in the Jungle
    Catastrophe (though in all honesty, I really only liked the first season—after that it hits a little too close to home!)
    Flight of the Conchords
    Bored to Death

    • Ann-Marie says...

      What a great list, thank you! We overlap a lot.

      Mozart in the Jungle was so lovely. I watched it by myself and just throughly soaked it up and did not want it to end! And I’m not even musical. Gael was amazing.

    • Alex says...

      I agree, Rebecca; I don’t see why the WIRE hasn’t won an award for literature – its beyond good.

    • Rebecca says...

      Ann-Marie, I’d love to hear your list! I adore Mozart in the Jungle. We watch a lot of heavy, dark cop dramas, and sometimes we just need a break with something funny and short. Mozart always delivers. So good. So quirky. And Gael. Oh I just love him! “Hai-lai!!”

    • Rebecca says...

      Alex, The Wire should be required viewing in classrooms! It is just so well constructed. A visual literary masterpiece of sorts.

    • Judy says...

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Bored to Death!!!!! So hilarious!

    • Sarah Chait says...

      Commenting again to say YES TO THE WIRE. I’m just watching it for the first time now and I can’t believe how excellent it is. A must watch for everyone!

    • Ann-Marie says...

      Rebecca, if you search my name, my list is a few comments up. :) “HAILAI!!” always made me laugh, haha.

      This is a good reminder to rewatch The Wire, it’s been years!

  148. Audra Harvey says...


  149. Rach says...

    I didn’t see anyone mention Grace & Frankie!!! So funny. It puts humor into the drama of aging parents. My husband didn’t want to watch it, but I got him hooked. Kominsky method is another great one. The writing & Alan Arkin is so well done. I’m gonna have to bookmark this page with all the great suggestions!!!

    • Jane says...

      I’VE been bingeing Grace and Frankie all week! I’ve never had any elderly people in my life and I know Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are famous so I wanted to see what the deal was and it has been my evening ritual for days.
      Seems funny enough for any gender or age! I also really enjoyed Mozart in the Jungle – each year I binge the entire season in one sitting lol.