Help! What TV Shows Do You Watch as a Couple?

Will and Grace

The other day, Alex and I were at a dinner party, and we got into a rousing debate…

What TV shows do you watch with your partner? It’s the question that comes up most often with my married friends.

If it were up to Alex, he’d watch World War II documentaries on YouTube all night. If I got carte blanche, I’d watch dark comedies with a female lead. Of course, like everyone else, we also have idiosyncrasies: I get scared of super scary stuff (The Handmaid’s Tale gave me nightmares), and Alex doesn’t like things that feel too much like day-to-day life (“I spend my whole day in an office; I don’t want to watch The Office,” he says.)

So, what crowd-pleasing shows are out there? With universal storylines? That pass the Bechdel test?

Over the past ten years together, here’s what we’ve both liked:
Mad Men
Alias Grace
High Maintenance
The Crown
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Master of None
30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Peaky Blinders

Or you can go old-school. Says my friend Gemma: “We put Jeopardy on and have a competition. It’s brutal, we’re both very competitive. I’m better than he is, but I’m extremely turned on when he knows stuff. Sometimes he’ll be like, these are not my genres, and I’m like, you can’t blame the genres!”

The only catch is when you have to wait to watch together. “My girlfriend and I watch the Great British Bake Off,” says our editorial assistant Franny. “Since we’re long-distance, I’ll see on my Hulu that she’s already watched something. She’s like, no, I didn’t. But I know.”

What about you? What shows do you watch as a couple? Please share any recommendations!

P.S. John Hamm photobombing people, Mindy Kaling on friendship and real actors reading Yelp reviews.

(Photos of Will & Grace, Mad Men, Fargo, Insecure and the Crown. Bottom cartoon by Zachary Kanin for the New Yorker.)

  1. Lillian says...

    Sherlock. Game of Thrones. The Good Place.

  2. Kelsey says...

    Did you two try The Americans? I seem to remember seeing something about it here. The first season is probably the darkest in terms of violence, but as you go you realize this entire show, presumably about the escapades of espionage, is really about marriage–and then later, about raising children.

  3. Marisa says...

    This isn’t a recurring show, but my husband and I just watched the new Ellen Degeneres stand up, “Relatable”. It is so good! Currently, we are watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel together– my husband is so sweet that he happily watches anything I want to watch uncomplainingly. Sometimes, I’m surprised what I get away with— he even watched “I Feel Pretty” the other night with me!! hahaha

  4. Korin says...

    Family Fued is perfect cooking-dinner-together tv, and makes for fun competition! We also love Chuck, Grand Tour (formerly Top Gear), The Orville, and Grace & Frankie (originally my show that he has grown to love too, surprisingly).

  5. Laurie says...

    Halt and Catch Fire!

    It’s about the dawn of the internet. The mix of origin story with 90s nostalgia and strong female characters is irresistible to us. I recall the first couple episodes were a little slow, but then it finds a fascinating groove. You will rub your eyes in disbelief how computers have unfolded in what seems to be the blink of an eye. I still have a sweater from the 80s but in the same time frame somehow my computer has morphed into alien technology! Anyway, it’s very smart and has a killer soundtrack. (It’s on Amazon Prime video, btw.)

    • Danielle says...

      Yes! We loved this so much. You described it perfectly. So many cliffhangers for a show that isn’t “action” based.

  6. Robin says...

    Documentaries about nature (planet earth or really anything narrated by David Attenborough) or food (chefs table, lately) or gardens (Monty don Italian gardens even inspired a vacation for us!) or reality shows (Canadian bake off!). Or old/artsy/international movies. Or Star Trek. Or World Cup soccer/olympics. I can’t do the cringe humour or the dystopias and most sports are SO BORING. But we’ve found some compromises over the years ;).

  7. Shira says...

    The Big Bang Theory is definitely Must-See-TV for me and my husband. We also love Shark Tank, Suits, A Million Little Things, This is Us, and Will & Grace.

  8. Caitlin L. says...

    Is it bad that I felt personally offended when you said Alex doesn’t like The Office?! Haha. It’s not like a real office!
    The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Bob's Burgers, Seinfeld, King of the Hill, pretty much all comedies like this are my Husband and my common ground.

  9. riye says...

    We’ve got very different tastes so we don’t usually watch TV together–except for the morning and evening news. Which is fine because although the bf can stay awake during the news–anything else and he’s asleep in 5 minutes. Including during the shows he loves! It takes him on average 3-5 tries to last through anything longer than 30 minutes (he has a demanding job so he’s tired at the end of the day). I admit that I do like The Punisher series that the bf is *trying* to watch on Netflix. :-D

  10. Lisa says...

    The Romanoff’s! ❤️

  11. Nadine says...

    Broadchurch, The Killing, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Closer, Foyle’s War, The Neighborhood, Downton Abbey, The People v. OJ, Damages. Nothing standout lately, so fingers crossed about suggestions from others!

  12. Hanna says...

    My husband and I love watching Sci-Fi together: Firefly, The Expanse, Stranger Things, etc.

  13. Alison says...

    Along with many of the ones you mentioned, a few others we’ve enjoyed together are The Killing and Broadchurch. Both dark but I got really attached to the characters. Less dark but also good – The Durrells of Corfu. The Tudors is pretty entertaining for a period drama. And for short, easy episodes, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

  14. Suzie says...

    VEEP. so damn funny!

  15. Sara says...

    There are so many good options to watch together. Some of our favorites are:

    Game of Thrones
    The Americans
    Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    The Wire
    True Detective (skip season 2)
    The Crown
    House of Cards (first 2 seasons)
    Homeland (season 1)

  16. Erica says...

    Outlander! It’s got Tim e travel, history, sex, and Scottish scenery (and French in season 2). It’s a wonderful show. If you like cooking competition shows, Final Table on Netflix is great. My husband and I are making our way through that right now.

  17. Amanda says...

    I hate to admit this because we used to enjoy watching actual shows together, but lately with two stressful jobs and a two year old the only show we watch together is “the bachelor,” plus the other bachelor franchise shows. We even participate in a bachelor fantasy league together. It’s my favorite part of the week (which is so sad)!

  18. Kate says...

    Schitts Creek, Madame Secretary, Designated Survivor…those are three that worked for us!

  19. VP says...

    This is Us
    Shark Tank
    How to Get Away With Murder
    Modern Family
    Great British Baking Competition
    Chef’s Table
    Parks and Rec

  20. Chiara says...

    My husband is pickier than I am, so our cowatching usually lines up more with his interests than mine (so definitely more sci fi than I would ever pick), but here’s all the shows we’ve watched together and love:
    Midsommer Murders (there are 14 seasons!)
    Avatar: the last airbender
    Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries
    The Expanse
    Battlestar Galactica
    The XFiles (I had never watched them as a kid)
    The Killing (find the original Danish version)

    Someone above said their relationship is so much better when they have a show to watch, and I definitely agree. We spent most of our evenings last winter bingeing an episode of Midsommer Murders a night, and just sitting together on the couch doing something together makes me feel so close. We’re missing that this winter, so I’m keen to check out some of the suggestions!

  21. Renee says...

    Sex And The City
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    Curb Your Enthusiasm

  22. Rachel says...

    We have to work sometimes to find shows that fall into the space that captures both of our interests. He prefers to avoid stressful dramas, while I (darkly) enjoy them as a cathartic investigation of unfamiliar or familiar life dynamics.

    Together, we’re watching or have watched:
    Stranger Things
    Ugly Delicious
    Salt Fat Acid Heat
    Travel Man (Richard Ayoade can’t be beat)
    Newest season of Dr Who (Jodie Whittaker is also great in Trust Me)
    The Good Place
    Bob’s Burgers (an animated show that actually keeps my attention with its silly writing and light comedy)
    Top Chef (Recently discovered as an enjoyment for my husband, we have worked our way back through all previous seasons of all time (!!) that I’d already watched)
    Midsomer Murders (the camp and the Cotswolds keeps him around, despite the subject matter)
    Orphan Black (his interest fizzled and I finished it alone)
    GoT (took a break, but got back in when I started watching again)
    Planet Earth
    Law and Order reruns
    Scott and Bailey (Sally Wainwright and two fantastic female leads – saw this up the list)…

    To be started/stalled shows, not as a reflection of the show’s quality: Punisher – second season (can’t imagine how this works with the Bechdel – lol)
    Killing Eve
    Jessica Jones
    Mr Robot

    Shows he watches over my shoulder:
    Friends from College
    Handmaid’s Tale
    Catastrophe (excited for a new season!!)
    Law and Order SVU
    Marvelous Mrs Maisel

    Particularly heavy shows I’ve watched solo ;)
    Happy Valley (strong female lead – Sarah Lancashire – with a female writer – Sally Wainwright again)
    Doctor Foster (Suranne Jones!!)
    Trust Me
    House of Cards

  23. Karen says...

    We just started watching The Kominsky Method and so far, so good. I can’t watch crazy, intense stuff before bed…Kominsky Method is funny, has Alan Arkin and is well written.
    I miss Master of None, ( the season in Italy was the best!). And The Crown was exquisite!

  24. Lulu says...

    Top Gear on BBC and now The Grand Tour on Amazon, The Ranch and weirdly…Fuller House. My hubs has focus issues but I could be riveted watching a documentary on the history of the mushrooms of Bristol. I’ll take whatever Q time on the couch I can get.

  25. Kathryn says...

    Two solid recs we both love that aren’t on your list: The Americans and The Good Place.

    One terrible/amazing guilty pleasure that my husband started watching with me (still in shock): Bachelor in Paradise

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Hahahaa so funny about your husband and your shock! :)

    • The Good Place is one my husband and I are both completely addicted to!

  26. Emmie says...

    Friends from College

    • Yes!! We loved this one!

  27. Michelle says...

    We’ve enjoyed watching True Detective, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Peaky Blinders, Westworld, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, and The Sopranos. Luther is next on our list. :)

  28. Dorothy says...

    I’m sure it has been mentioned but Marvelous Mrs Mazel is Awesome!my husband was into it as much as I was!

  29. Kaori says...

    Stranger Things is SO good. I don’t like scary stuff AT ALL, and this one wasn’t too scary – such a good story, great acting, humor, suspense, all of it. Waiting impatiently for a 3rd season!

    Also, Man in the High Castle. Set in the 60s in the U.S. is the Allies had lost WWII – the east coast is occupied by the Nazis and the west coast is occupied by Japan. There’s a neutral territory in between that’s sort of like the wild west. There’s an American resistance movement. Fascinating storyline, lots of suspense, really hard to stop at one episode, and really good early-60s costumes!

  30. So this is not a TV show, but it’s a fun thing to do as a couple. We recently started listening to the podcast Unspooled. Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson watch the AFIs top 100 list of movies and discuss them. We’ve be watching along with them and listening to the podcast. Then we discuss both. Also, we love watching Jeopardy together! And recently we’ve been watching True Detective, which is scary, but in a slow burn sort of way that somehow doesn’t scare me.

    • Alexandra says...

      I love that!

  31. Brittany says...


  32. Maiz Connolly says...

    Wait, I don’t understand, have you not watched Outlander with Alex? Even my watch-tv-at-the-same-time-in-different-rooms parents love watching this one together!

    • E S says...


    • Lesley says...

      Agreed- Outlander is our guilty pleasure right now! It always leads to fun Scottish-accented flirting.

      Also, Halt and Catch Fire (it get’s way better after the first season).

  33. Sara says...

    My husband and I just watched the season finale of Outlander and will now switch over to The Last Kingdom as our weekly “movie” night. We also have been binging Life in Pieces in which we can relate so many of our family members to the character and their experiences! Very rarely does an episode pass without one of us laughing hysterically!

  34. Tracy says...

    The Wire, please if you haven’t watch it.

  35. My husband would watch Scifi all day long. I want Real Housewives or darker (but not violent) shows.

    Here are a few that have worked for us:
    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Jack Ryan
    Schitt’s Creek
    Killing Eve

    I linked 11 of my favorites (click on my name and scroll to the bottom for the list). My husband watched or at least tolerated all of these.

    • Sasha L says...

      Schitt’s Creek is soooo funny. Especially if you happen to have older/teen kids.

  36. Brooke says...

    I second Jeopardy. It’s so relaxing and fun to watch together. We develop very strong opinions about the contestants. We also love Grace & Frankie on Netflix and just finished Carmen Sandiego.

  37. Caitlin says...

    I was watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and my fiancé started to quietly watch with me during season 2. He ended up getting hooked and went back to watch all of season 1! So good!

  38. Chelsea says...

    Oh this is a topic of conversations with friends of ours so often!

    We have both loved….
    Narcos!! All seasons.
    Jack Ryan
    True Detective (Season 1 and now 3)
    The Bodyguard
    Escape from Dannemora (We live across the lake in Vermont and remember this playing out in real time vividly!)

    I like Parenthood, Madam Secretary, Scandal, and This Is Us but my husband isn’t a fan :)

    Sounds like we need to try The Americans too!

  39. Sam says...

    My boyfriend and I have been watching The Good Wife together and it’s sooo good! I totally and completely missed it in the late-aughts. When he’s not home though, i’m quickly switching to Jane the Virgin. I like light TV in this dark political climate.

    • Lila says...

      Sam, you are my tv show spirit animal. The Good Wife and Jane the Virgin are the BEST EVER and my absolute favorites. The Good Fight is pretty good as a spin-off too.

      This feels off brand for me but my husband got me sucked into binging Game of Thrones.

  40. Megan says...

    Just finished reading this NYT and it thought it was fantastic, both as a piece of cultural criticism and a source of new show ideas!

    Also, it includes so many of my faves, especially Jane the Virgin and the West Wing. I’m single now, but have watched the entirety of the West Wing with several past boyfriends. Jane the Virgin is so good that you should watch it with or without Alex ;-)

    • Emma says...

      We also just finished watching Jane the Virgin and I think it’s now my favorite TV show. It’s so smart and funny and heart warming and political without being heavy handed. If I could write a show I’d want it to be this show.`The telenovela story-telling and silliness prevented me from seeing how great it is, it took me a whole three seasons to realize its brilliant. I really feel like I need to sing its praises every chance I get since I don’t know anyone that watches it! I also cry every episode which is always fun for both me and my boyfriend.

  41. Lindsey says...

    FRINGE!!!! Think X-Files but modern (although it’s been off the air for a few years now) and the endings of each supernatural case typically have an ending that has a “solution” or explanation, which I really like. The characters are so likeable and the lead is a strong female (yay!), Joshua Jackson is super dreamy and his wacky super-genius father is so lovable. My partner and I just barely started rewatching and I’m loving picking up all the little things I missed the last time around.

    • Ann-Marie says...

      Yes, Fringe was a good one. We sometimes we talk about about how we miss the characters! Walter! Peter! Olivia! We love X-Files too though. :)

  42. Meredith says...

    Our go-to’s together: The Good Place (!!!), Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers, GBBO

    BUT! We just finished Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – AMAZING! Based on the Phyrne Fisher Murder Mystery Novels (which I am currently reading and are great for winter). It’s basically Murder She Wrote, but in the 1920’s in Australia with a feisty, feminist, flapper-type, bad-ass lady detective. Also, there’s a great love interest story line with plenty of good sexual tension. My husband loved it too! At the end of the day he’d be like “wanna drink tea and watch Phyrne?” Um, YES. Yes I do.

    • “Our go-to’s together: The Good Place (!!!), Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers, GBBO”

      OMG are we the same married couple?!?! Literally: SAAAAMMMEEE

  43. Rachel says...

    Fraiser!!! All the seasons! There are so many seasons! Start at the beginning. I’ve never not laughed! Watching this show started by accident when we noticed our toddler would fall asleep during reruns on TV. We decided to watch the entire series ( not with said toddler whom now requests frasier!) We are 5 seasons in with plenty more to go.

    • MJ says...

      Yes to Frasier! My husband and I recently got rid of cable which has led to watching Frasier reruns nightly. We both laugh out loud. Sometimes I even cry, which is a total bonus!

    • Martini says...

      Rachel, totally agree. Laughed ourselves silly.
      “Buttons and Bows” about did me in and that damn “RoadWarrior”. Niles and Frasier going into the Gay bar with Frasier in those stupid tight shorts. Funniest memories. Priceless.

  44. Angela says...

    We’re currently watching Brooklyn99 together. We’ve also done The Office, Friday Night Lights, Man in the High Castle, Outlander, Bones, Psych (for a little while, then that got kind of annoying).

    I show I’m loving, and partners and spouses might too (not mine, but some people’s ;)) is The Resident with Matt Czuchry. It’s a really interesting take on the medical field.

    • Ann-Marie says...

      I’m into The Resident too even though I generally prefer cable shows! I mean, it’s Logan from Gilmore Girls! Definitely yes. ;)

    • Sasha L says...

      Oh my gosh, my husband and girls used to LOVE Bones so freaking much. I could never get into it, but it was like when they were so little and he read them Nancy Drew, then later Harry Potter. We watched Psych, whole series together one summer. So silly and goofy but so much fun. Happy memories!

  45. Taylor Singer says...


    and despite being just-okay home cooks we judge the absolute crap out of every decision the contestants make and always say what we would make with the mystery basket ingredients :)

  46. Caitlin says...

    We watch a lot of HBO: The Leftovers, The Wire, True Detective, The Deuce, Sharp Objects, Westworld, The Night Of…also current events/comic relief shows like Jamie Oliver, Vice, The Daily Show, and SNL clips on Sunday morning while still snuggling in bed is the best! We recently discovered Key and Peele and some of their skits are HILARIOUS. Master of None.

    Honorable mentions: Stranger Things, GLOW, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, House of Cards, GLOW, Bloodline, and Parks & Rec which we’ve been watching bit by bit for years

  47. it says...

    I just stumbled across the balance series. Do you think you could expand it?? I would love to hear how other mothers balance their lives

  48. Michelle says...

    Frasier Fridays 4ever

  49. Becca says...

    Westworld is a great one to have discussions about all week between the episodes!
    West Wing for when you want to feel better about the world and pretend President Bartlett is real :)
    And Silicon Valley for a laugh

  50. Bridget says...

    We loved Sex Education. It was funny- and Gillian Anderson is fantastic. And we just finished binge watching The Bodyguard. Really like it too. Divorce was great with Sarah Jessica Parker… It was painful in a good way.

    • Lauren Cesca says...

      Loooooved this show! What a great British nod to high school rom coms in the US.

  51. NSH says...


  52. Sarah Sandler says...

    Would love recommendations for the opposite… low-romance shows for after a breakup :(

    • Nicole says...

      The Americans (FX) streams free with Amazon prime. It’s a spy show set in the 80s.

    • A Martin says...

      7 Days Out and Somebody Feed Phil ❤️ On Netflix

  53. Christine says...

    We’ve been devouring food themed shows! Ugly Delicious, Somebody Feed Phil, Salt Fat Acid Heat, The Final Table… it makes us hungry which gives us motivation to try new foods and places :)

  54. wendy says...

    We watch Jeopardy and Bob’s Burgers and we just finished Season 2 of American Vandal, which we really enjoyed.

  55. kj says...

    Schitt’s Creek

    We also have certain shows that we watch as a family:
    Amazing Race
    It is super fun to watch those shows with our kids. We all become invested in the characters and save up Sunday nights to watch an episode together. We are usually way behind and need to avoid spoilers but it makes for a fun family night.

    • Landon says...

      We watch Survivor and Big Brother with our kids, and it’s so interesting to discuss and see their take and interpretation of situations. Amazing Race would be a great one to add!

  56. Allison says...

    GLOW! Such a well-written show!

  57. Rachel says...

    Happy Valley, for sure for sure. Sarah Lancashire is to me what Meryl Streep is to seemingly everyone else. (Though I do love Meryl!)

  58. laetitia says...

    some of our favorites lately:
    International (watch in original language with subtitles, so much better)
    -Money Heist
    -Call my agent
    -The hookup plan
    The Chalet

    Schitt’s creek
    Dear White People

    • schitt’s creek is canadian 🙈

    • Sarah says...

      Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place, and Maisel are our current favorites!

      We also love watching all the superhero/comic book shows together, but that might be a little niche :)

  59. Kaitlin says...

    I relate to this so hard! My biggest pet peeve is that if the writing on a show weakens through later seasons, my husband wants to abandon it entirely, whereas I want to see it through. We’ve never completed the American House of Cards or Veep for this reason, and it makes me sad. We also got very divided over the changes to the Daily Show a few years ago.

    That said, we are suckers for satire and biting political comedies. The 1970s British show, Yes, Minister, is a favourite, as is The Thick of It. And NBC’s Community. And when all else fails, we fall asleep to Columbo.

  60. Jessica says...

    My husband and I love watching Brooklyn 99 together. I recommended starting from the first season and bingeing. It has a nicely balanced, very talented cast, and is hilarious if you like silly humour. Its our favourite show we watch together.

  61. Meghan says...

    My husband and I enjoyed watching Catastrophe, Narcos and The Bodyguard together. And we liked Roma too!

  62. Frankie says...

    Another vote for Sex Education. Gillian Anderson is fantastic in it!

    For another comedy, we thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Letdown’ – an Australian Netflix series. First time I’d seen Celeste Barber in a role outside Instagram!

    • MK says...

      I loved The Letdown. I watched it after I had my first child and related to it so much. It made me feel better!

  63. Sarah says...

    30 Rock, Arrested Development, The Office, and Parks & Rec….always are somewhere on a constant rotation.

    My husband also got me into some adult cartoons (Hate to admit it!). But I SO love Bob’s Burgers and Rick & Morty. Bob’s is just a family guy trying to make it through life with his wife and 3 crazy kids. Check it out.

    Also we watch Game of Thrones! Cannot wait for the final season!

  64. Emma says...

    The Marvellous Mrs Maisel is the best! My husband and I both really enjoyed (ok, maybe I did a little more than him! But he was sweet and watched it with me anyway;-)) I definitely recommend it! Such a strong female lead, great current themes in a stunning 1950s setting and lots of good laughs too.

  65. Kirsten says...

    The only ones we ever watched together were The Office and The GBB. My husband hates TV! He claims he has no attention span for season-long story lines. I, on the other hand, LOVE a good drawn-out story line. So I watch everything alone. It’s fine, I get to watch whatever I want, except I had to watch The Haunting of Hill House during the day only, because I got too scared alone!

  66. Katrina says...

    The Good Place!!! So hilarious but also thought-provoking. Love it so so much.

  67. Megan G says...

    Hmm, I’ll make a list!
    America’s Test Kitchen, House Hunters, The Good Place, Finding Your Roots, Westworld, Handmaid’s Tale, The Americans (Matthew Rhys!!), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The House of Flowers, Call the Midwife

  68. Amanda says...

    House Hunters International! We travel a lot but we still get wanderlust watching it.

  69. Rachel says...

    The Kominsky Method! Easy 30 min show. Funny and strangely poignant.

  70. kiki says...

    I’m going to add to the chorus of “THE GOOD PLACE” Also:

    This Old House
    American Experience
    All of the British house hunting shows on Netflix (Escape to the Country, Escape to the Continent, etc)
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Parks & Rec
    Doctor Who
    Silicon Valley
    Antiques Roadshow

    Gosh, reading this over we are even bigger dorks than I realized. LOL

    • Hannah says...

      If you’re dorks, then we’re dorks! You wrote my entire list, plus British house hunting shows. We’ll have to watch those next!

    • Donna Campbell-Klein says...

      Love escape to The Continent ❣️

  71. Kelsey says...

    Sharp Objects is a must! The first half is a bit of a slow burn, but overall some of the best television I’ve ever seen.

  72. Natasha says...

    Ahhhh you left off GOT:)

  73. Sarah Jane says...

    Oh man, do my wife and I ever have this issue. Once I requested something with no violence or screaming and she was baffled about what one would watch without those two things. (Facepalm!) She’s since been very thoughtful about finding series that we’re both into.
    A Million Little Things (currently on episode 3 and HOOKED!)
    Station 19
    Madame Secretary
    Stay Here
    Queer Eye
    The Crown

  74. Denise says...

    The Affair
    Somebody Feed Phil
    Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
    Downton Abby

    My husband has tried to get me hooked on Game of Thrones but I just can’t….I know everyone loves it, sometimes I feel like the only person left who hasn’t read the books or watched the series….ditto for Lord of the Rings….and Star Wars….should I be afraid to come clean?

    • Angela says...

      I tried one episode and couldn’t get into it either. Oh well.

    • Laura says...

      I am right there with you, Denise! My husband is rewatching the entire Game of Thrones series in anticipation of the new season right now (alone). I’m just not able to get into it. There are plenty of other shows we enjoy watching together (This is Us, Sharp Objects, Parenthood, True Detective, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Insecure, Mad Men), but that’s not one of them.

  75. Diana McNeill says...

    BARRY. Trust me.

  76. Leslie says...

    The Americans! And, The Man in the High Castle! Both are excellent.

  77. anonymous says...

    we just binged Schitt’s Creek and I’m not sure who laughed more

  78. We don’t watch too much tv but we used to watch the West Wing together back in the day. We also watch Big Bang Theory and we started to watch Manifest but fell behind on that one. I watch the Bachelor but my husband just rolls his eyes at that one…

  79. Marissa says...

    Good shows we’ve watched not yet mentioned:
    Derry Girls
    Sick Note
    Last Tango in Halifax
    Kettering Incident
    Line of Duty
    A French Village (ww2)

    We love acorn/bbc/Aussie/NZ mysteries together. The Bridge (swedish) was also good but dark.

  80. Rachel says...

    TERRACE HOUSE!!!!! (Netflix)

    Its like the Real World …

    Set in Japan …


    It is one of the most fascinating, pure versions of human interaction I’ve ever witnessed. The hosts make poignant comments that improve my analysis of the show, and crack jokes that leave me howling. The camera work and cinematography is stunning.

    Start with ‘Boys and Girls in the City’, (in my opinion) skip ‘Aloha State’, then watch ‘Opening New Doors’. The first few episodes of ‘Boys and Girls in the City’ are a bit slow, but stick with it!

    • Jen says...

      Oh my gosh I loooove Terrace House!! It definitely is super interesting watching it as an American – the cast is much less confrontational than we’re used to seeing on American reality shows and the romances move at a snail’s pace. In some ways you could consider it slow and boring but I just find the cultural differences so, so fascinating. Totally hooked. And yes the hosts are hilarious and the best part! My second favorite part is seeing all the food they make/eat haha.

  81. Betsy says...

    I had never watched Gossip Girl until a couple months ago. My husband and I are both hooked on it now.

  82. Sonia says...

    Hi! I am lucky to be married to a man with very similar taste in television shows… and what he likes that I don’t I enjoy falling asleep to :-) Of late we have enjoyed Counterpart, True Detective Season 3, West World, Sharp Objects, Silicone Valley and Mind Hunter the most!

  83. Katie says...

    There is a British show called The Detectorists that is so charming and just the right amount of quirky. My husband and I both loved it, and turned all our parents onto it, too!

    • Oh we loved the detectorists! Total favourite.

    • Sara says...

      Love, love, love this show!

  84. Mk says...

    Berlin Station
    Mrs. maisal
    Game of Thrones
    The Americans !!
    Gilmore Girls (my husband has been getting into it)
    Killing Eve

    I also love Outlander but my husband doesn’t. I love the historic aspect and scenery so maybe Alex will be game.

    I also love most British TV the first season of Doctor Foster was 💯 the second was meh
    Doc Martin cracks me up and I love
    The Vicar of Dibley, old school but ALwAys makes me laugh!!

    • Andrea says...

      The Americans!!! Why isn’t anyone watching/talking about this show? Best drama of all time!

    • SMK says...

      Another vote for the Americans!

      We also just finished Babylon Berlin, which was crazy and over the top, but addictive.

    • Kristin says...

      Oh, the Vicar! Love that show…especially Christmas Lunch, The Easter Bunny, Hugo and Alice’s wedding, Songs of Praise…oh, I guess especially all of it!

  85. Sunny says...

    Some of our current favorites are Insecure, Better things, French show Call my agent, Swedish show Bouns Family, My Brilliant Friend… SO good!

  86. Carly says...

    Ray Donovan!!!!! And Dexter!!! I’m not in a couple but those are my two favorite shows and seem like perfect options for a couple.

  87. Rachel Chang says...

    Fresh Off the Boat

  88. This made me laugh! I am 37 weeks pregnant with our fifth baby (the others are 2, 4, 6, 8) …we live away from family/any help so we are permanently exhausted, and an hour of tv comatose on the sofa is a fairly non-negotiable part of our evenings these days. :) I also despise the whole process of endless scrolling through Netflix so…. we decided to start re-watching ER, season by season, pathetic in the truest sense but totally fills our brief for semi-mindless relaxation! We also totally loved Six Feet Under. And curb your enthusiasm, of course!

  89. Amanda says...

    My husband and I have VERY different tastes normally when it comes to these kinds of things, but over the years we’ve been able to find a few series we love to watch together!

    Luther (Two words: Idris Elba)
    Sherlock (although they wait so long to release seasons that I’ve become a bit disinterested)
    Hell on Wheels (about the construction of the first railroad)
    Parks and Rec (#LeslieKnope4Life)
    The West Wing
    Designated Survivor

  90. Rose says...

    My husband and I got hooked on Blacklist (so twisty good!) since beginning of this year. We watch an episode or two few nights a week and it’s SO nice to have something to look forward to with him. :)

  91. Christina says...

    Sneaky Pete! Killing Eve! and surprisingly, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I see this on others’ comments – I originally chose to watch MMM alone, knowing it would be full of Amy Sherman Palladino’s quick witted humor a’la Gilmore Girls. Was pleasantly surprised when bf came in, plopped down, and insisted on watching with me – frequently dissolving into fits of laugher – and then insisted on watching it again a few nights later!

    • Nicole says...

      Yes on MMM! My husband and I LOVE it! Also, we both love King of the Hill— if you’ve never thought to watch the antics of Arlen, don’t count it out.

  92. Magdalena says...

    Vikings us the best.

  93. Gina Dwyer says...

    Hmmmm, this is becoming increasingly challenging for my husband and I, as well! Together we watch: Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, The Blacklist, True Detective, and Splitting Up Together. Think that’s it! He needs humor (at least a little bit) in his shows, where I can watch pretty much anything as long as it has a good story – even if it’s super sad, or really scary. I watch the scary stuff with my 14 yr old son! :)

  94. KKW says...

    I recently (finally!) convinced my husband to watch Veep with me and now we’re anxiously awaiting the final season. It’s funny, dark, and has absolutely no one likable on it. It’s fantastic.

  95. Andrea says...

    My husband and I have such different tastes on tv shows but we have together enjoyed Ray Donovan, Peaky Blinders, Veep and I have to say Billions was outstanding!!!!!

  96. Steph says...

    This subject should be it’s own category line on Netflix. I GOT YOU:
    The Sopranos, The West Wing, Altered Carbon, Ozark, The Bodyguard, True Detective, Westworld, The Blacklist (the plot is outrageous but also kiiiind of why we love it), Arrested Development, Mindhunter, Game of Thrones, Frasier, Haunting of Hill House (although 99% sure this will be too scary for you)

  97. Lindsay says...

    All the TV we watch is together! Here are a few of our favorites:
    -Vice News
    -60 minutes
    -This is Us
    -God Friended Me
    -Manifest (more me, than him)
    -Stranger Things
    -Game of Thrones

  98. Tracy says...

    Only one person has recommended Homecoming! It is unbelievably good. Stephan James is such an amazing lead and Julia Roberts is, well, Julia Roberts. I highly recommend it!

  99. Stacey says...

    Friday Night Lights!

    • Lia says...

      Yes…I don’t love football or Texas but I do love Tim Riggans and Tammy Taylor!!! This is good….

    • Jody says...

      Yes! FNL is a forever favorite. Also, Parenthood, The Wire, Ozark, The Sinner and The Killing.

  100. Kristen says...

    As former Brooklynites, my husband and I LOVE High Maintenance. It’s so funny and big hearted…and amazing how quickly they create characters that feel so specific.

    I also adore Broad City, but I watch that by myself :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      same re broad city. i love watching it by myself, it feels like inside jokes for girls. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh yes, that MR piece was terrifying, haha. it should be the postscript :)

      and i loved big little lies! excited for season two.

    • LAURA says...

      yes! so excited.

  101. Inês says...

    From the series you liked, I would recomment “The bodyguard”, “The sinner” and “Sharp objects” :)

    • Courtney says...

      Yes to the Sinner! My boyfriend and I devoured it!

  102. Lee says...

    Things to add to your list:
    -The Good Place
    -Parenthood (too close to real life?)
    -Parks & Rec (season 1 isn’t great, but it is perfect after that)
    -Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    -Killing Eve
    -Brooklyn 99

    Typing this list makes me wonder if I watch too much TV. : /

  103. Emily says...

    honestly, it’s easier to think of things we don’t watch together (for me british murder mysteries and for my husband all of the marvel tv shows), but together our favorites are:
    – BROADCHURCH!! (but maybe too murdery?)
    – silicon valley
    – succession
    – barry
    – the good place
    – top chef (really funny to go back and watch the early seasons for some 2000 fashunz)
    – grace + frankie
    – brooklyn 99

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i loved barry. i didn’t expect to, but it really sneaks up on you!

  104. Carrie says...


    • Marki Stewart says...

      Agree 100%! (And I love that almost every character in Bodyguard who was in a position of power was a woman!)

  105. We recently finished ‘Killing Eve’ and both loved it. Now we’re hooked on Netflick’s new series ‘Bodyguard’. I can’t wait to watch episode 3 tonight!

  106. Elizabeth says...

    Broadchurch, and Victoria!

    • Anya says...

      agree with Victoria! I started watching it thinking my husband wouldn’t be interested, and then he wanted to watch it with me. :)

  107. Lindsay says...

    Killing Eve is AMAZING. I actually paid to own it on amazon because it’s a BBC show (tbh I thought it was worth every penny), but it came out on hulu this month so should be easy to watch now!
    Also Great News (on netflix) is written by a former writer of 30 Rock and writer/producer on The Mindy Project, and produced by Tina Fey! I just put it on to have a show in the background and wound up laughing hysterically and watching the whole season in a day.

    I’ve noticed recently that all my favorite shows are written by women (and usually starring them as well) and it feels good to know that the shows I’m giving my attention to are coming from some kickass ladies (Phoebe Waller Bridge, Tracy Wigfield, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, etc).

  108. Bethany says...

    The West Wing!

  109. b says...

    The Golden Girls
    I Love Lucy
    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
    Home Improvement

    I am mostly into old television, obviously.

    • Chiara says...

      Miss Fisher is soo good! I started watching it by myself and my husband got hooked, so we finished it together.

  110. Maggie says...

    My boyfriend and I binged True Detective (season 1 was unreal amazing, we skipped season 2) and are watching season 3 right now. It is SO GOOD! I’m like you, I don’t like the scary stuff…there are definitely some parts that are too much for me, but that’s where he comes in – to make me feel less scared:). It’s a phenomenal show but not something I’d watch without him! I think you’d like it. If nothing else, to appreciate Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s phenomenal acting.

  111. Katherine says...

    My husband loves Game of Thrones (he’s read all the books and watched from the start) and I was so against it because incest, rape, violence, etc., but ever since I started breastfeeding my baby when she arrived three months ago, I decided to give it a try since I wanted to spend time with my husband but needed something easy to do while nursing. I’m now full on obsessed and he’s enjoying rewatching it in anticipation of the series finale come April.

    We also both LOVED Westworld, and have enjoyed watching Star Trek and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 together as well. Documentaries are also usually winners for both of us.

  112. Danielle says...

    Friends from College was an entertaining couples binge! We also loved Ozark and just started The Americans, which we are excited about.

  113. Betsy says...

    Santa Clarita Diet

    It’s laugh out loud funny and despite the completely absurd situation, the main couple have a great marriage. We love the teen daughter!

  114. Valeria says...

    We’ve both loved Downton Abbey (first season), Homeland, Stranger Things, La Casa De Papel and, season after season, I involved him in my longtime lovestory with Gilmore Girls.

  115. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! My husband and I both love that show. I love the fashion and we both love Midge and all of the other hilariously quirky characters. Can season 3 just come out already?

    • Simone says...

      Yes! I feel like the show really came in to its own in Season 2 (and I have major opinions about that closing scene)!

  116. Amanda says...

    Queer Eye! I didn’t expect my boyfriend to like this, but he LOVED it. So many great personalities on the show, and it has a lot of excellent life advice for all genders. The episodes aren’t too long either, so it leaves time for good debriefs and whatever else you may have planned that evening…

    Also, Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek.

  117. Jane the Virgin, Parks & Rec, Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, The Office, Top Chef, and The Sopranos. We have watched lots of TV together – I don’t really watch TV by myself – but these are the ones that come to mind right now, or things we tend to watch over and over.

  118. Peaky Blinders and The Crown are so phenomenal!!


  119. Caitlin says...

    The Americans, Fringe, Man in the High Castle, Stranger Things

  120. Megan says...

    True detective, broadchurch, the fall, luther, parks n rec, the americans, black mirror, homecoming, the leftovers.

  121. Jen says...

    My husband and I are loving Friends from College right now!

  122. Meg says...

    The Good Place!
    Schitt’s Creek reminds me of 30 Rock – totally different concept but similar pacing with jokes. On Netflix so convenient to binge.

  123. Alicia says...

    My husband and I definitely enjoyed “Catastrophe” together. A few years ago, we devoured the show, “The Hour” about a newsroom in England in the 1950s. It has a stellar cast (Romola Garai! Ben Whishaw! Dominic West!) and was both thrilling and romantic. We are rewatching Edgar Wright’s “Spaced” from the late ’90s/early ’00s and remembering what a hilarious, smart show it was. If only there were more episodes! I can’t entice my husband to watch “Call the Midwife” or “The Great British Baking Show” with me too often, though…

  124. Baily says...

    GLOW! and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! We both binged them and loved them!

    • Meg says...

      Oh yes GLOW! Husband loved all the spandex and we both enjoyed the acting.

  125. Justine says...

    We’re digging Friends From College. Thanks to you we discovered Catastrophe, and God it’s amazing for the phase of life we find ourselves in at the moment. PS: Mad Men and 30 Rock are both about workplaces, and I think that’s why they are so good.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i looooooooved catastrophe!

  126. Clare says...

    Chef’s Table (Netflix), Endevour (Prime), Parks & Rec (too officey for Alex?), The People v. OJ (we were born in 1989 and 1990 so we had v. little knowledge of the trial and were riveted).

    • Julie says...

      Oh, Endeavour! So lovely.

  127. We just watched Friends from College and really enjoyed it. :) Also, not sure if you’re into cooking shows, but Top Chef is up there for us–so fun and strangely suspenseful!

  128. Elena says...

    Killing Eve! The Americans! FARGO! A bit heavy at times but in a good way, The Leftovers was a real trip.

    • Kristen says...

      I find myself thinking about the Leftovers all the time, even more than a year after finishing it. The tone was crazy…heavy, but also bananas! Funny and ultimately really thought provoking.

  129. Lucy in Devon says...

    Narcos!! It’s so so good, best thing I’ve watched since The Wire and we both loved it.

    Also we can always agree on an Archer episode to put a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

  130. Anne says...

    I recently started watching The Golden Girls and I thought it would be a solo watch but my husband is into it. We don’t watch all the episodes together, but it’s a fun half hour to put on at the end of the day. We are also huge Parks and Recreation fans and watch that on the regular, especially on Saturday mornings while eating breakfast tacos :)

  131. Elise says...

    Maniac! I haven’t finished it: I’m up to episode 7, I think. We’re trying to stretch it out because it is so hard to find a show that you’re going to commit to. With this midwest arctic blast, though, I’m sure we’ll watch the rest of it tonight.
    Of course, we revisit Friends and Frasier frequently.

  132. Oh, I love to know what other folks are tuning into and enjoying.
    We love some of the Australian and British Shows. We actually subscribe to Acorn T.V. To that end:
    800 Words
    Grantchester ( PBS)
    Janet King
    Acceptable Risk
    The Durrells in Corfu
    Scott and Bailey ( great female leads and supporting characters)
    I could go on :) Just one last one which we found utterly charming:
    The Detectorists oh…. and….
    Jack Irish ( Guy Pearce, yes!!!)
    On Prime we just finished Vanity Fair and thought it was great.

  133. Eloise says...

    We’ve managed to get through The Americans and Killing Eve without one of us losing too much interest (fairly low bar, but it’s a tough one. My husband gets bored easily and gives up on things quickly. He also stays up later and gets way ahead of me!) The Americans was my Mad Men replacement and Killing Eve helped fill the hole left by the end of The Americans. Ozark works for us, too, but they mumble A LOT, so don’t watch when you are very tired.

  134. Madison says...

    My boyfriend and I started Vanderpump Rules last fall and watching a few episodes is a great way to forget about your own stress/problems/life for a bit – we love that Lisa is stern yet still cares about her employees, no matter how crazy their antics and drama is (also they’re not ~really~ working at the restaurant…)

  135. Rebecca says...

    will always miss watching LOST with various friends + family + coworkers. currently getting into the Final Table.

  136. Sarah says...

    I always joke with my husband that our marriage is better when we’re watching a show together. Who has time to pick fights when you’ve only got an hour or two to make progress in a new series? I love anything with murder, which I think my husband finds equally adorable and terrifying. Right now we’re enjoying the new season of True Detective. But on days where I’m sad I love listening to him laugh, so we’ll turn on Brooklyn 99 or Last Man on Earth.

  137. Dayna says...

    Ours have been True Detective, Sharp Objects, Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones, of which I’m now noticing a somewhat creepy theme..

    • Lindsey says...

      Right there with you!! We like intense dramas, apparently. :)

  138. Bojack Horseman! There are so many funny things in each episode that are almost impossible to catch all on your own. It does get pretty dark… but we both this show. Master of None is great, and we watch Mr. Robot together as well. I started watching New Girl at one point and was genuinely surprised that he liked it a lot, too.

  139. Friends from College (Netflix). The episodes are short! The acting is pretty good and it is occasionally funny. We also binged ‘The Bodyguard’ and it was so ridiculous we were making fun of it at the end. Which, I suppose, is it’s own entertainment and, oddly, a bonding experience.

  140. Tiziana says...

    Mrs Maisel!!! They are a w e s o m e! So funny and witty and just really good at their job.
    And the clothes and all the vintage flair. We watched it non stop, ok I was more into it than my husband but he didn’t mind watching it

    • Tiziana says...

      Oooooohhhh and Sherlock-Benedict Cumberbatch! We binge watch it even if an episode is 1,5 hours long

  141. Kathryn says...

    West Wing! We are both very outgoing/quick when with friends, but lapse (comfily) into the same ol’ stuff when we’re together. Nothing like that show to get us discussing at top speed! So much fun.

  142. Lauren Lyons says...

    I can’t wait to read all the comments on this post! This is also a hot topic in our circle as well.
    We’ve seen two of the ones you mentioned (Mad Men + Breaking Bad)
    And also:
    Dirty John
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Grace and Frankie
    Sharp Objects
    Six Feet Under (Long ago, but I’ve never forgotten it)

  143. Erin says...

    THE GOOD PLACE! My boyfriend and I both love it! It’s clever, hilarious, and a really interesting concept, just don’t look up any spoilers!

    I also love that the cast is really diverse and it for sure passes the bechdel test!

  144. Oh! Can’t wait to read all the suggestions. We’ve loved Sherlock on the BBC/PBS and are very into The Good Place right now. We also loved Friday Night Lights but you have to power through Season 2.

  145. Maclean Nash says...

    My boyfriend and I DEVOURED “Sex Education” on Netflix.
    It is incredible and made us feel all the feels. My boyfriend cried more than I did which rarely happens. It’s one of those shows where if I heard someone didn’t enjoy it, I would seriously question their judgement.

    Dynasties is also great – you cant go wrong with Sir David IMHO.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i’ve read such good things about sex education!

    • Lydia says...

      i agree! i just devoured sex education, so so good!

    • Alex says...

      Sex Education! My boyfriend and I loved this show. While its technically British, the high school set-up feels more American so it is a nice mix. I couldn’t wait to watch each episode.

    • Frankie says...

      Sex Education is fab! Gillian Anderson is my new favourite actor!

      We also thoroughly enjoyed The Letdown, an Australian Netflix show. Celeste Barber is also in it (I love her Instagram account!)

  146. JS says...

    60 Minutes
    Most of the late night news/talk shows (Seth, Jimmy, Colbert, Trevor)
    Rachel Maddow (because she is on fire right now!)

  147. Jenny says...

    + The Americas and Westworld