What Are Your Simple Pleasures?

Wave fence photo by Lena Corwin

On this rainy Thursday, let’s talk about something fun. Artist Moose Allain was feeling out of sorts, so he decided to write a list of small joys on Twitter. A few were “a lovely little puppy” and “the smell of snow” and “finding finally the lost thing.”

Other people then piped up and theirs included “sourdough bread, toasted, with cinnamon sugar,” “lining up groceries very neatly at the checkout” and “pushing the pram over bumpy bits of pavement to make my daughter’s chubby cheeks wobble.” How cute are those?

A few of mine are:
Kissing my children on the side of their mouths
Jacket potatoes
Getting into clean sheets after shaving my legs
The grassy waves at Storm King
The word “peripatetic” because it’s fun to say
Cheeses described as “barnyardy”
A room with a view
When you read something so beautiful, you put your hand on your heart
Magic tricks that are impossible to figure out
Anton’s cowlick
Kettle chips

What would yours be? I’d really love to hear. Also, baby belly laughs!

P.S. How to stay present, and what’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

(Photo by Lena Corwin.)

  1. Rachael says...

    -the first moments of a vacation – getting in the car when it’s all packed up or boarding an airplane
    -watching the joy in my son’s face at me turning on the oven fan or opening the garage (kids!!!!)
    -watching a newborn baby sleep
    -the first bite of a crispy hot slice of pizza
    -the smell of coffee in the morning
    -holding a warm mug of tea on a rainy day
    -the smell of warm towels fresh from the dryer
    -an ice cold beer on a hot day
    -getting a text or a call from a friend

  2. Kristin says...

    reading while under a blanket on my patio with the twinkling lights
    sipping a latte
    kissing my son’s closed eyes
    a sunrise run with my friend
    clean sheets on a Sunday night
    someone telling me they loved the book I recommended
    crunching fall leaves
    my daughter’s love for travel

  3. Carrie says...

    Being that is coming on fall, I’ve got all things cozy on the brain

    When the weather shifts and it’s cool and crisp but still sunny
    Climbing into clean sheets on a Friday night
    Indoor lighting that perfectly fits the mood i’m in
    Heavy rain!
    Snuggling with my husband and our dog in bed after a long day
    Aged Gouda
    Solving a tough work problem
    A clean house

  4. Louisa says...

    So far coffee has been mentioned 85 times. :)

  5. Laura says...

    ~Kissing my son’s cheek
    ~My husband’s hand on my shoulder/lower back as we pass by each other
    ~The smell of campfire smoke, coffee, fresh cut grass, fall leaves, evergreen on a hot day, asphalt after the rain.
    ~My son’s arms wrapped around my waist in a hug.
    ~ Laughing with my best friend
    ~ Hot baths after a cold winter run
    ~ Soft cookies
    ~ The “bubbly” post-yoga feeling
    ~ Coffee/tea with a good book
    ~ The Christmas season
    …and way too many more :) What an awesome post! This made my Friday

  6. Victoria says...

    -hearing a song for the first time and relating to the lyrics so much it brings tears to your eyes.
    -being called Aunt TT by my nephews – my favorite title
    -folding clothes right out of the dryer
    -remembering to send a thank you note and feeling like an accomplished adult
    -drowsily drinking coffee on a saturday morning while watching barefoot contessa (or anything on food network)
    -the scent of rain on pavement
    -that first spicy, milky sip of a chai tea latte
    – how instinctively turning off lights and locking doors behind me reminds me of my dad and how safe he made me feel
    -running my fingers through my hair after getting a blowout – it’s never softer
    -walking in a city at christmastime while playing christmas music on your headphones **extra feels for if it is also lightly snowing**
    -butterflies in your stomach excitement before meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile

  7. val says...

    – the breeze on my skin
    -clean sheets on an early night to bed
    -a random text from my teenager
    -hitting play on my Netflix show after a week of not watching
    -when I wake up and notice that my dog is sleeping in her doggy bed while I’m laying in my person bed
    -a new recipe that hits the mark
    -burning incense
    -putting a record on in the morning while getting ready for work
    -finishing something; anything

  8. Clair McLaughlin says...

    Smelling the top of my kids heads when they are sleeping.
    Watching a sunset
    Snuggling on the sofa with my kids on either side of me.

  9. Rose says...

    It is so healing to my soul to read through these. Thank you everyone for sharing! Some of my simple pleasures:

    *my husband’s laughter
    *hearing my 2.5 year old say “I wuv you, mama”
    *watering my garden and watching the butterflies on my zinnias
    *burning my favorite volcano candle from anthropologie
    *a strong cup of dark roast coffee
    *reading self-help/therapy books for myself, and not for my job
    *a very hot shower followed by lounging in one of my hubs Tshirts
    *the oversized, perfect leather reading chair at my parents house
    *loud family dinners with my 5 siblings
    *the ocean right after it’s rained
    *the aspen leaves glowing in the fall
    *when our dog snuggles between us as we fall asleep and lets out a contented sigh
    *warm chocolate chip cookies

  10. MaryMargaret says...

    -The smell of fresh-cut limes
    -First fireplace fire of the year
    -Linen sheets and always-made bed
    -Pressed coffee delivered by my husband
    -The satisfying bodyache after gardening all day
    -Coming home to my lovelies after a worktrip away
    -Visits to and from farflung friends
    -My dad’s funny voicemails
    -Salt and olive oil on sun-warmed tomatoes
    -The unexpected hilarity of my little jokester boys
    -Sending/receiving postcards and letters

  11. Jenn P says...

    • Walking into the house when you’ve forgotten the housekeepers we’re there
    • when my husband empties the dishwasher
    • COFFEE
    • listening to my husband grumble when he folds laundry – mainly my underclothes, which have no “structural integrity”
    • calling him my husband (we just got married 3 months ago!)

  12. Nicole says...

    Using a Q-tip after the shower
    Stepping out into the hot sun after being in a cold office.
    My children’s bare backs.
    The feeling of collapsing on the couch after the kids are in bed on a Friday night.

  13. Olivia D Thacher says...

    A bowl of warm pasta
    Wood smoke
    Warm and damp puppy belly
    Licking cheese off a knife
    My best friend’s smiles
    Cutting fresh flowers
    Making cookies
    Porch sitting
    The smell of mountain air
    Fresh snow
    Holding hands
    Stacks of unread books

  14. Helen says...

    sucking up cat hair with my vacuum.
    laying on a blanket in the park on a chilly, but sunny day.
    saturday morning coffee.
    falling asleep to rain (especially when you can keep the window open).
    walks to get to get chai tea in the fall.
    when your checking out and that too expensive sweater is on sale.
    sweatshirt weather at the beach.
    scrambled eggs made by my boyfriend.
    naps on saturday afternoon with my kitties

    • Sarah says...

      Mm yas

  15. Meredith says...

    Boxy, heather grey sweatshirts
    Costco hot dog and soda
    Clean sheets and a shower
    First night of flannel sheets in the fall
    Sleeping dogs twitching in dreams
    Napping on a sunday with a football game on tv faintly in the background
    Freshly weeded and mulched flower beds
    The first fresh produce of any season
    The smell of toasted bread
    Egg mcmuffins

    • Tayler says...

      The napping on a Sunday with football on in the background! Just this past Sunday, my husband was watching a game and after about an hour I told him, “Alright, it’s time for my first football nap of the season!” :)

  16. Gina says...

    Joanna, you and your blog are a delight!

    – Smells of coffee, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, pipe tobacco (which is a rarity nowadays)
    – Changing leaves
    – The feeling you get when the Christmas season starts
    – Finishing a really good book/movie/tv series
    – Sun lotion
    – A shower after a day at the beach
    – Listening to jazz on a rainy day
    – Cuddling my kiddies
    – “Window” shopping online
    – People watching with cocktails
    – The first bite of pizza…or any delicious meal

  17. CJ says...

    Holding my chubby baby.
    A clean house (a truly rare experience for me with three young ones, perhaps because of my addiction to the simple pleasure listed above).

  18. Prairie says...

    -The smell of rain in the desert.
    -Cuddling with my whole family on the couch to watch a “family movie”.
    -Getting to take a nap.
    -When someone has done the dishes for me.
    -The smell of the ocean in the morning in Maine.
    -Having my 12 year old son kiss me on the cheek when dropping him off at middle school (I am so flattered that he isn’t embarrassed yet).
    -Starting a new audio book for my commute.
    -Opening my monthly Kawaii box.
    -Listening to Motown while doing housework/dance party.
    -When all three of my sons like the dinner that I prepared.
    -Talking to someone who is a cinemaphile just like me.

  19. Mel says...

    At the end of a crappy week, within a crappy month, this gave me the warm fuzzies. Thank you! This post was like a hug!

  20. Allyson says...

    -When my favorite cozy clothes are clean at the same time (holey TLC T-shirt & threadbare jogger/sweatpants)
    -Every time my 10 month old daughter reaches for me
    -Remembering that my Grandma smells like strawberry lipsmackers lip gloss
    -Getting a vanilla latte at the coffeshop across from the office and intentionally taking the first foamy sip, in the sunshine or in the gloom of a stormy day, while waiting for the WALK sign
    *This practice just warmed my heart. Great post, Cup of Jo!*

  21. Meg says...

    Reading these comments is giving me the best feeling. I’ll add:
    -getting to the airport with enough time to order a glass of wine and relax before boarding
    -when I see a dog out on a walk who refuses to go any farther and plops down on the sidewalk and the owner tries to cajole him into getting up
    -on a weekend afternoon, leisurely cooking a new recipe in my kitchen with a podcast on in the background
    -funny banter with my witty friends over dinner
    -looking in the mirror after doing my hair and makeup to go out somewhere fancy and thinking “damn I look good” :)

  22. katie says...

    Opening a new can of tennis balls!

  23. When the plane touches down in your hometown after months away
    Lazy biking at sunset
    Sitting down to family dinner and listening to everyone chat/bicker around you
    The first morning wake up on vacation
    Lighting a candle when it’s cold & stormy out
    Getting into clean sheets after a long day
    Taking a deep breath of Vancouver air (Pacific North West freshness x salty ocean)
    When you book a flight to a new destination
    Summer driving with the windows down, listening to country music

  24. Maia says...

    The smell of coffee filling my kitchen as I slowly awaken to the day
    The smell of new rain on the dry, parched earth (specifically in India where I live)
    Baby bums, gummy baby smiles, kids that are strangers that smile back at you when you do (makes my day)
    Juicy, drip-down-your-arms mangoes
    Women in starched cotton, pleated- sarees
    The smell of jasmine in the evenings
    My husband after a shower
    The surprise of summers overseas – India is hot and humid and muggy (I love it) but summers in Europe are bright and sunny and ever-so-slightly chilly in the evenings in a way it will never be in India. And it always delights me
    Perfectly formatted excel sheets
    Snuggling under thick covers in a room that has been air- conditioned just- right

    • Em_c_nola says...

      Excel spreadsheets make me so happy too! I can’t imagine if I’d lived in another era and didn’t have this pleasure. It just works so well for my weird rigid organized brain.

      I’ll add
      *fresh sheets
      *taking a shower and then walking outside with a nice evening breeze
      *the smell of Mission Beach in San Diego (salt air and some plant but I don’t know what it is.)
      *my dogs being so excited to see me
      *the sound of a car on gravel (holdover from my childhood I think)
      *Pad Thai/good sourdough/basically any carb
      *the anticipation of being about to see someone in a train station or airport, after a long time away
      *the smell of a campfire
      *laughing so hard with friends that your stomach hurts the next day
      *the relaxed feeling I get when I’m at my parents’ house
      *being unhurried and drinking coffee with two hands

  25. Abby says...

    The first sip of fresh water after being in the salty ocean
    Dancing around the kitchen drying and putting away dishes after my husband washes them
    Slipping into a tightly-made bed
    Finding a perfectly polished blue piece of seaglass
    When the outside temperature feels like the same temperature as my skin
    Peach juice dripping down my chin
    Older people eating ice cream

    • Chrissie says...


  26. Earl Grey with a cloud of cold milk. (Coffee too, but anxiety made me love Earl Grey more… )


    • Ashley says...

      Girl, yes. That wafting up to your nose….and the almost instant drop in heart rate.

  27. Alison says...

    – When I finish a hike and take my boots off at the bottom of the trailhead
    – when my boyfriend pulls me in little spoon close for a morning snuggle
    – a roasted a marshmallow over the fire
    – a shower after a ski day
    – sitting at our spot by the lake
    – the sound of ocean waves
    – weekend coffee outside
    – petting sweet animals
    – finishing a good book, but you’re kind of sad its over
    – when someone else does my hair
    – getting the warm and fuzzies from a loving text in the middle of the day
    – when I can’t stop laughing at something

  28. Nisserine says...

    Fresh coat of nail polish. Instant joy!

  29. Elizabeth says...

    – the sounds of my daughters’ laughter
    – candy corn and salted peanuts, together
    – the very first sip of hot coffee
    – perfectly winged eyeliner on the first try
    – the smell of burning leaves in the countryside
    – pumpkins
    -putting my ice cold feet on my husband (who is a furnace)

  30. Jessie says...

    Smelling a baby’s head
    That first sip of coffee in the morning
    Yard sales
    Realizing you actually have a quarter for the buggy at Aldis!
    The feeling of ALL THE LAUNDRY BEING DONE!

  31. Adrienne says...

    SO enjoying reading all of these!
    – the smell of unfamiliar air in a new land when you step out of the airport
    – those few minutes after my kids fall asleep and I take in their soft breath and damp hair and peaceful faces
    – seeing an elderly couple holding hands
    – baby animals
    – the taste of buttery flaky pie crust
    – the smell of rich coffee in the morning
    – the smell and sound of leaves crunching underfoot
    – soft woolly scarves
    – a breeze in my hair
    – the feeling of bare feet on warm soil
    – watching a whimsical movie while it snows outside
    – having an adventurous, beautiful dream
    – painting in watercolour
    – children’s laughter
    – church bells ringing
    – the sound of rain on a metal roof
    – the taste of a tomato warmed by the sun
    – watching flames dance in the fireplace

  32. Ali says...

    Whenever someone if going through something crappy instead of sending flowers, I like to give them a little bag with coffee beans, some good chocolate and a magazine, because these three simple pleasures can make the worst of days seem a little bit better.

    • Lana says...

      such a great idea! borrowing it

    • Louisa says...


    • Jojo says...

      You are a genius.

  33. Shade says...

    What a great reminder! Here are few of my simple pleasures:

    Sitting & staring at the beautiful trees outside our Brooklyn apartment.
    Watching a Florida thunderstorm from my parent’s porch swing.
    Clean pajamas and fresh clean sheets and duvet.
    When my 5 yr old son kisses me.
    Also when he comes out of his room at night with a brilliant card he made me, when he should be asleep in bed.
    That cup of warm, milky tea I finally get to drink when I get to the office.

  34. Cece says...

    – The dimple on my daughter’s right cheek
    – Eating a Jaffa Cake the ‘correct’ way (biting around the edge, picking the
    – chocolate off the top, eating the biscuit and eating the orange jelly last, since you ask)
    – The smell of grass that’s just been mown
    – Sitting in a really quiet cinema when the lights go down and the film starts
    – The first glimpse of the sea near my parents’ house
    – Loaded baked potato soup
    – When you’re out running and the perfect song comes on and the beat lines itself up with your feet
    – The smell of a bonfire on a cold night

    • Sharon in Scotland says...

      Cece, THAT is how you eat a jaffa cake! x

    • Erica says...

      Great, now I have to go get some Jaffa Cakes.

  35. Elise says...

    I love this.

    The feeling of falling asleep and waking up in a warm car surrounded by the sounds of NPR or of some of my favorite people having theological conversations.
    The first rain of the season.
    The long light of fall.
    Watching a hummingbird rest on my hummingbird feeder.
    The genuine laugh of a child.
    Being barefoot.
    Being bra-less in public.
    Laying down on the couch under a warm blanket after a long day.
    Cuddling with my husband.
    Finishing a good book.
    The smell of rosemary.
    A cup of coffee on the porch.
    Drinking a smoothie while listening to a podcast on my commute.
    Remembering someone’s birthday or important date and their surprise.
    The change of seasons.
    Floating in the ocean.
    Watching someone in another car sing passionately.
    Laughing by myself.

  36. Blaire says...

    Cutting wrapping paper in one continuous swoop
    Golden hour
    Summer night drive with windows down, music loud and hand out the window
    Pulling out a chair to watch heat lightning
    When my child says, ‘I love you, Mama’, out of the blue
    Pulling off the clear film on a new electronic
    Opening a new bag of coffee and inhaling– I walk around the whole house and have everyone, even the pets, smell it
    When my pets intentionally lay their paw or head on me
    Catching a humming bird drink out of the feeder
    The moment you notice that the bud has bloomed
    The muted silence in a snow storm
    The moment someone starts playing with my hair
    Sunset reflecting on the water
    Family bike rides down the alleys
    Saying the same thing at the same time, which always results in a true laugh
    Crushed ice

  37. Blaire says...

    Cutting wrapping paper in one continuous swoop
    Golden hour
    Summer night drive with windows down, music loud and hand out the window
    Pulling out a chair to watch heat lightning
    When my child says, ‘I love you, Mama’, out of the blue
    Pulling off the clear film on a new electronic
    Opening a new bag of coffee and inhaling– I walk around the whole house and have everyone, even the pets, smell it
    When my pets intentionally lay their paw or head on me
    Catching a humming bird drink out of the feeder
    The moment you notice that the bud has bloomed
    The muted silence in a snow storm
    The moment someone starts playing with my hair
    Sunset reflecting on the water
    Family bike rides down the alleys
    Saying the same thing at the same time, which always results in a true laugh
    Crushed ice

  38. Lauren says...

    A really good stretch that you feel through your whole body
    A beer after a long day at work with ones i love – it makes my eyes close and my heart beat slow
    A perfectly-fitting pair of jeans
    An early morning, weekend flight
    My mom’s homemade popcorn, just the way I like it
    Good friends who are able to see something that feels hopeless into something amazing
    Going back to bed

  39. Lauren says...

    A really good stretch that you feel through your whole body
    A good beer after a long day at work with ones I love – it makes my eyes and my heart beat slow
    A perfect fitting pair of jeans
    An early morning, weekend flight
    My mom’s homemade popcorn
    Hearing music that you feel in your heart

  40. Sarah says...

    the smell of rain
    the carefree feeling of taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon
    catching a stranger’s eye and sharing a moment
    that first day after a long winter where you open up all your windows, even when it’s a tiny bit too cold
    buttery pastries eaten with black coffee
    eating a fresh peach while standing over the sink, juice running down your forearms (some things are too sacred for etiquette)

  41. MB says...

    Love this!
    -Pulling raspberries off the bush and eating them straightaway
    -When someone makes you a cup of milky sweet tea and you normally take it without sugar and it tastes just divine
    -Finishing an excellent book
    -Phone calls from my mom
    -Hot fish and chips
    -When my daughter is with her granny and my husband and I spend a leisurely weekend morning reading the weekend FT, drinking coffee, and eating pastries
    -Receiving a card in the mail
    -The first, best corn on the cob of the season
    -My daughter has just started saying ‘I love you mummy’ and it slays me every time
    -Living/traveling abroad and seeing someone in Michigan paraphernalia

  42. Clare says...

    These are so lovely. Thank you.

    – The smell of onions and celery sauteing together in butter
    – The first few really crisp/cold mornings in fall
    – Getting to go on quiet walks after my boys are in bed
    – Baking something in the oven, and having both little guys walk into the kitchen with big eyes saying “What is THAT?”
    – Clear and cold night skies where we can see some stars
    – Seeing the chair in my bedroom (with no clothes piled on it)

  43. Sasha says...

    Showering, smelling clean, plopping on the couch with the TV and something chocolatey after a camping trip

    The way my hound leans into me while I’m doing yoga

    Clear kitchen counters (anything clean in the kitchen is delightful really)

    Warm cake

    Having something to look forward to (husband coming home, the nightly walk, a weekend, VACATION)

    The way my daughter’s voice sounds when she calls and says “how was your day Mom?”

    Being called *Sha sha* by a two year old

  44. Tanja says...

    Oh I love to think about the answer
    -the first 5 minutes on high heels
    -putting on lipstick every other month
    -looking at old pictures
    -resting after a long hiking tour
    -watching my plants grow

  45. Amy says...

    Waking up to natural light coming in my windows.
    When my nephew calls belt loops “butt loops”
    The moment of satisfaction after finishing a good book.
    Driving with the windows down when there’s a slight crispness in the air.
    The magical feeling of the first snow.
    Hearing acorns crunch under my bike wheels.

    Can you tell I’m ready for the cooler weather?

  46. Rosie says...

    When I notice 11:11 on my phone, computer or anyplace with a digital clock (it’s my birthday!)
    A really good cup of coffee
    That feeling I get after having spent time with an old friend who you don’t see all that often.
    Saturday nights at home during the cooler winter months.

  47. Lauren E. says...

    This is making my heart warm this morning. Thank you for this prompt!

    – winning a Candy Crush game (don’t judge me)
    – my husband sending me a text to warn me about the weather (“bring an umbrella” or “kinda chilly out, you’ll need a jacket”)
    – trying on an article of clothing for the first time and it fits PERFECTLY
    – the first sip of Coca Cola
    – a hug from my mom (yes I’m 33)
    – a new magazine in my mailbox
    – the lights going down at the movies

  48. Being the one to make the first dig into a new jar of peanut butter.
    A rainy day to finish a good book.
    Kitchen dance parties with my kids.
    The smell of coming rain.
    The way Wilder (my almost 5 month old) lights up when he sees me in the morning.
    70s folk station on Amazon.
    Walking on crispy fall leaves.
    Watching my kids do the things that ignite their souls.
    A slightly scruffy kiss.
    Waking up to see the sun rise each day, and thanking the stars that are still in the sky for all that I have. ❤️

  49. Lining things up at the grocery store! Lol!! Love it

    Getting into bed after a middle of the night stack and work session and reaching across the bed and finding my husband’s smooth back.

  50. Heather Hall says...

    A well folded set of sheets
    The smell of cut grass
    Laundry hanging on the line
    Cool sand on the beach in the morning

  51. molly says...

    -animal noses
    -twinkle lights
    -my husband’s smile & the way it crinkles his eyes
    -reaching back to pat my child’s leg while I’m driving
    -overcast windy days
    -chubby, squishy baby legs
    -puppy breath
    -sweet, creamy iced coffee & ice cold bubbly
    -munchkins in footie pajamas
    -TJ’s lavender body scrub
    -hearing my children laugh together
    -music in the kitchen & the shower & while brushing my teeth;)


  52. Jorden says...

    The magic of yeast making dough rise. The pile of torn, crinkled wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Charred hot dogs hot off the grill.

  53. Monica says...

    * My son sneaking up the stairs to exclaim “BOO!” every. single. morning. <3
    * Early mornings. (So full of promise!)
    * Anytime I'm sitting on my deck. Especially with a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning.
    * A new book.
    * The way freshly baked bread crackles as it cools.
    * An empty sink.
    * The bonfire-ey smell of autumn.
    * The smell of mountain air.
    * Sweatshirt weather.
    * The way my refrigerator overflows with bounty on CSA Share Day.

    • Nancey says...

      Gosh these are great. I love sitting on my deck with my coffee on a cool morning. it takes my breath away. That smell of Autumn, nothing like it, like a campfire. beautiful.

  54. Michelle says...

    -my 4 year old’s puckered lips when he comes to give me a kiss
    -the proper first bite of a good sandwich when you get all the parts
    -sweet corn on the cob slathered in butter and salt
    -the smell of wool sweaters
    -CHRISTMAS SEASON – all of it! Love the Christmas songs and movies!
    -Spring – when the earth becomes alive again
    -baby toes – they are scrumptious
    -plants/flowers/gardening – they and it give me life, literally and figuratively
    -cooking for my family
    -my daughter’s jokes/puns – she’s 9. Sometimes they aren’t great, but they still are, you know? “What does a spot in the night sky read?… Starries!”

  55. Elizabeth says...

    My list (I should really write this down…)
    – Sketching in a notebook during down time between things I have to do
    – Cooking in a clean kitchen
    – Using my antique copper pots for food
    – Switching my shoes for house slippers when I get home from work
    – Standing on my husbands feet and getting a huge hug as he walks around the house (kind of like what you used to do as a kid…)
    – Buying fruit at the farmers market in summer
    – Clipping flowers in the garden to take to work on Monday mornings
    – Journaling for a few minutes before bed.
    – Putting perfume on in the morning.
    – The few minutes of contemplation and silence after the last page of a really, really good book.

  56. Love this post.
    Waking up my daughter in the morning to get her ready for the kindergarten..
    Having my first cup of coffee in the morning.
    And saying goodbye to my daughter after I drop her off in kindergarten. The way she gives me a hug and says bye mummy.. 😀 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗

  57. Becky says...

    1. When my dog sighs as she is falling into a happy sleep. I know that she feels loved and safe.
    2. The smell of Mrs Meyers soap especially holiday scents! Sometimes I feel silly over spending money on soap and then I remember how it’s the little things.
    3. Arriving home from a big vacation and remembering that the house is clean (because we did a deep clean before we left)
    4. George Michael’s voice
    5. My husbands laugh

  58. Ana says...

    When I see there is a new entry in your blog!

  59. M says...

    I’m still going through the comments but I have to say I forget how the most beautiful things in life are these simple pleasures. Thank you for that reminder.
    My favorite things in life:
    getting into warm bed after being so cold, having your partner snuggled up to you, all toasty and warm.
    Talking about our day with my toddler, all curled up in his crib or on the chair together.
    Being under a blanket with a hot cup of tea watching TV/movies or with a good book when it’s raining or at cool nights.
    SO many more…

  60. Jen says...

    The smell of eucalypts after dew has fallen, particularly on a dusty summer day
    The perfect song coming on as I walk to work on a day full of promise
    Kissing my partner on the cheek while inhaling deeply
    Sitting with the sun on my face as I drink my morning coffee
    The feeling of my muscles executing a move perfectly and in flow while I climb, surf, kayak, etc

  61. Paige says...

    Snuggling with my husband in the morning before our toddler wakes up
    Closing my eyes in the warm sunshine
    The sound of opening a champagne bottle
    When my son says “Mama” softly and lays his head on my shoulder

  62. Frances says...

    Enjoying the time to boil the whistling kettle on the stove and making a pot of lose leaf tea then pouring it in a lovely cup.
    Also rainbows and sunsets

  63. Mouse says...

    I travel for work and my favorite thing is sleeping at home in my own bed with my husband next to me and my cat on top of me. Bliss!!

  64. Elspeth says...

    I’m off work with a horrible head cold and this is exactly what I needed to chirp me up. Thank you everyone for sharing so many wonderful things I happen to love too! Xx

  65. Simone says...

    Hot coffee on the beach after a cold swim
    Rain on a tin roof
    The perfect crescent moon
    And absolutely – clean sheets with shaven legs!

  66. Thanks to Joanna and everyone who commented…..what a lovely way to start my Friday!

    Some years ago, when I was having a really hard time, I pledged to find a moment of grace in each day. I made the pledge on a morning when I was late to work and had to stop behind a bus on a busy road. Before annoyance could set it (and annoyance was my constant companion that year), I watched a mother walk her disabled son to the bus. He was smiling and excited about getting on the bus and going to school. He waved at his mom as the bus drove off; she waved back and I was overwhelmed by both this ordinary moment of happiness and a reminder of my obvious blessings, including the happy 6 year old sitting in the car seat in the back of my car. I vowed to find just one moment like this each day. It helped me so much and, 12 years later, it’s something I do every day. A few of my simple pleasures:
    – sitting on my front porch with a book
    – a cat curled up on my lap
    – morning coffee
    – a handwritten note
    – a text from my son, who is away at college
    – laughter that makes me snort
    – warm garden tomatoes
    – zinnias from that same garden

    Simple pleasure may be simple but they are very powerful indeed.

    • Jocelyn says...

      Hi Stacy,

      I’m going through a really hard time right now, and your comment really touched me. Thank you for sharing that beautiful moment <3

      Love, Jocelyn

  67. Waking up on Christmas morning and just reveling in the fact that the next 24 hours will be even and predictable and full of tiny surprises

    Eating waffles or pancakes after I douse them in an ocean of syrup

    When I eat the first snowball cookie of the holiday season

    When a friend or family member sends me something over text that makes me literally laugh out loud and then I text them “I literally just laughed out loud”

    When the plane of wherever I’m going takes off and then lands, thank goodness

    Making the time pass by putting on a random Netflix show and watercoloring to my heart’s content

    Those little random conversations you have with strangers in passing about whatever moment you are in (at the airport, in the grocery store, at a cafe) and then bidding them adieu!

    Killing bugs with my bare hands

    Walking outside with no shoes :-)

    Meeting someone from my home state and then bonding over it instanteously

    That sip of coffee that turns me from a zombie into a human – THEN when you feel the caffeine “take” after about an hour and you come alive!!! Lol

    Also someone put “taking your bra off after a long day” on this list; YES YES YES. Also when I take off my shoes.

    Adding to that taking my earrings off in the car once the day is over. Something about the motion and then placing them into the little ashtray feels so satisfying.

  68. Scarlett says...

    I always always always time the washing of my bedclothes for the same day I shave my legs, just for that exact feeling :)

  69. The first page of a new notebook
    Getting warm in the winter sun
    Feeling tired and happy after a workout
    My daughter dancing

  70. Jess says...

    A single flower picked from my garden in a glass on the windowsill.
    Getting home and putting on pjs, washing my face and putting on a face mask after a crazy day at work.
    Louis Armstrong as background music.
    Hot chocolate with cinnamon.

  71. Alice says...

    When my handwriting is unexpectedly tidy and pretty.
    The sound of hot water being poured into the cup for the first cup of tea of the day.
    The view from my 11th-floor office on a sunny morning.
    Someone playing with my hair.
    Singing at the top of my lungs when driving alone.
    When I switch on the TV and one of my favourite films is just starting.
    Pleasingly crunchy leaves.
    A really good glass of wine.
    Someone cooking supper for me.
    Kitchen dancing.
    A really good stretch after a heavy spin class.
    Speaking to my mum on the phone.
    Funny tube announcers, particularly during evening rush hour.
    Warm socks on cold feet.

    I really needed this. I’ve had a horrid, very stressful week, and it’s so good to take the time to remember the really small, lovely pleasures in life :)

  72. joana says...

    – lining up cut-up oranges
    – smelling peaches
    – infectious laughter (even a stranger’s)
    – reading in bed before going to work (and sometimes getting to work a little late because of it :D)
    – touching basil just to smell my fingers afterwards

    funny superstition in my country (portugal): we have a plant called, roughly translated, “little basil” (manjerico). it smells just like it, looks just like it, but the leaves are very small. and you can’t smell it directly! the only way to smell it it touching it and then smelling your fingers. It’s said that if you smell it directly it’ll die and it’s bad luck :)

  73. My Husband singing in the shower is the greatest – I’ll often turn off the tv or stop whatever I’m doing to just have a little listen.


  74. Katie H. says...

    A dog carrying a toy on a walk
    Seeing a hot air balloon
    Giggling at the store at a clever greeting card
    The perfectly roasted marshmallow
    A letter in the mail
    The day my favorite Christmas ale arrives at the grocery store
    The way my best friend says “anyhow”
    A new song to jam to
    When a student finds a good book
    Homemade ice cream
    Opening a brand new book
    Being brave enough to get in the pool when the water is a little chilly
    Building a fire
    Matching up all the socks
    Leaves dancing in your rear view mirror
    Sweet nicknames my parents still call me at 35
    When my nephew says “roars” and means the lions at the zoo
    Laughing so hard you cry

  75. Kate says...

    Using the escalators when I’m child and stroller free. I’m like ‘watch me fly between floors, no elevator can hold me back’.

  76. Laura C. says...

    -Checking on YouTube ald videos from The Golden Girls and die from laughing (this really cheers me up)
    -A cup of coffee
    -Seeing my comments on Cup of Jo being replied (I love you all CoJ community!)
    -Every time I start a new book
    -Listening to my daughters’ conversations while they are playing together (some gems from that)

    • federica primus says...

      I just want to reply for the sake of it:)

  77. Charlotte says...

    How fun! I’m re-reading «The sweetness of Life » by Francoise Heritier (a fantastic feminist and anthropologist by the way). She wrote down all of her little pleasures to one of her friend and made a book of it. Actually in french, we have an expression for that, which is the original title of the book, and means literally « The salt of Life ». It depicts perfectly what are these pleasures: it gives life so much more taste if not all of it.

    Actually, I begun keeping a list of these tiny things myself and plan to keep it going along the years.

    For me today: Looking at my pregnant belly while my baby boy is dancing inside.

    The smell of the city when it starts raining after a hot day.

    Thanks for all the sweetness Cup of Jo :)

  78. Coffee definitely Coffee. I love it so much … xd. And probably having a good shower and painting.

  79. Amy says...

    The joy I see in my son’s face when I pick him up from nursery school and then how he pulls me around to show me everything he’s done.
    The way my dog makes strangers all the sudden become very happy.
    A clean house.
    When I sell something that I no longer love to someone who I can tell will really love and take care of it.
    Long nice hot baths.
    Watching my husband when he’s carrying our son on his shoulders.

  80. Lee Ann says...

    -my baby’s soft, sleepy eyes after having just woken up
    -the smell of cinnamon rolls baking
    -turning the light off in the kitchen after all the counters have been wiped down
    -warm towels from the dryer
    -a room lit with only candles
    -fresh underwear
    -the sea breeze

  81. Kristin says...

    Putting a jazz record on and sipping a cocktail.
    When you’re on a crowded train and a bunch of people get off at one stop.
    Always and forever, coffee in bed.

  82. Sally says...

    – Sitting on a garden bench in early summer with the sun in your face.
    – The first sip of coffee.
    – Driving home after a lovely social event, thinking about how nice it was.
    – Suddenly realising how absorbed you were in a book.
    – Driving a familiar route late at night when you have the roads to yourself.
    – That smile a friend gives you when they spot you for the first time.
    – Piercing the foil on a new jar of coffee.
    – The first night of having the Christmas tree up.

  83. Marion says...

    This post instantly made me think of a exquisite book writen by french writer Françoise Héritier, it is called “The Sweetness of Life” and it is a whole book thats lists simple pleasures that make your life more beautiful and precious and worthy. It is a gem ! So poetic and fortifying.çoise-Héritier/dp/0718198832

    It is impossible not to smile while reading it.

  84. Since young, this one simple joy makes my heart sing: lying in bed at night all cosy, listening to the rain falling outside, especially when THERE IS NO SCHOOL OR WORK THE NEXT DAY!!!!! :)

  85. Lindsay says...

    The smell of freshly mowed grass
    The chill you get from the loud crack of a thunderstorm
    A swaying meadow
    The smell of someone doing laundry as you walk by
    Watching birds bathe in puddles

  86. Maureen says...

    Getting into a bed made with freshly washed sheets
    Watching my husband get dressed while I’m cozy in bed.
    When you have a long hard day (or week!) and still come up with a brilliant idea at work.
    The first bite of thin crust margherita pizza.
    When the coffee hits you and you feel like you can take on the world

  87. Emmie says...

    – being under the weight of heavy warm comforter on a chilly night when the window is cracked just enough for the brisk windy air to awaken your cheeks but not enough for you to actually feel cold
    – family movie nights
    – when my son falls asleep in my bed and ends up kicking me ever so slightly that it reminds me exactly of the way he kicked me when he was in my womb
    – feeling comfortable enough around someone to be 100% authentic
    – finding out you were right about an assumption you made years ago

  88. Kaley Charlet says...

    Love this! Mine are:
    Taking off your bra at the end of the day
    Getting into a sun warmed car on a cold day
    Opening the dishwasher and finding it dirty or empty
    The first warm/cool day with the changing of the seasons
    Changing leaves
    Listening to my 3 year old tell me a story
    Using a towel right out of the dryer
    The first scoop in a fresh jar of peanut butter

  89. Megan says...

    Watching my little dog’s ears flop when we’re walking.

    • T says...

      I love this too!

  90. Lisa says...

    Making my baby giggle; which includes playing peekaboo and kissing her tummy (so unbelievably soft)
    Getting a kiss from my toddler
    Smelling their heads
    Good smoked salmon – the kind that isn’t fishy and is so soft in the mouth
    The first hit of coffee in the morning
    My baby has just started crawling, and seeing her feet curved under her bum
    Sitting on a beach
    When it’s hot and you get a breeze that cools the back of your neck

  91. Jen says...

    Warm banana bread, fresh from the oven
    Silent laughter
    Making soup on snow days
    Picking the perfect size leftovers tupperware
    Watching my 2 year old daughter painstakingly put on her own clothes
    Questions from my 4 year old as I snuggle her to sleep
    Watching my daughters hold hands
    Hearing someone accidentally use a song lyric in normal conversation (or doing it myself)
    Receiving handwritten mail
    The moment of anticipation on a doorstep right before loved ones open the door.

    This post was just what I needed this evening! Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet, but I love how the movie Amélie uses small pleasures to introduce the characters! It’s a favorite movie for that reason.

  92. Isa says...

    At 34 weeks pregnant:
    – a colleague bringing me pretzels with butter to my desk, saying “you must be hungry all the time. I was.”
    – being able to leave work for good tonight. and to come back to the same position next year. Thanks to maternity leave/ elterngeld in Germany.
    – a healthy body.

  93. Colleen S says...

    -the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore
    -the smell of the first day of rain
    -the crisp autumn air
    -watching a favorite movie wrapped up in a blanket
    -baby laughter
    -hearing my cat eat/drink in her sleep

  94. Megan says...

    Love reading these! A couple of mine —
    – Hearing my husband’s truck pull in our gravely driveway
    – A cup of tea in the morning while the house is quiet
    – When my friends’ baby runs up to me for a big hug when I come to their house every week
    – Clean laundry in your arms on the way to be folded
    – A little spritz of calming room spray when you get in bed

    • Emily C says...

      Yes – the sound of gravel overwhelms me!

  95. Ali says...

    Seeing my kids after a day at work
    Fresh sheet day!
    A good (or bad ;-) ) pun
    The sound of rain when I’m trying to sleep
    The grin my husband does when he’s trying to get his way
    Laughing so hard I ache

  96. E says...

    -Peeling the thin plastic cover off new electronics
    -shooting nerf darts at my husband and kids
    -rain on my tin roof (it never gets old)
    -my dog’s pure excitement every time she sees me.

  97. Having a purring cat on my lap or watching one of our cats doing something funny
    A crisp fall morning
    Clouds that look like faces or animals
    Lightning bugs
    Taking a homemade bread out of the oven
    A walk on the beach

  98. kash says...

    mayo and tomato on sourdough bread, eaten over the sink in august

  99. Roxana says...

    I absolutely love this post.

    The sweet, simple joys expressed by so many in these comments bring tears to my eyes.

    Life is really and truly so achingly beautiful.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  100. J ham says...

    So fun!

    – how cilantro feels in between your fingers when you wash it
    – when my dog looks up at me while laying down and the side of his face is still squished up
    – watching people running for things while wearing normal clothes/backpack (to class, to catch a bus, at the airport)
    – when the song on the radio matches the feeling of your surroundings

    • MB says...

      People running in normal clothes always gets me too!

    • Jessica says...

      Yes, the running thing!

  101. Christa MArie says...

    the scent of rain on concrete
    moments that catch me off guard and remind me of my grandparents
    walking through leaves in the fall and the swishy sound it makes
    inside jokes
    the process of making homemade bread and the smell as it’s baking
    ripping down a mountain bike trail feeling like I’m flying
    a break-taking dip in an alpine lake

  102. Caitlin says...

    I love kissing my daughter on the side of her mouth, too! Getting part of her soft, chubby cheek in the kiss makes it that much more delicious!

    Coffee drunk outside
    Sitting outside under the porch when it rains at night
    The feeling you get when you step outside the hotel in a new city, just ready to be explored
    Long bike rides
    The smell of lavender

  103. Marisa says...

    Popping a satisfying pimple
    Getting up early for coffee & a book
    A glass of really cold wine and a small bowls of chips

  104. Emma says...

    From my list in an old sketchbook (“Good Things”):

    the smell of hay
    having living beings sit in your lap
    ferns–the way they smell
    ferns–the way they feel when you hold a cluster of fronds
    spaniels’ ears
    the smoothness of eggshells
    slick thighs
    buying your own whiskey
    ferns–visual pleasure
    pie crust
    waking up to a good view
    waking up with open windows
    putting mittens to dry on radiators
    empty rooms with good floors for dancing
    finding yourself somewhere you could have never seen yourself being
    well-designed drying racks
    pulling radishes out of the ground
    going to art museums alone
    eating breakfast outdoors in the summer
    going barefoot
    when people write back
    kneading dough

    • Katie says...

      I felt more and more relaxed as I read your list. Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kelly says...

      This sounds like a poem!

    • Lisa says...

      I never thought I’d say this, but I totally agree with the well designed drying rack (though the one I’m referring to is for clothes). After living with a really rubbish one that was held together using hair bands and would barely take one load, we got one which takes up hardly any space, takes two loads, has hooks for hangers and is a pleasure to hang clothes on. It’s actuallu made my life easier

  105. I would say that one of my simple pleasures is watching my teenage boys wear their late Dad’s band t-shirts of concerts we went to before they were born. Also, introducing them to music/bands that I listened to with their Dad on so many days.

    • This made my tear up and then smile. What a lovely blessing.

  106. Sara says...

    Reading Cup of Jo EVERY night before bed!

    • Vanessa says...


  107. Tiffani Green says...

    Picking tomatoes from my garden
    Watching my chickens scratch for bugs when I let them out of their coop
    Taking naps with my cats
    Packing my daughter’s lunch for school
    Making chicken broth and having the smell fill the house
    Falling asleep reading
    Getting into bed under a heavy pile of blankets when its chilly

  108. Driving with the windows down at dusk
    Letting your hair out of a braid
    The smell of a well-loved book
    Ocean fog
    Piggyback rides


  109. ALusk says...

    Here are a few of my favorites:
    Staring at my sons face right after he falls asleep in my arms.
    Runners high.
    Opening the mailbox and seeing that there is mail.
    Seeing so clear right after washing my glasses with soap, water and drying them with paper towel.
    Killing the very last fruit fly in my kitchen after having a bunch of them for the last couple of days.
    Cuddling with my dogs right after they get groomed.
    Picking out my toddler’s boogers after he falls asleep.
    Being able to just fall into my bed after remembering to brush my teeth BEFORE I sit down to watch my favorite show for the night.
    When someone with a huge grocery cart lets me check out first if I only have a couple items.
    How pretty my skin looks those two days right around ovulation time.
    When after a long day I realize that the smell of cooked dinner IS coming from my house.
    When my son fall asleep at a restaurant right before the food comes out.
    The smell of rain.
    New content on cupofjo.
    When I check a diaper and it is just pee.
    When someone brings bagels to work on the same day I didn’t have time to eat breakfast.
    When a 1-hour meeting gets resolved with a 5 min call at work.
    Knowing every word to my son’s favorite sesame street musical episode.
    When there ARE available seats on an earlier flight AND they get you in at no extra charge.

  110. Ser says...

    My ultimate simple but extraordinary pleasure; the look on the faces of the mummy and daddy when they see their newborn for the first time. And the feeling of a baby’s head filling up my hand as I catch it ( I’m a midwife)

    • MB says...

      Might be because I’m pregnant but this just made tears spring to my eyes! Thank god for midwives

  111. Jen says...

    I agree with so many of these. Some ones I didn’t see:
    – kissing my pets’ foreheads
    – falling asleep in the car with sunglasses so no one (maybe) notices
    – the softness of cat armpits
    – cold leftover Chinese food
    – waking up early and realizing there is still plenty of time to sleep

    • Isabel says...

      The softness of cat armpits!! I LOVE it. And would have never realized. Thanks for this.

  112. Ser says...

    Waking up on a hot summer morning
    A perfect cup of tea
    My husband calling me “ baby” ( he means babe but pronounces the e as y in his Brazilian accent
    My four daughters laughing together
    The ease I have when I’m with my sisters
    Waking up in a new city overseas
    The first surprisingly delicious sip of wine

    • I.have 3 daughters:)!

    • Jamie says...

      “The ease I have when I’m with my sisters”, YES! I make sure to tell them that too. One of my greatest life joys!

  113. Emily says...

    -Taking my bra off at the end of the day
    -the smell of scotch tape
    -seeing my kids feet again after being in socks all winter
    -when everyone is in bed
    -Diet Coke with vanilla
    -bath and body works soap
    -being home during a storm
    -vacuum lines in the carpet

    • Sarah says...

      “Seeing my kids’ feet again after being in socks all winter” – yesssss! :)

  114. B says...

    The smell of freshly cut grass, laundry just out of the drier, or a candle recently blown out. Bedtime snuggles with my sleepy daughter. An oversized mug of peppermint tea. Being cozy inside during a rainstorm. Holding hands with my husband when we are too tired to speak. The soft curls of my dog’s ears. Bubbling cheese on lasagna straight out of the oven. The magic of the stacks at the library. The sound of my mom singing my daughter to sleep, just as she sang to me. Fuzzy socks. Raspberry popsicles. Crunching leaves underfoot. Brand new underwear. Very old trees with knobby root systems.

  115. Melissa says...

    lighting a candle, star-gazing, rainy days, and my daughter falling asleep in my arms.

  116. Jessica says...

    -When it’s dark early and people’s lights are on so you can see in their cozy houses on your early evening walk.
    -Clean kids in cotton pajamas
    -The way peanut butter melts on toast
    -When my curls cooperate
    -When I see my initials on someone’s license plate or my birthday.

  117. Caitlin says...

    When I shift in bed after my husband falls asleep and he murmurs “baby I love you” and he immediately falls asleep again.

    When my dog excitedly leans against me in the car anticipating the adventure we’re embarking on.

    Similarly, the feeling of excitement the first hour or so when embarking on a road trip.

    Stepping into the airport after a long flight.

    The first bloom on a plant in the garden. Extra happy if the plant has been forgotten up until this bloom.

    Shavasana after a tough yoga class.

  118. Sarah T says...

    Oh so lovely! When I read this post I put my hand on my heart! Such a good start to my day thanks Joanna!

    A few more:
    – Opening your front door when you have cleaned earlier that same day
    – Catching a stranger’s eye when something odd happens and sharing a smile or laugh
    – When my dog is asleep and suddenly wakes up and looks around to find wherever I might be
    – Vegemite toast (with lots of butter!) and a cup of tea after a long journey

  119. Lynn says...

    Yes to clean sheets and shaved legs!
    The smell of exhaust at an airport because it means I’m going somewhere
    Hitting all green lights
    My softly snoring beagle at my feet
    The smell of impending rain
    Well-salted and buttered fresh corn on the cob
    Ice cold water on a sweltering day
    Scoring big on Words With Friends (and beating that person that always beats you)

    • Emily says...

      Surprised your beagle snores softly ;) mine wakes herself up from the sound! Rumbles and oinks like a piggy.

  120. Erin says...

    Fall nights where you can sleep with the windows open.
    Holding my husband’s hand in the car.
    Hearing a great song you haven’t heard in a while.
    Warm chocolate chip cookies.
    Drinking coffee on an overcast morning.
    Clean kiddos straight out of the bath wearing cute pajamas.

  121. Sara Mercer says...

    Any episode of Gilmore Girls
    My two year old daughter saying “I love you so much my heart.”
    Dates filled with almond butter
    Getting into bed after I put my kids to sleep and just staring at the wall for a few minutes before I continue on with my evening.
    Laying in bed with my 5 year old nose to nose telling stories at bedtime
    My dog’s old sweater (she passed away last spring) on a stuffed gorilla I snuggle at night

  122. sara says...

    Any episode of Gilmore Girls
    My two year old daughter saying “I love you so much my heart.”
    Dates filled with almond butter
    Getting into bed after I put my kids to sleep and just staring at the wall for a few minutes before I continue on with my evening.
    Laying in bed with my 5 year old nose to nose telling stories at bedtime
    My dog’s old sweater (she passed away last spring) on a stuffed gorilla I snuggle at night

  123. Alexia says...

    My son when he puckers up and closes his eyes to kiss me on the cheek
    Buttery mashed potatoes with salt and pepper
    The smell of fresh bread
    Dark chocolate
    My favorite barista greeting me by name

  124. Alexandra Popken says...

    – My toddler nephew calling for me or smiling with his crooked little teeth
    – Taking off my bra at the end of the day — the ultimate
    – The romantic smell and feel of fall
    – Relaxing weekend mornings with coffee and no agenda
    – A delicious bottle of Bordeaux (even better when paired with chocolate or cheese)
    – The calm I feel near the ocean or in the mountains
    – Long walks
    – Cozy holidays with family
    – Giddy excitement ahead of a big trip and exploring a new destination
    – Sweet elderly people

  125. Catherine says...

    frothy milk on lattes and opening a new tube of mascara!

  126. Elisa says...

    – The excitement and anticipation as you turn the first few pages of a new book you have a good feeling about. Same for a movie (especially in dark theatre while indulging in buttery popcorn).
    – Pool. Raft. Adult beverage.
    – My kids’ sleepy faces and those bed heads as they’re waking up
    – My oh so comfortable mattress
    – When you find something you’ve spent hours looking for!
    – The post-shower feeling after a fun day at the beach
    – Truffle pasta
    – Falling asleep to my husband’s back rubs

    • Elese says...

      Your comment about the movie theater reminded me of how much I love watching the previews before the movie begins and listening to everyone in the theater whisper to the person/people they are sitting with. “We should see that…” “Stupid…” Everyone is usually in agreement, haha!

  127. Allison says...

    The after school hello-hug
    COLD water without taste
    The relief of going pee after I’ve held it too long
    An airplane landing (safely)
    A new song caught in my head
    A fire on a cold night
    The last few notes of The Office theme song
    The weight of my son on my lap

  128. J. L. says...

    – Snuggling close to my boyfriend to watch a movie in the evening.
    – When I make my boyfriend laugh his deep belly laugh. It’ll subdue for a moment, he’ll think of it again, and laugh once more (I love it when this goes for several cycles).
    – Cooking up something with onions.
    – Driving on the highway and passing flowers that are clearly intentionally planted (usually where an exit merges into the highway).
    – The feeling of acceleration and speed when an airplane is about to take off.
    – Getting complimentary tomato juice on planes.
    – When I see/hear my parents tease each other in their good-natured way.
    – How my dog puts his paw on me to get my attention.

  129. Haiku poems
    watering plants
    quick naps on the desk
    Calling mom
    Mid day spritz of perfume
    Clay objects
    Writing lists
    the color blue

  130. K says...

    Dill pickle flavored popcorn
    My cat crawling from the foot of my bed, up my body, to sit on my chest, purring in the morning
    Really good short books that you can read in an afternoon (just read and loved Bonjour Tristesse)
    Photos of my grandmother
    An Aperol spritz
    Cooking dinner (something simmering on the stove) while listening to Django Reinhardt

  131. Liz says...

    The way that dog’s paws smell like corn chips.
    Laughing so hard that my eyes tear up.
    Watching hellos and goodbyes at the airport.
    Witnessing a stranger’s kindness.
    Kids who are missing their two front teeth.
    Baby sighs.

    • molly says...

      Yes!! I LOVE that a dog’s paws smell like corn chips. It’s one of my very favorite things:)

    • dana says...

      I love the smell of dog paws too! I always imagine that my dog spends his days making tortillas while I’m at work. ;)

  132. Erica says...

    -Watching my husband and my two-year-old crack each other up
    -Crisp fall days that smell like campfires and crushed leaves
    -The feeling of the last few pages of a truly wonderful book, of desperately wanting to know what happens but never wanting to finish it
    -A few minutes or (gasp!) half an hour to myself on a weekend morning to drink my coffee and read the New York Times

  133. Steph says...

    Toast with honey. Scrabble with my Mamaw. Inside jokes. Best friends that you’ve known since grade school, that knew you before you knew you. Kitchen dancing. Friday nights. Fresh ground coffee. Paying it forward.

  134. Milky tea
    Buttered toast
    The weight of my husband’s arm on across my body
    Reading in silence with my mom
    Staying up to finish a good book
    Feeling a good stretch while stretching

  135. Erica says...

    an unexpected kiss on the cheek
    watching a Harry Potter movie on a rainy day
    laughing till you cry and your abs are sore the next day
    dried salt on your arm hairs after a dip in the ocean
    singing along to a song really loudly with a friend in the car
    pink clouds
    the smell when you’re outside and it starts to rain
    meeting someone’s parents and marveling at their similarities

  136. Abbie says...

    Oh gosh, what treasures we are so lucky to enjoy in this life.

    The smell of fall when summer has whispered its last breath for the year.
    The crunch of crisp fall leaves underfoot.
    The warmth of the sun soaked through a giant picture window in a snuggly chair.
    My children’s bobbing blonde heads lined up in play.
    How dog’s paws sometimes smell like Fritos.
    Laughing in unison with siblings and then laughing hard at how our laughs are the same.
    My mom’s sweet and genuine observations hours after a conversation has taken place.
    Reading A Cup of Jo.

  137. Love this! There will be a lifetime of sweet, small joys in the comments on this post. A few of mine:
    the smell of cut grass
    walking by the ocean
    new underwear! & new shampoo
    crisp, clean sheets
    a breeze blowing the curtains
    “barnyardy” wine & candlelight
    doing a crossword on real paper (in pen!)
    husband, dog, cat, and I piled into our queen-sized bed at night

  138. Lauren says...

    Some little things that bring me joy lately…
    Spreading a clean sheet over the bed, especially the part when you toss it up and it flutters down in a wave.
    Sitting down for a cup of coffee and guilty pleasure blogs after my kids are ready for school but before I have ti make them leave the house.
    Perfectly timing my bike riding so I don’t have to stop at any red lights.
    Fresh pedicures, peanut M&Ms, new Playdough, and Turkish towels.

  139. – a piping hot Epsom salt bath after a workout
    – hiding with my two-year-old under our covers and seeing her huge smile
    – sitting on the front porch with my husband
    – receiving a kind email from a reader
    – when a favorite worship song comes on the radio
    – a good conversation with a girlfriend
    … just to name a few :)

  140. J says...

    being above the clouds when flying
    getting the missing word in a difficult crossword puzzle
    crying at the end of a really, really great book b/c you’ll miss the characters
    my daughter’s belly laugh
    being productive (or crossing off even one item) on my to-do list
    finding a parking spot after searching
    my husband making pancakes on a Saturday morning
    a warm pair of socks on a cold night
    feeling of connection with close friends
    chai latte
    being early
    a cold pillow

  141. Elese says...

    -When I hold my dog and he nuzzles his head on my shoulder
    -The quiet of a snowfall
    -Lightly touching my husband’s tickle spot and his full ear to ear smile
    -The hot pink sunsets of Fire Island summers
    -A perfectly melty s’more
    -Those rare times when all of your favorite songs come on the radio right after one another–no interruptions!

  142. The insanely loud noise of a million cicadas on a hot, summer’s night
    and conversely,
    The click of skis into their bindings on the first run of the season
    Oh! And the smell of sun dried laundry!

  143. Mandi says...

    when my husband says “I have a plan…”

    and when he accidentally slips into his southern accent

    my son’s cleft chin

    the shower at the end of a long beach day

    seeing people (especially kids) reading a novel while walking.

  144. Kate P says...

    The feeling of dew-kissed grass under my bare feet.
    The sound of the newspaper when it hits the front sidewalk.
    The softness of my grandmother’s cheek, with a dusting of powder & the fragrance of roses.
    The warmth of the bottom of my dog’s paws when he presses them on me.
    The recognizable song of the mockingbird in the morning.
    The sweet emojis in a text sent for encouragement.
    The sound of loved ones breathing.
    The sweet giggles of children playing.
    The unexpected kindness of strangers.
    The beauty of someone who loses with grace.
    The sound of the breeze through the sycamore leaves.
    A cold glass of water shared when you’re thirsty.
    The tender reminders of life’s simple pleasures & daily mercies.

    • Jen says...

      “The softness of my grandmother’s cheek, with a dusting of powder & the fragrance of roses.”

      This is such a perfect description and wonderful memory of my own grandmother! A hand in heart moment, thank you.

  145. Jeanne says...

    The sound of heavy rain on the roof
    Having exact change for payment at the store
    Climbing under heavy covers on a cold night
    A full tank of gas
    When your teens want to sit and talk with you at length
    A bowl of fresh, crafted, hot ramen soup
    Hearing a high school song that bring back memories
    The smell of baked good in the oven
    A wonderful meal with good friend(s)
    A book that you just can’t put down

  146. Jessie says...

    This is my favorite post of all time!
    Taking my first cup of coffee in bed.
    The faces of my children as they sleep—those eyelids!
    The first page of a new notebook.
    Flowers, everywhere.
    The smell of the ocean.
    My daughter playing with my hair.
    When a smell takes you back to a good memory.
    Spotting cows or horses and exclaiming “Cows!” or “Horses!” even if you’re driving by yourself.

    • Allison says...

      Ha! Jessie – I find myself saying, “bus!” and “big truck!” even when I’m driving alone. :)

    • MB says...

      or “tractor!” “rubbish truck”!… really need to work on this when I’m with friends and not my daughter….

  147. Natalie says...

    Floating in the ocean
    Seeing a stranger smile to themself
    A brand new bottle of ketchup
    Lighting a candle
    Chopping up fresh herbs
    Pulling the cork out of a new bottle of wine
    The first snow