How To Do Anything

How To Do Anything

We are taking the next week off while we are visiting my grandmother in England. Some of our team will be traveling and some will be working ahead on posts like beauty uniforms, personal essays and, of course, Motherhood Around the World. We are excited to resume posting on Monday, July 9th.

I also wanted to thank you so much, as always, for being here, whether you just stopped by or are a regular reader. This warm community of smart, funny women is one of the great joys of my life, and I feel so lucky to have daily conversations about everything, large and small.

Meanwhile, here are a few past posts you may have missed…

How to get dressed in minutes.
How to wear a personal uniform.
How to love your work clothes.
How to find signature jewelry.
How to not get blisters.

How to age gracefully.
How to cut your own bangs.
How to get glowing skin.
How to braid your hair.
How to know you’re beautiful.

How to whip up a cheap breakfast.
How to eat alone at a restaurant.
How to make friends as an adult.
How to find comfort in cookbooks.
How to break the ice at parties.

How to entertain kids on a flight.
How to plan your best vacation.
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How to save your skin on a plane.
How to truly relax.

How to know if your partner is the one.
How to keep the sparks flying.
How to have a fun wedding.
How to have an orgasm.
How to have a happy marriage.

How to decorate a small space.
How to arrange grocery store flowers.
How to host the easiest dinner party.
How to host overnight guests.
How to make your space reflect your personality.

How to know if you’re ready to have a baby.
How to breastfeed in public.
How to raise teenagers.
How to slow life down.
How to help your children feel loved.

Life overall:
How to do a high five.
How to stop worrying.
How to love your body.
How to spot small kindnesses.
How to write a condolence note.
How to create a meaningful life.

Thank you so much for being here. Hope you’re having a relaxing summer. xoxo

  1. Mrunmayee says...

    Have a great holiday team! I can’t wait for Monday in the meantime.
    I have a question, don’t know where else to ask. There was a link included, a few years ago I think, in your weekly roundups. When you enter a book name, it shows a few different titles related or similar to the first one. It was in a tree form or something similar. I can’t for the life of me remember the name or anything else :(

  2. Melissa says...

    Can someone tell me what the shoes in the lower left corner are? Thanks!

  3. agnes says...

    Have a great holiday and thank you so much for your great writing!

  4. Have a good trip, enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself.
    You deserve!

  5. stephanie says...

    Have a wonderful holiday! I envy you, spending a summer vacation in England is a dream of mine, I hope to go next year, for the first time in a decade. I have an old friend who is married to an Englishman in Bath and I can’t wait to visit them. Will you post some tips and addresses during or after your trip?

    May I – without sounding demanding or critical – ask a question? I know you are a team of several writers and I think its soooo great that you take the freedom to shut down the office of some days now and then. However I don’ t quite understand why you don’t prepare a bunch of posts beforehand. Is it a technical problem that keeps you from it or would it mean too much work. Im just asking as it would be great to read a new articles every day… (but maybe this is egoistic of me!?)

    Anyhow: Have a great time out!

    • Amy says...

      I think the team puts a lot of time and care into moderating/responding to comments — so I’d guess it’s not just about automating posts, but being responsible and attentive to the reaction to each. I miss my daily reads, but love that the team gets the week fully off. Happy summering!

    • Amy says...

      Too funny, I just entered the comment section to say how much I enjoy the annual 4th break/links list! It reminds me to slow down, take a break too. Plus, the link list is truly full of great posts and I never mind revisiting a Jo gem. I appreciate feeling like there is a rhythm to the blog that is different than a regular periodical. It’s one of those things that makes it feel more genuine, like there’s an actual connection to the Jo team and the community of readers. Hope you’re all having a great week!

  6. Carrie says...

    Lucky. Good lord I could use some time off.

  7. El says...

    I love this post. I’m also obsessed with Linda Rodin (How to age gracefully). Thanks for this!

  8. JoeG says...

    Remember, you have regular readers who are men. ??

    Like me!! Daily visitor and love it!

    Safe travels!

    • David says...

      It’s true! I stop by often AND NO ONE KNOWS.
      Ya’ll are putting out constant content that’s golden.

      someone with a Y chromosome

  9. Tricia says...

    Enjoy your visit to England Joanna. Be warned it is VERY hot here at the moment so don’t forget the children’s sunscreen! We really are enjoying the most fabulous summer here. Not sure how long it will last…Thanks for all the fascinating posts in the meantime.xx

  10. Sarah says...

    You are my best.
    Have a great holiday- the sunshine is waiting for you here in the UK! :)

  11. Kate says...

    As someone who clearly values family and supportive communities, I wanted to encourage you when you are back to speak out against the 2000+ children that are still being held without their parents. Torturing children and hindering reunification can’t be something we ignore and can’t be a political issue. We can’t be stand by and be complicit.

  12. Have a great trip! Thanks for being your awesome self and sharing great content.

  13. Lulu says...

    can you please share where the yellow shoes in the bottom left corner photo are from?? thank you!!!

    • Andrea says...

      I believe those are from Latonya’s week of outfits, if so they are from Everlane.

  14. I actually thought to myself recently, I have read your blog daily (and if I miss days I always go back to see what posts I’ve missed!) for the past TEN years. Okay, with the exception of the 1st 3 month’s of my sons life. Because, hello, sleep deprivation. But I feel like in a lot of ways we grew up alongside each other. Which is weird because I’ve never met you! Haha Have a great trip! And look forward to your posts when you return!

  15. kate says...

    Just wanted to voice my appreciation that your whole team gets a summer break. Thank you for recognizing that even in a content-driven world it’s ok to hit pause for a few days!

    • nadine says...

      Yes to this! As much as we’ll miss reading your daily posts it’s awesome you respect getting a break. Thank you for all you do! (including the list of links to old posts :D )

  16. Thomas McKay says...

    Have fun! Enjoy your time and with your family!! xx

  17. Colleen S. says...

    Enjoy your vacations/lightened workloads!

  18. I’m so EXCITED about motherhood around the world! I look forward to it every Summer. Even need a little cheer when reading this post!


    • Me too! And I’m not even a parent. It’s just so fascinating to read about other cultures.

  19. Cynthia says...

    Have a great trip, Joanna!

  20. LindyO says...

    We will all miss you. Enjoy your adventures.

    What the Cup of Jo team brings to the table every day brightens lives all over the world, young and “older.” We cannot wait to hear from you soon.

  21. txilibrin says...

    So jealous! I’m stuck in the office, and there is no one, which isn’t bad at all! But I cannot wait for my PTO at the end of July!!!!!!!!!

  22. Enjoy your break, ladies!