Pop Quiz: What Do You Love About Summer?

Fourth of July Old Hollywood

This past weekend, I found myself at an outdoor bar with the man I’m currently in an ambiguous relationship with…

It was evening, but the sun was still high in the sky and the breeze coming off the East River was just about perfect. “Schooool’s out. For. Summer!” sang Alice Cooper from the overhead speakers. School is not out, I thought. I am an adult and this song does not apply to me.

Still, there’s something delicious about summer. The beginning of June feels like standing on a bluff, gazing out at the wide expanse of relaxation stretching before you. It’s what Jane Austen referred to as “that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself.”

So, in the spirit of looking forward to stuff, I’d love to hear about the things you’re anticipating. This summer…

– What summer activity are you most excited to do?
– What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
– What’s on your summer reading list?
– What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?

As far as I’m concerned, I can’t get enough of evening walks and am momentarily thrilled by the presence of ice in my matcha. Upstate New York is calling my name. And now that I’ve pillaged my way through all of Killing Eve (and, ah-hem, RHONY is nearing season’s end), I’m desperately in search of new TV recommendations.

How about you? Share your answers in the comments below, so we can all look forward to something together. :)

P.S. How to plan your best vacation, and one thing NOT to do on a plane.

(Photo via of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard in Encino, California.)

  1. Tori says...

    Reading Exit West, Hunger, and My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward. Watching Wild, Wild, Country and Parenthood. Enjoying putting cinnamon in my coffee grounds for a way to sweeten my coffee without adding sugar. Making lots of fresh pesto from my basil plant and adding mint leaves from my mint plant and lemons to iced black tea. Also enjoying evening walks with my partner (sometimes with a little wine in my Yeti ;) ). Excited for a trip with extended family and some hiking.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      beautiful recap!!! xoxoxo

  2. My husband and I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia as summer just started to unfold last year, not knowing a soul. Fast forward to today, I find my calendar filled with various outdoor “sunset viewing” events. I forward to packing up a picnic to meet up with friends at a vineyard or a orchard after work to just sit and sip, most importantly enjoying each other’s company and the live music. I am simply grateful and ecstatic that I have found my community just in time for the summer!

  3. This summer I’ll leave Chicago behind and move to the Hudson Valley to start culinary school in July. So I’m looking forward to the start of an adventure this summer, great food, long hours, and hard work. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of hiking, swimming in lakes and cooking outside as well!

  4. Amanda G says...

    Oh man, I just love summer!

    The summer activity I’m most looking forward to is getting married in 22 days! Also volunteering a bunch with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado – weekends spent building hiking trails and performing habitat restoration, all in the presence of good company!

    Movie-wise, I am such a mixed bag this summer – I really want to see Ocean’s 8, Incredibles 2, and the new Jurassic World! RBG was also high on my list – saw it last week and HIGHLY recommend it. I also really want to delve into Killing Eve, but I’m not so sure I want to subscribe to Hulu. Maybe I’ll find a not-too-busy week and do a free trial so I can binge :)

    I picked up a ton of used books recently and have already started in on the pile. There are a few of Jodi Picoult’s in there that I haven’t read before – although I did just absolutely devour Small Great Things over a couple of days, which examines racism in America. It was a really good read.

    Food, food, food…Looking forward to all the awesome farmer’s market veggies, but especially summer heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn. Also as much burrata as possible. Yay summer!

  5. Eva says...

    Summer is by far my favorite season, and I am immensely excited to be outside a lot. I’m working my way through a reading list of books Bill Gates’ has recommended, mostly because I ran out of other book recommendations. Looking forward to visiting Yosemite for the first time, swimming in every pool I can get to, tomato salad with tomatoes fresh from the backyard, and watching the new season of “Great British Bake Off” (Mary is back!).

  6. J. says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do?
    Just being outside in warm weather feels amazing after my first Maine winter! Excited for nature walks and porch time.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    The Bachelorette, Handmaid’s Tale, very excited for Insecure starting in August!
    – What’s on your summer reading list?
    Finishing Comfort Me with Apples by Ruth Reichl…want to read Pure Hollywood by Christine Schutt and Now We Have Everything by Meaghan O’Connell.
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    Dark and Stormies, tomato/basil/mozzarella sandwiches, summery pasta dishes, ice cream

  7. Alexan says...

    I am not an active person by any means and never have been. My girlfriend is the total opposite. We’ve been looking for new ways to meet new people in our city and this year, we have joined the LGBT flag football team. I’m really excited for this new opportunity to learn more about each other, ourselves, and our area. Here’s to new endeavors and growing as adults!

  8. Cait says...

    I loved reading all these lovely comments! June is such a lovely month. :)

    I don’t really have time for tv lately, but I’ve been reading ALL the books and loving it. On my TBR list, I’ve got Anne of Green Gables, Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, and The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara. Quite a diverse mix, but these are books I’ve been wanting to read for awhile.

    I’m really looking forward to enjoying time outside with my husband, in our backyard, biking and walking everywhere!, walks to the bakery in the morning to pick up still warm cinnamon buns, drives to the lake, spending time at our city’s Folk Festival (which is amazing!), drinking icy lavender-lemon cocktails, rosé, and all the bbq with as many crunchy vinegar salads as I can get my hands on. And the best part of all, toasted tomato sandwiches with mayo and s&p.

    I can’t wait!!!!

    • Amanda G says...

      I just picked up Rules of Civility the other day! Can’t wait to read it – it’s been on my list for a while as well :)

    • Your post literally made my mouth water!

    • Katie says...

      What is this icy lavender-lemon cocktail you speak of? Recipe, please!

    • Cait says...

      Thanks for the nice replies! :)

      Hi Katie! I kinda made up the icy lavender-lemon cocktail :) I bought some dried lavender when I was last in France, (but here in Canada at least) you can buy it at bulk food stores. I put one tablespoon of dried lavender in a pot with 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of sugar. Bring to a boil, then simmer until its nice and syrupy (you’re making a lavender simple syrup! Don’t ever buy it – it’s too easy and cheap to make at home). Let it sit for as long as you can – at least half an hour. Strain carefully… you’ll just want the syrupy goodness, not the soggy lavender leaves. I use a coffee filter to do this! Store in a mason jar in the fridge. It will last all summer!

      To make the actual cocktail, in a shaker (or a protein blender bottle, which is what I use…) throw in some ice, 1 oz of the lavender simple syrup, 1 oz (or 2!) of gin (or vodka!), and squeeze half a lemon in it. Shake it up real good to make it a bit frothy! Fill a tall glass with ice, pour over the shaken up lemony lavendery beverage and top with soda water. Add another squeeze of lemon if you feel, or don’t. :) Put your feet up outside and enjoy!!

  9. Emily says...

    I love summer! Watching Younger (and trying to get up the nerve to tackle season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale), Reading (and LOVING) Silver Girl by Leslie Pietrzyk, making sushi, and drinking rose.

    Nothing wrong with ambiguity, especially if it suits you both in a particular phase of life. If you want something more committed (which you may not, and there’s nothing wrong with that!), then the best advice I’ve heard is “If you’re confused or uncertain, there’s a reason.” I may even have read that here! <3

  10. I love getting up early on Sunday mornings, and going for wonderful bike rides with a close friend (in a beautiful park nearby). We have so much fun, and always stop for coffee and a muffin after. It’s my favorite part of the week.

    • Emily Schneider says...

      Forgot to add, I also love reading voraciously in summer. My favorite book last summer was a fabulous little novel called Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winifred Watson, from the late ’30s. (The book is MUCH better than the movie, IMHO.) Wonderful little romp of a read.

    • jen says...

      REally? Cause I loved the movie. Just loved it.

    • Trish O says...

      That is a lovely Sunday morning.

    • Emily Schneider says...

      Hi Jen — I agree the movie is absolutely wonderful, no question. I just think that the book is better overall. Also, I liked the ending of the book better than the movie’s ending — because it was even more happy and positive (though, they were both good endings!).

  11. In Gainesville, most of the students leave the University for the summer and suddenly the whole town is quiet and the roads are clear. Every afternoon is a raging lightening storm with dark green skies divided by flashing forks, constant, defining cracks of thunder and torrential downpours that make cars crawl slowly along the roads or stop all together. And if you go to the grocery store during a storm you will have the whole place to yourself, but bring a sweater because the air-conditioning will chase you out if not. The best is when the electricity is knocked out for the evening and we have to play tabletop games and traverse the house via candlelight. Most days, the clouds clear after an hour or two and the sun dries the pool deck within almost minutes. Then it is time to jump in for a swim. I LOVE Gainesville summers and the drama of the weather during those weeks. Floral, flowing dresses and sandals are the norm, so are umbrellas. There are the west coast and east coast beaches just hours from Gainesville both ways so you can either have beach with waves, or beach with blue water & white sand. The beach is always cooler than inland, thanks to the sea breeze, and the ocean is right there for a session with the boogie board. Then there are the inland springs bubbling up from the aquifer that are always 72 degrees year round, a local’s ultimate swim destination and a treasure to our area. So yeah, I love summer in Gainesville and the first reminders of it are when you are driving and realize the roads are unusually bare…joy in the heart because it means summer is here.

    • Summer says...

      Summer in Gainesville sounds like fun! Loved your description :)

    • Anna says...

      I’ve never before had the desire to move somewhere just based on someone’s descriptions – Gainesville sounds amazing, so, so nice! Or you should consider a career in writing :)

  12. Kay says...

    I moving into a new house in two weeks with a beautiful, verdant backyard, and there’s a beach just a short ten minute walk away. This summer I’m going to spend alllll my time outside with my boys, and plan on eating my weight in cherries. And figs. Summer fruit for the win!

  13. Jessica says...

    I love daydreaming about summer activities almost as much as I love summer itself! Our little family is looking forward to our community’s Shakespeare on the Green series which brings Shakespeare’s plays to a beautiful hollow in the woods by a university. The whole thing is so magical: a diverse community coming together to sit in the grass and delight in centuries old plays as the sun goes down and the fireflies come out. The performances are always fabulous. The sets incredible. It’s also great for people watching! I’ve seen groups with picnic baskets holding everything from PB&J to whole rotisserie chickens. I’ve seen a row of women nursing infants to sleep. A proposal. Teens wearing their best renaissance get-ups. Every aspect of a Shakespeare on the Green evening is beautiful.

    • Jay says...

      Jessica, this sounds amazing! Can you share where it is?

    • Eva says...

      Yes, Jessica please tell us where this is so that I can move there!!

    • Oh my, that sounds like a dream. I have been on a Shakespeare kick as well! Check out a play at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia if you get a chance this summer.

    • Sarah says...

      Probably not the same place, because it has a different name, but my hometown of Amherst, MA has something nearly identical called Shakespeare Under the Stars. It’s also quite magical, and the theater company will sometimes do interesting interpretations of the play, like setting Much Ado About Nothing in the 1940s and putting all the women in pin curls. The local dairy farm sells amazing ice cream sandwiches and you can see cows over the next hill. When you go on a full moon it’s truly something.

  14. The beeeeeach! Planting myself on the sand all day (well, on Saturdays and Sundays) with a good book, running into the ocean when it gets too hot, drinking rose and eating brie around makeshift coffee tables made out of coolers, dodging seagull poop and small children with sandy hands. I love the Jersey Shore in the summer :)

  15. Summer days are so long in Minnesota, and it feels like every night after our work our entire neighborhood stays out until the late evening goes dark. People gardening, walking, grilling, and just soaking in our perfect summer season. It comes on so suddenly after a long winter that it feels like magic and we just know to instinctively relish in every second of it. And cherries and corn on the cob are the summer foods I crave!

  16. Lisa says...

    After a BRUTAL winter in London (by UK standards), where I had to dress a baby and a toddler in lots of clothing (the baby in particular was unimpressed and would scream blue murder every time I put a snowsuit on her), I’m enjoying just putting shorts and t shirts on them. Though London being London, there are still cold days (like this morning) and any excitement about summer has to be tempered

  17. Sara says...

    Summer = tomatoes, peaches, corn, strawberries, watermelon and grilling every single thing. I am also looking forward to those long summer nights where it’s still warm after dark…oh, and taking our kids and their cousins swimming every weekend!

  18. emily says...

    Watch: Sneaky Pete (it stresses me out so much that sometimes I have to leave the room, but I keep coming back)
    Read: Sadie by Courtney Summers (hearbreaking)
    Summer activity: I love every single free outdoor activity in NYC. Yoga in the park. Concerts in the plaza. Science fair on W4 st. The boat to Governors Island. Watching people drinking in the evenings in sidewalk cafes. Just seeing the city come alive after winter hibernation.

  19. Hannie says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do?
    Backyard brunches with my friends! One of us has a fenced in yard with a picnic table, so all of our (5!!) dogs can run free while we munch and chat.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    The Bachelorette…my BF and I love the ~DRAMA~!
    – What’s on your summer reading list?
    Going to pick up Naked by David Sedaris today from the library:)
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    Frose – I just saw a recipe with homemade strawberry syrup and lemon juice…I am drooling at my desk. I’m hoping to cheers my friend graduating from yoga training with a nice frosty glass of this!

  20. Summer in Cleveland is our reward for making it through seven months of cold. June, July, and August activities are:
    -Drinking rosé on the porch with the dog until it gets dark
    -Boating on Lake Erie, the surefire way to make you happy you’re alive
    -Caring for my vegetable garden (tomato season forever)
    -Sleeping with the windows open
    -Perhaps even better, driving with the windows open!
    -Bar patio season
    -And, recently, playoff basketball

  21. Kate says...

    Those first 10 seconds of getting in my car after being in a freezing cold office all day. The car may be upwards of 105+ degrees, but it feels AMAZING and it’s one very specific thing I love about summer.

    • Kate says...

      I identify with this so deeply.

    • Meghan says...

      Yes! Sometimes I don’t even put the window down on the way home! (I live close to work.)

    • alison says...

      OMG yes!! I call it my defrosting time and love it!

    • Kerry says...

      Yep, me too, such a good feeling!

  22. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite novel. It is a story about love, heartbreak, community, and unlikely friendships with the thread of nature woven through all the storylines. I will reread it anytime of year, but summer when I can do my reading outside in the nature Kingsolver spends so much of the book describing feels most appropriate. Also, watching summer sunsets/lightning storms on my porch with a beer (Lost Nation Gose is the perfect summer beer!!!) is my absolute favorite.

    • CJ says...

      Yes that is a beautiful and descriptive summertime book!!! Thanks for reminding me to pick it up again.

  23. Caitlin says...

    -I live in Brooklyn, but my fiancé is in Philadelphia and has the unheard of in NYC luxury of a pool. I cannot wait for long days just lounging poolside with a book (and maybe a secret margarita).
    -Lately, I’ve been watching older episode of Jane the Virgin on Netflix and loving it! Jane father’s is comedic genius.
    -I have the huge ambition of reading Infinite Jest this summer, but realistically I think I’ll be delving into Lauren Groff’s New book Florida and David Sedaris’s Calypso
    – I cannot wait for summer tomato sandwiches, a forever favorite :)

  24. talia says...

    Things I love about summer…
    early morning/evening walks
    ice cream!
    porch parties
    spontaneous bike rides
    cold beverages
    grilled food/al fresco dining
    coffee on the porch
    day trips
    farmers markets/berry picking
    fresh veggies from the garden/gardening
    so much more….

  25. sarah says...

    just started watching dietland on AMC. i’m hooked so far!
    i try to stay outside as much as possible in the summer but for those rainy nights you need a good show! Loved killing eve too!

  26. Maggie says...

    I’m most excited for the trips I have planned this summer. I’ve done a shore house for the past two summers (RIP), and while I loved it more than anything else, I am so excited to visit some new places. The top of my list is a vacation to Barcelona/Madrid/Menorca my friends and I are taking in August. I already know that someone is going to have to drag me off of Menorca kicking and screaming (an island that is famous for lobster, cheese, and gin? basically made specifically for me).

    I’m actually giving up TV for the summer, save for the occassional news show. My roommates and I have spent almost every Sunday on the couch from October-May, which is lovely at the time but not really the best use of our time. We live in a great city with great outdoor spaces, so I’m trying to lead the push to go to the park and read for the afternoon rather than binge the Office for the 198439479 time.

    Reading list – I am the queen of trashy romance novels, and I plan to stay in my lane (Catherine Bybee, you complete me). For balance, I bought a bunch of work-related books that I’ll add in.

    Next weekend, my dad is putting the boat in the water, which means that clamming and crabbing season has begun. There is absolutely nothing I love more than sitting on my grandma’s porch and picking crab together as a family – each 1/2 lb of meat you pick earns you another beer :)

    • Cindy says...

      Maggie – I love the beer incentive! :)

  27. melissa paris says...

    I know summer is about reading a great book……a book on the beach. But, this summer, I am going to dedicate myself to listening to podcasts! I’ve found that they can be so informative, exciting, & captivating. I have a queue lined up in my app, as I would for books! I cannot wait to binge-listen!

    PS–Love….”ambiguous,” says nothing, yet EVERYTHING.


  28. Hillary says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do?
    Traveling to CA to visit family; evening trips to the pool with the kids to take advantage of the extra hours of sunlight.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    We’re so late to the party when it comes to this, but we’re watching the Great British Baking Show and Wild, Wild Country currently.
    – What’s on your summer reading list?
    Elin Hildebrand’s newest summer release (always) and Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman.
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    Grilled corn on the cob, fresh peaches, and a watermelon milkshake from Cookout (a Southern fast-food chain).

  29. liz says...

    fireflies watermelon peaches sound of cicadas long days

  30. Mouse says...

    I’m a teacher and summer to me is not having to SCHEDULE or be responsible for anyone else.

    Also, Lillet with an ice cube before dinner. Last summer I discovered Picpoul white wine.

    And: fresh herbs in the garden!!!!

  31. Meg says...

    Oh, how I love summer. Drinking icy cocktails dripping with condensation in the back yard. Fish and veggies on the grill. Corn on the cob. Hanging my daughter’s towel to dry on the back porch every afternoon when she gets home from camp. Popsicles and ice cream balanced out with piles of summer berries and stone fruits. Opening up every window in the house to let the fresh air in when it cools down in the evening. Outdoor family music nights at a nearby farm and yoga classes with baby goats. Reading CoJ’s summer Motherhood Around the World series. ;-) And my favorite summer TV indulgence is Younger!

    • Kelly Wilson says...

      Meg – do you live in Winchester by chance? :)

  32. Trish O says...

    Fun picture of Clark Gable and Carol Lombard.

    I love sitting on my porch with family and friends, listening to the city, music, and great conversation. Drinking rose or an ipa.

    Love going to the beach with my family. They say you only have 18 years of summers with your kids. Someone forgot to tell that to my family. I have been going to the beach with my folks and sisters (now with my family and theirs in tow) for 45…. nothing like a multigenerational soccer game on the wide, hard sand of Kiawah.

    In the summer, I look forward to the shift of pace with my kids. I remember when they were young, I was desperate to fill the days with camps, swim team, and adventure. I was always on the lookout for a teen to drive them to and from, and trying to pop out early from the office to jump with them in the pool. Now they are teens, busy on their own all summer, and I long for the stolen moment when we can just all sit in the twilight and connect without the worry of studying for the next test or getting to the next practice.

    I also love summer because people come out of the hibernation of their homes, the neighborhood comes alive, old friends meet up for a fast getaway to a new city, and new friends are formed over a bottle of wine at the pool.

    And at the start of a summer day, my husband and I get up early before the busy of the day and share coffee in the early morning sun….

    Summertime, and the living is easy…

  33. kate Paolucci says...

    I am looking forward to the smell of pavement after a Summer rainstorm, and the smell of sunscreen. I can’t wait to eat and serve my family tomatoes and corn on the cob.
    I plan on reading Wolf Hall and the Underground Railroad.
    We will intermingle long weekend trips with touring colleges on the East coast.

  34. I’m most excited for… summer road trips, windows down, blasting country music, eating fruit and throwing it out the window… camping outside, around a fire with friends, (drunkenly) singing old songs.
    The Ali Wong Netflix special is EVERYTHING!
    I’m looking forward to listening to Binge Mode’s Harry Potter special coming out next week.
    For my summer reading , I’m reading Nora Ephron’s Heartburn and reading everything I can get (fiction & non-fiction) about Portugal as I’m going there in October. And I’d love any recommendations :)
    My summer beverages of choice are evenly split between a Pimms Cup, an Aperol Spritz!
    And lots and lots of watermelon.

  35. I love fruits, fresh fruits! And the sun! Not the heat only sunbath!

  36. Kirsten says...

    This summer is looking to be a tough one for me–my husband’s super-busy medical resident schedule has me solo parenting for a lot of the summer. Which is a beautiful privilege, but also a bit relentless. That said, I’m pretty excited to spend a lot of time with my baby at our local public pool! Just discovered that it is v cheap and has an amazing kid water play area. Also hoping she can entertain herself long enough to let me get some gardening done in my yard. I’m so far behind on TV I don’t even know what I’m missing out on, but I have a pile of reading three feet high. On the top of the stack is Eka Kurniawan’s Beauty is a Wound, Michael Chabon’s Moonglow, and Anne Truitt’s Daybook. Oh, and as per usual I will be eating my weight in perfectly ripe watermelon.

    • Chelsey says...

      I’m in the exact same boat this summer. Wish we were neighbours ;)

  37. Laura says...

    TFW you sit back down in your chair after taking a dip in the ocean on a really hot day, and for a minute or so, you still feel the cold of the water but also the warmth of the sun… It’s one of the best feelings I can think of.

  38. liz says...

    Caroline, excuse my nagging but you are in one of the most glorious cities in the world – don’t waste your summer watching tv. :) – if you are too tired to do things, sit in a café and people watch, read a book near an open window, go for aimless bus rides, sit in a quiet gallery in the met museum. One of my favorite things about NY summers was how quiet the city was on Sunday mornings in August.

  39. Hannah says...

    – going for a swim in one of the nearby lakes and let my goosebumps being warmed by the evening sun
    – BBQ with friends
    – eating tons and tons of ice cream
    – chilling on the balcony with my boyfriend after work with a glass of chilled white wine <3

  40. Christina M. says...

    The thing I love most about summer, is that an ordinary day can be so special, and feel like it goes on forever…

    I’m a teacher so I do have July and August off. June is like Christmas Eve in my school. Everyone is busy, but so happy and casual.
    Each May or June, I write a ‘Summer To-Do List’ It has boring things, like organize the closet but also fun things, like: read at least 6 books; plan a pool party; make gazpacho; and spend as much time in the hammock as possible.

    no vacations for us this summer, money’s tight. But hopefully lots of day trips and playing with friends. Can’t wait.

  41. Lauren says...

    This is my first full summer living back in New England after a decade of foggy, cold summers in San Francisco and I am ready for everything! Smells have been making me nostalgic for childhood summers – I put on bug spray the other night and couldn’t stop thinking about sleep-away camp! Side note, why do I remember every word to every camp song but almost nothing that I learned in school?! I am most excited for warm evenings – non existent in SF – and eating/drinking outside. I am also really looking forward weekend sails off the Cape. Living in SF, our summer plans always revolved around visiting family on the east coast and now we live here so it kind of feels like we are living in our former vacation with is a treat! I am sure the novelty of that will eventually wear off, but I am going to try to full embrace it this summer.

    • Danielle says...

      I feel you! We recently moved to CO after years in SF and we are over the moon about all things summer at the moment.

    • Kristyn says...

      OH man, I am a New Englander and spent one summer in San Francisco to be with my long-distance boyfriend – what a shock to the system!! After spending all year waiting for the warmth of summer and thinking up such grand warm weather plans, it was crushing. (It didn’t help that the relationship ended up being a bit “chilly” as well. Or maybe it did help, because I was back in the warmth by mid-July, ha!)

    • Julie says...

      Oh no! I JUST moved from CO to San Fran and am bracing myself for this “June gloom” everyone speaks of. I am originally from Florida and then Colorado – everyone enjoy those summer evenings for me please! I love them so.

    • Lauren says...

      @Julie – as soon as you leave the city itself, the weather improves dramatically! great excuse to spend the day lounging at a winery or hiking in the Marin headlands!

    • KK says...

      @Julie – We lived in the Bay Area for 9 years, and June Gloom is real. BUT September – early November is INCREDIBLE. Wait it out, I promise it’ll be worth it. Plus, I’m willing to bet you’ll learn to love the fog and drip of SF, it’s magical in it’s own way. (And day trips north will blast you with some heat, if needed)

    • Julie says...

      Ok thanks! That’s a little more encouraging. I know I still have a lot of great things to discover about SF!

  42. We have made it a tradition on the summer solstice to drive down to “sunset beach”, the southernmost point of Cape May NJ, and have a picnic to celebrate the start of summer. This year I am hoping to bring some fresh bread from our favorite local spot, some charcuterie, iced tea, and blueberry pie!

  43. Ryann says...

    Weekends and slow evenings taking the kiddos to the pool. Getting new diving sticks, a pair of goggles, and a beach towel each summer was such a treat when I was growing up! Mixing up a slushy summer fruit with prosecco and cold pasta salads. Also a date to a baseball game. Something about holding hands and walking through an open air ballpark is magic only found in the summer.

  44. Maggie says...

    First and foremost, tying the knot this weekend in a little northern CA town.

    But also, looking forward to getting to know my neighborhood a little more. We moved to Austin in the last year and a few months ago, bought a house. It is in the far east of the city and the culture and history here is all its own. Tons of community pools and little tiny family owned hole in the wall restaurants. I can’t wait to dive a little deeper, learn more about everyone in the neighborhood and meet some new people.

    • gracesface says...

      Hi also in Austin, hope it’s treating you well! I’ve been here 6 years this August.

  45. Becky says...

    Summer smells: spf, fresh cut grass ( with the help of allergy meds of course)
    Summer tastes: grilled hot dog ( I eat one a year and it must be grilled)
    Summer places:
    – evening walks on the beach, making it back to our car when all the sunlight is gone, a sandy dog in the back seat
    – walking around manhattan while most people have fled the heat, with a slice of pizza, seeking shade in the park

  46. Claire says...

    This appeared just at the right time for me. Moments ago I googled ‘feeling panicky about the future.’
    I can’t remember what came up. I was too jittery to read it.
    Instinctively I came to which always has an uplifting and soothing effect. This post is just what I need – looking forward with positivity rather than fear. So, here goes:
    – Making some improvements on the house I bought a few months ago. It’s pretty ugly right now but I’m going to roll up my sleeves and patch it up so that I can soon host my first dinner party.
    – Reading Dolly Alderton’s book ‘Everything I know about love’ – I’ve been carrying it around with me for weeks but soon I’m going to put my phone away, sit in the park and sink into it.
    – Feeling a bit better generally when this panicky feeling subsides. I know it will.

    • Jacqueline says...

      Claire, yes it will subside! Hang in there. Try focusing on your senses: feet on the floor, noticing what you see, hear, smell. Maybe noticing the sensation of breathing in and out and focusing on the exhale, which can be calming to the nervous system. Anxiety is a state of mind that comes and goes, so it can really help to anchor your awareness in the concrete details of the present. Movement can help, too. Lifting arms overhead and back down in synch with your breath. Or something more active like jumping. Good luck and take care.

  47. C says...

    bahahaha There will be a chapter in the story of my life called “with the man I’m currently in an ambiguous relationship with…”. Caroline we’re about the same age and I find myself in so many of the same situations as you … the way you put things makes me smile (and also feel so comforted in a funny way). Thank you :)

  48. PJ says...

    -What summer activity are you most excited to do? Visit the Washington County Fair (yes, it is in upstate NY!)
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? Poldark returns soon!
    – What’s on your summer reading list? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Gentleman in Moscow
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Corn on the cob from our local farms

  49. Early morning birdsong, late light evenings, melon, blockbusters, thick books on station bookstalls…

  50. You deserve better than an ambiguous relationship. I wish I knew that when I was your age.
    I am enjoying the Imposters series on bravo and Oprah’s book club pick An American marriage.
    Happy Summer Caroline!

  51. Laura C. says...

    Nothing. I’m not into Summer at all. Too hot. I like Summer fruits and sangria, but that’s all. I’m an Autumn’s lover!!

  52. Kimberley says...

    Half way through The Night Manager (now on Amazon). So great with summery vibes (and like dodgy deals too…!) x

    • Christina says...

      The Night Manager is AMAZING!
      I’m parsing out episodes of Killing Eve so I can make it last as long as I can and I was just thinking that the last TV show that I loved as much as this was the Night Manager.

  53. Trish says...

    We’re not in school anymore, there’s something so sad in that sentence.
    A life flown past, feels like we live a thousand lives in one lifetime, all detached from one another and yet, insistently connected.


    – What summer activity are you most excited to do?
    I have no, literally, no plans for this Summer. Except reading, a lot!

    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    I’m finishing up The Americans and The Handmaid’s Tale, excited for OITNB (S6).

    – What’s on your summer reading list?
    A lot! I’ve just started my own book blog, well, for now just Instagram blog, so I’m reading 6-7 books every month and loving every second of it.
    Most excited to read Call me by your Name, I am I am Iam and Everyone Knows you go Home. (if you want to check out my insta blog: trishreviews_bythebook is my handle)

    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    Lots of Sangria. Chilled Baileys. etc.

  54. Evelyn says...

    Favourite Summer activities: hiking, swimming, watching the Sunset with a Glas of wine and of course traveling. This Summer we will do a roadtrip through Portugal. I can’t wait.
    TV– Shows i‘m currently into watching: bis Little lies (i‘m obsessed) and rewatching modern Family (the best)
    Favourite Summer beverage: Rosé
    Happy Summer every one!

  55. j says...

    I live in Hawaii so it’s always summer for me. I recently got off the island and went to the Souther Hemisphere, where I was cold for the first time in 18 months! I literally forgot how to dress for cold weather.

  56. Abbe says...

    Caroline I LOVE YOU for letting us indulge in this! I agree there is something so exciting about June, like standing on a diving board above a pool of fun. :)
    This will actually be the first summer in a long time I won’t be working — I am finishing a fellowship abroad in three (!!!) weeks, and then starting grad school. In between now and then I’m anticipating:
    –lots of travel: in July I’ll be visiting family and friends on the West Coast, and going Alaskan cruise! And then going to stay another friend in Maine. Basically, all my favorite places to be in the summer.
    –my “summer food” anticipation is more just “American food” anticipation but definitely lots of juicy burgers, fish grilled outside, CHEESE, and alllll the California and Oregon wines, please and thank you.
    –I don’t have a specific summer reading list that’s different from my regular reading list, but on that is: Circe, America’s First Daughter (after a recommendation from a CoJ commenter!), and re-reading a Wrinkle in Time.
    –Summer TV: I haven’t had much of a kitchen for six months, so I’ve been avoiding food TV — looking forward to finally watching Ugly Delicious and the latest Chef’s Table.

  57. In the Southern Hemisphere so going to switch Summer to Winter :)
    – What WINTER activity are you most excited to do?
    I really like sitting in cafés and reading a good book/catching up with friends. One of my favourite cafes is right on the river, so I love sitting in a comfy chair watching the weather as it changes.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    The Bold Type and Younger, both are amazing shows featuring kick ass women.
    I’m going to see Oceans 8 with my sister on Friday which looks like a good movie to watch.
    – What’s on your Winter reading list?
    I just have a lot of random books on my Kobo are slowly working my way through.
    – What Winter food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    I love soup during winter, also hot out of the oven cookies :)

  58. steph says...

    Summer has always been my fave and feels like nostalgia, a hug from your best friend and happy sadness all rolled into one. I had a spot in the back pasture that I would have my “Summer cry” every year growing up. I would cry because I so deeply loved Summer but also feel sad about its fleetingness and how that felt like a metaphor. I still am crazy in love with Summer. I’m going to find a hammock for reading (even if I have to sneak into someone’s yard) and I will be eating so many tomato sandwiches and frozen grapes.

  59. A Martin says...

    Fill a large glass with ice, add tequila, grapefruit juice, orange juice and salt. Sometimes I add some La Croix (any flavor you have handy). Swirl or blend, sip and enjoy!

  60. Kristen M says...

    – afternoons and evenings at lake winnepesaukee
    – might start “the affair” back up on showtime
    – long list of books but first is maybe Present Over Perfect
    – cold IPA, cold rosé, cold mint lemonade

  61. Annie says...

    My husband and I spend so much time being cozy and snuggled up together during the long Canadian winters (which I love) but summer by comparison is so SEXY! Weeknights are suddenly filled with spontaneous and fun activities designed around being outside together. Even listening to a podcast in our backyard, with the patio lights and warm summer breeze (and rosé…seems to be a theme in these comments) can feel so, so special.

  62. Nicole says...

    I went directly from college to working in education. My life (and mood) still revolves around a school calendar and I often wonder what it’s like for everyone else. That being said: I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER. I don’t get summers off anymore (because I’m an evil Assistant Principal now), but the activity I’m most looking forward to is getting to work for hours without being interrupted by a student discipline referral. (How’s that for being a boring grownup?) I’m also excited for Saturday trips to the beach and a trip to Italy (!!!). For TV, I want to give The Marvelous Mrs. Masel (sp?) a go. I’m currently reading a book on the history of color in art and LOVING it. And magazines! I am also currently rediscovering my love of reading magazines. They force me to make a conscious effort to unplug, which I’m finding more and more important. And as far as summer drinks, I’m very into the prospect of drinking rosé of all shades.

    • Rashmi Krishna says...

      That book sounds fascinating! Do share the name please.

    • Maria says...

      What’s the book title? I love the sound of it!

    • Nicole says...

      The book is called The Brilliant History of Color in Art, by Victoria Finlay.

  63. Amy says...

    What summer activity are you most excited to do? Go to the outdoor swimming pools with my kids (they are completely free in our city this year!)
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? Queer Eye! and Season 2 is coming out very soon. I can’t even wait.
    – What’s on your summer reading list? I don’t know yet…but for my movie list, I can’t wait to see Oceans 8!
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Pimms Cup all the way. A bit of Pimms and lemonade, a British fave!

  64. Temme says...

    – activity: seeing my man perform at various festivals
    – movie: cradle will rock, tv show: glow
    -reading: i try to read something from a classic summer school reading list to bring back childhood/ teen feelings of summer so I will probably read some austen or vonnegut or mark twain
    -drink: i’m gonna learn to make my own daiquiri

  65. Lucia says...

    I love reading trashy books on hot afternoons, drinking Stiegl Radlers (grapefruit is my favorite!), and playing corn hole.

    • Evelyn says...

      So good, stiegl Grapefruit Radler is the best. Are you Austrian? :)

  66. Allison says...

    I was dead-set against my husband being more than a fling when we fell in infatuation with each other as 20-somethings because he was so not what I pictured I needed (I thought I needed someone more like my brother – if that makes sense in a non-gross way?). After not talking for two years and starting back up as long-distance, here we are ten years and one kid later – he is the yin to my yang and he drives me nuts in the best, most frustrating, and delightfully weird ways.

    Summer = COLD watermelon, Rosé, and the glorious goosebumps I get from coming into air conditioning after sweating outside in the OK heat.

    • Callie says...

      Wow, I love this comment! Thank you for sharing that out of the blue! I can relate so well because I’m still incredulous that my current boyfriend turned out to be The One – he is so not my type or whom I pictured myself ending up with, yet he complements me in mysterious and uncanny ways. Thank you again for sharing that!

  67. We went on vacation to Santa Cruz and Los Angeles aready in the spring and have plans to leave again in July for an outdoor wedding. We just went on a day trip to a lighthouse in Point Reyes and are hitting up all the museums right now before all the school kids are out so I think it will be a slow summer. I like that idea. Taking my daughter to the pool and the beach. Listening to outdoor concerts every weekend. Eating our weight in watermelon and strawberries. Watching Elementary and the Expanse at night. Helping my daughter learn to read and visiting the library a lot. Picnics in the garden. Drinks on the balcony on the warm nights. It sounds so lovely.

  68. Jodi says...

    We just bought an apartment with our own private back deck, and I’m so looking forward to skipping out of work early, meeting my husband on the back deck over a cold, crisp beer. Also can’t wait for Cape Cod adventures, lots of fish & chips, days that never end and where dusk seems to last hours and hours, and generally just being barefoot more often and feeling the sweet earth under my feet! Gah, I love summer so much.

  69. “with the man I’m currently in an ambiguous relationship with…”
    Caroline, I just love you! This line is the best.

    • Jackie says...

      I agree / I chuckled and thought, Caroline, you make us all laugh. Thankyou


    • care says...

      “with the man I’m currently in an ambiguous relationship with…”

  70. Sarah says...

    I hate summer so much. Please tell me I’m not alone. I always have. I hate being hot, I hate sweating, I hate bugs, I hate hot dogs and hamburgers and potato chips and watermelon (seriously, all the WORST foods). I’m a runner and all summer I have to wake up at 5 am to try and beat the heat (impossible), then everyone I know makes us picnic outside and I seriously hate eating food outside. ugghhh. I try SO hard every year to find something, anything to enjoy about summer and I’ve read all these comments and nothing is doing it for me. :(

    • Jojo says...

      It’s ok, you’re not alone. I like summer fruit, but that’s about it. Hate flip-flops and sandals (they always look sloppy and I hate seeing people’s feet), hate swimming, hate being sweaty and having to wear sunscreen and a hat all the time (pale people problems). I become miserable and cranky any time the temp gets over 75 degrees. Summer is so overrated!

    • Temme says...

      I’d look for ways to escape the heat, like a movie theater or pick up an indoor hobby. Also, maybe pretend its another season and see what you’d be excited to do, then see if you can’t make that happen in the summer somehow. Or as a last resort, you can switch hemispheres to do winter again :)

    • Sadie says...

      I can relate. I like camping, and summer, etc., but I hate eating outside at restaurants. Every time someone says, “Let’s eat on the patio!” my heart sinks. My hair blows around into my food. It’s too hot or too cold. Traffic noise. Bees and flies. People walking by and looking at my plate! Let’s not eat on the patio.

    • Karen says...

      I totally agree! I hate the heat, swimming, tanning, and don’t do alcohol (cuz everyone wants to go on a road trip to wineries and sit on the patio in blazing hot sun). I don’t like being forced to run on the treadmill because it’s 40 C outside. Work is worse when everyone is taking vacations and the rest of the staff is stretched thin… and I don’t take time off then because why would I travel to another, even hotter climate? Best thing I did was move to the coast where it rarely gets above mid 20s. Now I don’t constantly sound like a grinch between May and September.

    • Susanna says...

      Also maybe people liking summer depends on where they live? I am pretty cranky in the heat, but I love summer because I live near Seattle, and the summers really aren’t hot!
      There’s hardly any bugs unless you’re in the woods, the mornings start out cool, and don’t get hot until 9:00am if at all, and if you’re near the water (hello Puget Sound!) there’s always a wonderful cool breeze!
      I’m sure summers in the midwest or south are not like this at all.

    • Annie Green says...

      Come to England. Seriously. Our summers don’t usually swelter, the running possibilities are great, you can eat fish and chips and nobody minds if you stay indoors. In fact, a cool breeze on a sunny day, through an open window…pretty much how it is most of the time.

    • sbe says...

      I am SO WITH YOU. I hate it. Too hot, too sunny, and yes, also cannot run due to the heat. I wouldn’t mind eating outside were it not for being intensely uncomfortable due to the flies and the heat. I need to reside somewhere else in the summer (clearly England or Washington state???) in order to get through it. You are not alone!

    • Sandra says...

      OK, I feel better that I’m not alone! I LOVE spring and fall, but summer is not my favorite. Maybe that is my goal, to try to find more things I like about summer? Bugs, bugs, bugs, stickiness, sweltering sun…yuck!

      And I’m not a huge fan of swimming (but my 7 yo is). He can’t really swim that well yet, so that means I’m in the public pool with him basically swimming in kid-pee soup nonstop for 3 months.

    • Laura says...

      I live in the South and the summers are brutally hot. I hate it cuz all we can do is go to the public pool which gets old after awhile. I would love summer more if I lived in a different state or near a beach!

    • Oh my goodness, before I read this comment it has never even crossed my mind that some people don’t like eating outdoors? That’s one of life’s greatest simple pleasures to me! If it’s not extreme weather, I’m on the patio. Maybe it’s the Californian in me. :)

    • Maire says...

      Greetings to my fellow summer haters. Anything over 65 degrees and I’m sweating. I also hate mosquitoes, wearing sunscreen, and not being able to layer clothing. I am have a trip to San Francisco planned this weekend and I am delighted that the high temps only reach into the upper 60s- I may not be able to return to the Midwest.

      I will acknowledge the small benefits of summer, which are: more casual entertaining with friends, BBQ foods, floating in the lake while drinking beers, outdoor films and concerts.

  71. ML says...

    Last summer, I didn’t wear pants between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 100% shorts or skirts only except a weeklong trip to Northern Europe!

    • Claire says...

      …..where I am (England), pants means underwear so this is a worry especially as everyone keeps mentioning all the bugs.

    • Sarah says...

      Claire! Your comment made me laugh out loud at my desk :)

  72. Maureen says...

    I can’t stop reading these comments! SO good. I live for Summer! So excited to wear flip flops every day all day, to eat tons of tomatoes and peaches, to hit up all the different festivals around the city, the outdoor concerts & movies & famers markets – there is so much to do outside! Excited to let my two toddler boys run around with no clothes and to play in the hose hook up out front, to stay up late to eat popsicles on the roof deck and catch fireflies in the park. I could go on and on and on…I wish summer would too.

  73. Brit says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do…ANYTHING WITH WATER. Baths, the shore, pools, water balloon fights.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching… I just finished the office US (i know!) and to be honest I feel like not watching TV for a while so I think thats my plan, to be outside with everyone I love as much as possible.
    – What summer -beverage- can you not wait to consume… Mojitos and Sangria with fresh fruit

  74. Mary says...

    My favorite part of summer is watering the gardens at dusk. The pups are romping in the backyard, the sun is almost down… bonus points if my partner and I are splitting a beer back and forth.

    I’m so excited to read “I’ll be Gone in the Dark”… and my yearly guilty pleasure, Elin Hilderbrand’s latest.

    Iced coffee on the back porch in the morning and ice cold Bell’s Oberon from a tap with a slice of orange in the evening… I can’t wait!

    • Gina D says...

      YES YES YES to Elin’s yearly guilty pleasure novel! I buy it every June from my favorite little bookstore in Rehoboth Beach

    • Karin says...

      Ditto Elin Hildebrand!

    • Robin says...

      Gina, is it Browseabout Books?? That is my family’s FAVORITE place to pick out our summer reading! I’m 32 weeks pregnant, so I have dreams of reading some fiction this summer (vs. my current endless stream of books on how to raise a human)!

  75. Abby says...

    I love feeling tired on a hot summer evening after a day in the sun, putting on a loose t-shirt and comfy underwear, lying on top of clean, crisp sheets with a fan on at the foot of my bed and reading a delicious book.

    • Caitlin says...

      YES! agree agree

    • Em says...


  76. Julia says...

    This is going to be a funny little summer because I have three sons under 5 (including a newborn!) We were trying to brainstorm ways to have fun without melting in the Tennessee heat and my four year old suggested we write and film our own movie! It’s totally taken over our days! It’s a Kung fu movie (naturally!) Last week, he mapped out all the scenes and today he drew pictures of the costumes and invited neighbors to act in it! It’s totally different than my usual peach eating, Gatsby re-reading, sprinkler running plans but we are embracing the wonky chaos!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, that is the cutest in the world, julia!

    • Megan says...

      He is going to love that! My mom gave us a similar project when we were about 8, after getting annoyed with us near the end of summer. It resulted in one of the most hilarious video to look back on, and turned into a new initiation for any boyfriends of ours.

    • Anna says...

      Love this! Have you seen the film Son of Rambow? it reminded me of this, and is now the film I’d like to watch this summer! Really great film for kids.

  77. Daniela says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? Road trip through the southwest with my boyfriend! Summer is going to be all work for me so I really look forward to this.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? Just finished The Heist (or Money Heist?) a Spanish show which was so good. We are now into Arrested Development!
    – What’s on your summer reading list? Finishing The Silent Wife then Celeste Ng’s latest which I’m also blanking on the name for, along with some nonfiction stuff.
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Fresh fruit and grilled meat and veggies!

  78. Denise says...

    I can’t wait to camp at the beach, camp at the lake, camp by the river finally finally when it’s not raining! The cobblers in late hot summer are heaven, especially peach & blackberry w a dollup of vanilla ice cream. And I can’t wait to get sweetly giggly stoned with my good friends on a warm dusky evening outdoors.

  79. Jenny says...

    I wonder if I spend a happier second in my whole life than just before I hit the surface of the lake on the very first jump-in of the summer. Lots of doctors I know have told me this is my last summer off (I’m in medical school, nothing ominous for my longevity). I’m still finishing up finals and then it’s going to be all lacy bralettes under overalls at the farmer’s market, sun tea, very long dinner parties that end over late-night fire pits, sleeping in bed touching only the tips of his fingers because it is too hot, crisp, percale sheets, my hot pink road bike, and reading books until I get too hot on my towel and jumping in again. Long. Live. Summer.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, you are a poet, jenny! love all this.

    • Allison says...

      Live. It. Up. Jenny! You go, girl (almost doc)!

    • Emily says...

      Wow, this was like a short story in comment form. Very evocative and sounds amazing!

    • I second that you are a great poet. “Sleeping in bed touching only the tips of his fingers because it is too hot” hahaha so true! We get in bed, have a 1-minute spoon, and then part ways before we melt.

    • Lovely comment, Jenny! Have a fun, safe summer.

  80. Lorraine says...

    This summer I’ll leave the place I’ve called home for over two years (Rio de Janeiro), bring my boyfriend to the US for the first time and start my masters degree in August at my dream school (Princeton). I’m excited to be able to relax with my family this summer, to live with my boyfriend for the first time, and to make new friends at school.

    Caroline; I also agree that you should let go of Ambiguous! Things haven’t been ambiguous since my second date with the BF and it’s such a relief. You can spend your emotional energy on productive things instead of someone who doesn’t know what they want. Keep looking!

  81. Emilie says...

    Heading to my first Phillies game of the season this weekend, which is checking off a major summer box! Nothing like eating a hot dog while watching the Phillie Fanatic dance on the dugout to get you in relaxation mode.

  82. Claire says...

    This is a good question! It’s hot here in south central Texas, and will stay that way until probably October. I’m not a heat person, so I have coping strategies. Summer activities outside only in the morning- swimming laps in cold water (this is glorious and it saves me, and makes me bless the summer weather) and early morning walks. No errands after 12 noon. Afternoons inside in the AC. We are finishing up the final season of Orphan Black (good grief, that show is so good!).
    Right now I am reading a terrific mystery called The Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz.
    Summer menu items I love: things I don’t have to cook, or don’t have to cook much! Guacamole, ceviche, shrimp cocktail, lots of salads, fresh fruit crisps, glasses of rose or alvarino, BLT’s, gazpacho. Nachos. Cold beer with lime. Ice cream!

    • Leigh says...

      You had me at ” terrific mystery”. Just put myself on the library waiting list for The Magpie Murders. And I just had to look up recipes for ceviche – great summer meal idea. Thank you!

  83. I’m looking forward to beach time and getting ready for my next con in August (it focuses on video games, so I’m working on a Simon Belmont from Castlevania and a Fox McCloud from Starfox).
    Right now we’re warching The Expanse which is saaaaavveedd THANKS AMAZON. It’s such a well done science fiction show with an outstanding cast.
    I have so many books to be read on my iBooks shelf. I think I might just start at the top and keep going! Lots of mysteries and dark fantasies.
    I’ve already had some summer foods – the grill comes out the MINUTE the snow stops flying in MN, considering that’s usually not till May lol – but I’m looking forward to more burgers and brats! Also, I’ve discovered Canada Dry’s ginger ale lemonade which is amazing with whiskey.

  84. Hi, Caroline! I’m late to the game on this one, but I’ve been hooked by The Night Manager. Have you watched it yet? xoxo

  85. There’s something magical about summer in Arizona. Yes, it’s hot – VERY hot – but it might be my favorite time of year. Shadows are long, roads are empty and time seems to stand still. Because of the heat, life just moves at a slower pace and I’ve come to crave that kind of quiet. We wait for summer storms to roll in and blanket the desert with the smell of sage, and go for ice cream at dusk after spending too long in the pool. Don’t get me wrong, I still love our vacations and respite they bring, but I’m always happiest at home!

  86. Younger season 5 and The Bold Type season 2 both premiere tonight! I recommend catching up on Hulu! I love a light, fun, and inspiring feminist show for the summer (and year-round!)

  87. Farmers market strawberries, toes in the sand + a trashy novel + cocktail in an insulated cup, bike rides at the beach, movies-no tv. Summer is the best!

  88. Abby says...

    Can you please do these posts every season? The comments make me so happy!

  89. Rasheeda says...

    After suffering through the insanely cold winter we just had, I’m just so grateful to feel the warm sun on my face. As soon as it heats up, I start thinking about days spent meandering around Toronto, eating Sweet Jesus ice creams until my lactose intolerant self wants to lay down in the grass and die, sitting in beautiful green spaces… Relishing the intoxicating scent of sun-warmed flowers, OH YES. I am stoked!

  90. Midge says...

    Every summer I must: Pontoon, drink Country Time lemonade out of a can, read through a giant pile of tween library books with my kids, see a movie like The Princess Bride at the drive-in, eat a perfect peach, sip rosé, dive into a swimming pool, make blackberry bars, patronize the neighborhood ice cream truck, and buy an industrial size canister of cheez balls.

    • Lindsey says...

      This list made me deliriously happy!

    • Susan says...

      Blackberry bars sound amazing!! Will you share the recipe?

  91. Sarah says...

    Having my first baby in mid-July (insert all the emoji, lol)!

    Also looking forward to warm evening walks in Portland, swimming in mountain lakes, eating delicious bbq on friends’ patios, our farm CSA, visiting vineyards, making it to the coast a few times, taking baby and pup on hikes, reading, visits from friends and family, maternity leave and time with my husband, no longer feeling HUGE, and of course, snuggling with my new baby girl who will let me do all of these activities. :)

    • Emily says...

      I had my daugther (my first child) last July and I have to say that it’s the BEST time of year to have them. You will have so many lovely late summer walks with your little bundle. Enjoy!!!

  92. Sarah says...

    – summer activity: getting married in 11 days tops the list. (runners-up: a mini-honeymoon in Big Sur, and having as many summer evening picnics as possible.)
    – TV shows or movies: One of Us (netflix), which some girlfriends and I were talking about last night
    – summer reading list: And Then She Was Gone, Into the Water, The Rosie Project (and many others. I’m behind on my Goodreads goal for the year!)
    – summer food (or beverage): pretty much anything involving stone fruit. Also, this:

    • When I got married we did mini California coast road trip and spent several days in Big Sur. It is magical there! Big Sur bakery also has an AMAZING breakfast.

  93. Rachel Adrianna says...

    summer activity: hammocking. sitting on my new deck. beaching. picnics. bonfires. lawn parties. outdoor movies. outdoor concerts.

    summer food/bev: smores. watermelon. iced frapps.

    • Erika says...

      Love “hammocking”!

  94. Naureen says...

    I once read somewhere that June is like the Friday of summer…that wonderful beginning of the best days.

    Last year we discovered Jacob Riis Beach, and I’m hoping for as many day trips as possible there. My husband, daughter and I all live for the feeling of sand underneath our toes and the sound of waves crashing. also looking forward to picnics in the park, dining al fresco, Lobster rolls and fried clams, and it being light enough in the evening to take a walk with my loves.

    We just finished Killing Eve-so good! I’m looking forward to a Younger coming back. I have a stack of books to read, but eager for beach read recs!

    I’m looking forward to easy, no or minimal cook dinners. The New York Times posted a list of 100 easy summer recipes a couple of years that I keep coming back to every year. Lots of corn and tomatoes. And all the berries and peaches.

    • Emily says...

      post the NYT link please!

  95. Oh man that Jane Austen quote is PERFECT. Since I had a baby a couple years ago I went from loving summer to hating it…I can’t stand the heat anymore! (Thanks hormones!) And I live in LA, so summer is like, 5 months long.

    But! I still can’t help but shake that “sanguine expectation of happiness” when it comes to summer. I actually just wrote about it on my Instagram a couple days ago:

    “Once I had a summer so dreamy I still talk about it as The Summer My Dreams Came True. My college graduation preceded a three-week Europe trip with my best friend, followed by living my dream of being a camp counselor all summer. I danced and laughed more in those three months than I probably have in my entire life. FUN was the theme, days filled with lightheartedness and discovery and fast friendships with people from all over the globe.

    I remember standing in the shower the night before my big Europe trip, scared out of my mind as I thought about all the unknowns that lay ahead that summer. But sometimes when you make the leap into your dreams, life catches you and lifts you up to the sky before setting you gently on your feet.

    Dreams are funny, fragile things––sometimes like iridescent bubbles that burst before you even have the chance to reach out and touch them; never having enough substance to become reality.

    Other times a dream is like a flower: a tight, hopeful bud that gradually opens and blooms into something beautiful, sometimes even pollinating friendships and life trajectories and a whole garden of other dreams to explore.

    The winter and the holiday season are heavy with bulky clothing, tricky family dynamics, and bulging calendars. But summer brings with it a lightness that makes impossible dreams feel slightly more possible. Our food, our clothes, our calendars are unfussy and loose, allowing new possibilities to tiptoe into the grass, run around in the sprinklers, and––maybe––make our dreams come true.

    This is our first summer in our new, dreamy house, and I’m full of hope. Summer is when my best memories have been made, when my sweetest dreams have come true. May it be so for you this summer, too. “

    • Liz says...

      This touched my heart today. “But sometimes when you make the leap into your dreams, life catches you and lifts you up to the sky before setting you gently on your feet.” Thank you.

    • Victoria says...

      Wow Joy! You are a WRITER!
      That was gorgeous – so vivid and relate-able. I saw my past, present and future self in your writing

  96. Robin says...

    1 – Camping at Sidney Spit in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. It’s like a mini trip to the tropics with white sand and warm water, but only an hour from where I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.
    2 – Trying not to rush through a re-watch of New Girl. It makes me howl with laughter and is a perfect companion while chopping veggies.
    3 – “Hyperion Cantos” by Dan Simmons. Juicy sci-fi combining galactic political intrigue, teleportation to far-off worlds, looming apocalypse… just girly things. ;)
    4 – BC cherries. My Dad makes a killer “Cherries Jubilee” a la flambé.

    • Amy P says...

      Ooh thanks for the camping rec! We always go up island to Gordon Bay campground (great for camping with kids), but I’d like to branch out and explore a little more this year.

    • Rachel Adrianna says...

      I forget how much of a GEM each and every NG episode is until I re-watch them. Enjoy :)

    • Robin says...

      Amy P, thanks for your recommendation too! Never been to Cowichan Lake before (hey from VI, btw!) Sidney Spit does require taking a little ferry which is an extra step, but it makes the trip even more special for kiddos.

  97. Jenny says...

    We’ve been having my ideal weather the past two months here in Portland, OR: low-mid 70’s, blue skies with puffs of clouds, and the occasional cleansing rain to wash away the pollen and make the pavement smell wonderful (am I the only one that loves the smell of pavement after it rains?). To me summer means fresh blueberries by the pound, the tartness of chilled rosé, the wheaty citrus of grapefruit radlers, and grilled salmon. It means breezy bike rides, Salt Water sandals, lazy afternoons spent picnicking in the park, and day trips to the coast for hiking and clam chowder.

    • Midge says...

      Hasn’t Oregon been unbelievably dreamy? I love this weather too.

    • Denise says...

      Portland OR has been perfect this Spring! & yes – the pavement after it rains, or the fir needles on the forest floor when it’s 80 degrees.

      O – also the grilled salmon! I can’t wait for grilled salmon!

    • alice says...

      Pavement after rain is one of my top five smells too :)

  98. Being at the river and feeling the sun sink into my skin for the first time since September (I live in Portland), then going into a cool, dark movie theatre and watching something that makes me laugh. Walking home from a late dinner and sitting outside in the grass chatting til 10pm when it’s still kind of light. And not needing to take double the normal amount of vitamin D pills ;)

  99. Sarah Jane says...

    Summer! I’m a teacher and summer is so close that I can taste it.

    Excited about: I’m looking forward to swimming in lakes, floating in rivers, and long walks everywhere. Also tending to my rooftop garden and hosting dinner parties up there.

    Food/ Drink: I’m most looking forward to drinking G&T’s and white wine spritzers. I don’t know about food yet. My wife and I have one dish that becomes the summer favorite each year and is made on repeat. The last few summers have been zucchini noodles with homemmade pesto, Thai beef lettuce wraps, Moroccan chicken with a killer quinoa salad, and cilantro chicken, either with cilantro rice or on a green salad. I can’t wait to discover what this year’s fave will be. So far the top contender is a green salad with lentils, smoked salmon, dill, and a lemony dressing, but it’ll inevitably be beat out by something that involved grilling or more veggies from our garden.

    TV/ Books: I’ll watch some TV, but am also looking forward to screen-free days. I’ll check other comments for book reccs– my bedside table is currently empty!

  100. Looking most forward to…

    -Juicy stone fruits
    -Tomato (in peak season!) and mayo sandwiches
    -Rosé all day, baby!

    -Bonfires with friends in my new island town
    -Walks in our local community park with my not-yet-2-y/o daughter
    -Lazy days inside when it’s just a *bit* too hot to be outside

    And finally:
    Trying to watch LESS movies and TV (and screens in general) this summer… Excited to dive more fully into the mountain of novels and books of poetry on my neglected shelves.

    Happy summer, Caroline and CoJ crew! x

  101. M says...

    Tomato sandwiches and stone fruits = summer.

  102. R says...

    – going outside without a sweater
    – 4th of July BBQs and small-town parades
    – lounging at as many lakes and rivers as possible
    – reading “Lincoln in the Bardo,” “Circe,” and “Sunburn” (+ many, many more!)
    – watching GLOW (season 2 is coming out this month!!)
    – taking random roadtrips around California (Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and the Sierra Nevada foothills are on my list)
    – going camping
    – drinking light beer (seems more acceptable in the summer) and negronis with a ton of crushed ice
    – painting my nails neon pink

  103. Brynn says...

    Full moon night hikes in the summer are my absolute favorite. A big group of friends, fresh air, a cool beverage as a prize for making it to the top, and the cover of darkness makes it feel extra adventurous!

  104. I can’t wait to go u-pick pounds and pounds of berries throughout the summer and use them in different ways (mostly just directly applied to mouth, though). :) Also looking forward to picnics and BBQing by the river.

    I just binge watched Mozart in the Jungle and find myself missing the characters, especially Gabriel García Bernal’s. Highly recommend!

  105. Christine says...

    Summer for us is all about after dinner trips to the park (down the street from our house) to play and watch little league, and eating one watermelon a week.

  106. Thea says...

    Summer’s so terribly hot where I live–it’s the season I spend most of my time indoors, hiding from the weather. What’s the opposite of hibernation? Sleeping through the summer, to emerge when it’s no longer 90 degrees every single day? That’s what I’m doing.

    But I’m looking forward to evenings, when the temperatures become bearable again, and I can meet my friends or my guy at the local cafe with patio tables and many varieties of cool white wine. I’m looking forward to going to Italy in just over a month–Florence and Rome and maybe Naples. (It will be hot there too, but ITALY!) I’m looking forward to finishing the most recent Maisie Dobbs mystery. Right now I’m considering throwing a fish fry, and serving some pink lemonade pie for dessert.

    That should get me through to fall, when I can rejoin the outside world!

    • Samy says...

      Estivation :)

  107. jan says...

    The green explosion of deciduous trees makes me SO happy, they bring such lushness to life. Vegan strawberry ice cream mochi from Trader Joe’s…swimming in the lake, the blue blue sky…

  108. Elizabeth R says...

    Drumsticks (the ice cream cone treat), pool time, countless book release, the smell of sunscreen, wine fueled outdoor concerts, the piney/oceany scent of the beach, flip-flops.

  109. Steph says...

    -Most excited for: Camping, hosting beach days/nights, outdoor concerts/movies, baseball games, and grilling out with friends
    -TV Shows: Re-watching Frasier, Ozark, Dark, Arrested Development
    -Films: Book Club, On Chesil Beach, Oceans 8, Mammia Mia! sequel, The Happytime Murders
    -Books sitting in my to-read stack: The Power by Naomi Alderman, The Outsider by Steve King, My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, Saints for All Occasions by Courtney J Sullivan, Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan, 4321 by Paul Auster
    Summer food/drink: low country shrimp boils, fresh tomatoes, Moscow Mules and John Daly’s (sweet tea flavored vodka mixed with lemonade – move over Arnold Palmers!)
    -First group beach camp coming up this weekend in San Onofre, CA!

  110. I love hanging out and n the back yard with the grand kids when all of a sudden one grabs one of the many squirt guns we have and all he#$ breaks loose! It’s my favourite part of the summer!

  111. jen says...

    Sadly I live in a furnace (Phoenix) and we all dread the coming of summer. We do take trips to the woods in north of state and I love all the fresh fruit. Other than that, we live for October.

    • Haha, I’m in LA, which isn’t quite as bad but I’ve actually decided for us, summer is our winter…it’s a time to bear down and just get through it. November through April is pure magic, though, so it’s worth it. :)

  112. Maryanne says...

    Farmstands with fresh corn on the cob, peaches and melons, days at the lake, fireflies, the fun times when my kids are all getting along and we are blasting music are my summer favorites. :)

  113. Elizabeth says...

    Where to start?! Weekend mornings on my screened back patio with coffee and a book/magazine listening to the birds and my wind chimes, hiking, camping, going to the drive-in theatre (yes, they still do exist!), free summer jazz concerts in the park, NOT wearing a winter coat and boots, not having sweaty feet because I can wear sandals most of the time, digging my hands in the dirt to plant flowers–and watching my flowers grow and thrive, walking on the canal downtown at lunchtime, watching my boy play soccer, beach vacations, tomatoes from my parents’ garden, and perfectly ripe peaches from Locally Grown Gardens. Summer is my season!! As far as summer adventures, we are renting a big house right on the beach in Nags Head, NC with 3 other couples who are dear friends. We all have kids around the same age that play well together. They’re so excited for this adventure! And I’m excited for the de-stressing that only nature, sea and sun can bring. Any recommendations for Nags Head musts are welcome!

    • Sarah says...

      Summer is definitely my season too. My family went to Nags Head in March with friends. We both have 4 year old boys and they really enjoyed the aquarium. The town near Roanoke Island is super cute and there is a playground right on the water for the kids. My husband found a hole in the wall restaurant called O’Neils-don’t go for the ambiance but it had great seafood. And go to Surfin Spoon for frozen yogurt.

  114. Carrie says...

    Looking forward to living in my super cute new neighborhood. Lots of cute cul-de-sacs and sweet neighborhood kiddos riding bikes as late as the parent’s will let them. As the sun goes down and it’s still so warm out, it reminds me of that scene (the one i’m sure we all love!) in Sandlot where they run through the neighborhood on the 4th of July.

  115. Dan says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? Going to the garden to get tomatoes and lettuce for dinner. Beach days.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? Finish The Crown, chefs table episodes, Isle of Dogs (Bookclub and Sweetbitter for my home along nights).
    – What’s on your summer reading list? Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer, Curtis Sittenfeld’s short stories, Exit West, Going out of your Mind by Michael Pollan
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Fresh pea salad, more aeporal spritzes, grilled corn in tacos, watermelon.

  116. Cate says...

    It was a long and brutal winter/spring here in Iowa, so today as I was unloading my two toddlers and our heavy stroller from the van in weather that was just completely comfortable, I felt absolute joy welling up in me. Doing pretty much anything with kids is just so much easier in nice weather. I’m thankful for that! And also drinks on the patio after the bedtime hustle, of course.

  117. Claire says...

    I wish I liked summer weather more, it gets super hot where I live and I’m super pale and try to stay out of the sun.That being said, I still love summer! I love summer trips, whether they are weekend or road! My birthday is in summer and I love 4th of July.

    I’m looking forward to Sharp Objects on HBO in July and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom later this month!

    I love big summer books (shout-out to Lexi’s post about this last year) so I’m currently reading the 5th book in the Outlander series, The Fiery Cross. Next on my list is the new Stephen King book, The Outsider and Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend.

    I can’t wait to consume avocados, salads, ice cream, shaved ice…you name it lol. Also I make a Milkbar Birthday Cake each year for my birthday since it’s just about my favorite thing to eat.

    Great post idea! Yay for summer!!

  118. Liv says...

    I really love open windows and the sound of the sprinklers at night- this might sound weird but I really like the smell of our box cooler too. I love laying in front of it when I’m sweaty. We also live in a rural place so the community pool looks like something out of ‘The Sandlot’- total social scene- my boys want to be there all day every day in the summer and in the evening we sit on our back deck and sip on the sun tea my hubby made- it’s so great.

    • Julie says...

      Same. Grew up with a swamp cooler and almost feel like I should have a party when it turns on every summer—that smell is pure summer to me.

  119. katie says...

    I’m still annoyed mother nature decided to skip right over spring, but I’ll play.

    Saturday trips to the farmers market, patio drinking with friends, enjoying our roof top, which has fantastic skyline views.

    Ocean’s 8. And I need to figure out how to stream and binge watch the last season of The Americans. No spoilers please! Oh, and QE. Love!

    I bought Mary Higgins Clark latest book which I’ll devour on vacation next week. When 13, I read all of her books (my mom had a bookshelf full of them) and fell in love with suspense. Reading her now makes me feel like a little girl trying to act like a grownup!

    Fresh tomatoes, snap peas and fava beans and tequila!

  120. Kelly says...

    My summer drink is a Radlersnake, which is a Steigl Radler with a shot of tequila!

    • Sam says...

      That sounds amazing!!

    • Anna says...

      I’ve always done this with gin (we call it a gin radler) but I’m going to have to try tequila!

  121. Bethany says...

    I live in the South and was not made for summer. I get sunburns, red splotchy heat exhausted skin, a sweaty brow from exertion no more strenuous than sitting. Sit.ting! But I use the summer months to binge watch soapy series while I cut up winter clothes and sew summer dresses. I get bored and only finish half of them, but it’s more about keeping busy in air conditioning than the project itself.

  122. Juliette says...

    San Francisco has an horrible foggy, cold summer months, it always makes me sad when the rest of America is having a hot summer day and we wear coats and scarves to go to the office… but in August I get to go visit my family in the south of France so that’s what I’m excited about!

    • same with LA – it’s cold and cloudy and I desperately miss the humid warm nights of my East Coast upbringing

    • Emily says...

      BART to the East Bay! It’s roasting over here already. Or take the ferry to Alameda and get some sun on the Crown Memorial State Beach. I know if feels like a million miles away, but we have summer here!

  123. Cynthia says...

    I live in Seattle so the March of Summer Fruit is on. All the berries, cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and melons…first from CA, then OR, then local. So much goodness. Also whiskey sours, rosé with ice, sitting outside and talking after dinner while twilight turns to darkness. And that is 10 pm for those of us in the far north. And we don’t have bugs. Reading inside or out with a daily catnap since the days are so long. Grilled salmon, tomato sandwiches, fresh crab pulled from local waters. Enjoying 75 degree days and sleeping with the windows open.

    • Becca Lynn says...

      Yess! I’m in Seattle too and all of this is 100% what I’m feeling too.

    • Riley says...

      I’m from Seattle too, and I heartily agree with all of this <3

  124. Diana K. says...

    Summer always feels really cinematic for me. Wearing sundresses with dramatic accessories, slipping into your friend’s flip flops for a beer run, meeting new people in barely-lit backyards, boob-shaped wet marks after throwing on a t-shirt post-swim.

    Also, kudos- ambiguous relationships are VERY summer. (see Call Me By Your Name, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Adventureland, and uhhh Grease)

  125. Julie says...

    – Float the local river with my husband in an ocean canoe with beer and snacks. No exercise + beautiful water activity + snacks. Best thing ever.
    – Just started Evil Genius (crazy!!) and Riverdale (late to the party and it’s making me feel old as hell but I’m into it).
    – Want to reread the Chronicles of Narnia, and am just about halfway through a biography of the women in the Kennedy family. Freaking fascinating.
    – Watermelon! Gin and tonics! Hot dogs! Sno cones! My favorite sno cone shack got punch cards this year.
    – We just bought a house, so my weekend adventures are about to all become “How the hell to decorate your first, empty, house”. hahaha

    • Eva says...

      lol “How the hell to decorate your first, empty, house” was my summer of 2017

    • Jay says...

      What book is the Kennedy family biography? Online searches produce so many options.

  126. riye says...

    Two really good friends will be in town at different times this summer. I’m really looking forward to spending time with them–laughing at silly things, going to touristy places I normally wouldn’t go to, eating too much gelato. Maybe going to the beach after work since the sun will be up later and I won’t have to worry about frying my aging hide. Oh and gin and tonics!

  127. Kathleen says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do?
    PICNICS! On the beach, in parks… I love packing up lunch, a secret bottle of wine, snacks, a rainbow towel & book and meeting friends for hours of relaxing.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching?
    Not going to lie, Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise are total guilty pleasures. But then also binging/catching up on what I’ve missed – Killing Eve and Atlanta, I’m looking at you.
    – What’s on your summer reading list?
    Less, Bachelor Nation (see previous answer), 1Q84 and The President Is Missing (have you guys read about this?!)
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume?
    Watermelon, all the Mexican food I can get my hands on & rosé (all forms, but I’m especially into this sangria at the moment and margaritas!

  128. Lisa says...

    – Looking forward to my first summer as a NYC resident – the way this city empties on the weekends is incredible – I love it and never want to leave.

    – Currently on episode 7 of Killing Eve, per your rec – sooooo good and my boyfriend is just as in to it (if not more…).

    – Just started The Female Persuasion (also per your rec, I believe…haha). I’m only 50 pages in and it feels a little slow but I hear it picks up so looking forward to that.

    – Aperol spritzes and white wine spritzers are my jam this summer (OMG this is the third thing I’ve taken from a COJ rec so far. I feel like I should be embarrassed…but I’m not. COJ FOREVER)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahahahaha LOVE YOU LISA!!!!

    • diana says...

      basically everything i buy from face lotion to children’s books is from COJ recs. Joanna hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

  129. Laura says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? SWIMMING. Last summer the ocean water at the beach was way too cold even in August, so I’m trying to go to more lakes and pools.
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? Westworld! And I’m excited to see Ocean’s 8 and the new Mission Impossible movie
    – What’s on your summer reading list? the new Tamara Pierce book
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Watermelon, cherries, lemonade, popsicles

  130. Julia says...

    Well what if its the beginning of the relationship? No need to rush anything if you are in control.

  131. Allison says...

    summer is without a doubt my favorite time of year. my legs and feet are free from the pants and snowboots that bind them for 6 months out of the year (Boston *hand raised emoji*), iced tea tastes better in the sunshine, naps outside – enough said. it finally feels like i can lower my shoulders from my ears, walk slower and smile for no reason.

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? spend time on the water – paddleboarding, sailing, reading on the docks by the river
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? about to start The Staircase when it comes out on Netflix this week
    – What’s on your summer reading list? so much! The Sun Does Shine, Racing in the Rain, Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k, My Husband’s Wife
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? watermelon, grilled corn, macaroni salad, coconut margarita, angel food cake w/ berries & whipped cream :)
    – Do you have any weekend adventures planned? trips to Savannah, GA & Cape Cod, MA – so excited for all the preppy photo ops with abundant hydrangeas <3

    it would be fun if at the end of the summer, there was a post on readers' summer travels & experiences! the season is so different depending on where you are in the country/world, would love to see everyone else's happenings :)

  132. Rachel Elizabeth says...

    While I was in college studying English Literature and Language, I never thought that I would become a teacher. However, here I am teaching high school English classes for the third year in a row . . . and, honestly, enjoying it quite a bit! But, also, still relating entirely relating to Alice Cooper’s song long after I thought that I would have left that “stage” of life. Will high school drama never leave me? And, it is worth it for the honor of coming alongside the next group of young people?

  133. Anne says...

    -GETTING MARRIED IN 4 DAYS!!! so that’s what I’m MOST excited about at the moment.
    -Loving Killing Eve, it’s so good! Really looking forward to the Mister Rogers documentary. I’ve cried every time I’ve seen the trailer.
    -Finishing re-reading Harry Potter and nearly finished with Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng. Both great! Thinking about picking up The Power by Naomi Alderman next
    -Honey lemonade and a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair
    -New Mexico in July; seeing more friends and family in Iowa for wedding celebrations part 2 in August :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      congratulations, anne!!!! :) :) :)

  134. Sam says...


    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? Camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, biking around the city, and drinking beer on patios with my dog :)

    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? I’ve been re-watching Broad City lately (I swear that show is my spirit animal) and obsessing over Handmaid’s Tail and Dear White People.

    – What’s on your summer reading list? I want to read Exit West, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Goldfinch, and You Think It, I’ll Say It.

    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? Watermelon for days, tomatoes on toast and all of the herbs.

    – Do you have any weekend adventures planned? Every year, my partner and I invite a bunch of our friends up to his family cabin… we call it “camp unplugged” and it’s a big hit. We’ve been going strong for three years now so i’m excited to keep on with the tradition. :)

  135. Meghan says...

    Summer is wonderful. My favorite thing might be the California stone fruit available in June – Blenheim apricots, black plums, donut peaches, white peaches, nectarines, rainier cherries…I am obsessed!!

    • Erika says...

      YES! Perfect seasonal beverage!

  136. Anne says...

    -GETTING MARRIED IN 4 DAYS (!!!!) so that’s what I’m MOST excited about at the moment :) :) :)
    – We are flying through Killing Eve too, it’s soooo good! Really looking forward to the Mister Rogers documentary. I’ve cried every time I’ve seen the trailer.
    – Finishing a re-read through Harry Potter, which I haven’t read since I was a teen. Also finishing up Everything I Never Told you by Celsete Ng, which has been a quick and amazing read. Thinking about picking up the Power by Naomi Alderman next.
    – Pork chop on a stick and honey lemonade at the Iowa State Fair in August
    – New Mexico in July; Iowa (my home state) in August for wedding celebrations part 2 with our extended family & friends :)

  137. Louisa says...

    I’m university faculty – so summer means I get to do all the things that are required for my job that I can’t do in the 9 months when I am paid to do my job! So I will: advise students, sit on dissertation committees, attend two conferences (Seattle and London), organize one conference (DC), run one workshop (Boise), submit two manuscripts, get a few more on their way, write curriculum, apply for a grant, etc.

    But I love doing all of this work, and I get to work from home (mostly), end my day at 4, take my daughter to the lake in the evenings, go camping or traveling on weekends, and spend two weeks in the UK and one week at the Outer Banks – where I will sip peach daiquiris all day long.

  138. Darcy says...

    I think we aren’t even at the half way mark of RHONY –Don’t rush it! :-)
    Such a guilty pleasure (I love em all)!!

  139. Rachel says...

    – I’m most excited to take lots of weekend trips to the beach
    – I’m super excited for the second seasons of GLOW and QE this month
    – I’m reading books about writing and some tarot books
    – I am all about those summer fruits! Watermelon, peaches, strawberries – I want it all!
    – When I can’t get away for the weekend, I’m looking forward to playing some computer games with my brother

    • Sarah Jane says...

      The second season of QE comes out this month?!!!! Oh, I am so excited!!

  140. lesley says...

    – What summer activity are you most excited to do? go to the beach
    – What TV shows or movies are you into watching? insecure in august!
    – What’s on your summer reading list? honestly: magazines. i never have a chance to read them during my regular life but i will read cover to cover on vacation.
    – What summer food (or beverage) can you not wait to consume? tomatoes / tomato sandwiches / caprese salad / tomato pasta / all the tomatoes!!

  141. Tawni says...

    You perfectly described summer in a way I always felt but never knew how to! I am looking forward to camping in the crisp mountain air, sitting around a campfire with family, juicy peaches, and (hopefully) buying our first home this summer.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      juicy peaches! yes!

    • Wendy says...

      Just ate first peach and it was lovely!?

  142. HH says...

    I live in a college town. When the “kids” leave for summer, the traffic dissipates. Campus, and its expanses of lush grass, transforms into a sprawling park whose existence seems solely for the enjoyment of those of us who don’t actually get summers off. It is lovely.

    That and sailing. Any day spent skimming across sparkling water with wind in the sails (which is every day in Oklahoma) is a good day.

    If you haven’t watched the Durrells in Corfu, highly recommended! It’s on Amazon and perfect for summer.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      wow, sailing sounds so dreamy!

    • Sarah says...

      OMG THE DURRELLS! I love it so much! Those frocks!

    • Seconding the recommendation of The Durrells. Great series.

  143. I recently quit my job to freelance full-time so summer is tasting even sweeter right now. I’ve got a long list of summer reads on hold at the library thanks to all the reading lists that drop this time of year. My town’s month-long art festival is next month. Lake Tahoe is beckoning for some beach days and some hiking (just need some friends to hike and beach with). As for TV, I don’t know – I’ll probably rewatch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

  144. jami says...

    -Backpacking, whitewater rafting, fly fishing!
    -No time for TV!
    -All the New Yorkers
    -So many gimlets
    -Every weekend is an adventure in Northern California :)
    Happy Summer!

  145. Katherine says...

    I am nearly five months pregnant and today in Austin it was 99 degrees. So, my favorite summer activities involve staying inside, eating popsicles and/or sno-cones, drinking La Croix that’s been chilled in the freezer until it’s icy inside, and relaxing on the couch with library books borrowed via Overdrive. I started The Child Finder yesterday, finished it this morning, and will be moving on to Hunger by Roxane Gay this evening.

    • Sam says...

      Love the idea of La Croix chilled in the freezer!!

    • Hunger is so good!! I saw her speak a couple months ago and she is a force.

  146. Abby says...

    RHONY is only half over! :)

  147. Jemma says...

    Girl. Ambiguous? Release him back into the wild. You’re way too amazing for ambiguous.

    • Also, this. I don’t know about anyone else, but at almost 36, I don’t do ambiguous in any sort of relationship.

    • Jennie says...

      I can handle Caroline with Ambiguous only if she gets to be Mysterious and it is for a set amount of time. Agree she is far to amazing for any shenanigans :-)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, these comments are making my day :)

    • Carrie says...

      Everyone is different, but I did “ambiguous” for 7 years- what a waste of time, not to mention all of my life’s biggest regrets occurred during those years. Once we broke up, I moved across the country and I kid you not, two months later met the man I now call my husband. Being married is bad ass. I absolutely love being a wife, and every day send out prayers of thanks for finding my soul mate. It took a leap into the complete unknown, but in my case, it definitely paid off

    • More people should use the word shenanigans in their daily vocab.

    • Erika says...

      I was ambiguous about my husband at the beginning of our relationship. Now we are divorced. Don’t settle for uncertainty.

    • Rue says...

      I’m just going to pretend that these comments for Caroline also apply to me, and thank you all. I’ve got one ambiguous guy who’s on his way out the door, one guy who I’m labeling ambiguous because I’m not sure I can see myself falling hard for him, and one best friend who could be The One but the timing still isn’t quite there yet and I am trying to be patient but gosh please just marry me soon? Being on the front lines of dating sure is rough, friends.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “Being on the front lines of dating sure is rough, friends.” = yes! when you’re dating, people offer advice, but you’re the boxer in the ring.

    • T says...

      In theory I totally agree with all these comments. However, I was ambiguous about my boyfriend in the beginning and much to my surprise I slowly grew in deep love with him. I think every person and every relationship is too individualized to throw out blanket statements like “ambiguous=bad news”.

    • Kari P says...