How Are You?

Lena Corwin

We’re in California for a quick family vacation, and I’m excited to post about our trip next week. It’s beautiful but freezing here!

Meanwhile, I hope you are doing well. I would love to hear how things are going. If you’re up for it, here’s a little pop quiz:

Something delicious you ate recently:
What you’re looking forward to these days:
What’s worrying you:
A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
Your childhood celebrity crush:

My friend Anna sometimes asks, “What’s your emotional temperature?” especially when someone is going through a big change. I love that expression — it reminds you that your emotions aren’t a fixed state, even about a specific decision or experience, and that you might feel differently soon. If you’re up for sharing, what’s your emotional temperature today, too?

Sending lots of love, as always! Thank you so much for being here. xoxo

P.S. How to write a condolence note, and the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read.

(Photo by Lena Corwin/Instagram.)

  1. Kelsey says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: My husband and I met up with my parents at Pennyroyal Farm in Mendocino County last weekend. We ordered everything off the menu and even the one thing not listed: deviled eggs! We had so much fun offering bites of fresh cheese, olives, cured ham, ribollito broth, and savory egg yolk to my 10-month-old child. She clapped for nearly every bite. It was one of the better meals of my life!

    What you’re looking forward to these days: This summer we plan to move out of our studio apartment in SF into a bigger space for our family of three, hopefully with some kind of yard!

    What’s worrying you: In order to move into a bigger space, my husband and I will have longer commutes into SF and I’m worried about being away from my child for so much of her days. (I take comfort in that CoJ commenter who wrote so eloquently of her childhood on the recent parenting advice post!) I am also terrified that our lawmakers won’t be able to protect my child (really, my community and this country) from guns.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’d love to spend a couple weeks in Glacier National Park, camping and hiking and swimming and roasting all of my food over a fire, under the stars. I’ve only been there once before, for a few days of camping alone, but now I’d love to return as a family and really settle in for exploring the place.

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Matthew McConaughey in the ‘90s, woo!

    My emotional temperature is cooling off today, thanks to it being Friday and having this invitation to share!

  2. Melissa says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: A fried egg and bacon sandwich on a croissant bun!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Weirdly, baking my own birthday cake for Sunday. Thinking about doing German chocolate.
    What’s worrying you: Trying to get a job that pays enough to live, with no college or university education.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Sweden, in isolation.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Tom Cruise, circa Vanilla Sky.

    • Celeste says...

      Happy birthday Melissa!

  3. Jane says...

    I love reading all these comments, so I thought I’d add my own!

    Something delicious you ate recently: my friend was in town yesterday and we had breakfast at a tiny Mexican restaurant with insanely good omelettes and great coffee
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m a grad student and this semester has been particularly difficult, so I’m looking forward to spring break, both for the pause in work and because my sisters are visiting
    What’s worrying you: my husband & I recently bought a house, so I’m really hoping to land a full-time job soon! (and worried that I won’t)
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: the Grand Canyon with my husband
    Your childhood celebrity crush: a tie between JC Chasez and Rider Strong (Shawn from Boy Meets World)

  4. Mara says...

    1. Vegetarian banh mi sandwich from Blue Apron!
    2. Quitting my PR job; getting into business school as a 35-year-old woman (is it possible?!); changing careers.
    3. With political rants aside… the above three things!
    4. The Maldives
    5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

    • Celeste says...

      35 is so young, you can do it!

    • KC says...

      I’m 25 and I hate my business degree (more mad at myself for not concentrating in a particular field). Switching my career sounds CRAZY and I feel like I’m “too old” to start over and here you are at 35 asking yourself the same thing. Makes me want to slap myself and say “it’s never too late!”

  5. Summer says...

    Love all these posts!

    1. Had a coffee and sumac rubbed tri-tip with butter pecan mashed sweet potatoes at honor bar in Bremerton, WA (well it was my husbands but he shared) – so good I want to go get it again!
    2. I’m a new teacher and am looking forward to my first summer off in 20+ years.
    3. Becoming a parent. After going through fertility testing we found out that there will be no possible way to have a child with my husband’s DNA. It is heart breaking that my incredible husband of 15 years and I won’t be able to have our own genetically related children. Now we are faced with becoming parents in a different way than we planned and are having hard discussions of which way we want to go to get there while also wanting to be sure we take time to grieve properly and make the right decision for us.
    4. So many places, from closer [Tofino B.C. which was just featured in Sunset magazine] to farther [Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Kenya, New Zeland to name a few].
    5. Val Kilmer from ‘The Saint’ movie, my high school best friend and I must have watched that movie 50 times just to giggle over him.

    Emotional Temperature: Fair, trying to stay optimistic that everything will be okay.

    • Kelsey says...

      Oh yeah, Val Kilmer in The Saint! Swoon city.

  6. 1. Something delicious you ate recently: Hunks of Trader Joe creamy brie cheese…all by itself
    2. What you’re looking forward to these days: Dance party complete with rented dances floor and tent in our back yard tomorrow night, with the kid’s friends for their 3 birthdays…and also my husband’s birthday…all Pisces but me. Not sure I know what that actually means.
    3. What’s worrying you: Lack of gun control. I’m hurting
    4. A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Italy with my husband, then a flight to Iceland to see the northern lights.
    5. Your childhood celebrity crush: Ralph Maccio’s character, Johnny, in the Outsiders, and River Phoenix too of course. Also…Simon Lebon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes (sorry Andy and Roger).

  7. Mimi says...

    Always pizza …. forever!
    Sickness & violence and no more Trump!!!!!!
    Paul McCartney (a Paul girl)

  8. Elle says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: crunchy, sautéed broccolini (baby broccoli) with Smitten Kitchen’s crispy fried eggs

    What you’re looking forward to these days: starting a class that will help me get closer to my career goals. I’m excited to have a plan and be learning full-time again!

    What’s worrying you: an upcoming trip and my own mental health

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Indonesia (Bali, please!) with one of my best friends who’s from there

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Zac Efron. Now an adult celebrity crush

  9. lizzie says...

    Something delicious you ate recently:
    always and forever:

    What you’re looking forward to these days:
    Free weekends for laundry, long walks and long lists #adulting

    What’s worrying you:
    The fact that I worry about everything and am missing out on my whole life because I worry and am not present to the beauty of life.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    …I’d fly to the British Virgin Islands to see the guy I dated for 3 weeks while he was in Australia… because WHY NOT, he bought me a book on the first date!

    Your childhood celebrity crush:
    Arthur… what a catch

    • Jane says...

      I’m laughing out loud at Arthur!!

    • Grace says...

      Arthur the aardvark. HAHAHAHA

    • Ceridwen says...

      Arthur is an advaark! Oh, thank god…I’ve always wonder what the hell animal Arthur is meant to be! But not enough to google ;)

    • Erin says...

      OMG Arthur! YESSSS!!!

  10. Something delicious you ate recently: a quinoa veggie bowl I made with roasted sweet potatoes, watermelon radish, avocado, and sautéed kale and spinach (seasoned with garlic and chili powder). Added just a dash of tamari to the quinoa and it was delish!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: My trip next month to Joshua Tree.
    What’s worrying you: Division in our country, lack of leadership. On a personal level, minor health issues.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Hard to pick one but top of the list is Machu Picchu. Also would love to go to Bali.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: My very first celebrity crush was Robert Redford.
    What’s your emotional temperature? Great question! Earlier this week, emotional temperature low, sad (when I found out I needed more health tests). I allowed myself a day to mope and the rest of this week has been on an upswing.

  11. megan says...

    Oh I am loving all these answers! Your blog community is a bright spot of hope and happiness on the Internet. Side note: I have an “article of the day” club with some friends, and we are answering questions like these this week too! It’s always fun to learn new things about people you love (and strangers too!)

    1. Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter and Sage. It’s pretty decadent, but I am FEELIN it on this rainy Friday. Full disclosure: I ate it for second breakfast today :-)
    2 & 3. I’m looking forward to AND worried about becoming a mother for the first time (at 37). I’ve waited so so long for this and am beyond excited, but I’m also terrified! The more I read, the more of a nervous Nellie I become!
    4. Ooooo the Australian coast or a wine/food trip through France or Italy.
    5. JTT all the way! (I saw someone else put this on here too, and I was dying!). Also Jake from Sixteen Candles! Sigh…

    Have a great time in CA!

  12. Annelise says...

    Something delicious you ate recently:
    Pierogies from Crime and Punishment (small brewery in Philadelphia)

    What you’re looking forward to these days:
    My husband returning from a two-week long spring training in Austin. He is training to make the US National Rowing Team!

    What’s worrying you:
    How I can support and care for my parents as they age. They live three hours away in NY state and I wish I could see them more often.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    Grenoble, France to visit a wonderful friend who recently relocated there to be closer to her husband’s family.

    Your childhood celebrity crush:
    Legolas from Lord of the Rings aka Orlando Bloom!

  13. Something delicious you ate recently: I work in a high school with a Culinary elective class. The students made the most delicious Cajun style feast yesterday! Deviled eggs with crawfish, jumbalaya, fried okra, andouille sausage gumbo, lemon icebox cake, etc. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again!

    What you’re looking forward to these days: Getting pregnant

    What’s worrying you: Not getting pregnant.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: My husband and I daydream about retiring and buying a small farm in Provence, France. Or even just taking a year off of work and working at a vineyard out there. Sigh….

    Your childhood celebrity crush: JC Chasez from NSync. I can still recite his birthday and favorite things. I met him once as a tween and brought him a Hard Rock Cafe menu because he wrote once that he collected them. I still remember the butterflies.

  14. Heather says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: My mother-in-law’s homemade meatballs
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Watching these teenagers organize the movement for gun control. I’m so proud of them and inspired by them. #NeverAgain
    What’s worrying you: Do we need to move so that my kid can go to a better school?
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: The Black Forest in Germany.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Jonathan Brandis. I just googled him to see what he’s up to these days, and learned he killed himself when he was 27. God, that’s so sad.

  15. Lina says...

    1. I have made this dip multiple times within one week “for guests” and proceeded to eat it all myself. It’s amazing!
    2. I am months away from finishing my PhD and extremely excited to be done!
    3. Writing my dissertation and defending it has been a far away nightmare for years and now it’s right here staring at me.
    4. I wanna take 3-6 months off and run away with my husband to someplace we know nothing about and nobody knows us. Thailand maybe? Rent a house/apartment and just spend that time learning more about who we are, picking up new hobbies and just absorbing the world. Big city life was something I always dreamed of and it is suddenly too much for me.
    5. Orlando Bloom in LOTR :)

    • Grace says...

      I made that dip for a Thanksgiving app and it was devoured so fast. The goat cheese made a huge sticky mess in my tiny food processor though.

    • Lina says...

      My processor is thankfully dishwasher safe, but I admit a lot of cleaning was done by fingers while the dip was in the oven x)

  16. eliot says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: I’m from Texas but living in New England at the moment. I was missing home so I made barbacoa and escebeche (pickled onions) on Wednesday so I could eat proper tacos. It was *so* necessary and totally delicious.

    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m graduating from Harvard in May! My whole family is coming up to celebrate and I can’t wait to show them around Boston/Cambridge. We’re all together so rarely…especially with excellent lobster rolls in hand :)

    What’s worrying you: As I said, I am about to graduate with my masters and I need to take a year or two off of school just to reset before diving into a PhD. I so worried about getting a job…

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I recently realized I probably won’t get to take that many more family trips with my parents so I’d love to go to either Scotland or Banff with them in the next few years. Also, one of my dearest friends in Boston is Columbian and she keeps inviting me to tag along every time she goes home…clearly I need to take her up on it!

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Ewan McGregor. Forever.

    Emotionally: Last semester left me shattered. I had a horrible experience with a professor who is hugely influential in my field. She’s notorious for tearing students down but I didn ‘t expect it to feel as awful as it did. I’m still picking myself up from the whole experience. Yesterday I met with a professor that reminded me that I do have thoughts worth being heard and that I do have something to contribute. So, I’m not great at the moment but things are looking up.

    • Julia says...

      Hey, Elliot! Dealing with some strong Harvard personalities myself. Felt exhausted and demoralized…….then a call to meet, an opportunity to be heard, and a person set straight. Heading home on the orange line felt good last night. Welcome to Boston!

    • kelly libby says...

      I’m in Somerville! We should meet up for a coffee/drink!
      Here’s my email:

    • Kanika says...

      What grad school are you at? I’m also about to finish my master’s at HKS, am freaking out about jobs/life, lived in San Antonio for seven years, and am very confused by Cambridge/Boston’s lack of good tacos and miss them horribly. LMK if you ever want to grab a coffee/chat :)

    • Annie says...

      Eliot, as another Texan that never even dreamed as big as Harvard, I’m SUPER proud of you (I mean, for your intelligence and maturity as well as your taco skills :) )!

    • eliot says...

      Thanks y’all! Your kind words are so appreciated.

      Kanika, I’m at the Divinity school! And I’m from Austin so was never too far from San Antonio. Crazy. There is a taco place on Cambridge Street called Lone Star Tacos that is pretty good…not perfect, but not bad. Went there this morning with a couple of friend who are also from Texas and had a breakfast taco with a Topo Chico. Can’t ask for much more than that! I’d love to get together sometime. Shoot me an email:

      Kelly Libby, sending you an email :)

  17. Anni says...

    1. I made my own granola with alot of almonds and other nuts, with brown sugar, maple syrup, salt and cinnamon, roasted in the oven – delicious with yoghurt and a bit of honey!
    2. warmer temperatures!! In Germany it is freezing right now!
    3. vacation with my family in Sardegna in spring
    4. i always worry, do I spend enough time with my kids (4 and 6), should I work more hours, should I work harder for my career…
    5. would love to see the Galapagos Islands!!

    This community is truly inspiring and so much fun to read :)

  18. 1. pumpkin vinaigrette salad dressing
    2. Roadtrip to the abandoned Town Of Spectre
    3. My dog may need CCL surgery.
    4. Hopefully an eco-family vacation this spring break to work on a farm/hostel and kayak and explore cumberland island.
    5. Ralph Macchio and I just met him in person. What a nice guy (and still adorable)

    • Heather says...

      Ralph Macchio was the cutest!!

  19. Joanna says...

    1) STOK unsweetened ice coffee with a pinch of whole milk.
    2) The day my eight-month-old gets the hang of sleeping through the night. Please let it be soon.
    3) I am terrified to send my kids to public school. The decision of public vs. private is looming for us as my older son is off to kindergarten in a year and I really feel like it’s only a matter of time before a school shooting rocks my community (no place is safe it seems). Also, my sister works in a high school and I am afraid she’ll be faced with being the adult protector during a school shooting. ALSO, I want these feelings to manifest into activism, but I still feel defeated after Hilary’s loss and wonder if marching really just does nothing.
    4) Napa. Give me all the wine.
    5) This is an embarrassing answer, but… Keanu Reeves.

  20. Megan says...

    1) A fall-apart beef tagine on vacation in Fes, Morocco
    2) Pregnancy, hopefully?
    3) Pregnancy, hopefully? I just *feel* it, but taking a test tomorrow.
    4) Greece!
    5) JTT

    I love this community. Thank you, Jo! :)

    • kelly libby says...

      Crossing my fingers for you!!! :)

  21. CateA says...

    1. For DC-folks out there, I went to Daikaya, a ramen spot, and it was SO DELICIOUS.
    2. Paying off a loan in a month
    3. My finances! My place needs work, but I’m low on cash, and want to feel more comfortable.
    4. I travel frequently for work, so I wouldn’t go too far – probably the Caribbean for a secluded beach and book readin’.
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto :)

    • Kate says...

      I loooooove the ramen at Daikaya! And I’ll always love Leo. :D

  22. Asha says...

    1. Rasam ( a south Indian dish) I made from my grandmother’s recipe :)
    2. Drinking a cup of coffee when it’s hot ( I have two young boys)
    3. The polarity of our nation, that hatred of “other”d is being celebrated by some; that sending my children to school shouldn’t be this scary.
    4. I’d love take our family on a trip that included India & Australia or Germany with stops in England and France. A chance to spend time with family in any of these countries would be a wonderful way to expand my children’s global understanding.
    5. Jake from 16 Candles :)

  23. Scarlett says...

    1. I’d love to talk about something delicious I’ve eaten recently, but I’ve been in a bit of a rut actually. My husband and I have been making the same things to eat at home for a while (since we work crazy schedules it’s nice and convenient to have a “food uniform” so to speak) but I’ve been craving a Really Good Thing. I don’t even know what it is. Something sweet, but not too sweet, a little crispy, and maybe creamy or soft inside. What is this mystery thing????? I’ll know it when I taste it I guess.

    2. I’m taking a trip to Baltimore with my parents to see my younger brother play college ball this weekend, and my husband and I are slowly starting to do spring prep for our little hobby farm! Sometimes I get caught up in comparison and my life feels really quaint, simple, and not very exciting compared to some of the women here, but it’s times like these that I remember why I chose to live the life that I do! We just got a couple of pigs to raise for meat, and we’ll be starting our seeds for our garden soon!

    3. I’ve actually been doing a lot better with worrying recently. I used to be perpetually worried. Within the past year I’ve been exercising more and eating better and it’s helped with a lot of my anxiety!

    4. I’m really craving some warm weather, sunny skies, and water. I’d love to take a luxurious beach vacation, somewhere warm and far, far away. Preferably somewhere that I could eat really delicious food, not get sunburned (I don’t think that such a beach exists), and sightsee and snorkel/hike/horseback ride/etc.

    5. Well, I was obsessed with Harry Potter growing up, so my childhood celeb crushes always kind of centered around the kids that played in the movies, haha.

  24. Chicken Kale Caesar. It was just perfect. Grilled thin breasts of chicken topped with kale and drizzled with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It sounds so simple but it was so good.

    Looking forward to the weekend. I just spent over a week with the kids in LA (sitting in traffic) so looking forward to walking around a city.

    Worried about so many things. Usually at around 3am. Our planet and what it will be like when our kids are grown. I worry about getting older (turning 50 this spring) and what that means in terms of my earning potential in the next 10 years. And if there will be any work for a woman of a certain age.

    The trip we are planning this summer. Portugal and Scotland.

    Crush. I think it was Peter Brady. The middle child.

    • gracesface says...

      Just went to LA (for my honeymoon) and we decided not to rent a car. It was not bad! I can imagine it would be stressful with kiddos but the buses/metro/rail lines basically went everywhere!

  25. Christina V says...

    1. Lately I’ve been making myself avocado toast with an over-medium egg for breakfast. It’s simple, yet delicious and I find myself looking forward to my morning meal.
    2. Looking forward to summer vacation! Hubby & I are both educators and we have two high school boys, so summer is always something we anticipate with joy.
    3. What’s worrying me? Not worry exactly, but I am in the process of becoming a special education teacher, and am hoping to be hired in September. There’s a specific class I want to teach (for students with autism) and I’m really hoping it will work out!
    4. If I could go anywhere, I would return to Ireland and spend a month there. We went a few years ago and it was so wonderful.
    5. Ricky Schroeder! :)

  26. 1. Avocado toast
    2. A vacation or to see my best friend
    3. A broken heart
    4. Korea, or Italy
    5. Joseph Gordon Levitt

    Emotional temperature: Anxious, mostly because going through a lot of changes and trying to work things out internally about those changes.

    • kelly libby says...

      You can do it!! Whatever “it” may be for you. :)

  27. Charity says...

    1. Ruth Reichl’s chocolate cake, which has become my go-to chocolate cake. It’s a really easy recipe but is everything I want in a chocolate cake.
    2. Looking forward to sleeping through the night again someday. I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. An aunt recently told me “you’ll sleep again … but you’re going to be tired for a long time.”
    3. Choking hazards worry my. Seriously, they are everywhere in my house! I’m convinced we didn’t have any before I had my daughter (nothing she could get into anyhow), but it feels like I am pulling something out of my sons mouth like 2-3 times a day, wondering “where is this from?!”
    4. The list of places I would like to travel to is long… near the top: Japan
    5. Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) in Dirty Dancing… I saw the movie when I was 8 even though it was wildly inappropriate for an 8 year old. Johnny was so dreamy!

    • Kanga says...

      Johnny Castle for me too!!! Same – watched it over and over as a young girl … then I rewatched it as a grown up and was shocked that it had an abortion theme!!! I guess my young mind didn’t understand and so didn’t care … it was all about the dancing and the love!

  28. MJ says...

    Walking #momlife stereotype>>
    delicious: COFFEE
    looking forward: Warm spring days, sleeping through the night
    worrying: 5-month-old is still barely eating from a bottle on the days I’m at work
    A trip: Martha’s Vinyard to recapture sweet childhood memories
    crush: River, Leo, Johnny

  29. Sara says...

    Something delicious I ate recently: a creative spin on shrimp and grits for brunch at my favorite brunch spot
    What am I looking forward to: A research trip in DC next month.
    What is worrying me: Staying connected to my husband during his busy work schedule and me doing my Ph.D. in another city.
    Where I would go: Marrakesh.
    Childhood Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. Hands down.

  30. Lindsay says...

    Emotional temperature: drove my daughter to school this morning and sobbed in the car after dropping her off. I have so much despair about the possibilities for gun control in this country, and yet so much hope when I see the children who are standing up and refusing to be collateral damage to our collective inertia. Despair and hope is a tricky cocktail these days, and I’m navigating it the best way I know how: sobbing in the car, calling my congresspeople, talking to my own students about their emotional temperature, and holding my people as close as possible. Love to all of you who are doing the same.

    • Heather says...

      So with you on all of this. Sending you an e-hand squeeze.

  31. 1. Smoked mozzarella-stuffed meatballs and spaghetti! In our post-baby life we’ve taken to making huge batches of our favorites and freezing half as gifts to our future selves. Last night I had the time to make a big batch and it was
    2. A quick weekend girls’ trip to NYC (leaving tomorrow morning). We’re going to the Plaza for tea (a dream of mine ever since I read Eloise) and a museum and seeing a show. WITHOUT KIDS. So excited.
    3. Our fractured political situation. Guns. Racism. Hatred. Feeling helpless to do anything to combat it.
    4. Trans-Siberian Railway! Though I’m not sure I’d enjoy being stuck on a train for so long.
    5. There was a rotating list, but Diego Luna (circa Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights) was on there for a while. Sigh.

    • Brooke says...

      LOVE the Dirty Dancing Havana Nights/Diego Luna shoutout! My sister and I bought the soundtrack and were in love with that whole business. ;)

    • Grace says...

      Smoked mozzarella-stuffed meatballs sound amazing. I’m craving some comfort food right now.

  32. Aislinn says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: My fiancé and I visited our favorite Indian restaurant last weekend for their lunch buffet. It opened us up to so many dishes we’d overlooked because we got in our comfort zone with go-to meals. My favorite was the paneer dal curry!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m going to visit my brother and his girlfriend in NYC in just a couple of weeks. We are making a side trip down to DC and planning to eat our way through both cities.
    What’s worrying you: I’m elbows deep in wedding planning, so everything from timing of the day and how long we will need the photographer to managing the budget.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’ve been recently enthralled with Croatia, a possible honeymoon spot! But I’d also love Japan, Thailand, Greece, Morocco, or Italy! And Paris. Because Paris is always a good idea, and because it will always have my heart.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Robert Pattinson

  33. Still half asleep and your post made me a little emotional – the tone of your post just got to me this morning (talk about emotional temperature). With 788 comments from some of the most thoughtful readers around, I know how much of my morning will be spent. Glad that you are spending time with your children and family.

    About that quiz…
    Something delicious I ate recently: Molten chocolate cake from La Campagna in Waltham, MA
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Spring, longer hours of light
    What’s worrying you: Our kids and gun control
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: The Amalfi Coast for a long stay. I want to rest on the beaches, do the Walk of the Gods atop the cliffs, sit in cafes and watch the world go by, take lots of photographs and spent quality relaxing time with my husband.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Michael Cole (Mod Squad)

  34. annie says...

    1. pink grapefruit in olive oil and just a touch of salt. we’ve been eating it every night after dinner, and I’m so in love.
    2. springtime in washington
    3. student loans, Trump, whether I’ll regret getting that pixie cut
    4. Greece (this summer!)
    5. oh man, Ben Covington (played by Scott Speedman) from Felicity. Team Ben!

    • Tyler says...

      ooohhh… grapefruit with olive oil + sea salt? sounds divine. may have to stop by the store on my way home from work!

    • Tara says...

      +1 for Team Ben! I saw Scott Speedman in a bookstore in Toronto once after Felicity ended and I’m honestly still not over it.

  35. Rue says...

    1. Getting back into my cooking groove, so my memorable foods recently have just been satisfying dinners at home on my couch. Rice and black beans with veggies, pasta with white sauce and veggies, etc.

    2. I’m striving for “parenting myself” well. Being in my healthy routines and patterns, listening to my gut (which I tend to ignore), quieting the mean voice that often narrates instead. Also looking forward to spring and summer travel — mostly work travel, but hopefully a few friend and family visits too.

    3. Oh, most things! Worrying that I am not/will not be enough, especially when it comes to work and dating. Worrying that I am going too slowly with big things I want to achieve at work, and that these goals will pass me by and I’ll wake up in a few years and not be where I want to be. Worrying that I will never find the right partner. Worrying that dating will continue to be small and large kinds of hurt and uncertainty, without any lasting relationship to show for my troubles.

    4. Maine. Spending time with friends, having some slow days to soak in whatever the weather is. Time near the ocean and time in the woods. Oh, or a vacation house with friends in our rural college town. Cooking meals and hiking and art museums and staying up late telling stories and checking in.

    5. Oh this is so embarrassing, because I was such a weird little kid. I’m a classical musician and so I honestly had crushes on famous classical musicians. (Like currently alive performers, not like dead composers.) Oh but also Noah Wyle from the ER days. Hot damn.

    • Rue, I love your quiz responses. I have a feeling that you are going to find some serious goodness in terms of the things that you are worrying about in no. 3. Just a feeling from what I just read about you! Best wishes for what you want to achieve with your work and for finding the right partner. That person will be very lucky indeed.
      P.S. I love Maine too (but I am a coastal gal through and through).

  36. Clare says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Coffee ice cream
    What you’re looking forward to these days: When the farmer’s market at the community center across the street starts up again in April/May, which facilitates long, lazy Sunday mornings while the kids tire themselves out at the playground.
    What’s worrying you: My older son hasn’t seemed himself for a few days. I have a hard time figuring out if it’s school, friends, us, or what.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Southern France – kids could come if they don’t get between me and the food and wine.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Rob Lowe. Just perfect on West Wing.

  37. MB says...

    Last night I saw this post after an evening with girlfriends and wine – one of a precious few nights out since having a baby. I read all of the comments, and feel more connected than I have in a long time; thank you all for sharing. Also, the JTT/Devon Sawa comments legitimately have me laughing out loud! Turns out that “Who was your childhood celebrity crush” is the perfect question to find someone in your same life stage! :)

    Something delicious you ate recently: Popcorn with truffle salt
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Summer!
    What’s worrying you: Guns/ever letting my child go anywhere without me
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’m itching to go see something new, but don’t know the best time to travel with an infant. This summer he’ll be 10/11 months old. Where should we go?! Would a long flight to a new city be miserable?
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Now I have to tell the truth and say: Devon Sawa in the movie Casper :)

    • Hi MB. I wish I knew where you are from in terms of recommendations for visiting someplace new with an infant. When my son was a baby the best vacations were vacations where we could settle into a place and have a lot of relaxing time. For example, we flew to St. Martin when he was 9 months old (from MA) and stayed in an apartment on the beach. You could rent an Airbnb apartment or house on one of the US coasts or near the midwest parks, such as Zion or Bryce (if you prefer that kind of environment).
      The nice thing about a trip like that is that you can see someplace new and you have a place to go back and rest that is comfortable for you and the baby. You can go out for dinner or bring take-out in. I hope that you go someplace nice and have a great time.

    • Heather says...

      I think when our son was that age we made the switch to always renting a kid-friendly AirBNB wherever we traveled, because you may need a lot of down time and a place where you can still chat with your hubby while baby naps/goes to sleep at 7. Prior to making that switch, we’d be huddled in the hotel bathroom watching netflix on our ipad. Ha!

      Devon Sawa in Casper was so cute.

    • Ann-Marie says...

      Devon Sawa was on of my tops, too!

  38. Alex says...

    What I’m looking forward to these days: my first baby is due in one week!

    Any moms have advice on how to spend my work-free days before baby’s arrival?

    • Clare says...

      What a wonderful luxury! If you don’t have easy to prep (frozen or otherwise) food at hand, you might want to stock up now. The first two weeks are a fog, and we had the hardest time figuring out how to feed ourselves, since so much time was focused on feeding baby, getting him to sleep, finding time to shower, and resting/recovering from everything.
      Also, maybe going to a movie. That’s a tough thing to pull off for a while when baby arrives.
      Congratulations and good luck!

    • Impending congrats!! I’d recommend doing all the fun things that might be tough post-baby…taking yourself out for lunch/coffee; going for a long, slow walk; swimming (that seriously helped me feel like a normal person in the last few weeks); going to see a movie. Do whatever feels like an indulgence, because it may be really hard to justify it to yourself after the baby arrives.

  39. Sarah says...

    Love these posts, and the 700+ comments.
    SOMETHING DELICIOUS: My Dad’s famous chocolate chip cookies, homemade and shipped across the country to help lessen the blow of February in New England. (They’re working).
    LOOKING FORWARD TO: The birth of my twin (!!!!) girls in 10 days, or maybe less! And along with that, NOT BEING PREGNANT WITH TWINS ANYMORE.
    WORRIED ABOUT: See above. On the brink of major, major change and despite having all the material items one could possibly need, still feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. Worried about my almost-4-y/o son and how he’ll do. Just all the things.
    WOULD LOVE TO VISIT: Anywhere tropical. I’m not picky.
    CHILDHOOD CRUSH: Luke Perry!!!

  40. Ale P says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet Individuals by Rachael Good Eats are a live changing. Can Stop, Won’t Stop!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: to love myself more and understand what it means to be dairy and gluten sensitive human… to love myself, honor my body and respect my new food sensitivity.
    What’s worrying you: personal finance and Venezuela crisis (my hometown)
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Paris. I can’t stop thinking about it. Since it is too expensive for me now, I found a cheap flight to San Francisco and I am going next weekend! ?
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. The first time I asked for a loan, I was eight years old ad I asked my grandfather during our weekly Friday’s lunch for a loan to buy a magazine 100% dedicated to Leo. This was at the time Titanic was release. Such a highlight !

  41. Ida says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Crispy salted crisps with chopped red onion, creme fraiche, caviar and a squeeze of lemon on top. Like a light appetizer
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Tonight I am for the first time cooking for a guy I like and tomorrow I will meet my newest nephew that was born yesterday!
    What’s worrying you: Small worry is almost always about money and big worry is that I am afraid of ending up alone and without a family of my own.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: To my grandmothers couch, sitting beside her while she knits. For her to tickle me under my foot with her knitting needle and asking me about something. She passed away 10 years ago and I miss her!
    Your childhood celebrity crush: When I was about 14 I dreamt a romantic dream about Michael Madsen and have since had a soft spot for him. Otherwise I was quite a pragmatic child that didn’t see the point in falling for a celebrity since I would probably never get to meet him.

  42. Jessica says...

    First, you and this blog are lovely. I have been reading it since 2009, and I have found so many wonderful perspectives and new activities and fashion ideas from here. Thank you!

    Something delicious you ate recently: homemade pasta at in Stamford, CT
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I hired a career coach (finally!). I am looking forward to finally being in a creative career that fits who I am.
    What’s worrying you: the current administration.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: the U.K. – London and then Scotland and Wales for countryside relaxation.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Harrison Ford and Ralph Macchio were tied

  43. Maranda says...

    1. I made a roasted lemon and garlic butter shrimp and asparagus pasta dish for my lunches this weekend. I meal prep my lunches and it was the first time I’ve looked forward to eating the same thing several days straight- so delicious!
    2. I am looking forward to getting married. Our wedding date isn’t until May 2019, so I’ve got quite a bit of a wait still. I’m happy we’re having a longer engagement since it gives us plenty of time to plan, but it feels like the actual day is so far away!
    3. I’m worried about a lot going on in our country right now. Primarily gun control and the current argument circulating to arm teachers with guns…
    4. For a longer trip I’d love to visit Bali, Hawaii, & Scotland. I’d like to return to Iceland as well. I’d be content with just a short weekend trip to Nashville too though! I just want a vacation in some form lol
    5. Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean. I remember having a poster of him in my bedroom!

  44. Vanessa says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: I have a six week old baby, and just a few weeks ago I remembered I could have soft cheese! So I bought some brie and wound up standing at the kitchen counter with my still unpacked groceries and tearing into it- plain!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m eager for a date night! Time with my honey and maybe some sushi too!
    What’s worrying you: I worry about our older sons (7 and 9) and the attention they aren’t getting.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Oh man. I’d go to Israel and then Greece. I’d spend time shopping and eating in Tel Aviv, tour the Holy Lands in Jerusalem and then end at the coast in Greece where I’d sleep and read and take long indulgent strolls!
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Jeff Goldblum and Carson Daly

  45. Erin says...

    Something delicious you ate recently:
    Really into the blueberry scones from my company’s cafe recently.
    What you’re looking forward to these days:
    1 year “first date” anniversary with my boyfriend this weekend. A
    delicious dinner next Saturday for my city’s restaurant week. Summer
    kayaking. A weekend hike. Waking up tomorrow (Saturday) morning
    and sitting with a cup of coffee as the sun rises.
    What’s worrying you:
    How deeply my father’s recent death will impact the rest of my life.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    A week in a small town in the south of France.
    Your childhood celebrity crush:
    Ha. Real little? Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once I was a little older? Joel
    from Good Charlotte.

  46. Evelyn Clark says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Paella for a gourmet night we hosted in our neighborhood
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Sitting for the CPA exam at 59
    What’s worrying you: How our country will come together to solve problems productively
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Java
    Your childhood celebrity crush: David Cassidy

    • Heather says...

      Good luck on the CPA exam! You can do it!

  47. Lauren B says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Grilled cheese sandwich made with the Unexpected Cheddar cheese from Trader Joe’s. :)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Spring break and the lazy mornings of summer — I’m a teacher!
    What’s worrying you: If my students are going to pass their English II exams in April – I teach re-testers who struggle with passing.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Switzerland
    Your childhood celebrity crush: JTT!

    • AJ says...

      I recommend adding the Trader Joe’s aioli garlic mustard sauce to that grilled cheese. YUM!
      Thank you for being a teacher!

  48. Caitlin says...

    -Something delicious you ate recently: I made these Goop cast iron veggie cakes-so simple and delicious. My grocery store did not have kohlrabi, so I subbed for a broccoli slaw mix and it turned out delicious! Also, quick side note: the cashews for the sauce have to soak in water for at least 4 hours. One of these days I’ll actually read a recipe in its entirety before I start cooking at 6pm…
    -What you’re looking forward to these days: Visiting my sister in Charleston in March
    -What’s worrying you: I’m a social worker in a supportive housing building and I have a new client who is struggling to live independently in her current environment
    -A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Cape Town! It looks like such a lovely mixture of beach town and city, which is my ideal world :)
    -Your childhood celebrity crush: I’m a child of the 90s, so Leo in Titanic was HUGE for me. I was in the 4th grade when it came out and will never forget how simultaneously cool I felt to be allowed to see a PG-13 movie in theaters and how absolutely mortified I was to be watching a sex scene while sitting next to my dad.

  49. Naj says...

    1. Chocolate Gelato with peanut and coconut butter blend
    2. Sleeping more than 4 hours stretches a night due to a new baby/pumping
    3. Putting said baby in daycare in a few weeks/going back to work/always being so tired
    4. New Zealand/Bali/Amalfi Coast/Paris (can’t pick one haha)
    5. JC from Nsync

  50. Karine says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: an easy to make but so delicious artichoke dip
    What you’re looking forward to these days: spring!
    What’s worrying you: My ex husband, father of my child, who doesn’t spend enough time with our baby. Although it makes me happy to have her with me all the time, it also makes me sad that she can’t developp a nice relationship with him! I can play tons of roles, but I can’t be a dad!
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Japan
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Christian Bale and Josh Hartnett

  51. nikki says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: fancy chocolate pecan turtles I got for my birthday.

    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m going to Vegas this weekend with my twinsister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend for our thirtieth birthday!

    What’s worrying you: my boyfriend’s upcoming deployment. Being an elementary school teacher right now. Living in DC during this Trump regime.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: South Africa

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) on ER.

    Sending hugs and love to everyone.

    • South Africa is my dream vacation!

  52. Mary says...

    Wow, thanks for asking. Sometimes I don’t want to share if things aren’t perfect. And things rarely are. I have had a head cold and now my youngest child has it. We had a cheese danish from the grocery store for dessert that was delicious. I am worried about money, paying for unexpected expenses and college. At least, my loved one who is being treated for depression seems better. I am planning to take said person to Paris next year, but I feel compelled to use money saved for that trip to pay for the worrisome expenses. I had a crush on Shaun Cassidy.

  53. Janelle says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Baking chocolate. I was out of normal chocolate, so I had to make do. My husband made fun of me for eating baking chocolate, but I told him, “I was raised not to be discriminatory. The label might say that it’s baking chocolate, but I think it can be anything it wants to be” ;)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Regaining my confidence and sense of self after a period of feeling adrift when I moved to a new country.
    What’s worrying you: What the future may hold. I think uncertainty is my greatest fear. As much as I would like to skip to the last page in my life and see where I will end up, I realize how important it is to treasure each word on my current page and make it count.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Antartica. It is my dream to visit all seven continents. I’ve done three so far, and I plan to save Antartica for last. I’m going to be that 80-year old woman bundled up in fur coat and leopard print snuggie amongst all the youngins exploring Antartica one day :)
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Leonardo di Caprio. Except I would never have let him go, unlike that rubbish Rose.

    • Ann-Marie says...

      “That rubbish Rose”, hahahaha.

  54. – the most heavenly creamy hummus I have ever had at this little place in Berlin when I was over there last weekend

    – watching Lady Bird again, Olympics on TV, a trip to Canada/Detroit to see one of my best friends who moved to Vancouver last year

    – whether I’ll ever have a career/money/husband, my friends marrying and having kids and consequently disappearing from my life

    – NYC. Always. Anytime.

    – Noah Wyle as Dr. Carter in ER (not sure how on earth I was allowed to watch that at age 8)

  55. kyli says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Molly Yeh’s chickpea harissa hotpot (it’s topped with tater tots, how could it not be fantastic?)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: the warm days that break through our normal weather, meals with friends, the idea of traveling again soon
    What’s worrying you: I lost my job in November. Working through that big and crushing surprise and, for the first time in my adult life, not having a daily purpose, was incredibly difficult. Now I’m hoping to find my next gig (something right, not just for right now) before my bank account runs out.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Japan, for the cherry blossoms and my birthday in April
    Your childhood celebrity crush: John Cleese

    • Brooke says...

      Kyli, I ADORE that your crush was John Cleese!! I have laughed myself silly to him and am with you ;).

  56. Something delicious you ate recently: My fiancé is traveling for work right now and we just moved into a house (first time home owners) so cooking utensils were limited and I went with throwing random stuff together. Israeli couscous, leftover pork chop and some greens with a creamy miso salad dressing. I’m more of a scavenger when he’s away, less mess and more creative. It might have tasted extra delicious because it was after unpacking more boxes.

    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I n ever thought I’d be settling in Texas during this crazy, what I thought to be, US tour. But I fell in love with Austin and my work here.

    What’s worrying you: That I won’t be able to make this house feel like a home. We have no furniture. My sister. Always worrying about my parents. Will our neighbors like us? Will I be able to have kids? Is it a cyst or Endometriosis?

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I would love to go to see my family in Northern California. My sister is going through some stuff with her son and I wish I could be there for her more.

    Your childhood celebrity crush: oh! JTT. Always and forever. I even had his calendar.

    Thanks for always checkin in with us. I look forward to reading responses after work today!

  57. Sam says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: i made naan pizza last night which was not only delicious but a pleasant surprise that i had all the ingredients to do it
    What you’re looking forward to these days: when my boyfriend is finally living in the same place as me! 2 years of long distance down and Im counting down the days til we are together
    What’s worrying you: on a big level, the state of our country. On a small level, getting through the next week at work (financial year end, eep!)
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: somewhere without cell service and lots of sunshine. Or, my favorite, York Beach, Maine.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Daniel. Radcliffe.

  58. Dani says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: mussels with grilled parmesan cheese… mmm…
    What you’re looking forward to these days: we’re moving houses in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait!
    What’s worrying you: my mom’s emotional temperature :/
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: if anywhere, I’d love to experience outer space :) coming back to the Earth, I’m planning to visit Macchu Pichu for the second time next april,a magical place
    Your childhood celebrity crush: David Bowie (still going)
    Emotional temperature: pretty stressed but happy with what’s coming up

    Live from Buenos Aires! Have a great weekend!

  59. Alice says...

    The comments on this post are just the BEST. It’s so interesting to get an insight into other people’s lives, and to hear that our worries are all so human. It makes me feel so connected to something bigger. Thank you for the community you build here, Joanna!
    But hey, here are mine:
    Something delicious you ate recently: Oh my god the baked chickpeas with pita chips and yoghurt from Smitten Kitchen BLEW MY MIND last weekend, after a six mile walk along the Thames. UNBELIEVABLY delicious!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m taking a solo trip to Portland, OR (after presenting at a conference!) in a few weeks, and I’m so excited! My brother is also getting married in the spring, and I’m a bridesmaid and doing a reading- can’t wait. Also, I’m really excited to head home to Devon for a long weekend at Easter. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my mum (I haven’t seen her since new year’s eve!) and I can’t wait for a cuddle from her!
    What’s worrying you: The fact that I am quite likely to have to see an abusive, manipulative ex at the conference I’m attending in a few weeks. About whether I want to stay living in London. About whether my job is fulfilling me enough. The fact that my heart is still broken from my most recent breakup.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Right now, South Africa, Cape Verde, Montenegro, Fiji, New Zealand. Anywhere far away.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Hahha I loved Orlando Bloom! Particularly as Legolas… oh god!!

  60. Kimberley says...

    Love reading these so much!

    Something delicious you ate recently: I made a tagine at the weekend for friends, the dates were an unexpectedly delicious addition – I can’t stop thinking about it. Oh I also had mackerel paté on toast with piccalilli at a restaurant that was superb!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: finishing my PhD so I can get back to working with people again and move on with my life in a new country.
    What’s worrying you: Knowing I need to have 2 more teeth out soon, after a particularly stressful tooth-pulling session this week.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Mexico, Japan, South Africa
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Heath Ledger in 10 Things, Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbour!

  61. Leni says...

    I shared a plate of delicious mixed starters at a greek restaurant with one of my best girlfriends. Am looking forward to my parents visiting for the weekend and my orchestra’s concert tomorrow. I am worrying about finding a bigger but not too expensive in the area of Berlin where we are living right now. And I worry that it’s not going to be close to my parents’ (they live 5h away) and they won’t have the relationship with their granddaughter that I imagined them to have – with regular sleepovers etc. Does anyone of you feel guilty for not living close? And of course I worry about the world im general, climate change, toxic car emissions, guns,… but I’ll lose my mind if I’m constantly thinking about that. I lost my heart to New Zealand and would always pick to go on a trip there, but I also want to discover more of Europe, especially Scotland.

    • Leni says...

      Oh, I forgot the childhood crush: Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor!

  62. 1. Risotto with black truffles. My boyfriend did it. Simple and perfect – with some parmesan and onions. I was sure tha tRisotto is not my thign but really well prepared is delish.
    2. The summer. I am really tired from the cold weather and those many layers of clothing and huuuge heavy boots.
    3. Since I am a freelancer I constantly worry about money and especially at times when I cannot even afford my regular medical checks (which are paid because I go to specific doctors)
    4. I would love to go to Portugal for some time, but at least a month and learn more how to catch waves with the surf. I love Portugal, their azulejos, foods and wines
    5. Bradd Pitt and Howard from Take That (the guy with the dreadlocks)

  63. Wendy says...

    Something delicious: Italian rum cake. I had forgotten how yummy it was. I’m looking forward to my next vacation to Oregon. I’m worried about the pressure schools put on the kids today to meet standardized testing and the lack of physical and mental breaks they get at school. Would love to visit Italy. Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall

  64. Emily says...

    1. Homemade chicken vindaloo- have been cooking Indian at home a bunch recently and turns out it’s not so intimidating, which is a nice surprise.
    2. My mama coming to visit today (high tea and facials!)
    3. Large scale: that we’re failing the children of America. Small scale: that I woke up at 2 this morning, never went back to sleep and am now concerned I’m going to be cranky or out of it when my mom gets into town. Related: should I cancel my Pilates class and pretend to sleep for another hour or just go because I’m awake?
    4. Basically anywhere they’ve filmed an episode of Chef’s Table, starting with Argentina.
    5. As a teenager (and, honestly, today and forever), Roger Federer, but as a very small child I was IN LOVE with the cartoon version of Robin Hood (yes, an animated fox).

  65. Ellen says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: a whole plate of sautéed kale with tons of garlic, kosher salt and black pepper.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: the end of my second pregnancy (5 weeks!), with the caveat that I also have trepidation of having a newborn again.
    What’s worrying you: the task of raising two boys in this world to be kind, curious, and not violent.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: as we near the end of our third (fourth?) dark and cold month in Buffalo, I’d go anywhere warm and sunny. Really. Anywhere.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: I’m pretty sure Beck was number one, and Leo, and Christian Bale, too. Not much has changed since then!

  66. Madeleine Galea says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: A Salmon salad my mum made
    What you’re looking forward to these days: A trip to NZ
    What’s worrying you: How I’ll recover from Glandular Fever and if I’ll finish my degree
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: New York, always (I live in Aus)
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Jack Nickolson. I may of been born in ’93, but he is always the man.

  67. Klara says...

    -> pizza quattro stagioni at an Italian bar over lunch with a co-worker
    -> my boyfriend and I stumbled onto our dream house over a week ago and now we’re super busy doing all the calculations to go and buy it; we can totally see us living there
    -> see above :o) … all the money stuff – will the current owners accept our offer? – will we be able to sell the appartment quickly? (aaaahh, please fast forward 2 months!)
    -> now? please take me to South-Africa for a month; first, let me hang by the pool at a wine estate for a few days; then, we can talk about hiking and safari thingies
    -> Zac Hanson; I saw him live for the first time last summer and let me say this: ‘adult celebrity crush? Zac Hanson!’ :o)

  68. Something delicious you ate recently: Tenderstem griddled in soy sauce. Delicious.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Summer, summer, summer.
    What’s worrying you: Doing well in my new job and… where the world is going. Makes me want to hide.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: New York again – I got sick in November on my first visit, I don’t want that to be my memory of the big apple!
    Your childhood celebrity crush: I didn’t have one!
    Emotional temperature: Changeable…!

  69. Liza says...

    I’ve been looking forward to listening to Brandi Carlile’s new album, “By The Way, I Forgive You”. It finally came out this week and it’s been on repeat. It’s an incredible album. The New York Times called it “an anthem for the belittled and bullied. Evokes the grand crescendos of ‘A Day in the Life’ and the finale of ‘Abbey Road'”. It’s monumental, profound, and just what the world needs in these trying times. I’ve found myself singing parts of it to myself all day long. In fact I was singing it just now when I read this post and it prompted me to write this. The music video for her single, “The Joke” is powerful. I know you like ballerina’s and the one in the video has a particularly harrowing tale that she wrote about in her book “Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina”. I urge all of you to take a listen to what Brandi has given to the world.

  70. Ash says...

    Ate: fresh, sweet mangoes

    Looking forward: chilling out at a staycation this weekend

    Worrying: about depressive illness getting the better of me

    Trip: a week in Sydney; the bluest skies

    Crush: didn’t have one!

  71. jess says...

    #1 Something delicious you ate recently: I’ve just come back from six days in Istanbul, so everything I ate. In particular, Uzbek parcels stuffed with roast aubergine served on a bed of tea-smoked yogurt…I mean!
    #2 What you’re looking forward to these days: autumn and RAIN, lots and lots of rain
    #3 What’s worrying you: my drought stricken city
    #4 A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Japan
    #5 Your childhood celebrity crush: Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell

    • Ellie says...

      Do you live in Cape Town, Jess?

    • Jess says...

      Hey Ellie! Yes I do. And you?

  72. Natalie says...

    The fried rice I made for breakfast with leftover rice with extra garlic and greens.
    I’ve been longing for the warmth and long days of summer like so many others. I’m so done with the ever present gray of Copenhagen winter and ready for a Scandinavia summer (a balmy 70)
    Getting into graduate school and then being able to save for the future while being a full time student.
    Currently living the dream in that regard- going to Finland and Croatia in the next month! Hoping for some warmth on the Mediterranean :)
    Embarrassingly enough, Lance Bass- JT was too much of a show off to me, ha!

  73. Mi says...

    1. A decadent chocolate mousse made by a friend
    2. I am looking forward to going on a holiday to Thailand, later this year
    3. Lots of changes happening at my workplace and while my job is secure, I am questioning my decision to stay on (but finding a new job in my city is not going to be easy)
    4. I’d go to Paris, if I could, now

    Emotional Temperature – I am struggling with my relationship with my husband. We communicate very differently (I like to talk through every problem and arrive at a solution; my temper tends to flare in a fight but I also calm down very soon and I forget the fight overnight. He is the exact opposite – Not likely to pick a fight but also tends to go silent on me, does not believe in opening up and talking about his feelings and does not forget. A.Single.Thing.). It has been many months of this and a lot of cold silence and it is beginning to take a toll on me. I love this man and I know him long enough to know that he struggles with being able to express himself (a traumatic childhood). I have no intentions of leaving him, but the amount of stress this causes me! Sigh. I am starting therapy soon (for myself) in the hope that I can find some answers.

    Thank you, Joanna for this space – for the anonymity as well as the warmth of the sisterhood here, that makes it easy to share details that are otherwise hard to share with friends and family. I come here as much for the comments and the banter, as I do for the posts.

  74. Laura says...

    Pesto cream pizza
    The birth of my second baby at the end of April
    The birth of my second baby at the end of April ? (7 years after my first!)
    Corey Haim

  75. Irene says...

    something delicious you ate recently: creamed codfish (the website i read the recipe on – – calls it “a small gourmet miracle”. well, it is!)
    what you’re looking forward to these days: my french friend visiting me in april
    what’s worrying you: a job i desperately want i don’t know if i’m qood enough for
    a trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: back to paris! a friend of mine is there rn and she’s texting me the most amazing pics – so envious! :)
    your childhood celebrity crush: james van der beek from dawson’s creek. is it weird that he’s still my #1 crush? (yep. i know.)

    ps. i’m always in awe at what this community is creating. sending virtual hugs to each and everyone of you

  76. I live in Sweden, and yesterday I left my son in kindergarten, when we are on the way we stopped at a bakery and I bought a coffee and a good bun to share. In most cases, I’m stressed when I leave him on kindergarten, thinking that I have to hurry up to work, and start drowning in thoughts of how much I have to do. This day became different, a childish stop, with a bun before pre-school*. and a take away coffee for mom. We changed route, and got a present moment together. The whole day became different, much easier and I had a nice feeling in my stomach for the rest of the day.

    * in sweden kids are only allowed to eat sweets on Saturdays, it´s a campaign that dentist started in the 70s, and it´s still on! So no sweets on the week days, only on saturday. happy kids with great teeth.

  77. Rebecca says...

    Something delicious: slow-cooked lamb shoulder with pita bread, haloumi and tzatziki on my 40th birthday last Saturday
    Looking forward to: finding a more nourishing, satisfying job
    Worrying: about how to prioritise myself and take better care of my health
    Tripping: sleepier pockets of Italy
    Childhood crush: Michael J Fox

  78. Rebecca says...

    Something delicious: slow-cooked lamb shoulder with pita bread, haloumi and tzatziki on my 40th birthday last Saturday
    Looking forward to: finding a more nourishing, satisfying job
    Worrying: about how to put prioritise myself and take better care of my health
    Tripping: sleepier pockets of Italy
    Childhood crush: Michael J Fox

  79. Bethany says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Just last night I made a lovely vegetable and olive tagine over rice. It was also a hit with my 10 month old and 4 year old!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: SPRING SPRING SPRING
    What’s worrying you: my kids have been sick almost non stop since mid January; one gets better and the other gets sick. We can’t break the cycle. It’s exhausting.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: skiing in the alps with friends that are living in Switzerland. Or Northern Europe with my family.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Johnny Depp (Benny & Joon)

  80. Something delicious you ate recently: A toasted hot cross bun slathered in french salted butter with a very hot cup of coffee.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: completing my wine diploma so I no longer have to study and can just enjoy a glass!
    What’s worrying you: exams and not having enough time to study whilst also working.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Austin, TX. one of my close friends moved away from the UK and I miss her.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Joey Lawrence from Blossom.

  81. Anna says...

    Something delicious i ate recently: Carbonara casserole with a bacon crust (yummy, creative AND easy to make!)
    What i’ m looking forward to these days: our beach holiday in june (it’s freeeeeezing outside…)
    What’ s worrying me: Wedding preparations are terrible at the moment
    A Trip i would take: definitely IRELAND
    And last but not least: Hugh Grant

  82. Something delicious you ate recently: My husband’s fish sliders, my friend Laura’s cupcakes
    What you’re looking forward to these days: My son’s first steps, first words, all of those little milestones
    What’s worrying you: My 10 month old boy has had a garden variety cold and now he can’t settle himself to sleep. While I love the cuddles it feels like a big step back. Such a small problem on a global scale, one I’m lucky to have.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico, Morocco, Iceland, Istanbul…
    Your childhood celebrity crush: River Phoenix, Heath Ledger

  83. 1. Rather than eating, the Czech beer Urquell Pilsner was the most exciting I in drank lately.
    2. A new vacation.
    3. My mother-in-law
    4. The Rio carnival.
    5. Macaulay Culkin.

  84. Greta says...

    Just ate homemade crusty gluten free bread;
    Looking forward to my Wednesday yoga class;
    Worried about my mother-in-law’s brain tumor;
    Would go to Australia;
    Used to crush hard on Kirk Cameron

    • Amy says...

      Homemade crusty gluten free bread? Any chance you’d share your recipe?

  85. Marion says...

    Thanks for asking!
    1. Coconut ice cream with warm sliced banana and a touch of coconut cream. :)))
    2. Our family holiday to Europe this July
    3. Worried about where we are going to retire (have been expats in Asia 18 years and another 10 or so to go).
    4. Iran or Georgia (the Caucasus)
    5. Barry Gibb (ha, really dating myself with that one!)

  86. Capa says...

    What’s worrying me: how labour and delivery in even the best State’s hospital seems so at odds with what we know a woman and her body need.

    I’ve recently found out that I’m pregnant, and this is so worrying and really depressing. That even though we have regained the knowledge that physically, normal healthy birth is easier when not done lying on your back, all the options around me (and they’re pretty top rated institutions) are super traditional/conservative. Why oh why has this been such a struggle?

  87. Ceridwen says...

    Love reading all the comments! I asked my 5 year old these questions this morning so here are her answers….
    1. Something delicious you ate: pizza. But definitely not that gelato last night. It had blood orange in it. That was disgusting.
    2. Something you are looking forward to: The word of the week at school changing from cat!!
    3. What is worrying you?:ummmmm….nothing.
    4. Where would you most like to visit?: Beechworth! (That’s where her grandparents live)
    5. I didn’t want to get into this one :)

    • Karine says...

      Love it!

  88. Alexandra says...

    1) Baked goat cheese, my favorite snack! I get the honey chèvre log from Trader Joe’s and bake it in the oven.
    2) Springtime! I have horrible seasonal depression and live in Chicago, where the winter has been extra tough. I can’t wait for sunny days and am really struggling to get through this last bit of winter.
    3) What’s not worrying me?! I feel so overwhelmed by my seasonal depression. I know winter will end soon and things will get better but right now I feel so overwhelmed and sad all the time. I am worried about finances, about my boyfriend (who lives almost 2000 miles away from me), about getting into grad school programs, etc. I am also very worried about the state of our world, especially re: gun violence.
    4) I’d take my boyfriend along with me to Bali so we could hike and eat good food and take long naps on the beach.
    5) Milo Ventimiglia as Jess on Gilmore Girls! I honestly was never into “bad boys” in real life but something about Jess really got me.

  89. 1. Delicious cacio e pepe here in Rome! The best ever!
    2. My niece arrives this weekend. It’s her first trip abroad; I’m jealous of that (even though I’m already here!)
    3. Worried about what is happening back home in the States, and that I can’t do anything about it from here. And sometimes I just need a hug about it all — one of the downsides of long haul, solo travel.
    4. I want to go everywhere! Currently traveling, and this summer I’m hitting a dream of mine, Bhutan. Thrilled.
    5. Too many. Duran Duran, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, David Bowie.

  90. Ashley says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Last weekend I threw my friend a French themed dinner party. The food was so beyond tasty. The beef bourguignon had an entire bottle of wine it. Yummm.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Getting a puppy. Just looking for the right breeder.
    What’s worrying you: A lot. I’m a worrier. On a big scale, so much violence & disunity in the world.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Ireland
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Which one? Let’s go with Leo. Titanic days.

    • Sharon says...

      What type of puppy?! I love my pups like others love their kids!

    • Heather says...

      Adopt a rescue, please!!!!

  91. Something delicious you ate recently: a perfect almond croissant from a Belgian bakery
    What you’re looking forward to these days: weekends
    What’s worrying you: if I’ll ever *really* get over him
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: home
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Christian Bale as Laurie in Little Women — before the second half of the movie where he grew that weird moustache. even at age 8 I was like, ‘but why?!’

    • Andrea says...

      OMG Christian Bale as Laurie was mine, too! I always wondered if I was the only one! I remember being so angry when he took up with Amy.

    • Karine says...

      Wow! Exact same thing for Christian Bale! ?

    • Emily says...

      ? Laurie!

  92. Zehra says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: tomato and basil miso soup at Valentine’s dinner, my husband’s treat!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: excited to start a new project
    What’s worrying you: our eventual future because we wish to emigrate this year and that comes up with the huge responsibility of getting enough funds and also securing jobs on another faraway continent
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Bali or Masi Mara, been putting off vacation time because we have to save up the most we can
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Kevin Zeggers – anyone else remember the Buddy movie series?!

    • You can do it!! I emigrated 5 years ago (just applied for citizenship now in Ireland) and it is beyond worth it. We had no jobs when moving over (terrifying) but if you work hard you will make it work. Good luck x

  93. Courtney says...

    Delicious: Smoked salmon and a pea/chickpea/Zaatar/yogurt salad. I let my 8 month old try it (inspired by an old post of yours) and he was delighted.

    Forward: Every day I look forward to seeing my baby smile when I get home. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with him. I’m also looking forward to a little anniversary wine tasting weekend in March.

    Worry: I’m worried that I am white knuckling my way through life right now and not going to be able to keep it up much longer. Returning to work full force after maternity leave has been hard. I hate it. I worry about being a good enough mom & wife.

    Trip: Any vacation! I’m dying to go to Norway.

    Crush: JTT and weirdly Hugh Grant

  94. 》I had the most delicious Dutch Baby (with lemon curd and raspberry) for the first time. ?
    》I am looking forward to hearing Margaret Carter* speak Sunday at church. ✊?(As a part of #blackhistorymonth)
    》I am worrying about student loans… and how they have garnished my tax refund. ?
    》I’d love to take a trip to New Zealand with my husband, or reunite with NY on a solo trip. ?
    》My first childhood celebrity crush was JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). But my longest… Justin Timberlake. ?


  95. Lindsay says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: moonstruck chocolate with toffee bits

    What you’re looking forward to these days: Barre3 (!), reading, feeling settled, seeing friends

    What’s worrying you: my girls, the state of the USA

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Iceland!

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Ricky Schroder

    Emotional temp: hanging in there… xoxo

  96. Kathryn says...

    1. A homemade frittata bursting with farmer’s market veggies.
    2. Going to Paris with my wife.
    3. So many things! My country’s government and my indecision about the best way to take action is probably at the top of the list.
    4. A long, peaceful retreat to any European country setting (Iceland is looking good right now).
    5. I tried, but I really can’t remember…

  97. Abbe says...

    This is so fun!
    Something delicious you ate recently: A roast duck bao bun at the Fatty Bao in Bangalore, India (I recently moved here for a fellowship)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: My boyfriend, who is also living in India but wayyyyyy up north, is coming to visit for a week starting tomorrow!
    What’s worrying you: Oh, lots of things. I’m a worrier. The state of our country (I’m American), the future of our country, will I get into grad school, will I be able to pay for grad school, how bad will the traffic be leaving from work….
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Right now, summertime in Maine
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Adam Landberg (aka Gordo from Lizzie Maguire. Such a sweetheart!)

  98. Pam says...

    Fish tacos while in So Cal (after being a vegetarian for 15 yrs!)
    Going on a weekend trip to Vegas with my mom so see Celine Dion.
    Worried about creating enough confidence to be a good manager and leader at work. Worried about my daughters growing up in this serious world.
    I want to go on an Eastern Sierra road trip with natural hot springs!
    I so loved Joaquin Phoenix in Inventing the Abbotts.

    My co-worker asks “what is your weather report”.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “My co-worker asks “what is your weather report” = love that :)

    • Sharon says...

      May I suggest the book Multipliers for help in managing others? It is SO good. Check out the reviews on Amazon. I had a brief stint as a manager, tried so hard but made all sorts of mistakes and hated the whole process. I wish I had had this book back then…

  99. Sarah K says...

    1. Pioneer Woman’s chicken thighs with pasta (even more delicious: the fact that my very picky 3-year-old gobbled down her whole plate and ASKED FOR MORE).
    2. Looking forward to no longer feeling like we’re camping in our home –it’s been a long fall and winter of slow, frustrating renovations (think expensive re-wiring instead of fun thing like new counters) in our much-loved 1927 house.
    3. Worried about shootings anyplace I take my children. And today, about cleaning up the massive mess created by water seepage and a drain backup in our basement.
    4. I really, really want to take our kids to the UK this year. For the first time, I feel like that might be doable and fun rather than utter insanity.
    5. Probably a young Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

    My emotional temperature: on the verge. I’m snapping too much at people I love. I want to live in a place of peace and equanimity but I don’t know how to get there.

    I love that you ask these questions. It’s touching to read others’ answers. Thank you for creating this kind of community.

    • Katha says...

      Oh Sarah,
      I hear you.

      „ I’m snapping too much at people I love. I want to live in a place of peace and equanimity but I don’t know how to get there.“

      Tell me when you found the way.

    • Ceridwen says...

      I had that same crush!!

    • Caitlin says...

      I agree! I typically pass over reading comments (distractions, time, etc.), but I’ve been devouring all of these

  100. Elizabeth says...

    1. Home made chicken burrito bowls with my family
    2. The arrival of my 3rd baby, finding out the gender, the luxury week long stay in hospital. It’s all good
    3. BIRTH
    4. Taking my son to visit castle ruins in the UK. Or maybe Harry Potter world in Florida
    5. Christian Bale in Little Women

  101. Jennifer says...

    Delicious: the El Pescador sandwich from El Pescador in La Jolla, CA…Dungeness crab, shrimp, smoked salmon

    Forward: my husband & I have completed allllll the paperwork/pictures/appointments needed to start adoption.

    Worrying: the above with the unknown. I’m still getting over failed IVF last year. My desire to be pregnant is almost unbearable.

    Trip: I was just talking about this with a girlfriend….a trip where I didn’t have to plan a thing or worry about anyone else. Quick girls’ trip to Cabo where our biggest concern is sunscreen & our drinks.

    Crush: River Phoenix, 21 Jumpstreet Johnny Depp

    • Sarah K says...

      Jennifer, all my best wishes and prayers for your family to be blessed in adoption with the exact right child for you. We adopted our youngest child almost four years ago and I still gaze at her with inexpressible gratitude for the miracle that she is our daughter. She came to our family after we’d been through several years of grief (two miscarriages and then a stillborn son) and while I don’t share your exact circumstances, my heart aches for your pain. As we were going through the adoption process I felt strongly that we needed a baby and that somewhere there was a baby who needed our family. There is great beauty in adoption and also great loss–for the birthmoms who bravely and lovingly make adoption plans for their babies because their own lives are in crisis, for our beloved children who will have to work through the fact that they are not with their biological families–and I think that having experienced our own grief can prepare us to be compassionate and empathetic as adoptive parents. Every time I have contact with our daughter’s birthmother, she mentions something about how she is so grateful that our family is exactly what she, and our daughter, needed. That is humbling and amazing to me because they are what we needed, too. I know the waiting process feels agonizingly long. But I can truly say that when we held our baby girl in our arms, I would not have traded that waiting period for anything because it was waiting for this particular baby, our daughter. And the connection I felt with her was, and is, just as profound and instantaneous as with my biological children. I believe you will be able to pour out that love that you have been storing up for so long. Hugs while you wait to be able to do that.

    • nikki says...

      A stranger is thinking of you through the difficult time! (Kiss and hug emoji)

    • Erin says...

      Jennifer – I admire you for applying for adoption. There are so many children out there who are need of love. My heart aches for you regarding your own IVF. Just know that you’re going to be an angel for a child somewhere.

    • Jennifer says...

      Sarah, Nikki, Erin…..thank you so much. You’re making me ugly cry.

  102. Stacy says...

    1. Ceviche and tacos
    2. Spending lazy, cold Montana Saturday mornings sipping coffee in the hot tub with my husband.
    3. Oh, man. Having kids has been the greatest amount of huge love/joy/low-key constant worry. All of those emotions are always present.
    4. Camping in Moab is on my brain.
    5 JFK, Jr. and David Letterman!!

  103. Michelle says...

    1. Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream
    2. Looking forward to going outdoors and spending time in the snowshoeing and rock climbing with family this weekend
    3. Worrying me: What do you do when you’re in a serious relationship but you notice that your partner is attracted to someone or that you are? I know that it’s normal to feel attraction to other and doesn’t have to be a big deal, but for some reason it makes me feel really anxious and disregarded when I become aware that partner thinks someone else is cute/cool! Are you and your partner supposed to confess said attractions? How do people handle this?

  104. Cate says...

    1. It’s simple but my one year old and I shared scrambled eggs this AM and they were darn delicious.
    2. Sleeping past 8am on Sat sounds heavenly.
    3. My oldest starts OT tomorrow and….ow. Hoping it helps his struggles in school.
    4. Scotland. Plus hubby. Minus kiddos. Plus so very much yarn and hiking.
    5. General Hospital’s Steve Burton (now that I’m a parent I ant believe I got away with watching that!)

    • Natasha says...

      I had the HUGEST crush on Steve Burton in high school! I even visited the GH set once and have an autographed picture with him. I had forgotten all about it until I read your post!

  105. Caroline says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: freshly made lemon-y hummus at this great Middle Eastern place here in Seattle, Mamnoon!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: reading a good book – I need recommendations! :)
    What’s worrying you: my job per usual
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I want to go back to Italy sooooo bad!
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers…is that weird?

    • Thuy says...

      Re: Anthony Kiedis – not weird, love it!!

    • Erin says...

      Books: The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Storied Life of AJ Fikry, Modern Romance, Merle’s Door. :)

  106. Karen says...

    1. Street tacos – yum!
    2. Spring, sowing garden seeds, bike rides and more time to nest.
    3. The state of our democracy.
    4. A trip to Romania, being off the beaten path and immersed in their culture.
    5. Rob Lowe

  107. Karissa says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Margaritas and nachos shared with friends
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I just finished graduate school and I start my first job on Monday.
    What’s worrying you: I live in Boston and my family lives in North Carolina. I have this lingering/worry fear that my choice to live so far from home may not be worth being away from my family.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: At the moment, Japan
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio – yesterday, today and tomorrow

  108. kimberly says...

    Something delicious: Blue Masa Street Tacos in Mexico City
    What you’re looking forward to: sometime at home to unwind after a busy month of work and travel
    What’s worrying you: the usual – am i living my best life, am I a positive contribution to those around me, will our nation ever see the light?
    A trip you’d take: New Zealand – an active trip with plenty of wine tasting
    Childhood celebrity crush: Josh Hartnett – no joke, i stapled over 100 photos of him to my bedroom wall when i was 13 and found a website that virtually “married” us. He was my first obsession. ha

    • Josh Hartnett!!! Loved him, too.

  109. Audrey says...

    ATE: this delicious ham and brie sandwich from the ferry building
    LOOKING FORWARD: to weekend getaways and happier days ahead
    WORRIES: My marriage is failing rapidly from a situation I didn’t predict and thought would never happen to me. I’m scared to end it and scared to continue but have to make a decision very soon.
    TRIP: Caen, France to visit dear friends
    CRUSH: Brandon Flowers from the Killers (I got to meet him when I was 15 and it was the best day of my young adult life)

    • Sarah K says...

      Audrey, so sorry for the pain you’re going through. Wishing you wisdom and strength and courage for whatever path lies ahead.

  110. Lauren says...

    1. So many delicious things! Homemade Funfetti cake; Khao Soi (from Pok Pok); and Nutella on toast with a little sea salt.

    2. Looking forward to all things summer — cooking outside; camping and hiking with our 1 year old; time at the beach.

    3. Worried about getting all the things done (always); the newness of parenting; and the crazy state of our government.

    4. Dream trips (with or without baby): Southern Italy; Mexico City and Oaxaca; Sevilla, Spain.

    5. Ben Affleck — I tacked a poster on the ceiling over my bed (perhaps circa Armageddon hey-day’s).

  111. Bailey says...

    1. roasted cauliflower with wild rice and a walnut-caper-gremolata-ish sauce
    2. spring buds
    3. humanity
    4. still trying to figure out a vacation destination for this year, but not even able to think of a single one place i’d like to visit. will be pouring over the comments to help choose a place.
    5. JTT and Devon Sawa

  112. Keri says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: poke tuna on top of a shrimp sushi roll, YUMMY

    What you’re looking forward to these days: routine and a couple long weekends

    What’s worrying you: I always feel like I am running out of time

    A trip you’d take if you could go anywhere: Greece, New Zealand, Vietnam

    Your childhood celebrity crush: Zac Hanson of MMMbop fame

  113. Sheila says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: homemade banana bread fresh out of the oven
    What you’re looking forward to these days: my birthday trip to NYC next month (any suggestions on things to do?)
    What’s worrying you: I have A LOT to get done at work, and there’s just never enough time
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Thailand, to visit missionary friends who live there
    Your childhood celebrity crush: I remember being a fan of Muggsy Bogues, but because he was short not because he was cute!

    • Bridgette says...

      If you’re in ny you should go to butter and scotch in crown heights. so delicious. it’s cocktails and cakes basically the two thing you really need for celebrating a birthday

  114. bridget says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: spicy miso ramen with pork crumbles
    What you’re looking forward to these days: meeting my first baby (any day now!) & wearing non-maternity clothing ;)
    What’s worrying you: how to be a first time parent, the spring ants in my kitchen
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: New Zealand or a tropical island like St. Lucia
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  115. Erin says...

    What you’re looking forward to these days: spring…riding my bike, patio happy hours & light evenings.
    What’s worrying you: My gender non-conforming 5 yo starts kindergarten next fall…all the worries!!
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Norway
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Devon Sawa

    • I’m not sure where you live…granted, I’m in Los Angeles and the gym where I coach is a very “wealthy progressive hollywood types” kind of place”, but I am endlessly amazed at how unfazed the kids I coach are by their gender nonconforming, trans, and genderfluid peers. It’s so heartening. <3 lots of love to you and your kiddo. Also cool name :D

  116. Ej says...

    1. A delightful, fresh, Vietnamese salad. Yum!
    2. Weekends when everyone is home together.
    3. How having another baby would affect my home, health, relationship with my husband, and career. It’s all consuming!
    4. The UK – my son would love the natural history museum, and my daughter would be in awe of the castles.
    5. Nick Carter.

    Instead of asking ‘how are you’, a friend and I often ask each other ‘how is the state of your heart today’. Not so easy to answer flippantly, and we’ve found it encourages a surprisingly honest response. As I sit here and watch my son laugh at things only a 9 month old finds funny, my heart is content.

  117. Joanna Tsay says...

    For a morning snack today I had a red velvet latte and a chocolate croissant. They were both pretty delicious.
    If I’m being honest, every day I look forward to going to bed at night. But I do have a first ever girls’ trip to Palm Springs coming up in May and that’s exciting too.
    I worry about this second baby we are expecting, and how we will be able to juggle two kids.
    If I could go anywhere? Hawaii.
    Childhood crush- at what age? Haha. It’s hard to recall my first ever celebrity crush, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio in Growing Pains.

  118. Susan says...

    1. Delicious ramen in a dimly lit modern NYC restaurant.
    2. Looking forward to my daughter graduating high school.
    3. College tuition.
    4. RVing across the U.S.
    5. The Jackson 5 (yes!).

  119. Jodi says...

    1. Beet bourguignon a la Green Kitchen Stories
    2. Slow, sleepy weekends after what feels like a tough week, every week
    3. My father’s fear of aging and my fear as a result of his, which grows exponentially by the day
    4. A month adventure anywhere with my husband, where we can remove ourselves from the daily demands of life and be together with no distractions
    5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    Your childhood celebrity crush:

  120. Claire says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: lentils with glazed vegetables; a green salad with avocado, lemon and olive oil
    What you’re looking forward to these days: These days I mostly try not to think too much ahead, I just take one day at a time
    What’s worrying you: being unemployed, my son- his algebra class, and how to help him go to college and follow his dreams, those I care about who are not well, school shootings and our violent world – so worried about this
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Switzerland, and stay in a luxury hotel. Or New Zealand.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Davey Jones in The Monkees

  121. Anne says...

    Love these comments!
    Delicious – Dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds (currently in mouth)
    Looking forward to – Watching my little men at the little league opening day parade
    Worried – If this muffin top over my pants is here to stay (note: chocolate may not be helping but so enhances my emotional state)
    Trip – London to see my nieces
    Celeb crush – The one and only Kirk Cameron

  122. Hannah says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: I made arroz al horno – basically paella but with pork instead of seafood. Give me all the rice.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: MOVING FROM THE SMALLEST TOWN IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!! To a city near the smoky mountains – my favorite place in the world. And my husband and I’s 1st year anniversary :)
    What’s worrying you: Should we even bring kids into this crazy world?
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: France’s wine country, swoon
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake, but let’s be real he’s still my celebrity crush.

    My emotional temperature is that of a crisp morning walk through the mountains – probably because of all the hiking in my future!!!

    • Carla says...

      Arroz al Horno!!! This is from my hometown, where I live! Valencia, Spain. Give us all the rice!!!!

  123. Sarah says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: home-made maple mustard chicken
    What you’re looking forward to these days: A few movies! A Wrinkle in Time, Ocean’s Eight, Res Sparrow, Crazy Rich Asian’s
    What’s worrying you: being single at 32 and thinking about if I want marriage, kids, etc.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Iceland for a solo trip
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Gilbert Blythe, especially Jonathan Crombie in the Anne movies

    • Em says...

      Aww yes! Jonathan Crombie’s Gilbert Blythe was my first love, too!

    • Sarah Jane says...

      Love the crush answer. I hadn’t thought of him, but wish I had. What a sweet, nostalgic feeling you just brought to my day!

  124. ELLE says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: eggplant polpette
    What you’re looking forward to these days: good news, good health, good friends, good family
    What’s worrying you: I am a week into my diagnosis with Bell’s Palsy. I am incredibly anxious. Any readers able to share some good stories?
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’ll be meeting my dad in Northern Spain for a week of tapas in a month
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake. Nsync 4ever

    • E says...

      Oh my gosh, I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in my last week of pregnancy last December. I had been incredibly stressed; my husband’s parents and my brother and his girlfriend decided they would come visit the week before my due date to “wait and meet the baby” (I’m a first time mom and did not realize what a bad idea that was…it was a very bad idea). I was also incredibly swollen! And my husband somehow got the flu! It was the perfect storm.

      As you likely know, there is no guarantee it will go away (!), but my ob and neurologist agreed I should take a steroid and antiviral, which I did (and was terrifying in my last days of pregnancy and delivery). I remember also sitting in the delivery room in a rocker massaging my face… there was absolutely no remarkable change for at least two weeks. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t offer medical advice, but I will say that my ob prescribed me a high dosage ibuprofen (which is anti inflammatory?) for delivery related issues, and after starting this, the Bell’s palsy resolved itself entirely within a few days. Maybe completely unrelated, but for me I think focusing on reducing inflammation was helpful!

      Sending you good thoughts for your recovery!

  125. Sara says...

    Food: instant pot arroz con pollo recipe. Delicious, healthy, and a family favorite. It’s also easy to prepare. Winning.

    Forward: I’ve gotten back into reading. I look forward to reading my book at the end of every day and I look forward to listening to the Current every morning when I wake up ( I live in MN and it’s the best radio station.

    Fear: Trump. Our government. Lack of gun control.

    Trip: I want to visit New Zealand, Croatia, and Cambodia. Though if I could go anywhere tomorrow it would be Sevilla.

    Crush: Ha. Devon Sawa. I loved the movie Now and Then.

  126. Susan says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: SHISHITO PEPPERS with
    caesar, breadcrumb, parmesan, bonito at Saint Dinette in St. Paul, MN
    What you’re looking forward to these days: spring
    What’s worrying you: school for my kiddo next year
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Paris, and eat all the things, with a side trip to Scotland
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Jason Bateman

    • Mama M says...

      Ah, Saint Dinette! Haven’t had the shishito peppers, but everything I’ve eaten there is so, so good.

  127. Leslie says...

    1. A couple slices of moist, cakey banana bread, with cherry gelato ,and fresh blackberries– delish.
    2. Being – almost- fully financially stable and independent, for the first, time, ever.
    3. The fear and doubt that I’m not living my most bold, authentic life, and that I’d better not lose any more precious time.
    4. Italy, Italy, Italy! or, Spain.
    5. Daniel Auteiul (I watched a lotta French films)

  128. Ali says...

    1. Ramen (and it was vegetarian! who knew the broth could still be so tasty)
    2. Planning a trip to London/Paris
    3. Who’s going to win the Bachelor (and a lot of other more serious things, but I figured I’d go for something light-hearted)
    4. The Taj Mahal
    5. Justin Timberlake, spaghetti hair and all

    • Yulia says...

      Lolololol–just spit my oatmeal out. Spaghetti hair, you are totally right!

  129. Sarah Jane says...

    Delicious: My mother-in-law’s jambalaya.
    Looking forward to: A few days of spring break in San Diego, solo, in an AirBNB with a pool, in my favorite (adorable) neighborhood.
    Worry: My students, guns, guns near my students.
    If I could go anywhere: Cruising in Greece.
    Childhood celebrity crush: Eh, never cared that much.

  130. Kate Sullivan says...

    1. the chocolate chip walnut cookie paired with a cappachino from Great White in Venice
    2. spring
    3. the health of my sweet 7-year-old Australian Shepard
    4. Greece
    5. I hate to admit it but Superman Dean Cain (ew) from Lois & Clark!

  131. Julie says...

    Something delicious you ate recently:
    I’m currently drinking prosecco from the [miniature] bottle, and it’s pretty dang delicious. If not this, than the Bibimbap I had last weekend.

    What you’re looking forward to these days:
    Moving into a larger house in one week, where I can park in a garage!

    What’s worrying you:
    See above (and all the stressors of getting a house sold and packed). Oh, and politics, safety, and the like.

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    Napa Valley and Yosemite, if I’m being realistic. Europe if I’m dreaming!

    Your childhood celebrity crush:
    Leonardo DiCaprio. My sister and I literally made a board game about him, with the end goal of matrimony. She reads this blog religiously, so “Hi, Jess!”.

    • Cate says...

      I love the mini bottles of prosecco! ?

  132. Hannah says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Honestly, I’ve eaten Chipotle 3x this week! I’m an undergrad and it’s midterm season. That’s my excuse!
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I’m looking forward to learning what I will be doing after I graduate this May! I’m waiting to hear back from several things and I hope at least one of them comes through.
    What’s worrying you: The above! That none of them will come through.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’m an Arabic and Middle East Studies major but I haven’t traveled to the region yet. I really hope that’s what my post-grad plans consist of. I want to see it all…Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc., etc.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Andy Griffith was my first childhood crush when I was around 5. I used to watch reruns of The Andy Griffith Show with my parents. I loved how kind and gentle but silently strong he was. :) I definitely thought he was waiting for me to get old enough to marry him in Mayberry. My parents showed me a picture of him in the newspaper and I remember being crushed that he was so old and MARRIED.

  133. Danielle Paleafico says...

    1. We made homemade shakshuka the other night! It came out great :)
    2. My birthday in two weeks! My boyfriend is surprising me with a weekend getaway – I don’t know any details and he says “all you have to do is show up and not worry about anything” – SWOON.
    3. The next year of the future and all of the uncertainty! Do I want to stay at my job? Should we take off a year and travel? Can I lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained back? Does my boyfriend want to move in (soonish)? I’m turning 31 – what’s my next year look like?!
    4. SO many places, but currently top of the list are New Zealand/Australia and perhaps somewhere exotic like Bali! Also, everywhere in Europe.
    5. Mike Seaver! Kirk Cameron was seriously the BEST. Gotta love that late 80’s / early 90’s!

  134. Sarah says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: a homemade pizza, finally nailed the recipe! (from Dinner a Love Story!)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Getting out of my first trimester and feeling human again
    What’s worrying you: the resistance to common sense gun laws. But those high schoolers are so inspiring!
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: The Swiss Alps! Cozy fires, amazing views, hot chocolates
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake from the terrible hair N Sync days lmao

  135. Judy says...

    Something delicious: kouign amann
    Looking forward to: a weekend away with my hubby in San Francisco. It’s been way too long since we’ve been away alone!
    Worry: my children in light of guns and bullying
    Trip I would take: Iceland
    Childhood Celebrity Crush (define childhood – don’t think of myself as grown up): Robert Downey Jr., but I think we are the same age! ;-)

  136. Something delicious you ate recently: My mom’s homemade chicken pot pie. Yes, I seconds. And thirds.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Being able to see the new man I’m dating when we’re in the same part of the world (he’s a pilot and I’m a flight attendant, it’s a bit difficult haha).
    What’s worrying you: Not living my life to the fullest.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Antarctica to see the penguins!
    Your childhood celebrity crush:

  137. Lauren says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: Japanese sweet potatoes with miso butter, maybe my favorite thing in the world (this recipe:
    What you’re looking forward to these days: a trip with three of my best girlfriends to Italy in September! Strolling, gelato, cicadas, sitting around in piazzas eating pasta, gazing at marble semi-nudes…. etc.
    What’s worrying you: the prospect of having to say goodbye to my dad, who has stage 4 cancer.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I’m taking it! (see above). Or: Japan.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: I love that at least one other person said Aladdin. Also: Daniel Day Lewis. STILL.

    • Kelsey says...

      Lauren, you are so right about those miso sweet potatoes! I love that recipe too.

  138. Helen says...

    I need to do more reflection like this!

    Something delicious you ate recently: Antique Taco Salad (one of the only salads I crave)
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Sunshine
    What’s worrying you: Time + Money
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I would take my mom to England. She never takes trips and she lived there when she was young.
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Aaron Carter
    What’s your emotional temperature today: 75 with a chance of rain

  139. Eleanor says...

    Ate: Korean food sampler with my Girl Scout Troop (amazing how many of the 9 year olds tried seafood kimchee!)
    Looking forward: to hiking, camping, and outdoor stitching
    Worrying about: nothing, honestly; not because there aren’t many things I care about, but because I try to follow Victor Hugo’s advice: “Have courage for the great sorrows of life, and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.”
    Trip: Canada’s Maritime Provinces (way too much Anne of Green Gables…)
    Crush: Val Kilmer

    • Oh gosh, I’ve been reading through everyone’s pieces (love them!) but the worries resonated with me so much and were weighing my heart. This quote made it lighter, thank you! I’m going to sleep now. God is awake :)

    • Yulia says...

      That quote brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. :-)

    • judith says...

      What a beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing it.

  140. Virginia says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: I recently made a butternut squash and white bean pureed soup, topped with quinoa, from Three Times a Day by Marilou Alexandre Champagne. Despite sounding so humble, the depth of flavour of the soup in these final months of winter warmed my heart.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: Warmer, longer days with sun so I can finally step out for a run. And for my son to take better daytime naps.
    What’s worrying you: That I’m losing my literary self. I consume articles and essays more than I ever have before, but with a new son, reading novels has fallen to the wayside, and I feel like I’ve lost my ability to accurately articulate how I feel.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: New Zealand
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Weirdly enough, no one really. Maybe Jonathan Taylor Thomas if anything. I do remember everyone crushing on Leonardo DiCaprio, and not quite getting the attraction there. When I first watched The Great Gatsby though, and saw the scene where DiCaprio’s character, Gatsby, turns around and we see him for the first time through Nick’s eyes, I was like, “Oh, I get it now.” Haha.

  141. Anonymous says...

    I burst into tears when I read the headline “How Are You?”. It felt so good to be asked which sounds pathetic but I feel so helpless. My husband of 12 years left me because he didn’t like who I’ve become when mothering our young children. He slept with more people in two months than I have in my whole life. We’ve since reconciled but I have a million worries. Did he come back only for the kids even though he says otherwise? What will happen when our friends and family find out? I’m so ashamed. I heard the truth always comes to light and I’m so embarrassed. Did I do the right thing to get back with him even though he’s not remorseful over what happened? I couldn’t breathe without him in my life and living with this is no way to live either. I am seeing a therapist and going to couples therapy and I’ve spoken with my best friend. Despite that support I can’t breathe, you know? He has agreed to go to a therapist himself but I don’t trust him. He travels for work and I won’t be able to function with him away. I truly believed he loves me but there are so many things running through my mind. He says they weren’t affairs since we weren’t together but I feel so low and horrible and if I just ignore that it happened I find myself having fun and loving our love together. He understands that I’m sad but when I get angry it makes him pull away. Will everything ever be ok? Will he leave me again? Can I ever trust him again? What do I do in the mean time. I’d be sick if he left again since I know the unbearable pain it caused last time. Thanks for listening, I’m so grateful for someone out there to hear this.

    • Justine says...

      Sending you so much love, strength and hope. You are worth love, compassion, faith and constancy. You have the power to choose your path to happiness, whether it is with, or without this man. You do not have to accept that which does not support and enhance your wholeness. (((hug)))

    • Serafina says...

      Oh Anonymous! My heart breaks for you. I’ll be thinking about you and am so proud that you’re reaching out for help and support with counseling and your best friend.

      This is not your mistake… You are a wonderful woman who cares for her family and she doing everything you can to keep it together. You are a warrior. Keep breathing. You can make it through this and your children are lucky to have you as their mom.

    • Claire says...

      I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It will all be ok, but it may take a while to sort it all out. I’m not just saying this, I have some experience. I bet others on this list do too. What you are dealing with is rough. Go easy on yourself. Take care of yourself every day, and above all keep going to therapy. Love on your children, let them love you back. Lean on the friends and family who love you and want to be there for you. This may sound lame or impossible, but just for a few minutes each day try to think of something else. Give your attention to whatever is life affirming for you, or do a favor for someone. I get the shame part, truly, but try as best as you can not to go there. Most marriages go through crises like this. People don’t always talk about it, but I believe it happens pretty often. It will mend, or it won’t, but either way you will be ok. You may not be able to see it right now, from where you are, but one day you will wake up and know you are on the other side of it. Thinking good thoughts for you.

    • Anonymous says...

      To Justine , to Serafina and to Claire –

      You are angels. I will read your messages of support everyday. I can barely see through my tears as I type – you have no idea how grateful I am to you, complete strangers because I am too ashamed to admit my current reality to even my closest friends and family. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone but it is comforting to hear that other marriages go through tough times. Thank you dear ones for your kindness, I will think of you often.

    • Sarah K says...

      Anonymous, my heart goes out to you. And I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about. This is not your fault. You have been wounded and it’s okay to be hurting and to have to work through that, whatever the end result of that is. I hope you are able to continue to open up this painful area with people you trust. You should not have to carry this alone. I have not been in your exact shoes but I’ve been through some very dark times and I think we just have to give ourselves time and space to grieve, to process, to go through the hard stuff. Sometimes there are no shortcuts–no way out but through. But I think finding safe places where you can be honest about what you are feeling is such an important part of healing. From King Lear: “The weight of these sad times we must obey; speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.” Hugs.

    • Alice says...

      Sending huge love to you, Anonymous. That sounds incredibly tough and so painful. But please always remember that you are worthy of all the good things in the world, and this is not your fault. Things will resolve themselves, one way or another, eventually, I promise. And in the meantime you focus on you, and on being an awesome mother to your children (which you already are, of course).

    • Clara says...

      My dear Anonymous,

      I am so sorry you are going through this. I wish I could give you a hug, make you some tea, listen to your story and give you all my well thumbed Books-For-Difficult-Times (like “Dear Sugar” by Cheryl Strayed). Please take good care of yourself. Find a place where you can breathe. Your body knows things. Maybe you also find the Esther Perel Podcast helpful? She is a couples therapist and talks couples through issues like you are facing now..
      All the best to you, keep us updated xx

    • Amanda says...

      Anonymous, This happened to you, but it does not define you. You’re unable to control what others do so please do not feel ashamed. You’re allowed to feel hurt and betrayed, and people who matter will not judge- they only want the best for you too. I hope you can sort out your feelings and have some peace soon. You sound like a strong and loving person. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Yulia says...

      Right now you are walking through uncharted territory. Know that it is okay not to know how to travel this unfamiliar, scary land. It is okay to feel lost, to be afraid, to struggle, to wonder if you’re doing it wrong, to seek help, and to keep moving even if you’re not sure of the direction. We are all imperfect travelers. Keep doing what you need to do to survive. Each day brings you closer to a future in which everything has been figured out. You will get there, and when you look back your journey will amaze you. It’s hard now, and it may be hard for some time, but keep putting one foot in front of the other.

      You can do it. Sending love.

  142. ginger3 says...

    Something delicious you ate recently:
    raw vegan raspberry cheesecake

    What you’re looking forward to these days:
    living in my new home

    What’s worrying you:
    ARMING public school teachers??? NO. and the abuse of privacy and metadata by entities we should be able to trust like our government/hospitals/credit bureau’s, etc

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere:
    Bora Bora

    Your childhood celebrity crush:
    I never had one!

  143. Anna says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: strawberry cheesecake blizzard from Dairy Queen

    What you’re looking forward to these days: summer, my husband getting home from work tonight, ripe watermelon, dinner with my mom tomorrow

    What’s worrying you: Finances, family dynamics

    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: Thailand

    Your childhood celebrity crush: JTT

  144. MJ says...

    1. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a recipe i hadn’t made in YEARS but use to all the time when my husband was with my boyfriend and made this this time with our daughters.
    2. looking forward to a day date with my husband tomorrow am
    3. afraid of a lot…building my practice, while being the mom/wife i want to be; sending my girls to schools because i can’t be there/protect them all the time
    4. so many dream places…iceland (i live in so california)
    5. andre agassi (i was really into tennis, ha!)

    • Adrienne says...

      Love Andre Agassi!!! Awesome crush!

  145. Chelsea says...

    1. sweet potato agnolotti sautéed in brown butter with beet greens, tomato confit and Marcona almonds
    2. Looking forward to spring and starting seeds for my garden.
    3. Worried about guns, and especially worried about raising a son in this culture of so much violence perpetrated by boys and men.
    4.when I was pretty little I had a crush on Jeff Goldblum and felt weird about it.

    • Chelsea says...

      Forgot where I would go… Hawaii I think.

    • Eva says...

      Oh my gosh, nothing weird about a crush on Jeff Goldblum! :)

  146. Rachel says...

    1. I’ve been eating steel cut oats with rhubarb applesauce all week and it makes me so psyched for mornings.
    2. A hiking trip to Scotland with my college roommate this June!
    3. I’m starting new anxiety meds, which brings with it this worry about worry and the thing that’s supposed to help the worry, which can’t help but feel a little ironic. Also feeling hopeless when it comes to world events, but it doesn’t look like I’m alone in that.
    4. Honestly, that Scotland one! We’ve talked about taking it for years and I can hardly believe we bought the tickets.
    5. William Moseley, AKA Peter from the Narnia movies.
    6. A friend once described a “feeling of impending hopefulness,” and I’m not totally there yet, but working toward it.

    • Stefanie says...

      Where are you going to hike? Scotland is wonderful! :)

    • Rachel says...

      The highlands and summer isles! We’re starting and finishing in Inverness. :)

  147. tara says...

    A bite of my husbands lasagna
    Selling some heat bags to finance next project
    That my husband wants to move
    hmmm…Kevin Costner

  148. Jessica says...

    1. The homemade bread we just took out of the oven. Long Live Tartine Bread.
    2. When I actually sleep through the night again, because #3under3 ?
    3. Shootings, parental leave, daycare and healthcare costs, and the general future of our country
    4. Back to Iceland. Or really any Nordic country
    5. Not 100% childhood, but Justin Timberlake. (Does it count if it’s still a valid crush?)

    • Anne says...

      That super bowl performance made my heart pitter patter.

  149. Lauren says...

    Something delicious you ate recently: We went to visit our friends in Maine and stayed up late partying and grilling. The next morning, I dug into some chips and onion dip before breakfast and that shizz was exactly what I needed.
    What you’re looking forward to these days: I have a whirlwind trip to LA planned for next weekend… Long term, I’m getting married soon!
    What’s worrying you: GUNS.
    A trip you’d take, if you could go anywhere: I only ever want to go to Italy. Everywhere else can screw!
    Your childhood celebrity crush: Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You – his little half smile gets me right in the gut. Side note: that movie is just as good today as it was in 1999.

  150. Jeanne says...

    1. McConnell’s Earl Grey Tea and Shortbread ice cream. Sounded so strange but WOWZA
    2. Looking forward to spending time with my dear friends. They lift me so much and I don’t get to see them enough
    3. Worried about why our politicians putting special interests payments over trying to make the country a better place for their constituents. I am dismayed how this president prefers blaming, punishing and pointing fingers than doing his best to bring the people together. There is no “winning”.
    4. Would love to visit London. I think I need some High Tea at Fortnums!
    5. I can’t even remember!

    • Marianne says...

      McConnells! Do you live in Santa Barbara? I love that ice cream flavor. Also eureka lemon and marionberry!

    • Jeanne says...

      Marianne: There is a scoopery (I made up that word because it’s late and my brain isn’t working haha) at the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. I also love their Peppermint, which I can get at grocery stores. Will have to try lemon and marionberry!