Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

Alex and I got hitched 7 1/2 years ago, and I loved every moment. But it’s fun to think about what we might do differently if we were planning our wedding today. Surprisingly, as the years pass, I find myself imagining a simpler and simpler wedding. Maybe it’s because I know more than ever that the core elements (family, the vows) are what really matter, or maybe because at this point in life I can’t imagine planning something elaborate! Here are a few things I’d switch up…

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

My J.Crew dress made me feel like a ballerina, but these days I might go for a shorter, more casual number, like this one by Samuelle. (Also, remember these cute overalls and this sweater?)

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

My heels pinched and I ended up barefoot by the end of the night, so I’d pick pretty shoes with a comfy stacked heel. And you could wear them on your honeymoon, too.

Walking down the aisle was such a magical moment, it still gives me chills to think about. We had considered playing Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm” as our processional song, but I worried that, at five minutes, the song was too long. Instead, we played “Ave Maria,” which was beautiful — but I always secretly wished we’d gone with our first choice. (What would you play?)

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

We served chocolate chip cookies for dessert, but if we were going for that cut-the-cake moment, I’d choose flourless chocolate. So good.

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

How sweet and simple is this bouquet of white roses?

Wedding Question: What Would You Do Differently?

After the reception, Alex and I went back to our hotel, ordered a burger on the bed and gossiped while I spent an hour taking out all my bobby pins:) If we had a do-over, we might stop by our friends’ after party first. It’s one of those rare times that everyone you love comes together, and it’s worth soaking that up as long as possible.

A couple things from our wedding that I’d definitely do again: A first look. An Italian dinner. This nail polish. Marrying Alex. Our honeymoon souvenir. xoxo

Are you planning a wedding right now? If you’re married, what would switch up if you got married again (to the same person, of course)? Here’s what I would have done four years ago:) It’s funny to see how your taste and wishes change!

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  1. Julie says...

    Marry somebody else.

  2. Liz M. says...

    Well, considering I’m 100lbs lighter than on my wedding day two years ago I’d definitely re-do the photos!

  3. Mandi says...

    Not a thing. We had a simple ceremony at a friend’s house on the beach, followed by a low country boil with my husband’ home brews. I wore a jcrew dress I’d bought off of eBay. I bought flowers from Walmart the day before, and our mothers made a few different cakes. The only big expense was the photographer. Our friends still talk about it!

  4. Martha P says...

    A bigger cake! It was delicious…so much so, there was none in our get away picnic the caterer gave us as we left for our bed and breakfast!

  5. Clare says...

    I’d hire a professional photographer instead of a family member whose photos I hadn’t seen. I know this really goes against tradition but I hated not being able to talk to my fiancé. It would’ve made the day much less stressful if we had some time together.

  6. Absolutely nothing! We got married in secret with only 2 guests (my sister and our best friend) and didn’t even tell our parents. We called them on the way to the airport before we flew on what they thought was just a holiday, but was actually our honeymoon. It was the most relaxed, stress-free day, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  7. My lip color is the only thing I’d change. It makes me angry just talking about it! I didn’t think about it ahead of time so I just asked my mom for lipstick when we got to the venue! Ugh! All the pictures I hate my lip color! Too pink I wanted red!