1. Ah, these are all so cute. I really like the “tot” sweatshirt.

  2. Each of these sweaters is peculiar in its on way. I appreciate the artisan ship of kids’ fashion designers. They make these kids’ clothes so irresistibly cute, that sometimes you tend to buy what they d not need immediately. The only restrain you have is knowledge that the kids will wear those cute sweaters just for few months before they give them up, which you as parent sometimes find hard to do.

  3. I love, love, LOVE the “TOT” shirt! So cute, so simple! Wish it came in different colors! I just bought our daughter a few new outfits. So cute!

  4. Ella says...

    The “Faces” sweatshirt would be really easy to make in an adult size– use potato print!

  5. These are great! Is it bad I would want them for myself??

  6. Cute selection!!! I struggled to find cute sweaters for my little man for a long time. It eventually led me to making my own!

  7. I love little sweatshirts on kids! ‘Y daughter is 2, but fitting into 3T and she is tall enough to look adorable in the more adult looks now, I love it! 8 would also add that there is an adorable Halloween themed Gap kids sweatshirt with a cat who is wearing a little mask! Adorable!

    Xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

  8. We don’t have any sweatshirts (yet), but please check us out too! I think they have the same aesthetic as these…particularly our “Mess Maker” and “Sleep Stealer” tees;)


  9. ck says...

    rainbow, dinos and faces. also metropolis and hand trick. so… almost all of them? I could picture my big girl (6) and my little girl (1 1/2) in matching ones. Of course, we are in Mississippi and the temperature is still OVER 90 DEGREES F!

  10. Courtney says...

    Oh great, now I have to buy all of these. Thanks ;-)

  11. What a cute selection, Joanna.
    I like all of them… Ok, except the first one in the last row.
    Because “tot” in German means “dead”…
    But the others would fit perfect to my little ones.

    • Anna says...

      That’s the first thing I was gonna comment about, as well!

    • My first thought, too! I gasped out loud at that one!!!!

  12. Alison Cooper-Mullin says...

    All adorable! Where is the Yay sweatshirt from?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks for your note! it’s from this etsy shop: http://tidd.ly/ab161ae0

  13. y’all….the c’est magnifique sweatshirt comes in a tee for adults! ordering mine now :)

  14. Leah says...

    Joanna, I think you made the PRESCHOOL one sell out :)

  15. Alice says...


  16. wow thats really cute, can u sell it on teespring?

    my cute little brother will fit in :D

  17. Darnelle says...

    Love them all. Wish they had adult sizes for some of them.

  18. OMG I want some of these for myself…which is probably why I sometimes embarrassingly match the kids I babysit.

  19. Kim says...

    Why aren’t all of these in adult sizes? I want the rainbow!

  20. M. says...

    The Preschool one is great! Hilarious!

  21. Katie says...

    I wish these came in adult sizes! I’m 27 and I would totally wear most of these. How about an adult sweatshirt roundup? haha

  22. Zoe says...

    That “preschool” sweatshirt really made me chuckle.

    I wish I had a child to put that on!

  23. Anna says...

    I’m surprised about the TOT shirt. In German that means ‘dead’ and I’d be uncomfortable having my kid run around wearing that. Just interesting cultural differences, since for someone who doesn’t speak German this could really be a very cute shirt.

    • Same here, i was a bit shocked about this Shirt. i get it, it’s short for “toddler” but it fells weird to print this on a Kids Shirt. Love the rainbow and the faces!
      … and this blog!!

  24. oh my goodness these are so sweet! my little ophelia needs the heart one <3.

    i've got nyfw street style looks made attainable irl on my blog today if you're interested!


  25. Ah, these are all so cute. I really like the “tot” sweatshirt.

  26. Courtenay M says...

    I love the dinosaur one and the c’est magnifique sweatshirts! I’m not sure if you’ve featured them before or not but I think you’d really like Whistle and Flute clothing for kids (and adults!). They are from my neck of the woods, Vancouver, Canada :) http://www.whistleandfluteclothing.com