Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Golden Gate Bridge

What are you up to this weekend? My sister is coming to visit from California and we’re going out for pizza tonight. And speaking of flying cross country… We’re giving away an exciting weekend getaway for two to San Francisco or New York. (Which city would you pick? Who would you take?) Enter here, if you’d like, and thank you so much! Meanwhile, here are a few fun links from around the web.

What it feels like to have autism.

This first paragraph about vacation rentals made me laugh. Me, too!

Warning signs that you’re a side character in a movie.

Cheater fish tacos.

Damn! This awesome teen was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.

Would you display fake flowers?

Behind-the-scenes at the Museum of Natural History.

Pretty dress for summer weddings.

23 rewards that aren’t food or shopping.


Would you wear pants as a bride?

A conversation with Asian-Americans on race.

Finally, thank you for all the amazing book recommendations! I am so excited to dive into these three.

(Photo by Sasha Zvereva.)

  1. yesyesyes to the conversations about race. i’m asian american so it hits home. also, love the behind the scenes of the museum!

  2. Great list! I want the books! :)))

  3. Katie Larissa says...

    I am so excited about the contest! (Probably too excited, honestly, seeing as how there are so many people entering. But hey, hope springs eternal, right?)
    My husband Tyler and I just found out we’re expecting our second baby – and we have a 10 month old already! I’m a little overwhelmed, and a “babymoon” would certainly be very welcome.

  4. Katie says...

    Kudos to that kid for getting into the colleges to which she applied, but is it really national news? I’ve never understood the Ivy obsession; it seems like a real remnant of the aristocracy – – – I mean, who cares? Maybe my indifference is just a west-coast thing. The rebel in me hopes she opts for another, more low profile but equally intellectually challenging place (Reed or Kenyon come to mind), to continue her studies. Now THAT would be news-y!

  5. Roxana says...

    Great link list! Thank you! Really appreciate a conversation with Asian Americans on race. I am not Asian, but my parents are immigrants, so there were a lot of emotions and thoughts to which I felt I could relate, if on a smaller scale. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, that 23 rewards list is great.

    Hope you had a great time with your sister!

  6. Marissa says...

    I would love to win a trip to San Francisco! I would definitely go to Tartine for morning buns, spend the evenings at Mr. Bing’s, and do a ton of hanging out by the water and sipping afternoon cocktails. I’d invite my friend Katie along and we would buy matching souvenir shirts and spend a day doing super cheesy tourist stuff.

  7. Oh no! I have to say no to fake flowers. The fragrance of fresh flowers in the house, even non-perfumed ones, sets the ambiance of a room, and is so welcoming.

  8. What a wonderful give/getaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  9. ✋I wore pants at my wedding. They weren’t as fancy as the ones mentioned in the article, however. I would have loved to wear some Philip Lim trousers, but I settled for some good ol’ Anthropologie Pilcro Stets in teal. I guess some would even consider them jeans. Gasp!

    I was a pretty big tomboy growing up (full disclosure: I didn’t own a dress until I was 26), so wearing a dress at my wedding would have felt like I was trying to be someone else.

  10. Megan says...

    I wore trousers and a button down cotton blouse to my NYC City Hall wedding. Yep, I was pregnant. In fact, I think city hall weddings would make for an interesting blog post.

  11. Rebecca says...

    I love the post about rewards. Gretchen Rubin writes about ‘healthy treats’ and I love the concept so much.

    One of my favourite treats is going to the nursery. Even better is buying a new plant for my apartment, but even just being there is so relaxing.

  12. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, it’s a wonderful read. I read it on vacation a few years ago and kind of gasped and sobbed at the end and told all the girls that I was with that they had to read it. It was moving.

  13. EK says...

    Loved the link from NYT discussing Asian Americans and race – fascinating and truly worth the conversation.

  14. Emma says...

    I love love LOVE the post about the hotel in Miami! As someone who either uses air BnB or camps (my partner and I love our camping) every time I travel, every hotel stay feels like an enormous indulgence. That said, what stuck out for me was the option for a kid’s meal on every menu.

    I hate children’s menus. I DESPISE them. I feel that they contribute to creating children (and when they grow up, people) that assume their desires are the most important. It also indulges fear of unknown over exploration. I work at a restaurant that serves unusual dishes, and I have observered a strong difference between the children whose parents ask that they at least try a bite of the duck hearts and the children whose parent allow them to eat only plain fried potatoes and chicken. My favorite children I see – including some whose parents who have told them they won’t like a more unusal dish – are the ones who try somethings crazy and ask for more crudo! More sweetbreads! More tartar!

    Children are tiny humans with less experience. It warms me to see them treated that way and it drives me up the wall to see them treated otherwise. Children’s menus are, too me, one of the most widespread and concrete ways that the world condescends to children.

    TL;DR: children’s menus stunt and underestimate kids. Feed them real food. They will probably like it and it may even help them be better people.

    /rant. Thank you so much, Joanna, Caroline, and all new staff. I’ve enjoyed it since I was 20, childless, and living in Philadelphia. If your writing, style, and Internet curation can interest someone who has so little overlap with so many of your topics, you are clearly doing something well.

  15. Love the rewards that aren’t shopping or eating link because those are for sure my go to’s!

    Thanks for sharing!


  16. I also made a documentary about autism and autistic sensory experience. It features a cross-section of adults and kids as well as men and women narrating the experience. If you enjoyed the linked video you might enjoy a more in depth experience— :)

  17. I love the links this week! I’m excited to get my hands on some new books. Have a nice, safe trip!

  18. Margaret says...

    thank you so much for linking the piece on asian-americans discussing race! it really means a lot that you would include this in your weekly roundup and i think helps to continue the ongoing discussion on understanding bias within our community :)

    have been a regular reader for years and this is the first time that i’ve been moved to comment!

  19. I display fake flowers all the time. It makes it so much easier, and cheaper! But I never turn down an opportunity to put out real flowers!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  20. Amanda says...

    I’d bring my husband to NY! He’s a huge Yankees fan and we’ve never been to a game.

  21. Shannon says...

    Tell The Wolves I’m Home is one of my favorite books! So beautifully written and easy to read! Enjoy it.

  22. Jenny says...

    Thumbs up for the conversations with Asian- Americans on race. I can relate completely (unfortunately) with their experiences. More please!

  23. Sarah Lee says...

    Thank you for posting the link to a conversation with Asian-Americans on race! Its awesome seeing a perspective that i can totally relate to being highlighted in a forum such as yours.

  24. LFT says...

    Fake flowers… My boyfriend’s aunt bought some really nice looking roses and put them in a vase… with water. The trick really got me thinking they were real! :-)

  25. I kind of wish they would have a museum yard sale at the MNS.
    How cool are those collections!

  26. I always love your weekend recommendation lists–such an eclectic list of things that I wouldn’t necessarily come across by myself!


  27. I’m excited to go through all these links! As an Asian-American I found the Conversation with Asian-Americans really hit close. I’ve also been on the look out for new book recommendations so I may check a few of those books out :)

  28. 5 star hotels ring my bell just fine. Always and forever, lol lol lol.

  29. I know that this seems like a very strange point, but I feel like people with autism should not be called autistic. My 13-year-old daughter has autism but I don’t call her autistic. I call her Avery and she also happens to have autism. Every kid and person with autism is very different, and “autistic” groups them all into one. But an individual who happens to have autism is just that…an individual. There is a saying, “Once you have met one person with autism…you have met one person with autism”. That is true as symptoms, strengths and challenges can be quite different along the spectrum. Notice the saying is not, you have met one autistic you have met one autistic. Anyway, I love this blog and despite my possibly-seemingly-picky comment, I want you t know that I do appreciate that you included a link about autism today in your post.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Thank you so much for your note! I definitely hear what you’re saying, and that makes so much sense. I actually read five articles to try to figure out exactly how to phrase that link, and after reading this one in particular, I went with the other phrasing: — it seems like people are very split with great reasons for both sides. But I’ll change the phrasing now at your request. Thank you so much for your note, and Avery sounds so lovely!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      PS Just changed “what it feels like to be autistic” to “what it feels like to have autism” xoxoxo

    • Deb says...

      Shena, I agree with everything you said in your comment. I have a 23 year old son with autism and a 26 year old daughter who teaches special education. She and I strongly believe in “person first language”. Thank you for bringing this to Joanna’s attention, and Joanna, thank you for changing it. I love your blog as well :).

    • I love this comment. I recently told my kids that I feel this same way about how people commonly use the word “homeless.” Bravo, Joanna, for your response!

    • Kristin says...

      There are a lot of Autistic advocates who prefer identity- first language. I don’t agree with changing the title to ‘with autism’ when the child in the video clearly chose to identify himself as Autistic. It is his choice as to how he chooses to identify. Some Autistic people prefer person-first and that is their choice as well. It is not up to non-disabled people to decide how someone else identifies.

  30. I think fake flowers are great in moderation! Haha! I bought 5 beautiful fake peonies that I keep in an oversized glass vase, and everyone always thinks they’re real.

    I’m reading Euphoria after hearing the girls from Of A Kind talk about it. I wrote down a bunch of the book suggestions too.

    Have fun with your sister!

    Xo Lendy

  31. Jessica says...

    Tell the Wolves I’m Home and Cutting for Stone are excellent books. Good choices!

  32. Simone says...

    Oh, NYC for SURE! Fingers crossed :)

    Jo, I always love your Friday link posts! Those 23 things were so good.

  33. I’ve never seen autism portrayed in a first-person, kinda way. It was very eye opening. Sometimes its amazing how the smallest video can affect, so complete, the way you see something or someone. I never knew about the sensory/information overload aspect of autism, because I’ve never had to deal with it first-hand.

  34. Libbynan says...

    Twenty years ago this November my daughter wore a three-piece silk ottoman pant suit for her church wedding. There were a few gasps when she walked in, but most people simply saw it as an expression of her personal style for which she was and is well-known. Even today we look back at her wedding pictures and love the way she looks. My mom and I just grin and say, “Our fashionista!” She looked amazing.

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  35. Fatima says...

    Tell Lucy we said hi and we’re always praying for her. She’s inspired many

  36. Sophie says...

    So happy to see you’re going to read Cutting for Stone. I read one of his other books, The Tennis Partner and loved it. Also heartbreaking and beautiful. There are so few books about male friendship and The Tennis Partner is the best one I’ve read. Would love to meet Verghese one day.

  37. Corinne says...

    Be careful with ‘Cutting for Stone’! It’s a riveting novel, but I found some of the medical-crisis scenes graphic and disturbing…I was reading on public transit and couldn’t stop the horrified expressions (and then tears) from crossing my face—I caused quite a scene!

  38. Nadine says...

    Joanna, that dress is going to look great on you. Summer’s the perfect time to try a new look.

  39. I’m so excited to dive into the links!

    Speaking of free rewards…. haha!

  40. Christine says...

    Haha…I agree about the rental houses. As nice as it can be sometimes, hotels are wonderful and such a great.

    And I hope I win that trip to NYC!

  41. yael steren says...

    I’m going home to NJ to visit my parents this weekend. I’m excited because not only will it be great to see them, but my puppy will get to run around in a much larger space than she’s used to in my NYC apt!!! Plus, I get a home made meal, and even though I’m older it’s always still nice to be taken care of for a little!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend also! xx yael

  42. I always love seeing what great links you find on your friday posts and hope you have a wonderful time with your sister (her apartment makeover is my all time favorite post ever on your site).

    Another fun thing happening this weekend is that Prince William and Kate’s tour of India and Bhutan kicks off! They will be arriving in Mumbai on Sunday. We’ve got lots of scoop on the visit and aaaaall the planning that goes on behind the scenes on our site:

    Happy weekend!

  43. Great set of links to wander through, and happy weekend!

    As far as brides wearing pants, why not? I have a friend planning to do just that. Didn’t think anything of it. :]

  44. What a great giveaway! If it was up to me, I’d say SF but if I win I’ll let the husband chose! (Or the baby? She’s coming, too.)

    • Also, love the 23 ways to treat yourself piece! In the throes of little the infancy of my second and really getting into guiding the toddler into independent, kind, respectful, loving etc etc ways of being… well, I definitely reach for a treat most days! And it just can’t always be chocolate or… chocolate with hazelnuts. I’ve pondered new ideas but haven’t come up with too many, except flowers on the dining table (buying something, but very cheap and really adds beauty to the home!)

  45. Flor says...

    Thanks for the giveaway, Jo! Have a great weekend.

  46. Amy says...

    I’m such a huge fan of this blog and particularly these weekly round-ups. All so unique, funny, insightful and charming. But I’ve never written to tell you so…so there here it is – thanks for bringing these little nuggets of goodness into my life.

  47. Chandni says...

    Thank you for sharing the piece on Asian-Americans. Most of my favorite lifestyle blogs make little space for minority voices. Even a link like this makes me feel relevant without dividing my personality into my interests and my color. Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. Fiona says...

    I would absolutely go to San Francisco, It’s been a dream for years, and neither my husband (who has traveled to 57 countries) or myself (who has traveled to 38) have ever been! I’m trying to get us started on the whole “Get to know the stuff close by” trip planning and this would be a great start.

    On a different note, I LOVED the video on Asian-Americans discussing racism, I thought it was beautifully cut, the stories were really engaging and some really wonderful perspectives ending in “lets stand up for each other” – a great Friday afternoon watch! Thanks for sharing!

  49. Ashley says...

    Am I the only person who hated Cutting for Stone? Can someone explain it’s baffling popularity to me? I won’t go on a diatribe here, but will merely say that if you want a book about redemption and forgiveness that’s also painful to get through, but where you actually feel good at the end, read A Tale of Two Cities. That one actually did end up being worth my time.

    • t says...

      I loved it!! i loved the descriptions of ethiopia, surgery, new york, but mostly I was drawn to the characters: their flaws, their passion, their pain. It felt very human.

    • M says...

      I also couldn’t stand it. And although I was moved by Lucy’s story, I didn’t enjoy Verghese’s forward to Paul’s book.

  50. Jenna says...

    How have i not found that Dinner: A love Story Blog?!! Goodbye afternoon! We just got back from Miami…madly in love.

  51. Angela W says...

    “she had spotted a small child in a sequined top hat lurking…” Died.

  52. One of my friends switched into a blazer/SHORTS suit for her wedding reception. She also took down her undo and cut herself new bangs in the bathroom. She’s a beautiful, wonderful maniac :-)

  53. Lauren E. says...

    Those 23 rewards are amazing! I love the “shave your legs and put clean sheets on your bed.” I’m a morning shower person but sometimes if I work out at night I’ll take a shower, put on clean pajamas and clean sheets, and I feel like I’m at my own personal hotel. It’s heaven. Happy weekend! :)

  54. Carole says...

    Bummer that I can sign up for the contest as I live in Canada :(
    I would have FOR SURE picked NYC… my dream place.

  55. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead! We are going to get out into the trails of Seattle and hopefully I will sneak off to a hot yoga class. I can’t wait to read the “Ways to Treat Yourself.” I’m a big fan of food rewards for myself! It’s hard to escape! Also, I just posted ways to shop nutritious foods on a budget. Would love you to stop by my blog sometime! Enjoy your sister time!

  56. Juli says...

    Speaking of fake flowers, my niece made beautiful paper flowers for her wedding and now sells them Her gallery at is so beautiful.

  57. Nina says...

    oh that autistic video made me nauseous. so insightful! ah Miami…I miss you! I lived right on Biscayne Bay for a brief 5 month job assignment. have a great weekend with your sister!

  58. HeatherSJ says...

    Oh, man! I was just dreaming of visiting New York. My husband takes his students every other year for an “Aesthetics” trip (he teaches high school Juniors and Seniors ). So basically a visit all the museums, ogle the architecture, and eat amazing food trip. I have never been, and it would be great to get to go *not* as a chaperone. Also, our fifth anniversary is coming up in June. Yep. Definitely entering. How fun!

  59. katherine says...

    What an AMAZING competition!!!

    I would take my partner, who has had a Year. It was tough not only for him, but also to support him through it–what an exciting treat it would be to go on holiday! I would pick San Francisco! We could drink coffee and watch the sea lions, walk through Chinatown to “research” the best soup dumplings, and leave our phones turned off. What a fun surprise, for whoever wins.

  60. Tyler says...

    Awesome travel giveaway! I would pick NYC for sure!! Thanks for the cool contest, Jo!

  61. Lindsey says...

    Haha love the recommendation to treat yourself by shaving your legs and getting into fresh sheets–that is truly one of the best feelings!

  62. Colleen says...

    Absolutely fake flowers displayed in my apt. Pottery Barn has beautiful ones! Real flowers are lovely but too $$ : (