The Best Face Oil (and a Discount)

True Nature Botanicals face oils

For years, my friends raved about the magic of face oil. But, I was never a convert (I always figured it would be too greasy) until my mom and I tried the oil by True Nature Botanicals last summer.

True Nature Botanicals, the award-winning skincare line from Northern California, uses all-natural and organic ingredients. Their face oil comes in three different formulations: balancing, for blemish-prone skin; soothing, for sensitive skin; and the one I use, for all skin types. Thankfully, all three are great for targeting aging skin.

My favorite thing about their face oil is that it feels so pure. It sinks right into your skin without feeling sticky or greasy. When I put it on in the morning, it also helps my foundation sink in, versus sitting on the surface of my skin, like it used to. So my face looks better all day. It also lasts forever because you use only a very small amount.

True Nature Botanicals eye serum

True Nature’s new eye serum, which comes out later this month.

Good news: True Nature Botanicals is offering 15% off any face oil with the code CUPOFJOTNB, through March 12th.

Thank you so much, True Nature Botanicals!

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by True Nature Botanicals, a brand we use every day. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

  1. I’m so excited, I just got some of the Pacific Oil in my April Beauty Heroes box! As usual, your recommendations don’t disappoint!

  2. Anna says...

    There was a post here a while ago that featured a funny parenting video from an Australian comedy duo, Hamish and Andy. The responses from the Aussies were basically, “They’re hilarious, but Zoe (Hamish’s wife) is even funnier!”

    Zoe has a line of EXCELLENT skincare (I use every product it is THAT GOOD) called Go-To. She’s a former beauty editor for Cosmo in Australia and also has a great makeup book called Amazing Face; there’s an app too so you can follow the steps on your phone!

    But back to her skincare line: THE BEST. She has a facial oil!

  3. Sophia Tulaburg says...

    Boots has a wonderful, similar organic facial oil for about $12. This is a fun post, but I can’t help but think that women are not doing themselves any favors by spending $110 for facial oil or some other random beauty product they will use a few times when they could be instead be investing/saving that money for the future.

  4. I just started using Vintner’s Daughter and it’s like MAGIC! I never thought oil would be a good choice for me because I have oily skin – but it works, my skin has never looked or felt better.

  5. Ronny says...

    Just placed my order. That’s my very first high-end face oil. Hope it will be good!

  6. I tried my first oil not so long ago, it was a sample and for the life of me can’t remember the brand [and I call myself a blogger… ] but this has jumped out at me. The packaging is so simple yet beautiful. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on these!! Might even treat myself.

    xx xx

  7. Ooo always love trying new oils. Thanks for the discount! I have a few oil picks up as well:)

  8. jill says...

    These oils look lovely. I’ve been using a few drops of straight jojoba oil (with a few drops of lavender essential oil added to the bottle 3oz) for a few years now. I use it after cleansing in the morning and evening. Jojoba looks oily for a few minutes, then soaks right in and looks dewy.

  9. ANGELA MULLER says...

    Well, I’ve used face oil for about two years now. I’m 69, with combination skin, no wrinkles, except for some slight wrinkles under the eyes. I began with pure jojoba oil because a friend who is American Indian said all the women in her family use it….and boy, you cannot place an age on those faces. Then I began adding Bobbi Brown’s Face Oil, which is a blend of jojoba, Vitamin E, and a few other natural oils. It is heavier than the pure jojoba, but sinks right into the skin without any greasy feeling. I put the jojoba on in the evening after cleansing and my serum. In the morning, I use the Bobbi Brown Oil the same way, then put on my tinted SPF moisturizer by IT Cosmetics (fabulous), and people are always asking what I use on my face because my skin is nourished and dewey. This regimen has taken decades of experimentation, but I’m here to stay…finally!

  10. I love the Beautycounter line – non toxic and safe for all. Their Lustro face oils are amazing. If you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend!
    3 different types for sensitive, dry or combination skin types.
    Check out the video for more information,

  11. Like you, I was skeptical about face oils, until about 18 months ago. I had just read so much about them I knew I had to try them. I use a fantastic British brand which is totally organic, Angela Langford, and I am a total convert. My skin is incredibly supple and soft and it definitely helps with the appearance of fine lines. The one thing I learnt though was a really good cleansing routine became even more important.

  12. Cynthia says...

    I’ve been using an organic, locally produced face oil for over 10 years. It doesn’t take much to do the job. I use it at night, and it makes my skin soft. I wish I had it when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, but face oils weren’t around then, but I have moisturized twice a day since my 20’s. I, too, thought it would be greasy, but it soaks right in, and also is great under my eyes. Unfortunately, the brand you are showing is far beyond my budget, even with this special discount.

  13. kate says...

    so I’m a face oil virgin, and this may be a stupid question, but is it used in place of moisturizer? do you use it twice a day like you would moisturizer or just once? I’m so curious about it!

    • agreed with this! i’m a little confused by face oils as well. my skin is really dry so a face oil sounds really great, but i’m not sure if it’s worth replacing my moisturizer for/if it’s actually even a replacement for it?

    • Kate, I will use my face oil at night to add in additional moisture to my face. I put a few drops into my night cream and pat into my skin. OR I will do the same with my day moisturizer.

    • Hey Kate, it’s not a stupid question! You can use it both morning and night in place of a moisturizer. There are so many amazing nutrients in face oils that help diminish signs of ageing, fade hyper pigmentation, increase cell turn over, etc. I made so many mistakes when I was first experimenting with oils and it made me break out SO bad. I used straight coconut oil, then hemp oil, then grapeseed oil. For some people this works wonders but not for me. I would suggest that you look for something designed to be used on your face. There are some amazingly luxurious ones out there.


    • Great question. Face Oils can be used to entirely replace your moisturizer or you can use it once daily based on your personal preference. The offer a much deeper penetration of the anti aging ingredients and hydrate your skin from within.

  14. Prudence says...

    I personally like to use coconut and avocado oils for my face and body. This oil products do sound really awesome, thanks for sharing!


  15. Isn’t the philosophy behind face oils that they are supposed to regulate oily, greasy skin? By that logic, shouldn’t oils be avoided for dry skin? I want to use face oils so badly but they end up drying me out even more. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    • Alison says...

      I used to believe this same thing, but I recently started double cleansing using a face oil to wash my face first and a gentle cleanser immediately afterwards. It is totally working – I am a total believer now. My skin has cleared up (chin=dry, blochy, acne-prone problem area) and also better moisturized than when I used cleanser alone. This article was my inspiration:

      I just ordered the serum to try in place of my moisturizer since I’m no longer so fearful of oils. Good luck!

    • Hi Beatrix,

      So the right face oils can have ingredients that will “balance” sebum production – i.e., bringing it up in drier skins and dialing it down in oilier ones. A few essential oils have these unique properties – clary sage and sandalwood among others. A carrier oil, like jojoba, typically works in one direction as you note, because its waxy esters mimic the texture of the skin, tricking it into producing less of its own oils.

  16. I bought the Pacific Face Oil with last year’s discount through this site. My skin is very dry, and it sometimes felt like the oil made it….even dryer? has anyone had the same experience? Or any tips on how to apply it differently? I used it with the face spray. My skin would look great for about 1-2 weeks, and then slowly the pores started showing more prominently and I got acne (which I am not prone to at all). I really love the philosophy behind the products but am wondering if I am the only person who hasn’t had an *amazing* experience with them?

    • Gem says...

      I had this experience too! When Argan Oil became popular a few years ago I started adding a few drops of it to my nightly moisturizer. At first I loved it but after a few weeks I developed a few little dry scaly patches on my cheeks and forehead! My skin tends to be dry overall but I’ve never had patches like that. They went away as soon as I quit the oil. So I’m hesitant to try face oils again…

    • Helennie,
      You rightly point out that just because it is an oil – it needn’t necessarily make your skin less dry (some oils are wonderful at fighting excessive oiliness and acne by reducing your excess oil production!). Focus your search on more “hydration locking” varieties of oils. e.g., Rose essential oil, Chamomile essential oil and even Jasmine can be wonderful (think of Rose oil as almost a natural hyaluronic acid in that it helps your skin cells retain their natural moisture). As far as carrier oils go, try pomegranate, with a dash of almond or rosehip (both much heavier oils) for noticeably less dryness. Hope that helps!

    • cozette says...

      Me too! Except my skin is more combination, I got some really awful breakouts after using this product (from the last promotion round) and it was a big splurge money-wise. :(

  17. Jilleun Jasperson says...

    Joanna- how long does a bottle typically last you?

  18. Do you put lotion on after you use the oil? I just purchased, super excited to try! Thanks again!

  19. I wasn’t sure which one you were using so I went with the regular! Excited to try this! Do you use this as a lotion replacement? Or put lotion on afterwards?

  20. amanda june says...

    yes, face oil is magic — I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plain moisturizer again. good news is, you can pick up a bottle of great face oil at target for about $7! boots 100% organic facial oil. their hot cloth cleansing balm is fab too!

    • Michelle says...

      Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Sarah D. says...

      Thanks for sharing!

  21. Elly says...

    So when do you use the facial oil? Do you wash your face and then apply it both at night and in the morning? Do you also use moisturizer, or does this take the place of that? Thanks!

    • Hi Elly,

      You can use a facial oil at night and in the morning in place of your moisturizer! What I normally do is cleanse my skin, use a toner and then apply a few drops of a facial oil immediately after while my skin is slightly damp. Your skin will look plump and hydrated when you wake up. Same thing in the morning except followed by a natural SPF. Let me know if you want recommendations!


  22. Lydia says...

    J’adore face oils! Right now I’ve been obsessing over African Botanics Marula Oil. It has a beautiful scent and you can use it for pretty much anything… face, body, hair. The consistency is perfect, not super heavy and absorbs quickly. I got it at Credo Beauty, they have a super large selection of natural oils.

    • I love the African Botanics Marula with Neroli!

  23. dhannon says...

    Perfect timing for the discount offer! I started using these products after reading about them on Cup of Jo. I needed to order more but waited until a discount might come along and lo and behold, here it is :) I use the face oil along with the spray and love how it makes my skin look and feel. Thank you Joanna!

    • We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying our products so far! The Mist and Face Oil are the perfect duo during the winter months. Enjoy!

  24. I’ve never used face oils but many bloggers are swearing by them. I wonder if there’s a good one for normal (winter) to oily (summer) T-zone. I’m tempted to try one of these!


    P.S. Fact: my mom, who has dry skin, uses olive oil.

    • You should try it, Alina! I was a skeptic too but now they’re all I use. It’s such a myth that oils clog your pores and make you break out. It’s just about finding the right one. I’m also pretty normal/oily depending on the weather and I swear by Mun Aknari No. 1. It’s made of only three oils and is completely pure. The trick is to not apply it directly to dry skin. I always use a toner just before I apply my face oil. My skin has actually be LESS oily since using oils. Go figure!

    • Connor says...

      Honestly, try mineral oil. It’s one of the least comedogenic oils, its cheap, and works like a charm for me. I have naturally very oily skin and had adult acne for a long time and when I began taking a retinol and doxycycline for it, my skin shriveled up and got dry in the winter. You can cleanse with it and then rinse it off if you’re afraid that it might break you out. It’s a good place to start.

  25. Hmm, interesting. I also keep hearing about the benefits of face oils but it just sounds so…backwards! Glad to hear you enjoyed using this brand – I might need to break down and finally try :)


  26. What great timing! I just tossed a face oil today that coated my skin in an icky feeling.

    One face oil I really like is Nuxe, a French brand. I have several of their products (including a really soft makeup remover), but I love the feel and smell of their face oil. I run my fingers through my hair after putting the oil on my face so the smell stays with me. :)

    • Hey Katie,

      It’s possible the oil you were using wasn’t suited for your skin type. Another factor could be how you applied it. Oils should never never go straight onto dry skin. Applying it to slightly damp skin helps the oil to absorb better and not just sit on top of the skin. You also only need a tiny amount, a couple of drops in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and press the oil into your skin. Hope this helps for the next face oil you try!

  27. Erin says...

    I tried a sample of the Pacific Face Oil and can confirm that it’s fab. It really makes my skin smooth and seems to calm redness and tighten my pores (score!). It also smells insane! I would bathe in it if I could!

  28. Jules says...

    Are these safe to use during pregnancy? Switching skin care items is a pain, so I try to find ones that are safe to use whether I’m pregnant or not. Thanks!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Hi Julie, I asked this question for you, and got this reply from Kevin Dooley at True Nature Botanicals: “During pregnancy, ingredients really matter. With this in mind we recommend our Soothing Face Oil. Safe for you, and your baby. Of course, your obstetrician always has the final word.” Hope that helps!

    • One of my absolute favorite pregnancy routines was rubbing my belly with coconut oil every evening…even better when my husband did it. Loved the feeling and smelling like a macaroon:)

  29. I am sure this stuff is FANTASTIC, and I’m adding it to my “future buys” list for when I can afford it, but for anyone out there interested in some incredible face oil that is significantly cheaper, I highly recommend Mario Badescu’s Rose Hip Oil — which is available at Ulta for around $22. A little drop is enough to cover the face and neck, and it completely changed the chemistry of my skin. It was always so dry and then got oily very quick. After using the oil (applied every morning after washing my face, but before putting on lotion) I don’t deal with dry or oily skin during the day.

    I was skeptical, but I got the recommendation from a makeup artist friend of mine who swears by it. Now I couldn’t live without it!

    • Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ve been loving “Miracle Oil” (about $10) in place of my $120 moisturizer by Nia24.

  30. Laura says...

    I was up for trying it until I saw the price–$110! Even with a discount, that is unfortunately way out of my price range! Does anyone know of natural skincare products at a lower price point? Maybe a future post could feature items at different price points? I’m all for using items with natural ingredients, but I don’t have that kind of money.

    • dee says...

      I just make my own. I use 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 olive oil, but I’ve heard great things about other oils, too. Add your favorite essential oil for a nice scent. It’s easy and much cheaper.

    • Katrina says...

      My facial place (Province Apothecary in Toronto) makes amazing oils and I believe they ship to the US. But that being said, for me they just recommended I get an organic pressed rose hip oil and hemp oil and apply both. The total cost was less than $30.

  31. I love face oils as well. I just started using one that smells like lavender. It feels so luxurious as I get ready for bed, and my boyfriend always comments on how good I smell! It is the little things…

  32. Mary Jenkins says...

    Thank you for this TNB!