Sweet Baby Bonnets


Although Alex and I are officially done having children, now and again, I still get a flush of baby fever, namely when I come across babies in bonnets on Instagram. What is it about bonnets that is so adorable? Petite Soul has pretty ones, and Briar Handmade just came out with a new collection of Liberty fabrics. So lovely!


Clockwise from top left: clover field, buttercup, midnight blooms and mini bouquet.

P.S. Gifts for new babies.

(Top photo, with Briar Handmade’s natural stripes bonnet, by Masha Theone.)

  1. I may have to order one for my two month old! So cute! I’m so glad we are on the baby every 2-3 year plan- by the time I start having baby fever, its time for another one! Only downside: we definitely don’t need to buy any adorable baby clothes :)

  2. i knew that my daughter was going to be a pistol when i tried putting these pretty little things on her..and she would rip them off…every time. Bows, hats, bonnets, whatever…pretty much anything adorable she rejects.. boooooooooooooo broken hearted mama…

  3. Lena says...

    Definitely camp bonnet here but also camp that lipstick! Not to be “that annoying commenter” but I am going to be… Do you know what it is?!

  4. jen says...

    Well, it’s not over til it’s over, and a baby girl in a bonnet is a weakness of mine too.

  5. So, very cute. I probably need to have another baby now! Thanks, Joanna!! :)

    • Jenny says...

      I love Beaufort Bonnets! They are my go-to gift for babies and toddlers.

  6. Oh dear god, I’m not sure if there’s anything sweeter than baby faces popping out of bonnets. Darling.

  7. I’ve got to say I just really don’t “get” the bonnet trend! They just look silly to me, and that’s saying something because fat babies can really wear anything, right? :)

  8. yael steren says...

    I feel the same way you do about bonnets with baby/children shoes! I don’t have any kids yet (just my dog) and whenever I see those in a store I think they are so cute!!!! For now, though I’ll have to stick to sweaters for my dog! xx yael

  9. My children are 5, 5, and 7 and I still pin bonnets and find myself swooning over them. They were (and are) my favorite baby accessory. I read your blog daily, Joanna. I love it so—thank you.

  10. There are few sights as sweet as a baby in a bonnet :)
    These look so old fashioned and perfect .. beautiful. I am sorry I have no baby girl to put a bonnet on ~ someone will have to loan me one :)

  11. Babies in bonnets are cute! I think it’s the Ingalls vibe, ha! I loved watching reruns of The Little House in The Prairie as a kid. And The sound of music. And reading Anne of Green Gables series! Ah…Those were the days! haha!


  12. They are so sweet you almost forget how the child will thrash and shake “no” and do everything possible to keep from getting anything put (especially TIED) on his/her head!!

  13. Thanks for the tip! Trying hard not to buy so many things at this point in my pregnancy (20 weeks today!) but these were irresistible. <3

  14. So love baby bonnets! My Grandmother wanted to get some for my baby girl last year and couldn’t find any! My Mom had to do some heavy research until she finally found 2 which my daughter wore constantly and loved and got tons and tons of compliments. I wish they still fit her! They’re so perfect and great for babies that don’t have a lot of hair!

  15. we haven’t really done bonnets, but I do find them darling. I think one would be perfect for spring, especially in one of those florals.

  16. Cynthia says...

    My girls wore bonnets when they were babies, and I have a bonnet that was mine when I was a baby. My oldest daughter received a bonnet when she was a baby that was her christening bonnet, and when she gets married, she can undo the stitches for her wedding handkerchief. Both girls have these gorgeous hand made bonnets from the Charleston(S.C.) Children’s Shop which look very southern. I am not sure if the shop is still around.

    • Lara says...

      I had the same thought as I’ve made these for a few expecting friends! Such an easy project to sew up and very unique

  17. jeannie says...

    These are so adorable! So old-fashioned, yet so totally gorgeous and endearing.

  18. I just bought my daughter some Hanna Anderson ones – too sweet

  19. wendy says...

    My baby hates it when we put hats on her so I’m hoping these would work. Any advice on how to get them to love hats are welcome!

  20. Those are positively adorable! We just had our 2nd baby girl (5 weeks old!) and these would be adorable on her! We’re headed to Paris this summer and I feel like this might be an order. There is something about traveling overseas that makes me feel compelled to dress the girls like little turn of the century babies lol.


  21. Amber says...

    We absolutely love petite soul bonnets. I love that they make neutral bonnets so I can put my boys in them and pass them on to friends with new babes…no matter the gender.

  22. So sweet!!! I think my little might need one for the summer!

  23. lisafribourg says...

    How sweet ! I also have a crush on baby bonnets – in fact all baby clothes.. Some friends of ours (a Danish/Swiss couple) started a project in our area – local knitting grannies make beautiful baby clothes designed by the couple. I absolutely love the bonnet with the red pompom :

  24. Oh, that mustard yellow bonnet!
    I love that bonnets are popular again. My little one wears bonnets with bear/bunny ears from Frankie & Juniper regularly and I think she just looks so adorable in them. Judging by the number of comments she gets when we’re out, a lot of other people obviously think so too :)
    P.S. You can see her here…

  25. Angela says...

    I just dug out a beautiful yellow, hand-knit bonnet that someone made for my mother when she was small. It will be a part of my daughter’s coming home outfit- I do not even care if it’s too hot! It is that precious!

  26. Chloe says...

    I just ordered that mustard yellow one earlier today. Love my Marni in a bonnet.