Great New Podcast

Modern Love's new podcast

Modern Love's new podcast

Modern Love's new podcast

Modern Love's new podcast

When the New York Times lands on our doorstep on Sundays, I head straight for the Modern Love column. People share personal stories of everything from arranged marriages to being a single parent to drinking too much. They’re always compelling and heartfelt.

Well, now they have a podcast! Each weekly episode will feature Modern Love essays read by actors like Judd Apatow, January Jones and Jason Alexander, followed by a conversation with the essayist about what’s happened since they shared their story.

The first two episodes went live today, if you’d like to check them out. (I listened on my walk to work today and they were great.) Any other podcasts you’re into these days?

P.S. A hilarious podcast, and 7 podcasts to try.

(Illustrations by Brian Rea for the NYTimes)

  1. Louise says...

    Love getting new recommendations, I listen all day at work and it makes the time fly. Personally I’m a massive fan of Lady to Lady, Yo is this racist? and Dan Calin’s Hardcore History if I’ve got some serious time to kill!

  2. I am obsessed with Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour. Much like Girls, it’s authentic, honest, cute, and funny. Looking forward to listening to Modern Love too – I adore the column and am thrilled the NYT decided to make it a podcast!

  3. GUYS WE FUCKED is an incredible podcast. Hosted by two very funny comedians, they explore sex through interviews in a very honest and non-judgmental way. This should be required listening for anyone who’s unsure of their sexuality and/or feels self-conscious about their sexual preferences. As a 26 year old, I’m so grateful that this podcast exists. Joanna, I hope you read this and promote them. These women are doing really important work.

  4. Shaz says...

    Someone’s already said it, but Death, Sex & Money, Dear Sugar, Criminal, The Mystery Show, and Strangers are on my list. Not yet mentioned: Everything is Stories, Invisibilia, Radio Diaries, The Truth, Storycorps, Only Human, Limetown, and if you like drama, BBC’s Drama of the Week!

  5. Katie says...

    I’ve just started to listening to podcasts; my favorite currently is “Strangers”. I completely “binge-listened” to almost every episode they’ve produced over the last month or so (I drive a lot!). If you like “The Moth” this is especially worth checking it out as the podcast creator, actually created “The Moth” as well.

    Check it out:

  6. OH wow.. this so cool! How do they pick stories to share? (on ny times or on the podcast…)
    Going to add this to my podcast list. I’m starting the ‘Meaning of Marriage’–it’s probably more meaningful for Christians but heard so many amazing things about it.

  7. C says...

    Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey! It’s a great podcast- Feels like you’re having a drink with the girls.

  8. Katie says...

    I just love How to Do Everything on NPR. I listen to it on my walk from the train to work and it always makes me laugh so hard. Out loud. Like a straight up weirdo.

  9. Kate says...

    Joanna, you were great on A Few Things.

    I also recommend Ask a Clean Person – I’m obsessed with her cleaning advice.

  10. I just started getting into podcasts ( I haven’t even heard Serial yet!) But I’m loving this untapped resource! I’m currently listening to a podcast about modern etiquette because I’ve always found the subject of etiquette fascinating. I’m gonna give your suggestion a try, it sounds awesome!

  11. Joanna,
    You need to check out The Finding Mastery podcast, conversations with Michael Gervais. He’s a sports psychologist by trade, working with top athletes and performers. He “interviews” (more like has a conversation with) these amazing people on how they have found their path to mastery. His podcasts are filled with insightful and rich information on how we too can find our best selves. The podcast really is great, check it out.

  12. Baltina Valente says...

    Thank you for sharing this podcast, we loved listening to it. As a new mama of a 2 month old we are living for podcasts right now while nursing so again thank you.

  13. Jamie says...

    My co-worker and I listen to (and LOVE!) Stuff You Missed in History and Stuff You Should Know. So informational and fun!

  14. Evan says...

    I have really been enjoying a podcast hosted by Grace Bonney (of Design*Sponge). It’s called After The Jump and there are, like, a hundred episodes. There haven’t been any news ones in over a year, but the older ones are still topical and relevant to anyone in the creative realm.

  15. Jane says...

    I am obsessed with Tanis, abs The Black Tapes is also good. They are both docu-fiction/ radio theater type shows. Limetown was really good as well. I love listening while working out because the stories totally pull me in and make me forget I want to die! But really, Tanis. SO GOOD.

  16. Oh great! Modern Love is so smart and the idea of actors reading the column is so cool. Great podcasts I love:
    –Reply All
    –Mystery Show
    –Call Your Girlfriend (!! especially this one!)

  17. Aubrey says...

    Sword and Scale. Best true crime podcast out there. Beware, he covers some intense crimes!

  18. tracey says...

    I don’t really understand podcasts. When do you listen to them? I am either always working or with family -is it just something that I will have to wait to enjoy at a different stage in my life? I mean I get to watch TV but I do that with my wife and we have conversations in the middle of it. Or do you just put on the podcast and stare into space and converse about it? I feel like I am missing out on something big here.

    • Averil says...

      We listen to them on long road trip, or the commute in – makes the time fly by! Also, on my lunch breaks at work or when I’m walking my dog in the evening I’ll listen to one. Makes a nice change from music, and always come away feeling better off!

    • I listen to podcasts (through my smart phone) while exercising — usually during the warm-up & cool-down bits; sometimes on walks; during times at work when I am doing something boring and repetitive. Oh, and while folding laundry & ironing. I also listened while addressing our xmas cards. They are great for those times that your hands / body is occupied but your brain isn’t.

    • christina says...

      I listen to them as a treat when I’m doing something I don’t particularly like: mainly when cleaning or cooking.

      A podcast a night keeps my home clean and my meals home-cooked! :)

    • Anna says...

      I listen on my commute to and from work, while cooking or ironing, in my lunch break (I often sit in the park and eat my sandwich), and while I’m doing my nails on the weekend. It’s also great for when I’m waiting in line, like at the post office!

    • Patty says...

      We listen while driving – they make the worst traffic jams bearable.

  19. Paula says...

    Love podcasts can’t wait to check out Modern Love. Thanks for the tip.
    Some of my favourite podcasts:
    – This American Life
    – Serial
    – 99% Invisible
    – Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
    – Longest Shortest Time
    – Slates Audio Book Club
    – Criminal
    – Slate’s Working

  20. oooh yes! i love that column. i’m not much for podcasts, but i think i could get into this!

  21. Averil says...

    The Minimalists podcasts are SO good! They have only just started out aswell, and every podcast is just so challenging and enriching. So refreshing to hear a different perspective on consumerism and what makes us happy and adds value to our lives. Highly highly recommend :)

    Going to check out Modern Love right now!

    Read your blog religiously – all the way from little old Queenstown, New Zealand :) Keep doing what your doing!

  22. Eep! Sounds amazing. My favorite podcast is The Lively Show! All about personal growth with tons of interesting guests. I’ve learned a lot from this podcast alone. Jess Lively is my modern-day guru.

    • Valerie says...

      Love the Lively Show! Glad to spot another fan of hers!

  23. yael steren says...

    I know my sister loves This American Life. I would love to find one similar to Serial, because I love following true crimes!! xx yael

    • Marie says...

      You might like Criminal

    • Aubrey says...

      Sword and Scale! Makes you realize some really disturbing stuff is out there…

  24. Meganleiann says...

    Marriage is Funny- it is a funny podcast, but it is so touching. The hosting couple each introduce a topic and talk it over- or argue it over- and then resolve it. It’s never a happily-tied-up sitcom resolved, but it is so so good.

    • Meganleiann says...

      And also Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History! He is SUCH a great storyteller. I had no idea that Gengis Kahn was so fascinating!

  25. I love this! Definitely going to give it a listen. I’m a sucker for the love stories.

    This is an obvious one, but I’m obsessed with Serial.

    XColby | Fossypants
    The #1 Place to Travel in 2016 (and where to go) –>

  26. Sarah says...

    I forgot to include my podcast recommendation earlier! It’s for The Vinyl Cafe, which is a CBC Radio podcast up here in Canada that’s hosted by a writer, Stuart McLean. It’s a mix of essays, music, and fiction, all of which are wonderful, but he’s most famous for the stories that give the show its name. They center around a man named Dave, his record store – which is called The Vinyl Cafe, and has the motto “We may not be big, but we’re small!” – and his family, his wife Morley, and their kids, Steph and Sam. The stories are wonderful, equal parts funny and sweet, and he has been telling them since the early 1990s. My favourite older episodes are too numerous to list, but just pick and choose from the archive (they’re all on iTunes). Most of the Dave and Morley stories appear after 1996/1997 – there was originally a much larger Vinyl Cafe ‘world’, but after a few years the focus had shifted almost entirely to their family.

    My favourite recent episode is called “Whitehorse”, from October 24, 2015 ( It will give you such a good sense of what the show is like :)

    Also, each year around Thanksgiving Stuart gives out The Arthur Awards, which “celebrate the little things that, too often, go unnoticed”. People write in all year to nominate neighbours, classmates, colleagues, friends, family, anyone – even strangers – for acts of kindness, and then during the Arthur Awards show Stuart reads some of their favourite submissions, and calls the winners to present them with their award. I almost always well up – some years even full on cry – because the stories are just so lovely. Here’s the link to the 2015 Arthur Awards:

    • Rachel says...

      Oh I grew up in Canada and at one time listened to the Vinyl Cafe, but had totally forgotten about it until just last weekend when we had a rental car with satellite radio. I am totally going to down load it. I LOVE it.

      I walk my dog in the cold and dark every morning and listening to podcasts keeps me sane. I love:
      1. “The Men in Blazers” two British blokes talking (mostly) Premier League Soccer.
      2. The Moth Radio Hour.
      3. This American Life.
      4. The Longest Shortest Time (parenting).
      5. Spilled Milk. An irreverent show about food.

      And now I will definitely add The Vinyl Cafe :)

  27. Mimi says...

    I am so obsessed with This American Life (“TAL”). I know it’s the third most popular podcast in America, but for some reason, whenever I geek out over it, people haven’t listened. This week’s first TAL story, “Something Only I See” was about an Iowa woman (like me!) and so incredible that I wanted more, so I googled the best TAL episodes of all time. Most of them (Babysitting, Notes on Camp, Switched at Birth) I’d heard and loved, but I listened to “Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde” today, and it blew my mind! I’m a prosecutor and it really made me stop and think. Also great from TAL, “The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar” about a 4-year-old boy that went missing and was found, but the amazing details of the story were only uncovered generations later, by his granddaughter, and they tore Bobby’s family apart. Amazing!

    • Erin says...

      YES!!! I felt the same way about both “Something Only I See” AND “Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde” !!!! Both were so thought provoking and fascinating. I love TAL, thank you for recommending some other episodes!

  28. I’m just about to head out on a road trip, so this will be perfect. Thanks for the suggestion!

  29. I’m listening to undisclosed (like most people did) and woolful, a podcast to check out if you’re into all things yarn-related. I gotta say that I’m enjoying knitting podcasts a little too much nowadays ha!

  30. Melissa says...

    Have you ever listened to spilled milk?

    It’s so funny! If you like food and like to laugh I would definitely recommend it!

    The host are Mathew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg, who has her own amazing (James Beared Award Winning) blog.

    Have you every thought of adding a Cup of Jo podcast?!

    • Rachel says...

      I love Spilled Milk – especially the episodes where they sample snack foods from other cultures :)

  31. Yes! I listened to the first two this morning. Both amazing!

    Some of my other favorites right now are She Does, Anna Faris is Unqualified, Call Your Girlfriend, Millennial, A Few Things with Claire and Erica, and Monocycle with Leandra Medine.

  32. I’ve been listening to the Modern Love Podcast all morning. I love it so much.
    Two of my favorite podcasts right now, though, are Another Round and Marriage is Funny.

    • Liz says...

      Another Round is so, so great! I adore Tracy and Heben!

  33. Anne Bogel, who blogs at Modern Mrs. Darcy, has a new podcast called What Should I Read Next?
    I love it!! Each episode includes a chat with a different person about which 3 books Anne would recommend for them based on their current/past reading life :) A lot of Cup of Jo readers would probably enjoy this podcast!!!

    • Sophia says...

      Thanks for suggesting this. I listened to all three episodes in one sitting. New favorite!

  34. Erin says...

    My faaaaaavourite podcast is Radiolab.

  35. Love this! What a great concept.
    My newest favorite is “Why Do We Have Things?” from The American Edit. The discussions with artists and small business owners are fascinating, and the most recent episode interviews Erin Boyle about her new book. It’s a good one!

  36. Leah says...

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Serial yet! I know Season 2 isn’t Sarah+Adnan but it’s still pretty great. And episode 5 comes out today!!

    Criminal by Phoebe Judge is great too.

    • Serial is awesome, and I love this season as much as the last! It’s such and interesting story…

  37. i saw this on my facebook this morning and was so happy!!! i am so excited. it’s my favorite section of the times (other than food :)! )

  38. My friends don’t really listen to podcasts, so I love when you guys give these recommendations. Excited to check this out!

  39. My friends don’t really listen to podcasts, so I love that I can trust this site to recommend me great programs. Excited to check this out!

  40. Sarah says...

    Cant wait to check out Modern Love. And yes, Savage Love is a classic! From the new generation of podcasts, I would recommend the smart and funny Another Round – the recent interview with Valerie Jarrett was fascinating. One Bad Mother is a parenting podcast that always makes me laugh out loud, and The Longest Shortest Time, another great, thoughtful parenting podcast is back after a hiatus.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you!!

  41. Maia says...

    I listen to way too many already, but I do love this column. Will have to check it out!

  42. So, podcasts are my sole go to in the headphones when exercising. I’m generally thinking as much as I’m burning calories! Maybe disco music would be better, but … ha!
    Thanks the new lead!

  43. Erin says...

    A new-to-me podcast that I LOVE is ‘Crybabies.’ The hosts, Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre, talk to their guests about what makes them cry. It cycles through all of the emotions :) It’s funny, sad, empathetic and intimate.

  44. Peggy says...

    Thanks, Joanna! I will definitely look into this. I’ve been really getting into podcasts lately as I’m between jobs and have some extra time to go on long walks in my neighborhood.

    If you haven’t already, you should check out “Reply All”. If you like TAL or Radiolab, it’s similar in some ways, but has really great storytelling structure. Highly recommend!

  45. Holly says...

    I feel like you would really love strangers podcast, it’s so special and touching. Xx

  46. just listened to 1.5 of them on my lunch break! the first one was so good….

  47. Felice says...

    I listen to a bunch of podcasts – but my newest favorite is Crybabies where the hosts Sarah Thyre and Susan Orlean invite guests on to talk about what makes them cry. It is surprisingly funny and sweet. I also love Call Your Girlfriend – makes me miss all my long distance gal pals.

  48. srb says...

    America’s Test Kitchen, with Christopher Kimball from Cook’s Illustrated is great.

  49. Kathryn Runyan says...

    If you are into podcasts, check out Ted Radio hour. They have the most fascinating topics. I usually start a new Ted talk around 4:00 pm to carry me through the rest of the day :) Podcasts are such an intimate way to connect an author to their audience. I was laughing out loud at Jason Gay’s interview on the Penguin-Random House podcast, Beaks and Geeks. It made me love his book, Little Victories, more than I already did!

  50. Sara M says...

    My favorite podcast is probably Dear Sugar, with Cheryl Strayed & Steve Almond….I’m excited about the Modern Love one! Thanks!!

  51. Becca says...

    Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin from WNYC.
    It’s the best podcast I listen to!
    Very smart conversations about a range of topics with great guests including some A list celebrities.
    I’ve decided I really love celebrity interviews when the celebrity is not selling something, his/her latest movie for example.

    The Dustin Hoffman one is really good!
    But watch out for the Paul Simon interview – my friends and I all agree that it was the worst episode of Here’s the Thing ever! So disappointing.

  52. This is so great! My husband and I have a tradition of reading Modern Love to each other, but this might give our throats a rest :)

  53. Bianca says...

    I too love Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’ve listened to every single one. Stuff Your Mom Never Told You has also interesting topics related to women. I listen to The Longest Shortest Time as well (a parenting podcast with people telling their stores).

  54. carlsbad says...

    Wow, thanks so much for posting this! I love “modern love” and will listen to the cast today!

  55. Yessss. Another podcast (I’m convinced they’re what keep me afloat). :) I also love The Moth podcast—true stories told live.

  56. JenMarie says...

    Surprisingly Awesome is my new favorite podcast. It takes topics that sounds boring (mold, concrete) and digs into the reasons they are actually very cool and even world-changing. The most recent episode about broccoli is particularly great. I think I finally understand why my 4-year-old hates so many kinds of vegetables!

  57. redweather says...

    I am loving Song Exploder – it’s a podcast where a musician is interviewed and breaks down a single song and its creation process. Totally fascinating. I loved the TuNeYaRdS episode and also the one about The Long Winters.

    99% Invisible is also great – it’s like a shorter Radiolab, and very engaging.

    I think I first heard of Mortified here, and it never fails to make me laugh – thanks, Joanna!

  58. O thanks for the new podcast listen! I started listening to GirlBoss. I of course love Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Ask Me Another. I actually work at a Ad Sales company that also creates radio and podcast content. Right now we work with Stand-Up Labs (all comedy) and launched a bunch of sports podcast (we just launched a podcast with Ochocino). If anyone is interested in learning more about our content or any of our shows you can visit our site:


  59. kristin says...

    I listened to Modern Love this morning–it was so great! Some of my favorites are Pop Culture Happy Hour which ends every episode with a great “What is making me happy this week” feature that I love. Mystery Show (silly, not spooky) hosted by Starlee Kine is on a break right now but is so much fun. Lastly,
    I have been listening to Savage Love for years and years and it has guided me through single life to married with kids and has always been practical and smart and super NSFW funny!

  60. I’m loving Start Up and Surprisingly Awesome. Both are from Alex Blumberg’s new podcasting network so they have the same feel as This American Life. Surprisingly Awesome is Adam Davidson from Planet Money and Adam McKay produces hit moves (the big short) talking about things that seem boring but are actually interesting. Nerdy but enjoyable.

  61. Julia says...

    Yay! Can’t wait – I love this touching column. …another favorite for me is the Mystery Show. It’s entertaining yet very sweet and connecting to the little mysteries in all our lives that we usually just let go of. I’m impatiently waiting for new episodes.

  62. I’ve never heard of the column but I do love podcasts so will have to check it out. Radiolab is a go to for me, they tackle some pretty interesting topics and I always come out with some new knowledge.

  63. ‘Death, Sex, and Money’–amazing podcast, similar themes.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      great, thank you!

  64. Oh wow, I had no idea! Going to listen right now! I’ve been into all the Gimlet Media podcasts lately, after I binged on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic series. So good.

  65. Thanks for sharing, I was searching for another podcast to add to my list! Have you listened to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast? I haven’t read her books but am loving the bite-size podcasts on happier habits.

    • I love this one as well. Gretchen’s sister is a great foil to Gretchen.

  66. I’m just now being introduced to the world of podcasts (a little late, I know) – definitely will try this out :) I hadn’t heard of the column before but it sounds like a fun topic :) Any other podcast recommendations?

    • Amy says...


  67. AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up. Listening now. :D

  68. This is awesome! I Love Modern Love and just this past year discovered how podcasts can revolutionize my commute. Excited to add a new one to the mix, as I’m running out of episodes of Stuff You Missed in History Class. Thanks for sharing!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “Stuff You Missed in History Class” = what a great title.

  69. I’m not familiar with the column but I just subscribed to the podcast—looks like something I’ll really enjoy. I’m always looking for podcasts to listen to while walking the dog in the morning! Thanks for the scoop!

  70. Mary Jenkins says...

    YES! Was just looking for a new podcast. Thank you!

  71. Love Modern Love! Can’t wait to listen!

    I must recommend the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. The hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are so funny and smart and relatable. Their episodes focus on pop culture (drake!), politics (hilarious takes on hillz and trump), dating (tinder recaps), and periods (!) It’s wonderful.

    Another goodie is How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black. His recent two part episode with David Sedaris was a true treat for the ears.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i subscribe to ann friedman’s newsletter. curious to check out her podcast!

  72. Sarah says...

    Oh my gosh, such amazing news! LOVE the Modern Love column. Going to listen to the first one right now!