Kazoo Trombone

Louis Armstrong

Two-year-old Anton has always loved music, so his favorite Christmas present, BY FAR, was this $14 trombone kazoo (or, kazoo trombone?). It’s brilliant — even the littlest kid can “play” it, just by humming, and they can slide it back and forth. He’ll bebop around the living room, and sometimes I’ll give him a challenge, like “What would a sad/happy/sleepy trombone sound like?” So, so cute.

kazoo trombone musical toy

This morning, I saw that they also have French horns, clarinets, trumpets and saxophones! Awesome. Highly recommended for all music-loving little dudes.

P.S. Slamdunk birthday presents for kids (of all ages).

  1. Wish I had this in high school instead of a real trombone! That thing was heavy.
    We need more toys like this for children!!!! This is great!

  2. This is so fantastic! I’ve been an early childhood music specialist for years and here’s the truth: when you look at musical aptitude, it’s a bell curve. The majority of humans have the same potential…we evolved to create music. One of my favorite exercises comes from Dalcroze. Follow a child as they walk around a room and match their rhythm with a drum, piano, or a wooden spoon and pan. It doesn’t matter! The message the child gets is “I’m right on the beat – I can do it!”

  3. This is wonderful! My husband plays the trombone and I am sure he would love to gift our future child something like this.

  4. Hilty says...

    That’s how my family “sings” happy birthday – a kazoo orchestra! It’s super fun.

  5. Merrilyn says...

    A word of warning: buy a couple of them because they are a bit fragile! We got one for my music-loving boy a few years ago, and it did not live long, much to his great and tearful disappointment.

  6. Wish I had this in high school instead of a real trombone! That thing was heavy.

  7. HI! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and ever since I had a baby nearly eight months ago, I have a new found appreciation for all of your amazing motherhood inspiration! I was wondering if you have already, or would consider doing a post about music for children/babies? My husband and I play music all of the time, but our repertoire is seeming a bit tired now. We are not super music savvy, so I would love some suggestions! Thanks :)

    • Renae says...

      Have you got any rockabye baby yet? It’s rock/modern music, done in instrumental, dulcet tones

  8. katelyn says...

    My 10 month old has been “playing” the kazoo for the last few days. SOO cute. This would be a great gift for his birthday! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Leigh says...

    I heard your sister on LL yesterday. It was great interview.

  10. SJ says...

    I loved that toy! I think it’s great! It starts to get children into loving music and trying to produce by themselves.
    Also I loved the challenge you made him do. I think it inspired their creativity into music and makes him think about how to produce a sound like that.

    SJ –

  11. My dad has had a harmonica for years and always told me how he taught himself to play it – it was the only thing his family could afford. The other day I dug it out and played around. I know how to play the piano (basics) but wasn’t sure about the harmonica. After googling a little bit I was surprised just how easy it is to pick it up and how beautiful it sounds. My boyfriend gave it a try as well and he had similar results. Maybe when Anton gets a bit older that would be a nice gift as well? If he is still into the music by then!

  12. Sharon Gillespie says...

    Who’s the famous musician in the photo? Dizzy Gillespie!

    • Lindsay says...

      Louis Armstrong

  13. I’ll keep this in mind. I’m a teacher, so there’s rarely time to shop for toys to occupy my vivacious toddler. Thanks for the link!

  14. Rachel says...

    You should play music and see if he can play the melody back to you. That’ll keep him busy for hours!

  15. Too cute! Ordering a sax for my little guy now.

  16. Lauren says...

    Um… or dudettes, right!?

  17. So awesome! I’m totally going to get one for my son Henry when he’s a little bit older. But for Christmas we bought him a Melissa and Doug piano and a drum. He was in music heaven! xo

  18. What a great idea! My daughter loves music too, and I’m definitely adding one of these to my Amazon cart for her birthday! Her favorite apps are music-related too, Toca Band & Garage Band.

    Can’t wait to see Anton breaking it down!


  19. We need more toys like this for children!!!! This is great!

  20. Kate says...

    Or dudettes!

  21. What a wonderful idea! It’s amazing how often the toys we spend $100, $200+ on go unused after a couple weeks (or hours…) but others which are so simple can bring joy for months or years to come! Glad you found something he loves so much!


  22. lindsay e. says...

    Is it super loud? It looks like a perfect treat for my music-loving 4 year old niece! But she just got a new baby brother and I don’t want to give her a gift that will make her parents lives harder right now.

    • Same question! I have a 3.5 year old who would love this but his baby sister’s arrival is imminent and I don’t know if getting him something like this would be a good idea. How loud is it? Is it annoying like a kazoo?

  23. We have the trumpet! It is hilarious.

  24. Jessie Elmore says...

    We need a video!

    • alison james says...

      yes, a video! this sounds too cute!