How to Crack an Egg Without Shell

I am no stranger to cracking eggs (I make these for my two-year-old almost daily), but I still end up with eggshell shrapnel in my bowl more than half the time. Finally, though, I’ve learned the simple trick to a perfectly cracked egg…

How to crack an egg with one hand

Knock the egg once on a flat surface (NOT the edge of a pan or bowl); this will make a horizontal crack along the middle of the egg.

How to crack an egg with one hand

That’s it!

On the off chance you do get shell in your bowl — and chasing that slippery piece around with a spoon or your finger feels law-of-physics impossible — just use a piece of shell to scoop it out. The edge of a cracked shell is perfect for cutting through egg white.

Brilliant, right? Any other egg tricks to share?

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(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo)