Have a Cozy Weekend.

Brooklyn Brownstone

What are you up to this weekend? We are finishing up work before the holidays, and I might clean out my closet. Yes, these will be wild times at our apartment :) Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A hilarious description of air travel.

Are Chandler and Monica dating in real life?!

5 wine myths, put to rest. (The second one is nuts.)

Whoa, this dress is gorgeous.

French onion mac n’ cheese.

Can you justify these lies? What a fascinating discussion.

The funniest Onion articles. Totally worth reading.

The gift I’m giving all my friends. :)

A surprising realization within a marriage. Loved this.

What pretty wallpaper!

The secret to being a good boss.

The Pantone colors of 2016. Serenity now.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Boss link via Swissmiss.)

  1. I wish it was weekend each day.

  2. A good weekend takes out all worries and stress from the body.

  3. Just 2-3 hours at beach can take out all your stress

  4. A few years ago I read “The Journal of Best Practices” by David Finch, author of the Modern Love article you linked. I really, really enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who suspects they might be experiencing Asperger’s with themselves or a loved one, or to someone simply interested in gaining knowledge about a difficult and complicated neurological difference.

  5. Well, if that article on Asperger’s within a marriage wasn’t a timely reminder of how to speak to my other half, I don’t know what would be. That woman is saint-like, I’m not sure I would have been able to cope like she does… what an inspiration. Am going to try and be a lot calmer and lot more matter of fact. I loved the whole ‘you could help me tidy up instead of sitting there pouting about the mess…’!!

  6. Sarah says...

    Thank you so much for posting the Radical Candor article! Everything Kim Scott says makes so much sense. I love the “um” story. I’ve struggled finding the right way to guide employees as I’ve moved into a leadership role at my company. I’m going to share this at work tomorrow!

  7. I remember hearing the married couple on This American Life a while ago, and I thought it was amazing how they discovered the husband’s diagnosis and went on to live and thrive in a marriage and life together.

  8. that’s a pretty dress indeed ..
    Thanks for sharing all these links ; will read some of them in between busy moments before Christmas !

  9. Twyla says...

    I remember hearing the story of David Finch and his wife on This American Life, so of course I have to check out the book!

  10. I have to work too! yaaay!!
    Love the color of the year!!! serenity with rose quartz.
    – Belen
    Visit my work-life balance blog for women! A Hint of Life

  11. The good boss article is so good…forwarded it to all my fellow managers!

  12. Madie says...

    What a pretty dress! But wooooo short! For a dress like that, you need two hair-dos, IF you know what I mean… ;)

  13. Dana says...

    French onion anything is my favorite. Thank you for the link.

  14. yes, that article on how to be a good boss is so good, but my take on it is that you have to care for people that work for you. If you don’t, you can’t be direct without creating hard feelings. If those you supervise know you have their best interests at heart, your criticisms are easier to take.

  15. Joyce says...

    BTW, David Finch’s book “Journal of Best Practices” about turning his attention to his marriage is one of the funniest and most romantic things I have ever read.

  16. Steph B says...

    My husband of 5 years has OCD and I found it so charming when we were dating. My ex had been very impulsive and messy so to see a man take 10 minutes to decide between two shirts or always check to see that his ID and credit card were in his wallet seemed like a real win! Flash forward and its painstakingly clear that he’s compulsively counting his shirt buttons and his credit card numbers (because they could change you know, at any minute). We work on it together because he sees how crazy it makes me and our three year old is starting to ask why dada is doing this or that. Marriage really is an adventure in the long run. Just have to run with it, and patiently and quietly grind your teeth while your husband looks in his wallet, again. He’s still my love.

  17. Kirsten W. says...

    Thanks so much for sharing that article on leadership! I loved it. I’m a college teacher and it really validates the way that I challenge and critique my students. I totally believe that having high expectations and giving them honest constructive feedback is a way to show respect to them, but it’s always something the ‘nice girl’ inside of me feels a bit bad about…

  18. I love love love the onion – maybe a little too much! Although I find it incredibly troubling how many of the articles put out these days by news aggragates like huff post sound like they SHOULD be onion articles, but sadly, no. Crazy times! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  19. susan says...

    The wallpaper reminds me of those “adult coloring books” also anytime I mention “adult coloring book” to people who have never heard of them, they give me an odd look (I’m a minister). I have to show them mine to explain it’s not inappropriate :)

    • haha I’ve gotten strange looks too!
      Now I just call them meditative coloring books.

  20. I think it would be so cute if Monica and Chandler were dating in real life. Great post! Hope you have a great weekend :)

    xo, Liz

  21. Irene says...

    Thanks for the laugh-out-loud about the air time travel… spot on :)

    • Irene says...

      Also, just air travel. :P

  22. Danielle says...

    These are my favorite posts!

  23. Lexie says...

    Have a great weekend! This made me laugh: for anyone who loves Anthropologie

  24. We are going to Uruguay to spend Christmas at the beach! It’s the beginning of summer here and we are taking a week off. My blog will be resting for the week but my Instagram will be busy with beach sunsets :)
    Happy cozy weekend. I do love a wintry/cozy weekend. ❄️❄️


  25. Love the wine glass! Adorable!

  26. Lauren E. says...

    Wow, that article about being a good boss is fascinating!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      totally. i love how she said respectful criticism is a moral obligation. makes it easier (at least a little) to have hard talks!

    • Lindsey says...

      I think it’s applicable in the world of parenting, too.