Have a Great Weekend.

Have a Lovely Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We are going to our friend’s autumnal party tomorrow evening, and I’m looking forward to some mulled wine and cider donuts. Also, thank you so much for the enthusiasm about our new email newsletter. It will be fun! Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, and here are a few links from around the web…

Reading this book and loving it.

20 very smart tips for a great Thanksgiving. (Totally agree with #5!)

An art museum… from the art’s perspective.

What Master of None gets right about subtle everyday sexism.

A favorite story made more modern. FASCINATING and awesome.

What a pretty top.

How one writer defeated his anxiety.

Can you see the sheep? This blew my mind.

Now THAT’S a cheese plate.

An extremely pregnant woman has a few questions for the motherhood maternity customer service desk.

Caroline has been wearing this perfume and it’s really lovely.

Would you eat a sushi burrito?

How to hate winter less.

(Photo by Kari Herer. Maternity questions via Storq.)

  1. beepee says...

    We call that kind of sushi a “hand roll” in Australia! they’ve been around forever!

  2. Anna says...

    My son loves Richard Scarry! He had the book What Do People Do All Day? My husband and I couldn’t stop cracking up because the book shows “Mommy” earning a new dress because she did a good job ironing. Although Richard Scarry’s books are awesome, they’re a little out of date with today’s standards :-)

  3. Hannah says...

    The sushi burrito cracks me! Any time my Japanese husband makes sushi he calls it “Japanese burritos”. :)

  4. Angela says...

    I’ve been to Sushirrito and it’s FANTASTIC. Sooo worth the wait!

  5. Sandra says...

    You should read the water dragon by Andrew Woodward. A detectiv novel. I just finish all his books ?

  6. AnneMette says...

    The koselig-mindset works. Is there any other way?
    Yes, the Northen lightning happens. But not every year. It is dark, wet and lots and lots of wind. We have to make it koselig. Love from the westcoast of Norway.

  7. Emily says...

    One of my favourite restaurants in British Columbia – Rebar (in Victoria) – has made sushi burritos for years: they feature too in their awesome cookbook (published in 2001), and I’ve made them loads of times at home. YUM. Guess they were ahead of the curve!

  8. WOW, that anxiety article hit unexpectedly close to home! during stressful/busy periods (which are too frequent as a small business owner), i hate waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom because i know it’ll take me forever to get back to sleep. i start worrying about the most ridiculous stuff– last night, it was, “oh shit, that last batch of jewelry I shipped out was TOO SHINY, i’m a failure.” i’ve been doing more yoga lately to counter those weird nocturnal anxiety parties, but it might be time to check out his meditation resources. thanks for the post, always love these weekend links!

  9. Anne says...

    Awesome round-up, as always! My favorite part of sushi is ordering a bunch of different rolls and trying them all, so I’m not sure if the sushirrito trend is for me. But it’s a fun idea and I could see it being really addicting!

  10. As a largely pregnant women (32 weeks today!) I laughed at the article about motherhood maternity! Why is everything made in horizontal stripes?? We don’t need help looking wider! Have a great weekend!


  11. That cheese platter looks crazy good. Paired with a cosy blanket, my hubby and a warm fire, I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend!

    Nat Lewis
    Rocky Mountain Decals – Cute Wall Decals for kids, home and office!

  12. Sally says...

    I think that update of Richard Scarry’s book is awesome. We recently checked out his number book from the library and so many of the same antiquated notions fill the pages. For example, on the first page there’s a mother cooking while a father reads the newspaper (2 parents) and then she brings over a single plate with 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon but there are also 2 chairs which she will presumably sit in. Pretty annoying that she makes all of this food that she won’t be eating. Now I’m on the lookout to see if this book has also been updated.

    Thanks as always for the links!

  13. Aimee says...

    I haven’t seen Aziz Ansari’s series on Netflix but I loved that article.

    I proctor ATB testing at the college where I work and yesterday when a student was finished with his test, he whistled me over to him, like you would a dog. I told him never to whistle at me again and he snorted.

    I told my boyfriend about it (by text) and he didn’t reply. When I brought it up later he said he had nothing to say. I knew he felt I was overreacting and I got upset. I don’t think he really understood why.

    Sometimes it’s not an overtly or violent sexist act that gets you to as a woman. It’s these little occurrences that people don’t take seriously that build up like plaque.

    • Laura says...


      I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted you to know I read your comment, and I know exactly what you mean. That sucks that this happened to you. Things like that get me down too, especially when I feel like no one else really understands or acknowledges it.

    • june2 says...

      Gosh, what use is a boyfriend who is not on your side?? Seems like a red flag to me… maybe reconsider whether you two relate on a deep enough level and think about letting him go. Life is too short to spend time with someone who doesn’t stand up for you.

  14. Anna says...

    What about sushi-burito as a new product? I wrote this a month ago in my ideas journal. Ideas are all over in the air:) Cool

  15. Just want to say that I look forward to this post every single week! You always have the best links!!

  16. I can’t wait:)

  17. Laura C says...

    Loved the writer’s story and how hr dealed with his anxiety. It is so true.
    I can’t understand, why so many people hate winter?? I prefer winter to summer!

  18. Jenn says...

    Season 1, episode 7 of Master of None on subtle sexism was SO MONEY!! A guy at the boxing gym I go to was being such a creeper, making creepy comments around me all the time; when I told my friend, he defended the guy saying he’s not a bad guy, and if I were being attacked, he’s sure the guy would help me. Like what?! I just told you he said right behind my ear that he’s going to get a pineapple smoothie after because he’s heard the ladies like what that does. He’s middle aged, and has two daughters!! After a few more comments like that I straight up told him he wouldn’t want creepers saying crap like that to his daughters, why be that person? He responded that his daughters aren’t so sensitive and it’s too bad I can’t take a sexual innuendo. Ugh!

  19. Lori says...

    We have sushi burrito place here in Philadelphia too – Hai Street Kitchen!
    SO GOOD.

  20. Happy weekend Joanna! You always discover the most incredible links. Love the link about how to hate winter less. I’m working on a winter to-do list…I’m definitely gonna get outside more! Number 1 on my list is making a snowman! I’ve lived in Canada for yearsss and I’ve never made one. Sad lol.
    I’m sooo happy you’re reading Brooklyn and loving it! I breezed through it in two days over the summer. One of my top reads for 2015.
    I finished reading Room by Emma Donoghue last weekend. I read it back when it came out in 2010 and remember really enjoying it then. But I really, really loved it his time around! It’s a gripping, compulsively readable, poignant and at times funny story.
    I can’t wait to watch the movie this weekend. I’ve heard it’s not to be missed!
    Happy reading!

  21. Caitlin says...

    Hi Joanna! I noticed that in a link above you described that an author defeated “his” anxiety. The author himself uses the term “my” anxiety, as well. I am a social worker and was taught a tip in grad school that I really love and alway try and implement myself. When referring to an emotional state or condition it can be helpful to refer to the emotion as something separate from you-not as something that is your own. For example, instead of saying “MY anxiety was high today” you could say “I was experiencing a high amount of anxiety today”. As someone who has experienced anxiety in various degrees throughout my own life, I find this phrasing to be a reminder that we are not tied to our emotions/feelings-they are fleeting things that will come and go.

  22. Sasha says...

    did you mention your brother lives in Paris? Hope, he’s okay!

  23. Sara Gomez says...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! For recommending Master of None, I watched all of it last Sunday and I relished every single episode. I swear it filled a little comedy void I didn’t know I had. It’s hilarious but still retains a serious tone to highlight issue such as subtle everyday sexism. I am so happy that you continue to promote this show. It’s fantastic.

  24. I just love your Friday posts. It is my way to wind down the week. I slowly go through each link and always find something I love. Thanks for kicking my weekend off right!

  25. Jenn says...

    Sushiritto is across from my office in SF and it is THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. Trust me on this one. Mouth watering good

  26. Koselig it is, And sushi burritos are definitely a Cali-thing, and unfortunately they’re flippin good. Haha!

    An autumn soirée sounds magical! We are all sick so NyQuil cheers, takeout and Netflix is our plan!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Xo Lendy

  27. You leave such wonderful links for us on the weekend, I thought I would leave one for you.

    A friend of a friend’s new blog as she goes through chemo. Honest. Funny. Sad. Poignant. Beautiful. Reflective. All of these feelings. I just read her post on what it has been like to “lose her femininity.” You’re always sharing strong women on your blog, I thought I would share with you another.

  28. Elizabeth Fosler-Jones says...

    Flew into San Francisco this morning and saw that the sushi burrito place was a five minute walk for my hotel! Ate there for lunch and it was surprisingly delicious.

  29. Brooklyn is a great read. Eilis and how her life may have continued after the final page really engaged me. The almost instinctive way immigrants clustered by ethnicity is also depicted with impressive realism. Also, as an Irish Catholic, the rush to the confessional is hilarious. The movie, recently released, sees Saoirse Ronan tipped for an Oscar. Interesting role for her I am sure, as she is a young Irish girl who splits her time between the narratives dual settings of Ireland’s East coast and New York. A much more contemporary and gritty read, but also from the social realism genre and focusing on a young female is Asking for It by Louise O’Neill – worth a read. Review here –

  30. Thank you for including generalized anxiety disorder from an older individual’s perspective. We should be learning more from this age group as they have many life experiences & a lot of wisdom :). Love, Jenny

  31. ashley b says...

    As somebody who works with Norwegians and has been to Norway numerous times, I’d like to add to the winter link that another reason they stay sane is that they GO OUTSIDE. They basically live in winter. One of them once told me, “if we stayed inside all winter, we’d be housebound 9 months of the year.”

    They also dress with the motto “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

    So gear up ladies! WINTER AWAITS US!


  32. Mags says...

    I live right by Buredo in DC- the beatrix is my favorite ;)

  33. Christina says...

    Joanna, you should check out the sushi burritos at Uma Temakeria on 14th and 7th!

  34. Thanksgiving tip #1 is true! We always have decadent cheese grits topped with bacon while watching THE parade on TV. It’s as cherished a tradition as the starring meal of the day!

  35. I would always eat a sushi burrito (without raw fish) , especially while currently pregnant because
    1. There is no good sushi in Pennsylvania (I lived in NYC for 2.5 years until I graduated college this past May)
    2. I love burritos and have eaten many
    3. I love sushi but haven’t gotten to eat any (that doesn’t have raw fish in it)
    So since you reside in NYC, please eat all the sushi for me.
    Thank you xoxo
    Your hungry pregnant blogger and blog follower

  36. Ioana says...

    I agree with Lora, this post with all these interesting links is the start of the weekend for me, too.

    PS. Is there a way we can read posts from the archive?

  37. Sarah M. says...

    Being a sushi lover and having braved the shitshow that is parking in Palo Alto for lunchtime just for sushirrito (why do I never learn?), I have to say, yes the Geisha’s Kiss is amazing. But it probably would be more amazing at 2pm rather than 12:30pm, without the extra wait :)

  38. I often pass by that very Sushirrito on University Av (on the way to macarons next door at Chantal Guillon, ha)! Eh. The lines are always 15-20 deep, but I don’t quite get it.

  39. It took me a moment to find the sheep, wow!

  40. Lora says...

    Fridays are great for so many reasons, one being your weekend link list. It’s always the highlight of my week.

    • A says...

      I agree! I just confessed this to my husband. It’s my little pre-weekend treat!

  41. Molly says...

    An aside: what kind of beautiful flowers are in that photo? Thank you!

    • sara says...

      I believe they’re peonies! What a lovely shade.

    • Molly says...

      I adore peonies. No wonder I loved them! The color is so different ?. Thanks Sara!

  42. Emily R says...

    I HAVE eaten a sushi burrito – and it was AWESOME.