What’s Your Style? Find Out With One Question

What's Your Style? Find Out With One Question

In case you’re in the mood for a midday distraction, we just stumbled across this quiz on Apartment Therapy. You just pick your favorite furniture combo and it will tell you your style profile. Here are the answers, and they’re surprisingly spot-on. (I’m definitely “H.” The combo actually looks weirdly like our living room:) Which style are you?

P.S. A new beauty uniform is coming up!

  1. Full furniture

  2. I’m “E”…but I think that sometime I could be: B, E, F, H… ;)
    Interesting and fun post, thanks!

  3. E :)
    And very accurate! *European (especially French or Scandinavian) country homes probably make your heart flutter*

  4. Cynthia says...

    The problem is that I like pieces from various collections. My house is an assortment of furniture from various time periods. I guess you would say my style is eclectic. The only matchy-matchy set is a Queen Anne dining room set the original owners of our house had, and I understand it is hard to find complete sets of 1930’s dining room furniture because many of these sets have been broken up. We are only the second owners of our house, which is full of character, and has details you don’t find in modern houses unless your house is custom built.

  5. This is such a nice quiz! I am a H. Organic Modern too, while you wonder that it isn’t spot on, the explanation clears up the confusion


  6. I struggled to choose, but landed on H…and the explanation is spot on!

  7. E. Simple Chic

    … feels just right!

    and now I’m feeling the urge to change some things in my house

  8. LOVE THIS! Although I can’t choose, ha! Either way, when I do make a decision I can predict with absolute certainty that Husband will choose something totally different! Our house is a constant source of arguments!!

  9. CATHERINE says...

    I can’t decide between C and H, but that makes me “modern” in any case!

  10. Alice Quin says...


  11. This was such a fun little quiz – I kind of went for three and 2 were def. spot on D and F.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  12. I am a combination H & A, so my style is organic traditional! Naming it actually helps. Maybe now I can commit to some new pieces for our home.


  13. I agree with the comment about how uncomfortable the sofas look.
    I was instantly drawn to C, but I would probably end up buying B, even though I hate cream sofas (it would look great with a colourful throw, methinks ;)
    This cheered me up, have a lovely rest of your day y’all

  14. Jill says...

    One more thing: why do all of the couches look so uncomfortable (except b)?

  15. Jill says...

    Organic Modern. I didn’t even know there was a word to describe my style, but that is definitely it!

  16. Jenny says...

    I am H, Organic Modern, as well! It’s nice to finally have a way to describe it! I love minimalist furniture, clean lines, and neutrals, but also love to incorporate warmth with wood and have a lot of nature-inspired pieces (wood block print of a forest, screen printed throw pillows with eucalyptus on them, birch candlesticks, etc.)

  17. My gut reaction is none of the above, but I guess my favorites are D and F!

  18. Colleen says...

    I am a B. I like the couch and the lamp. I am not too crazy about the color of the pillow or the rug, but my description fits to a “T,” except for the color yellow.

  19. Erin W says...

    I’m a combination of C and G but I think mostly G. Love this!

  20. eg says...

    To me, these all basically look like the same person picked them out and they might come from the same store. I tried to just pick one with a comfortable looking couch!

  21. Janine says...

    B all the way! It was the couch that did it…it looks so comfy.

  22. Lilly says...

    So simple. F is spot on!

  23. I got B. It’s so me!

  24. Samantha says...

    I don’t really love any of these combinations, but I went with B, since it’s the one I disliked the least. Once I read the definition for Contemporary Cottage, it definitely sounded more like my style. Just the name of it is pretty much my style! I like modern, simple spaces that have some warmth to them, so they feel cozy and look more like a home, instead of looking too hotel-ish or magazine like.

  25. I’m also an H. Organic Modern: You walk the line between minimal, clean lines of contemporary design, and beautiful, often luxurious, natural elements and forms. You eschew flash for everyday luxuries, like a well-designed teapot, that are mindful and tasteful. The outdoors is often your inspiration, realized with raw-edge wood, leather, fur, linen and natural stone. Not surprisingly, your palette is most likely filled with neutrals and warm and cool whites, along with other earthy shades, like mossy green.

  26. Megan says...

    Oooh, this was fun to look at. My top choice is ‘B’, second choice goes to ‘H’. (But I’m in love with that rug in C! I just don’t like anything else in C…)

  27. Mary Jenkins says...

    D! I love nothing more than an antique-y chandelier. I would love one in every room.

  28. Molly says...

    I got E and it was spot on! Loved this quick diversion from work!

    • Laura C says...

      I’m into E too! European country style, nailed it!

  29. Wow. This was surprisingly accurate for me! At first I thought it would be difficult to pick a style, but then F jumped out at me and I knew! I’m definitely “classic glam”! Spot on!

  30. May says...

    I’m F sofa, D carpet, H lamp and H plant.

    • PM says...

      Me too! Exactly. Weird.