1. Julie Jessen says...

    What time is rush hour in Copenhagen?

  2. I love how they are chatting wile waiting. So good.

  3. So beautiful! I love Copenhagen. While I haven’t been in years, I appreciate how it really never changes. It is busy, beautiful, and full of such culture.

  4. I just visited a few weeks ago and loved it! Yes there are so many bikes! It is lovely to see that way of commuting. I happen to use my bike as my way around in NYC too so I was eager to get onto a bike in Copenhagen. Embarrassingly enough, I ended up falling off of it right in the middle of the city! Apparently, despite my cycling experience, my small frame is too short for the tall bikes there. It was hilarious and I had a great laugh!

  5. Rikke says...

    My old hood, and my old rute to work :-). And yes, we bike in any kind of whether! Adults wearing helmets is becoming more normal but many people don’t. I do it as well as many other parents with children on their back seat :-)
    You should definately visit my city ( in the summer)!

  6. I miss Copenhagen so much! Had a bike accident there once but it was all worth it ahah :) Such a cool place!

  7. Anna says...

    I bike Myself and with my kids to work/school everyday. We don’t own or need a car, we totally rely on our bikes and hire a car for out of town visits, sadly we leave Denmark this Christmas to return to our hometown, Sydney, Australia where sadly biking is not so popular nor safe, We are all dreading not doing our daily bike commutes.

  8. Lori says...

    SO amazing. Seems people do not wear bike helmets there?

    • Anna says...

      I’ve lived in Denmark for three years and yes, most adults don’t wear helmets. Kids are required to wear them thankfully! I have noticed more adults starting to wear them though in the past year so I think it may be a growing trend or people are suddenly more careful about protecting their brain?!

  9. I felt the same on my trip to Amsterdam! I kept on forgetting to look both ways for the bikes ;)

  10. I was in Copenhagen this summer, and it was truly eye opening to see a tidal wave of bikes parked on every corner and street of the city. No big surprise the city was also clean! Truly inspiring and I love that city!

  11. I could have easily been one of those cyclists! :)

  12. J says...

    I’m planning to visit Copenhagen soon and it’s so nice to see this video. Thanks for sharing! :)


  13. I lived in Copenhagen for a year. It is a beautiful city.
    I remember having to bike everywhere, even in the worst weather conditions. It was fun.

    • tunie says...

      I wondered how they handle winter – so people still bike in the snow?

  14. I live in Copenhagen and it’s so cool too see my city mentioned here. Also proud of our biking :D

  15. I’ve traveled to Copenhagen for work several times and as a pedestrian, I had to remember to watch for cars and bikes! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Mary Jenkins says...

    yes! i wish all cities could be like this!

  17. That used to be on my way to work! Sun, rain or snow – on my bike ;)

  18. Oh my god!! That crosswalk puts Times Square to shame! That’s a crazy amount of people who walk!! =)

    Melanie | Toots & Dill

  19. Maria says...

    I live in Copenhagen and bike to work every day. So proud to see us showcased on your blog!