Mindy Kaling’s New Book


Mindy Kaling’s new book — Why Not Me? — comes out next Tuesday, and it’s already getting rave reviews. She covers everything from bonding with friends to being a boss. Her essays discuss her “attempting to be the first person in history to lose weight without any behavior modification whatsoever, or most important, believing that you have a place in Hollywood when you’re constantly reminded that no one looks like you.” She also talks about her complicated relationship with her friend and ex-boyfriend B.J. Novak: “I will freely admit: my relationship with B.J. Novak is weird as hell.”

Mindy always gives great interviews, but a recent New York Times interview stood out; here are some fun quotes:

What books are currently on your night stand?

Dept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill. I’m playing a new mother on my show, and I keep rereading passages in it. It’s very funny. The other book is Watch Me, by Anjelica Huston. I can’t believe how good her stories are. I can’t believe Jack Nicholson is OK with this book. It’s such a delight to read.

If you belong to a book club, tell us about it. If you don’t, tell us what your ideal book club would be like.

My book club would be held on Sunday afternoons. Dress code: warm-weather black tie. Cocktails from 3 to 3:30. Chitchat from 3:30 to 4. Personal drama from 4 to 5. Book discussion from 5 to 5:30. Early dinner from 5:30 to 7. Then everyone goes home.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for reading a book?

A little bit, yes. My production company is called Kaling International, and the title card is an illustration of a girl reading a book in bed by flashlight, until her father yells up to her room, “Go to bed!” and she quickly shuts off her light. This must have happened dozens of times when I was growing up, and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. My parents encouraged reading, but they didn’t anticipate me reading Michael Crichton’s Sphere until 2 a.m. on a school night.

I loved Mindy’s first book, and Why Not Me? is supposed to be even better. Will you read it? Can’t wait.

P.S. Mindy’s friendship advice, and another brilliant book (watch the trailer).

  1. Mindy in my heart is bae lol and I cant wait to have time to listen to it because yes her voice is wonderful. I mean really why didn’t this book come out sooner!!!!! #screams

  2. I absolutely loved Mindy’s first book so I can’t wait to read this! She’s so funny and real.

  3. I loved Mindy’s first book and am so excited about reading her new one coming up. Good article, makes me want to have it now! Thanks for sharing

  4. I just finished listening to the audiobook of this and LOVED it. Even better hearing Mindy read it herself. Would highly recommend.

    E x

  5. Aga says...

    I just saw the trailer for season 4 and i’m so excited! it looks so good! love mindy!

  6. Definitely! She’s actually doing a book signing on Monday here in Boston and I managed to snag a ticket. So between that and the new season of the Mindy show starting, it’ll be a Mindy-full week… which is how I like it. :)

  7. A resounding YES! I can’t wait. There is no one like Mindy out there, she is the coolest. On one side she is funny and light and just great but then there is this other level… this social criticism, parody that is sometimes subtle but so on point. That promo is the perfect example actually. Love her.

  8. Alison says...

    Oh my word, not only am I going to read Mindy’s new book, I’m declaring 15 September National Mindy Day in Australia – as the first episode of season 4 of The Mindy Project comes out that day too! Have to take a day off and just enjoy a full day of Mindy, reading her book during the day and watching the show at night :)
    I love that you love her Jo, I feel like everything is right in the world when all my favourites admire each other ;)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      awww you are the sweetest:) and i love your plan. we should make pins!

  9. I haven’t even had the chance to read her first book yet! I better get on it!
    Mindy is absolutely adorable, one of those rare women whom you feel bonded with even though you’ve never met. Who wouldn’t want to be BFFs with her?!
    Sarah Lynn

  10. I loved her first book too so you betcha I’ll be looking out for this new one. I think she’s hilarious and inspiring all at once and I like supporting people like that.

  11. I am a huge Mindy fan and cannot wait for this book to come out!

  12. Christine says...

    Love the question.. Have you ever gotten in trouble for reading a book? Back when I was a flight attendant, rules stated that we weren’t allowed to read inflight. Generally we could get away with flipping through a magazine or newspaper, but one day my supervisor caught me reading The Grapes of Wrath and told me to switch to something “shorter” ; )

  13. I love this! Summer cocktail attire is definitely my IDEAL attire for book club, as is an early dinner and a full hour to discuss my personal drama. I love Mindy how honest + hilarious Mindy is, and that trailer is delightful :)

  14. Jen says...

    i absolutely love mindy! and yes i will be reading her new book when it comes out!

  15. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MINDY’S BOOK. I needed it as soon as I finished the first and it’s been far too long. Oh and also, her idea of a book club will now be the only book club I’ll join in the future. That, or your idea of an “article” type of club.

  16. Angela says...

    Well, I guess someone has to be the first, but I didn’t really love her first book that much, especially on the heels of some other comedienne autobiographies/memoirs I’d recently read. I do love Mindy, but was less than impressed with the first book.

    I would so love a CoJ book club! That would be fun!

    • Elyse says...

      I completely agree. I expected more from her book. I love her from the office & the mindy project, I may give it a bookstore read but I dont think I will purchase it.

    • Completely agree. Maybe it was because of hype, maybe it was because I’d never seen her in anything (still haven’t), but I didn’t find it very funny or insightful.

      I thought at the time it’s because it was intended for fans of Mindy’s shows.

      I will get the Kindle sample though and see if that interests me :)

  17. Ann says...

    I love the fact that she made a trailer for her book! She is brilliant and hysterical. Very excited!!

  18. Mindy is my favorite celebrity- I wish we were friends in real life all the time. I pre-ordered Why Not Me? and next Tuesday can’t come any sooner because it’s also the season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project! Double Mindy=Double happiness. I’m really hoping to go to her NYC Book Tour! AHHHHH TOO EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING

  19. Ohmigod, I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. Her lists in the last one hand me busting up. And I swear by that chapter “Don’t Peak in High School” (ha).

    • *had (haha, sorry, I can’t stand my own typos)

  20. Isabelle says...

    I can’t wait for it, recently re-read the first one and finally watched the Mindy Project!!!

    And I can admit that I’m watching The Office for the first time, never found it on TV in France and I’m obsessed!!!

  21. Mindy is so funny! I’ve been wanting to read her first book for a while now. I just moved it to the top of my “to read” list :)

    Meet Me in Midtown

  22. Mindy is so fun and inspiring♥♥

  23. Lauren E. says...

    I love her “getting in trouble for reading” moment. This was 100% me, only I was reading Babysitter’s Club.

    • LOL me too, exactly! When I read that I thought yeah me too, but a little different kinda, uh, literature. Love that Claudia. ;)

  24. I looked like a complete crazy person reading her first book! Sitting on the subway either randomly chuckling very loud or trying to hold it in and looking a cat that ate the canary.

  25. ashley b says...

    i can’t wait to read this! i LOVED her first book, and the essay you shared on weekend links a couple of weeks ago was amazing. love her!

  26. I love Mindy, she is a wonderful example and hilarious! I feel like we’d be bffs. Her book club would consist of herself, Oprah, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

  27. Suzanne says...

    I will absolutely be reading Mindy’s book. She’s so smart, so thoughtful, so CONNECTED to women today. I find her voice and her perspective so refreshing.

    Cup of Jo book club, perhaps…?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      a cup of jo book club would be so much fun! how would we do it? have a time for everyone to do live commenting & drink cocktails remotely? :)

    • Traci says...

      yes! a “Cup of Jo” book club via Periscope!!

    • Suzanne says...

      Yes! I think that would be lovely!

      Commenting while cocktailing! :)

    • Yeah! Make it a twitter party!

  28. jill c says...

    i can’t wait to read it …or should i say get the audio book b/c now i rarely have a moment to read. i loved her first book (that was also the audio version)…just so good.

  29. I love Mindy! She’s so spunky, fab, and unapologetically herself while still being kind. I wish she lived next door so we could do ridiculous things together but instead I’ll have to settle on devouring her books!


  30. Erin W says...

    I thought her first book was so great! I laughed out loud constantly! Can’t wait to read this one. She’s such an inspiration!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      “personal drama from 4 to 5” made me laugh out loud.

  31. woahh the timing is crazy on this, I just wrote about how Mindy is my most trusted spiritual advisor ;) Glamour shared a great excerpt from this book where she discussed about the importance of doing the work BEFORE being overconfident and entitled. she’s a smart lady.

    + lol at her book club with approx 30 secs of actual book discussion and majority chitchat. my kinda club.