Pretty in Pink




Caroline and I were recently lamenting about how shorts never quite get it right — they’re either too long or too short, too tight or too sloppy. But then I remembered my friend Kendra’s pink shorts, which she has worn for years. They’re just the right length (5″), and the pale pink keeps them feeling fresh.

I love how Kendra looks both tomboyish and feminine. Here, she wears a bouclé sweater and gold bangle. I’ve also seen her wear them with a mariniere top or a simple gray tank.

Just a PSA for those of you who also have a hard time finding shorts. :)

What are you wearing these days? Any cute finds?

P.S. A mama/baby sleepover and Kendra’s beauty routine.

(Photos by Maria del Rio for Cup of Jo.)

  1. L says...

    I agree with the 5″ inseam! I had good luck getting a few pairs from Old Navy this summer–I like that their website makes it easy to sort by inseam.

    And I’ve had what look like the precursor to these J. Crew shorts for years–maybe 10?–they really do last!

  2. I’m all about the colored shorts. My favorite right now are a pair of faded chartreuse Lucky brand ones. But usually I’m not much of a shorts wearer because I have such a hard time finding the right ones.

  3. Madie says...

    It’s true! J Crew’s 5″ shorts are exactly right every time.

  4. Danielle says...

    I like J.crew and Express shorts in different lengths. I think Kendra’s shorts can be dressed up or down because of their ideal length.

  5. Laura says...

    It would be awesome if they sold the shorts with multiple cuts – I wear a size 6 for pants, but have the remnants of soccer player legs and your typical shorts are rarely made at a width that isn’t tight/uncomfortable for me. They make shoes at different widths, why not shorts?

    That being said, Gap and the Bannana Outlet actually had shorts that worked this year, woot woot!

  6. yael steren says...

    I love blush pink!!!! I wear it all the time! As for shorts, I think that J.Crew makes some good ones as well as Loft and Joie! xoxo yael

  7. Tracy says...

    I’ve resisted buying shorts because I generally don’t find them flattering, but this summer has been killer that I finally broke down. Anthropologist has some Level 99 linen shorts that are lovely! Soft and forgiving, yet still flattering. And they stretch, so you can size down (which I admit, made my heart sing a little since I recently had baby #2). I’ll have to check out the Jcrew shorts too!
    PS: Kendra is gorgeous, loved her beauty uniform!

  8. Love these pink shorts. Perfect length!

  9. Those shorts are perfect! Many pairs in the store now are WAY too short.

    Meet Me in Midtown

  10. Rachel says...

    It doesn’t hurt that Kendra is so spectacularly beautiful. Even magic shorts couldn’t make me look that good. I’ll try them though!

  11. eg says...

    I can never really seem to stand any shorts that aren’t just cutoffs (the whole riding up in the middle thing, maybe?), but I’ve surprisingly not tried those jcrew ones!
    I did just buy these cutoffs at the gap though, because I specifically wanted black ones, and they were only $15 in the store’s sale section:

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks for the tip!!

  12. Great suggestion! I’ve been scouring the web looking for a pair of shorts that are more on the classic side for our upcoming trip to Europe. Figure those ‘hip’ booty shorts the kids are wearing these days probably aren’t the way to go ;-)

  13. Teri says...

    I love the color of those shorts. Kendra looks amazing! I know I would still feel like 5 inch inseam is too skimpy, but they do a 7 inch! Hooray! Thanks for the great recommendation.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes!! forgot about these. love how they are kind of loose/bubble out instead of tight against the thighs. :)

  14. Bethanne says...

    I only wear these shorts! They are the PERFECT fit.

  15. These are my all time favorite shorts! I’ve been lucky and have found a few pair at the local thrift store. I might have to grab some new colors though!

  16. You are so right! Being so hard to find, once you find good shorts, you wear them! I have a pair like that by Gap which I wear a lot through the summer.
    Meanwhile… I’m at home with central heating on because it is winter here :)


  17. Tricia says...

    Kendra is a doll. I pretty much hate all of my shorts, except one pair I got from Forever 21. I have mile long legs and a booty…that isn’t a good combo when it comes to shorts because they never fit right. I’m glad I am not the only one that struggles with shorts fitting properly. :)

  18. I know what you mean! I love shorts which are hemmed? like with an upturned hem at the bottom. They just feel more city chic! By the way, this might seem a silly question but what does PSA mean? :D

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh haha public service announcement :)

    • OH!!!! Thanks! Learnt something new! :D

  19. Laura C says...

    This morning my sister came to visit me in her perfectly pale pink shorts!!! You nailed it Jo!
    Anyway, let me tell you- you always choose Kendra’s outfits as perfection, and I’d like to tell you that yours are really nice too. It’s like you can see it and you need to be told my dear!

  20. Tracey says...

    I agree that the right pair is difficult to find. Then, I discovered the 5″ chino from jcrew just like your friend. It was amazing and I even bought 2 more pairs in different colors! Love it!

  21. Julianna says...

    I’ve never been able to find shorts that fit right, so I just make my own! If I don’t love the way a pair of pants fit, whether the length, or tight on my calf, loose on my knee – I cut em off! You can buy special glue that keeps them from fraying, or cut em a little longer to do either a sloppy roll, or a neat little thin roll.

  22. Cinda says...

    no more shorts for me….. I wear and love my skirts with joy. ( FYI stopped wearing cut offs when I stopped living at the farm, these were for hard working long summer days…. When working in the orchard, not for going into town). I think shorts are cute on women, not so much cut offs.

  23. I’m six months pregnant. With my third. (Doldrums;) Kendra’s cute outfit has me daydreaming of normal clothes!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i remember that feeling! i fantasized about wearing anything with a waist :)

    • Amy P says...

      Ha, I’m 7 months pregnant with my third and I had the same reaction as Aja! Except I’m lusting after the 4″ inseam for my short legs. I have exactly one pair of boring maternity shorts and I just keep washing them…sigh.

  24. Kelsy says...

    Do you know where her beanie and shades are from? Gorgeous!

    • Gretchen says...

      Ditto! Love her sunglasses too! They look like Ray-Bans maybe?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i’m asking about the sunglasses! the beanie is forever 21.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      you’re right, gretchen, her sunglasses are ray-bans. here’s a very similar pair:

  25. May says...

    Love the light pink shorts.
    Well constructed cotton shorts with pockets and a 5 inch inseam are the best, (no matter what my legs look like). Favorite brand is Columbia because they fit well, wash great, and last for ages. I wear bestie summer shorts until they are thread bare. Present fav are about 6 or 7 years old and only need a second patch. For walking though, I prefer denim with an 8 inch inseam or baggy Bermunda shorts.

  26. AT says...

    Those are my go to shorts! Also one tip that i have found handy – always buy them one size too big.

  27. I feel the exact same way! So much so, in fact, that I gave up and quit wearing shorts altogether a few years ago. But THEN. Gap really got it together and I am so in love with their shorts these days.

  28. Kelsey says...

    I’ve pretty much given up on shorts at 26. I’m 5’9, and the proportions are never quite right. I always feel like I’m either revealing too much or I’m stuck with board shorts that make me look like someone’s dad on a golf trip.

    • Haha Kelsey! Dad on a golf trip… perfect visual. I’m 25 and I have the same problem. I am forever checking inseams of shorts to make sure they’re long enough. I’m 5’7″ and have long legs, so shorts have always been a struggle. Bermuda shorts just look funny to me, but most other shorts options are too revealing on me too.

      I might have to try these j.crew ones though. A 5″ inseam might do the trick.

    • bethyp says...

      I’m 5’10” and hated most shorts too…hated the length, baggy butts, and my legs aren’t that cute and skinny so I just opted out. But seriously the 5″ J Crew shorts changed all that. Just sayin’!

  29. I prefer mine just a smidge longer because of my larger booty. I love the idea of softer colors though that aren’t too far from your skin color (no nude shorts, or course) so that your legs look longer. I think that’s part of her magic here.


  30. I just read an article about wearing shorts in the latest issue of Darling! Good read for anyone who needs tips!

  31. Maya says...

    Where can I get Kendra’s long legs?? ;-) thanks for the shorts tip!

  32. I recently picked up this slouchy romper and it has quickly become my favorite every day summer piece:

    The purple is a little more muted in real-life, the fabric is super light and soft, and the fit is the perfect mix of slouchy and feminine.
    The deep scoop neck is really flattering, too. Usually I roll up the ankles and wear it with dangly earrings and flipflops but it looks cute with these Teva wedges too: