Three Fun Things


It’s Wednesday, and we’re all a little draggy in the office today, so here are three fun things to brighten up your scene. First up: A three-question quiz to test your rationality. (How did you do?)






Second, 14 beautiful Japanese words. (I love shinrin-yoku.)


Finally, these lava ghosts made in Copenhagen somehow keep making me laugh out loud. It’s like if they are so, so worried, your generalized anxiety must not be that bad, right? Definitely counts as a jollifier, I would say.

Hope you’re having a good week. xoxo

(Japanese words via Swissmiss, rationality test via Shoebox Dwelling)

  1. shopgirl says...

    Mostly I am MAJIME, but sometimes have a need to be IRUSU.. :-)

  2. Ah I am guilty of of tsundoku, but only with the best of intentions. I’m delighted to learn that the word ikigai exists, it breathes inspiration and intention.

  3. Madie says...

    Ahh, Majime is my new favorite word! How lovely. Crazy how many English words you have to string together to express the same idea…

  4. Taylor says...

    I got both questions right on the rationality test, even though I consider myself more emotional and intuitive than logical and objective. That’s so interesting to me–I LOVE personality tests and things like this.

    I am extremely risk averse financially, though–I’ve never gambled in my life, and the though of going to Vegas boggles me. To each their own though! My brother loves little bets like the quarter question and somehow always wins them. That kind of thing gives me a little pit in my stomach.

    Great melange of fun stuff in this post!

  5. karen says...

    Apparently I’m completely irrational and it’s freaking me out. I need some shinrin-yoku…

  6. Thanks Joanna for posting, I am LOVING all these words! :-)

  7. Lovely Japanese words! :) Why do we not have these in other languages as well? :) They say it all… I may need to share these as well!

    I also like the Danish ghosts, super cute!

  8. Prudence Marule says...

    tsundoku is me! – I’ve banned myself from buying anymore books until i start reading the ones i have!

    I sucked at the test! – maybe next time. :(

  9. Alice says...

    Yoisho! I live abroad and love discovering words that are almost just meaningful sounds, in that they aren’t in the dictionary but are used nationwide in specific situations to express a certain feeling. Everyone uses and knows them, there’s something inclusive about them. I feel like English has fewer, but I’d love to see an international comparison of these feeling word sounds!
    And imagine: finish work, kiddo to bed, tidy up, armchair, yoisho. Aah.

  10. Katherine says...

    Yoisho, in context, is more frequently used when picking up something heavy :)

    • Mao says...

      Thank you for letting me realize how Japanese words sound attractive to non Japanese people. We use these words frequently, I love Majime people, who try to do their best to whatever they do, and who are sincere to their partner.

  11. I can’t wait to start using these words on my friend from Japan!! Tsundoku is the one to be used to describe me….the books keep pilin’ up on my night table!! xo


    adorn la femme

  12. Roxana says...

    I am irrational, but not more so than Stanford business grads who’ve actually studied probability :).

    I love tsundoku! Totally guilty. And my husband is majime through and through.

    Thanks for this :).

  13. Oh my gosh that lava ghost! It looks so sad but I can’t stop laughing either haha

    Meet Me in Midtown

  14. I love the 14 beautiful Japanese words. It’s always interesting to find out words that have so much meaning in different languages.

  15. Maira says...

    I do IRUSU all the time hahaha!

  16. Surprisingly I did well on the logic test. I love watching Matt Bellassai’s Whine About It Wednesdays so that personally helps keep me from dragging. Also all those Japanese words are amazing but would be better if it showed how to pronounce them.

    • Melissa says...

      Whine about it is pretty much one of the best things to come into my life as of late. My husband and I binge watched six of them last night. :)

  17. Thank you so much for sharing these!
    Loved the japanese words!

  18. This could not have come at a more perfect time. Work is dead, and I keep checking the blog to see if there is anything new! I could really use a shinrin-yoku.

  19. That rationality test hurt my feelings. Also, tsundoku describes my life!

  20. Laura says...

    Majime. Love it.

  21. It makes me so happy yet frustrated that those Japanese words exist (if they do exist–I do not speak Japanese so I cannot verify). They’re so, so perfect, I can’t even. I don’t know why. I guess I’m wondering if these seemingly esoteric feelings are what everyone feels, and also what it means that these words are in Japanese but we don’t have English equivalents for them (What does it say about their culture? What does it say about ours?)

  22. Steph B says...

    Well I’m apparently not very logical. I’ll take that as a compliment and stop over thinking things since it seems as though it’s not doing me any justice. ;-) Love the anxious ghost too.

  23. Angela says...

    According to the survey, I am rational, though that is hardly how I would describe myself. ? Really interesting- thanks for posting!

    • Roxana says...

      Maybe you don’t seem rational because everyone else is irrational :).

    • Roxana says...

      Oh, and brava!

  24. I intend to do a bit of shinrin-yoku as soon as possible :)

  25. I AM FEELING SO DRAGGY, TOO. what is it?! Also, the japanese language is so intricate and beautiful and complicated. I took japanese for 2 years in college and I still only know how to say “I’m going to the bank.”