Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? We are taking it easy with playground hangs and movie nights. Also, Toby is excited to get his first-ever professional haircut because my bowl cuts just aren’t cutting it (…get it?). I hope he still looks little and not too grown-up! Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Alex and I have been watching this show in preparation for our trip next week. (Does it ring true?)

Rosé lemonade sounds delicious.

A kind stranger pays a new mom’s parking ticket.

Mindy Kaling’s guide to killer confidence. Worth reading.

How your body changes during pregnancy. (!!!!)

Beautiful kitchen essentials.

Kristen Stewart teaches Jesse Eisenberg to field sexist interview questions.

What are your simple pleasures?

Only in Amsterdam. :)

This essay on sharing made me think.

Whoa, these NYC elevators are amazing.

I followed my mom around Costco and this is what I learned.”

Sadly, I lost my wedding ring. I was fiddling with it and it dropped down into a floor board. Kicking myself big time. Maybe this sweet one could be a replacement?

Last but not least, I wrote a guest post about hosting overnight guests.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Laura Short/Instagram. Lemonade via Three Chairs. Elevators via Kottke.)

  1. LOVED the Mindy Kaling essay. Thank you for this!

  2. Angie says...

    Sorry you lost your ring! I bought a replacement ring really similar to the one you posted. It’s from an independent designer in Portland…

    I love it so much and always get compliments on it. I bought the $18 gold-filled version and love that if I lose it again, I don’t need to stress about replacing it.

  3. Enjoy portland!! We just came back from 2 months in france and its paradise right now in portland!! I hope you will have an awesome time!!

  4. Laura says...

    That Costco story weirdly struck a chord with me. I feel as if traditionally female tasks are often trivialized, as in, “so easy your mom could do it!” But meal planning, budgeting and cooking are important and challenging skills that don’t come easy to my generation. Bravo to that author at the Kichn for respecting her mother’s expertise and sharing it with the rest of us!

  5. Portlandia is seriously the bomb. I don’t know if it’s weird but it makes me want to visit Portland more than I already do HA.

  6. I used paid parking to go tour a daycare for my three month old baby and it was raining. As I walked up to pay a man was there and was just getting his receipt. He handed me his paid receipt so I could put it in my car rather than standing there in the rain trying to find my card and pay while the baby was waiting for me. It was the sweetest thing and just what I needed at a time that was already highly emotional. There are so many good people out there that notice and care. Thanks for posting the parking ticket story.

  7. I lost the DIAMOND of my engagement ring almost three years ago! We were moving and it fell off the setting, most probably into one of several garbage bags. I try not think about it because it still hurts. We didn’t have ring insurance anymore at that point. This Christmas, there’s hope for a replacement. I feel your loss totally!

    xoxoxo. Anna of The Analog House

  8. Sophie Taylor says...

    That link on sharing is really interesting. I witnessed the Montessori approach when I visited one of their schools- my then 2 year old snatched a car off a child who was happily playing with it! A friend said her mum teaches 4 year olds and teaches them to say ‘can I have a turn when you’ve finished’. Since I’ve encouraged my child to say this, I’m always amazed how quickly the situation is resolved- as if the child giving up the toy realizes it’s on his terms and so does so.

  9. I look forward to these links every week! They are always so thoughtfully chosen. I learn something new each week from these, usually with a good laugh or cry in between. Thank you!

  10. first that peonies is my favorite second off I love your blog. Reading it is an inspiration for mine!! Check me out!

  11. Ali says...

    Sorry to hear about your wedding ring! The one you posted looks quite like my 2mm flat gold wedding band, which I love. It’s petite and lovely on it’s own, and stacks perfectly with my engagement ring. I would make sure it’s thick enough (as in its height), as I’ve heard of too thin rings breaking when worn daily. I got my ring (and my husband’s) from iweddingband, but there are some on Etsy I was eyeing also.

  12. JenMarie says...

    My husband lost his wedding ring about a year after we got married. We ended up getting an identical replacement and then, just to make it feel equally special, we did a little vow & ring exchange while sitting on our couch. It reminded us of how beautiful it felt to commit to one another and it also instantly made his new ring feel just as special as the old one. It might be extra fun to do something like that with your boys participating. They could be ring bearers!!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my goodness, that is such a cute idea!!

  13. definitely lift the floorboards for the ring! Would take an odd job man about 10 minutes to sort it out! My friend did exactly the same thing.

    I know someone who lost his on his wedding day at a beach wedding in australia. One metal detector later, they were reunited. :)

  14. Thank you for these!

  15. Laurel says...

    Yay for kind people in Canberra! I live there! My family and I moved here from Seattle a year ago and I am constantly floored by the kindness and generosity of complete strangers. Our very clever border collie Stormy escapes from our yard regularly and so, so many wonderful people have called and even brought her home! I love this city so much.

  16. Ana says...

    Sorry about your ring… but you know where it is! Even though you cannot get it, imagine in some years when someone replaces that floor, they will find it and think about it and its story. It made me think of that movie scene from Amelie Poulain!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      what a beautiful point!

  17. Grace K says...

    Hi Jo,

    I read your blog quite often and I don’t usually post a comment but I felt compelled to write in response to your lost ring.

    There was this couple that I either read or heard about. They were married for a while and then one day the wife lost her wedding ring. She felt awful about the loss. She knew she wanted to replace it but no ring could ever fully compensate for the one that was there on the day the wedding vows were exchanged. Then her husband had an idea. They would go to someone who could melt down his wedding ring, mix it with some additional gold/silver/precious metal, and from this molten metal two new rings were made. That way the couple each had a piece of ring from the day that they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

    So there’s an idea for you and your husband to consider.

    Oh and have fun in Portland. It’s my hometown and there’s a lot of great people there. My advice: Don’t do Voodoo, it’s a tourist trap. Blue Star and Donut Queen are significantly better. Also, if you find yourself in NoPo, the part of the city that I hail from, drive across the St. Johns Bridge and check out King Burrito for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Oh and take the tram. The view is even cooler at night.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i LOVE that idea! how lovely and heartfelt. and thank you for your portland tips, we are getting so excited for our trip.

    • i love this idea too! I’ve lost three wedding rings, it’s ridiculous. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Jennifer says...

    Potland…. I go Monday!! I have been ocd about it. What is on your list? Some of what we have planned… Sans kids!
    Le pidgeon
    Vs chef competition
    Forktown tours
    Pinot at each meal
    Staying at the heathman hotel
    A couple days in wilamette
    Please let me know some of you plans!

  19. Johanna says...

    We just moved to Portland a month ago, and my husband will not stop quoting Portlandia. It’s pretty dead on.

  20. jcm says...

    I moved to Portland from NYC fifteen years ago. I find Portlandia to be hysterical. People here are alternately too friendly (people stop for pedestrians in the middle of the street) and smug about how cool Portland is now (you’d better know what chervil is). It really is a great city with amazing food and shopping. I know you didn’t ask for recommendations, but I can’t resist.
    Frances May
    Alder & Co.
    West End Select Shop
    Roman Candle Bakery
    Boke Bowl (for the kids)
    Sauvie Island
    Mount Tabor
    Rooster Rock

    Have fun! Report back.

  21. Casey says...

    Can you tear up the floorboard? I don’t understand. I want you to have your ring back! Ha

  22. Hi Joanna!
    I have been following your blog for several years now, and I absolutely love it! My boyfriend Kyle and I relocated from the Florida Panhandle to Portland, and it is nothing short of incredible. The city is so culturally diverse; there is truly something for everyone. They really do strive to “Keep Portland Weird,” which is so awesome.
    The Portland Art Museum is definitely a must-do, as well as Washington Park (which houses the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Gardens, and the Oregon Zoo!)… all of which are under $20! Definitely utilize the TriMet/MAX system for getting around quickly and easily… You can get single-day passes or 5-day passes for a one-time minimal fee and have peace of mind to zip around all day!

    I hope you enjoy your trip, and keep up the amazing work!


  23. I lost my wedding ring too! I think my beloved nanny stole it from a jewelry box in my closet the day construction workers were fixing our leaky pipe. I never questioned her but she quit soon after without good reason which makes me suspicious…and sad. I know how you feel, wedding rings are not everything but it made my left hand feel very empty long after. I still haven’t replaced it yet, hopefully one day when house is remodeled and kids don’t require as much money (will that day ever come?) :)

  24. Rebekah says...

    Do people actually make their kids immediately give a toy to someone else, just because that other person wants it?! That isn’t sharing… it’s just placating whiny kids, who need to learn to wait for their turn!

    My daughters may not steal or hoard toys, and I encourage them to share of their own volition (because we want to be considerate of others and make one another happy), but they certainly don’t *have* to give up an object when another child demands it. Adults don’t “share” like that… I mean can you imagine a person coming up to you at the park and saying “I want to wear your hat,” and you were obliged to give it to them because of “sharing?”

  25. Roxana says...

    So sorry about your ring!

    As for sharing, I completely agree. I don’t think it’s okay to force kids to share. They don’t understand it. Not only that, but I think not sharing teaches respect for others and patience and delayed gratification, etc. (for the kid who is “waiting” for the toy). “She had the toy first. She will play with it and then it’ll be your turn.” The child has to cope in a situation where they’re unhappy. Yeah, they might flip out because they want “it now!” but the sooner they learn to cope (in a healthy way) with uncomfortable situations, the better! Someone could say that (forced) sharing could accomplish the same things, but sharing is something that should come from the heart. . . a form of altruism, maybe?

    Either way, thank you for sharing ;).

    Oh, and am so impressed that you’ve been cutting Toby’s hair! My kids would never sit still for me!

  26. Syl says...

    Sorry to hear about your wedding ring. As a recommendation from your blog I actually got mine made by Bario Neal, and shipped over to London. Can’t recommend them enough ;)

  27. Tiffany says...

    So sad about your wedding ring. I wear just a simple gold band as well, and if you are still looking – I found mine at Cartier, and I just love it. They have a series of gold bands of varying widths – I got the narrowest The shocker – it was under $500. I am sure that it is more than other bands of the same make, but the experience of going into Cartier, getting it engraved, and receiving it in that red box – it felt like the little extra to get what feels like an instant heirloom was well worth it. I hope you find something wonderful!

  28. Erica H. says...

    Damn. I should get organized and shop at Costco instead of ordering takeout 3+ times a week.

  29. Rose lemonade sounds AMAZING, Portlandia just happens to be one of my favorite shows, and that pink peony picture is adorable!! xx

  30. Savannah says...

    I hope your excitement (!!!) is a sneak announcement of a new baby! Babies for days!!!

  31. I’m sorry about your ring! I’d have probably started to try and pry up the floorboards.. I’m always frightened about losing my ring down a drain. I hadn’t considered floor boards as a threat.

  32. Cynthia says...

    I’m so sorry you lost your wedding ring, and I know you feel badly about it. I do like the ring you want as a replacement. A number of years ago, I lost a sapphire pendant my husband gave me for Mother’s Day. The day I lost it, the school parking lot was repaved, so that’s probably where it was. I called the jewelry company, but it was no longer available. However, I was able to purchase a similar pendant, but the original was prettier. I don’t wear pendants on delicate chains any more, and I prefer chains with lobster claw clasps. My husband lost his wedding band in our yard shortly after we were married, and we never found it. He is not a jewelry person, so we never replaced it.

    • Kate says...

      Laughed out loud about your husband’s ring! My husband also lost his through a hole in the floorboards. He stuck a bicycle flag ( like for little kids) through the vent to see where it fell into the basement. We ended up finding it on top of the air conditioning vent. I wish I could say that’s the last time he “lost” it.

  33. I cant’ wait to hear about your Portland experience. I moved there more or less 2 months ago (I’ve done a lot of traveling since then).
    I didn’t about the show and my friends made me watch it before I moved. I loved it! I don’t know yet if it’s all true but it did make me want to move there even more! I was kinda scared and excited to see myself in many of the characters.
    I’m so sorry about your wedding ring, losing things make me mad. I have to ask, is there any way you can remove a floor board and retrieve it? I know, stupid question, maybe it was above water. See how obsessed I am with lost items? I am still going through unpacked boxes to find an iphone charger and won’t fell whole until I find it again.
    Have a great week-end and see you soon in Portlandia!

  34. Hannah says...

    So sorry to hear about your ring! The one you’ve linked to is lovely and simple, but I wonder about an edge that isn’t rounded on a ring you’ll wear every day.

  35. Steph B says...

    Loved all these articles, especially the sharing one as I have a 2.5 year old and always find it awkward to make her give up a toy she’s enjoying. She gets so excited about her car seat because I’ve told her she does not need to share it…ever. She likes that. I’m sorry about your ring as well. My husband and I have $20 bands a local artisan made, and continues to make for us as we continue to lose them. We’ve lost many to beach volleyball and oddly enough my father swallowed my husbands in a hamburger while we were all at a cabin (it slipped off my husbands hand into the raw ground beef while he was making patties). He didn’t realize it was gone until my father said he bit something hard and swallowed it. It did come out later. We did buy a new ring. Happy Weekend!!

    • Kate says...

      Wait, this one made me laugh loud…replied to the wrong post! One of those days….

  36. Kristin says...

    I am a mom and I love Costco. I think it’s more of a suburban thing since you need good/pantry freezer space. The bags of greens are excellent! I love the prices on good butter, rotisserie chicken and my latest discovery – pesto! I have been putting pesto on everything.

  37. Katherine says...

    So funny to see someone in New York posting a link about something from our home town, Canberra! The internet is such a surprising place that way. It’s also good to know that that hospital often forgives parking fines for patients and staff will write a note for you if appointments run late and you go over your time limit in the car park. Here’s to kindness.

  38. Vicki says...

    Not just Moms love Costco my father in law (a widower) talks about it every visit! And I mean every
    Sorry to hear about your ring, I once left my diamond engagement ring in next to a computer in a school classroom (damn lotion and dry hands). I cried all night about it – my husband won major points because his response was I think it will be there when you go back, but if it’s not it’s just a thing it’s not what matters . which was awesome but simultaneously made me feel worse for losing what this sweet man gave me – but miracle it was there when I finally got there the next day. Maybe it will magically rise in the floor board? But if not as my husband said it’s just a ring

  39. Kate says...

    Lol yes! Portlandia is spot on!

  40. dina says...

    I also had to replace my wedding band and we got it from Blanca Monros Gomez. Brooklyn based jeweler from Barcelona. I love her stuff and I think you might too!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      She did our original wedding rings!! What a small world. We went to her house in Brooklyn and looked through her materials and she told us all about her own wedding and how she and her husband got married in Gibraltar near Spain, just like John and Yoko. It was such a magical night!

  41. Louisa says...

    Your engagement ring? You posted a photo many years back and I swear I own a near-twin. Antique, gold, three sapphire, teeny diamonds? I kind of want to send it to you. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      You are so, so, so sweet, oh my goodness. I have my engagement ring, thankfully — you’re totally right, antique gold with three sapphires and diamonds around them. The ring goes way back in my family and is passed down through generations. I lost my very basic gold wedding ring instead, thank goodness!

  42. I liked the article on sharing. Julian (and soon Arthur) goes to a Montessori pre-school, so I’m familiar with the thinking. And I agree with it. It’s not always realistic to practice it in real life, but I am teaching my children that they don’t have to share everything. Of course that doesn’t mean that they can hoard all their toys to prevent their friends from playing, but it does mean that they don’t have to give something up if they are in the middle of playing. I always tell each brother that they have to wait for their turn, and they are pretty good at it. But if that turn never comes, I do intervene and encourage a turn for the kid who’s waiting.

    I think it’s part of the current culture where parents are so eager to please and afraid of judgement, where sharing is over-encouraged almost more to appease the parents in attendance rather than keeping the peace between the kids.


  43. I am really glad to have read Mindy Kaling’s piece. It’s been one of those blah days, and this was a nice pick me up. So as ever, thank you for your on point recommendations, Joanna. Your blog has brought me much joy over the years, and I just wanted to say, thanks for your hard work. And sorry about your wedding ring.

  44. Megan says...

    Enjoy your trip to Portland – which is sort of like the show, but not really. There are definitely Portlandia moments…..but the city is changing from its gritty past to a too shiny big building future and old Portlanders cite that show a bit….

    I have some similarly aged kids if you want a PDX playdate!

  45. Okay, that pregnancy gif is mesmerizing. I couldn’t look away.

  46. Colleen says...

    That Costco mom was so adorable. Hailing 10 minutes from a Costco I now get it.

  47. Portlandia is an accurate exaggeration of Portland. I am from Portland, moved to Philly and LA for 5 years, and am now back in Portland. I grew up in the changing PDX–one that moved from Beverley Clearly’s Ramona’s hometown/mixed with eccentric oddballs to the hipster paradise it is now. Words of advice: instead of doughnuts (which are better in ANY OTHER CITY) hit up St. Cupcake or Pix Patisserie OR if you want to go super old school go to Rimsky-Korsakoffee house (I went to a 7 year old birthday party there 30 years ago). BUT above all–hit up the fountains and rivers with your kids–its all about water here. And yes a trip to Multnomah Falls is worth it (stop by Roster Rock State park to get a swim in on the way). Also: Powell’s is a must (I grew up hunkered down in the young adult section with a rootbeer)–there is even some dude’s ashes in the pillar outside.

    • Vanessa says...

      I absolutely agree (I’ve only been in Portland since ’03). Portlandia is funny/not funny because it hits too close to home a lot of the time- not in a good way.

      In addition to Pix and Rimsky-Korsakoffee house, The Pied Cow (on Belmont) is another unique institution.

  48. Amy says...

    What a fun roundup! Thank you!
    Portlandia is a good one- one of my favourite bits on it was the pretentious cocktails being made at a trendy bar. The vast amount of ingredients was hilarious.

  49. So sorry to hear about your wedding ring! Not to be Captain Obvious or whatever, but if it just slipped through some floorboards, cannot it not be retrieved? Even if the boards have to be removed, replacing them is probably not the largest ordeal. Just my two cents… I’d hate you to find out later that you could have rescued the ring!

    • Nina says...

      That’s what I was thinking – if you know where it fell, can’t the floorboard be lifted?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Honestly I had never thought about that! I dropped it at work. I can see what the options are! It wasn’t an expensive ring — about $200 — but of course I’m so sentimental about it. :)

  50. I wholeheartedly agree with Janet L. on the kids+sharing front. Here’s another insightful article on the topic:

    Not surprisingly, I’ve found the biggest challenge to be interacting with parent-friends around sharing. Friends who will strongarm their kiddos into sharing with mine, while I (sometimes) do my best to clarify why that’s just not my bag. And then, when I don’t insist that my kid share with theirs…well, man that can feel uncomfortable.

    But then, I do believe that’s a significant part of this: parents/friends projecting their own anxiety around being perceived as unsharing/insensitive by other parents–even though ultimately the behavior doesn’t necessarily serve their kids all that well.

    I don’t know…I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this stuff lately, and what I keep returning to is this: I would like to always do my best to respect where my kid is at developmentally. To let him tackle things/life as is appropriate for his age (and his individual nature), so that future learning/growth isn’t inhibited. Kind of a tall order, I’m finding, what with all the external noise.

    As always, thanks for sharing, Joanna. Really thoughtful stuff.

  51. So sorry about your wedding ring! Believe it or not, I lost my engagement ring ON A BEACH, just a few weeks after we got engaged! Jesse and I searched for nearly an hour, and by some unbelievable miracle he found it! It was an amazing moment, he lunged out of nowhere and snatched it out of the sand! Now I know what it feels like to have a heart attack…. :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my goodness, that’s amazing!

    • Anna says...

      My friend did the same thing drunk at night when we were teenagers. The next day (!) we went back to the beach to search for it. After about an hour some kids asked what we were doing and started helping and lo and behold one of them found it! I will never forget that!
      I dropped a tiny 1mm wide ring into a floorboard once but I was so determined to get it back (I got it on a trip to new york and wear it every day) so I build this hook-like apparatus from a coat hanger and used my phone as torch and after 30 min of struggle I got it back! Felt so good! :-)

  52. Liz says...

    Ha! Yes, as a Portland native I often find myself identifying (somewhat uncomfortably) with characters on Portlandia. Of course the show is over the top, but it contains seeds of truth. Carrie Brownstein is brilliant. Looking forward to your observations of the Rose City–hope you have a good time! Despite all the gentrification it’s still a pretty quirky place, especially if you know where to look :)

  53. I’m so sorry to hear you lost your wedding ring. I can only imagine you’re heartbroken to lose to have lost it. The simple ring you may replace it with is very pretty, and you know what? I’d been thinking for the past few months about selling my wedding rings in the name of practicality and using the money instead to take my kids to Europe. Is that crazy? If I were to replace my rings i would probably choose somthing like that, simple and beautful.

    • Kari says...

      Where does one sell rings? I’ve been considering the same thing.

    • Roxana says...

      Many good jewelry shops buy rings. The only problem you might encounter is that they’ll buy your ring “for melt.” I.e. it’s weight in gold (or whatever the metal). So, you wouldn’t necessarily get what the ring is “worth” and/or it’s appraisal value.

      I don’t think it’s necessarily crazy to sell your rings, but if you have a daughter, would she maybe want it when she’s older? Then there’s the more obvious question, would your husband care? Maybe not? It’s all just stuff, anyway. As the saying goes “You can’t take it with you. . .” :) The experience of a trip to Europe may be worth more! Sorry, I’m probably not at all helpful.

  54. So sad about your wedding ring! I love my Bario Neal reticulated band. Five years on and I still get compliments.

  55. karen says...

    no. to answer your question, no–portlandia is NOT portland (at least not the legit city.)

    Portlandia is however, a contributing factor to how downhill my city has gone in recent years.

    Pro tip: any place you have seen on that show, avoid.

    • Jessica says...

      Agreed! The show is more of a caricature of the city than anything else. The things to see here are…
      1. Restaurants (go to The Woodsman restaurant, really. It’s amazing and Portland-y and romantic and not at all stuffy. Seriously. go.)
      2. Powell’s books and the Pearl district
      3. Forrest park, including the Zoo, the Rose test garden (amazing view of Mt.hood) and Pittock mansion.
      4. Mississippi Avenue
      5. Hawthorne Blvd (Powell’s books has a cook book store on this street)
      6. NW 23rd, my personal favorite street for shopping and excellent coffee
      7.Blue Star donuts for some brioche donut goodness. Do NOT go to Voodoo donuts. Seriously overrated. Sorry, but it’s true.
      8. Jamison Park. A beautiful park that takes up a city block and has fountains that are perfect for young children to play in.
      9. Multnomah falls is also overrated. Instead, check out Ramona falls in the Mt. Hood national forrest.

      Have a wonderful visit! The weather here in late summer is perfection :)