Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Have a great weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re heading to the beach again, and I’m looking forward to dipping our toes in the cool water after a sweltering week. Hope you have a relaxing one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web that I’m excited to share (the internet was really good this week!)…

A kiss, deferred. So beautiful.

Can you identify which strawberries are local?

We got this clock for Toby and now he sleeps til 7am!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently there are four kinds of introverts. Are you one of them?

Amazing photos of Chicago buildings above clouds.

Google now tells you when places are busiest. Thumbs up.

Really digging this swimsuit.

Enjoy it because it goes fast.”

These keychains made me laugh out loud. (Find them here.)

Five common mistakes travelers make in Japan. Loved the sushi part.

What happens in your body after one hour of drinking Coke.

Science says people actually enjoy this exercise routine. Curious to try it!

Bravo again for this powerful New York Magazine cover and story. Plus, an updated timeline of the abuse charges against Bill Cosby.

Lots of love. xoxo

(Coke and sushi via Miss Moss)

  1. I’m curious why you got the Patch Products clock over the OK to Wake! one? We’re going to be getting one of these in the next couple months for our 2 YO…wanted your input!

  2. Susan M. says...

    I can’t seem to find the introvert quiz. When I click on the spot for the quiz, it directs me to the bottom of the article. Where is everyone finding it? The Cosby story is tremendously awful, and brava to all the women brave and resilient to come forward. It seems strange that with all the testimonies he can no longer be tried in a criminal court. The kiss deferred story is amazing. So bittersweet. And “Enjoy it because it goes so fast” is spot on! Thanks for the great links!

  3. Thanks for always choosing such a nice variety of funny, beautiful and interesting articles. I look forward to all of your blog posts and especially Friday. Even if I don’t get around to reading them until Tuesday!

  4. I love a mini can of Coke every now. Have fun at the beach! xx

  5. This was such a great list of links! The results graph at the end of the introversion quiz was a little confusing (I’m not the math-y type of introvert!) but judging from the article and the quiz I’m definitely the thinking introvert. Also loved Susan Cain’s book on the topic, which I read after you mentioned it on the blog a few months ago. I pretty much always take your and Caroline’s book recommendations so thanks for those too! :)

  6. You always round up the best links! The article on introversion is fascinating. I’d say I’m an old-fashioned social introvert :) I’m not shy, I just prefer small crowds.

    Meet Me in Midtown

  7. Thanks for sharing some relevant lists.

    Inspiring and definitely a lot to learn from.

    Stay awesome!

  8. Another amazing post! Thank you, Joanna!
    I’ve been following your blog for ages now! You are a real inspiration!
    Thank you for brightening up my days for the past 2-3 years!


  9. We have the english equivalent of that clock, the groclock, and it’s ingenious!! Love it!!
    Also, love the ‘it goes so fast’ cartoon and the fitness ideas, eager to try it and see ;-)

  10. The NYT story is so lovely.

  11. Jen says...

    I had a navy and white vertically striped swim suit when I was 9. I ended up zebra striped that summer! I imagine the white areas didn’t block the sun as well when wet. :) Super cute, though!

  12. Lauren says...

    Jo, I recently discovered a podcast that I thought you would love called “Off Camera with Sam Jones” ( I’m in no way shape or form affiliated with the program, but it’s so wonderful and interesting. Find the podcast in the iTunes store and listen to the interview with Matt Damon. It’s the best.

  13. Samantha says...

    I’m so happy you posted the Times article about sexual assault. Some friends of mine have started to raise awareness about the topic to stop the silence. You should check out what they’re up to! Their website is and their Instagram is @thetasteofhoney. Everything about their mission with this movement is so inspiring. Just thought I would share!

  14. Teri says...

    Love the info on introverts, and find the leotard style bathing suits interesting. The extremely short shorts that are popular now seem to contradict a trend towards modesty, but I do think that more modest clothes are the prettiest. Hello, Katherine Hepburn!

  15. Looove all of these links!

  16. I took the quiz and I am pretty much an even mixture of the 4 kinds of introversion. Enjoy the beach!

  17. Maria in Maine says...

    Love your site.Hope u have a great weekend.I had not fully immersed myself into the Cosby scandal.Now I am fully up to date. I think it is horrible…all these women speaking out and still many non believers.

  18. What does it mean if I second-guess all of my self-reported introvert answers?? :) I tested mostly as a social introvert, but am intrigued by the restrained category, which was a close second.

    Love that that exercise guideline could also be a counting exercise with a little one in a stroller or bike seat!

  19. deb says...

    I must ask: was Toby having any middle of the night wake ups?

    Did this clock solve that?

    We are dying for the last 5 months with 2 am wakeup of our 3 year old.

  20. A Kiss Deferred is too too beautiful for words! I sent the link to all of my closest friends! Thank you Joanna and team!

    adorn la femme

  21. Danielle says...

    I like the swimsuit very much.
    This weekend I will make an effort to find a farmers market in my area.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  22. KRG says...

    Hi! I have been wanting to try that toddler alarm clock, but how do you get him trained to pay attention to it??! Thank you!

    • Alissa Moghtaderi says...

      I have the same clock for my 4-year-old twins and I introduced it to them when they were 20 months old. I just told them that if they got up, they had to check the light to make sure it was green. We had about a 50% success rate in the beginning, but we would always take them back into their room and “help” them wait (i.e. play trains with them in their bedroom until the light turned green). It gradually got better and by the time they were 2 or 2.5 years, they were pretty consistent.

  23. Elisa Friske says...

    The New York Times story. Tears streaming.

  24. Freak, I actually went (on purpose) Diet Coke free this week. I know I’ve got to cool it! Just look at a cola and your spidey senses smell trouble. (Problem: it’s illegal, isn’t it, to eat an In and Out cheeseburger w out a Diet Coke?)

  25. Shannon says...

    Love all the info on being an introvert. Thanks!

  26. Sarah says...

    I love your Friday link list. So fun, so smart. This blog has made my weeks better for five years. <3

  27. These are actually really great links! Good job putting them together! x

    Rachel x

  28. Megan says...

    I have that alarm clock for my oldest (who’s three) but have been hesitant to try it because he’s never used a nightlight and the light on it just seems so bright! Was that an issue for Toby at all?

  29. Sheila says...

    I am definitely an introvert, and after reading the 4 descriptions I was pretty sure I fell into the ‘social introvert’ category. But it turns out I’m equally balanced between the 4 types. Interesting!

  30. Kate says...

    I got between 30 and 40% on each type on the introvert quiz! i guess i am a true introvert haha

    • Lisa H. says...

      I got 40% on each one, too. I don’t quite understand what that means since 40 × 4 does not equal 100?

  31. Lisa says...

    And I love a mini can of Coke every now and again…whatevs. Surely a better choice than heroin!

  32. Really cute suit. Have fun at the beach! xx

  33. Lisa says...

    The kid sitting with the match HA!

  34. Amy says...

    That swimsuit is amazing! It would pair perfectly with a cute skirt and tan sandals.