1. I’ve been looking for a good tote bag. Hawaii banned plastic bags effective early July which is great for the environment but I’m so bad at remembering to bring my own bag haha

  2. Too cute.

  3. Prudence Marule says...

    I love the other one on the site – Book* bag, *wine… lol

  4. Love this!! It ensures you never forget the basics when you run to the store! :)

  5. Kim says...

    Cute! I was about to purchase it when I remembered a recent article in The Atlantic: “Shoppers Buy More Junk Food When They Bring Their Own Bags”! Sorry, Emily.

  6. With this bag I could feel a lot less guilty about “cheating” lol. Don’t you love compromise?

  7. krae says...

    When is Jo’s mom giving advice?? Did I miss that?

  8. I love the fruit/whiskey = wine. Always pick wine.

  9. This is so fun! I love all of Emily’s McDowell’s work.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  10. Mary Jenkins says...

    Mine are those dried snap pea crackers that taste like pirate booty. No way they can be good for you, but they’re snap peas, right?