Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Fun Links From Around the Web

Fun Links From Around the Web

Fun Links From Around the Web

What are your plans for this weekend? Alex and I are going to see the Brian Wilson movie and to my new favorite wine bar, which has the most delicious carrots, of all things. Also, my bike wheels got stolen — bummer! — so we will be walking everywhere while patiently (semi-patiently) waiting for it to get fixed. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Wise words.

A print for book lovers.

Witness a marriage proposal in heartbeats.

10 annoying passengers on your flight.

It’s hard to be a toddler.

How to Instagram like it’s your job.

The wedding registry gifts we still use ten years later (and the ones we don’t).”

Just bought these guys for the summer!

A Dutch daycare that treats kids like researchers. Awesome.

If Wes Anderson had directed The Shining.

Surprising tip: Spray perfume in your hair.

What pretty wrapping paper.

Solid advice: Forget about being likable.

Finally, speaking of grieving, if you haven’t yet read Sheryl Sandberg’s post about her late husband, it’s definitely worth reading. Lots of love to you. xoxo

(Photos by Downtown from Behind)

  1. That’s funny! My kids go to Kleinlab. To Joke: it costs about 1€ per hour more than other (most) daycare centers, and there is government compensation for most working parents. It is a cool place.
    Though when the girls came home the first day with a cream cotton bag and buttons and knick-knacks for decorating them (meaning I had to get sewing) I felt like I was auditioning ;-)
    The staff is great, the interior design actually served as inspiration for a part of our own house, and tomorrow they get to ‘research’ at an ice cream maker!

  2. I love the post about forgetting to be likeable. Its such a hard thing to shake. But so liberating, even if done in small doses. I think about the men I dated, although most of us got along decently, there was a lot of bending and explaining. Then I met someone who totally completely got me — all the parts, the bad parts too. It is so refreshing to realize that there are people, no matter how nutty, that get you and want to be on your team. Equal Rights Advocates do a lot of work in this arena. I love that organization.

  3. Jasmine says...

    Hello Jo! FYI – I grew up spraying perfume in my hair (spray it just in front of my face, walk in to it, and toss my hair around). However, I’ve been told by a couple of people ‘in the know’ that this shouldn’t be done regularly, because perfume can seriously dry out/damage your hair. So maybe only for special occasions?

  4. martine says...

    The post about ‘Kleinlab’ (dutch day care center) is so true!I live across the street. When you enter, it looks like a museum. They do really cool workshops with the kids as well!

    • Joke says...

      It does look mazing, but it’s soooo expensive. That costs about as much as my husband’s wages for a month and he has a uni degree! Are all daycares in Holland that expensive? We are Belgians btw.

    • Joke says...

      The dutch daycare does look amazing, but it’s soooo expensive. That costs about as much as my husband’s wages for a month and he has a uni degree! Are all daycares in Holland that expensive? We are Belgians btw..

  5. Joy says...

    I also disagreed with the likability quote, and found when I came to comment that Shawn above had already stated so well everything I would say about it. It IS exhausting to try to work with people who say everything they think, who never hold back, and who are always pushy. I thought of that article you linked a while back about the guy who made a way of life out of being polite :)

  6. Yes, I was going to ask if you had seen Sandberg’s essay. Also Joe Biden has had some beautiful things to say as well. Hard stuff…Thank you for posting about it.

    (ps. WHO steals bike wheels off a bike with 2 (TWO?!) kid seats on it?!?)

  7. I smiled at the perfume article – just a couple days ago a chic French shop assistant at the Hermes store in the Frankfurt airport advised me I should be spritzing my perfume in my hair too! Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Lol. That article about instagram just reinforced my preconceived stereotypes about instagrammers by 1000x. Lovely weekend to you, Joanna! (I’m glad someone still is blogging around here.)

  9. That wrapping paper is adorable! & I saw that Wes Anderson/The Shining crossover video earlier and thought it was brilliant! The trailer was completely seamless – I was convinced it was real for a moment!!

  10. Laurel says...

    My god, Sheryl Sandberg’s essay is so intensely moving….I hope to have even half of her gentle insight when faced with grief. Just so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing Joanna! Sorry about your bike!

  11. ellie says...

    You will LOVE the zoku popsicle molds!!! More importantly, so will the boys!
    And we lost one stick and wrote the company to replace just one or two…they sent 1/2 a dozen for free! Love them forever!

  12. Ash says...

    Your posts are always so timely. A close family member is dying and I read your post on grief and printed out everything I thought might help. At the same time Sheryl sandbergs post was so eloquent…I’m not surprised you wrote about it. I pray for her strength when the time comes.,

  13. Meg says...

    get ready to fall in love with those Popsicle molds. We’ve had them for a couple months and they ROCK. Also, you can buy replacement sticks, if your toddler is anything like mine…

  14. Love that first picture. I want those flowers! Great post!! :)

  15. JJ says...

    I’m celebrating my mother’s 79th birthday!!

  16. Meghan says...

    There is a kids-are-scientists based preschool in Bushwick called “Play Lab”!

  17. also, randomly, I’m still patting myself on the back 8 years later for a near perfect wedding registry. I mess almost everything else up but that…I nailed.

  18. that sucks about your wheels! GAH! &*(%$&*

  19. The Brian Wilson movie looks so good! And that wine bar….I think I wanna dare you too! Hehe ;) Hope you guys have a great time!

    We are finally having a no plans weekend which I’m super excited about! Backyard water fun for Luna and hopefully some Rosé sangria for me!

    • *date you!

  20. Shawn says...

    So sorry about the bike wheels! My husband recently had TWO bikes stolen from our porch. Frustrating!

    Those vintage summer photos are so fun. Reminds me of the simple pleasures in life. Sun, shorts, ice cream, splashing around in the water. Love the print of the young woman with her dog. Getting me psyched to take my puppy to the water this year.

    I have to say I disagree with the article about being likable. I don’t think women should be raised to be doormats, but I also think it’s unflattering to have a bad attitude. I totally get that we shouldn’t run our lives based on the opinions of others (which is hard for me, personally), but it’s such a turnoff to be around someone who just doesn’t care how their actions come across. There’s a balance between being honest and staying true to yourself while maintaining humility. That kind of negative energy is exhausting! However, I don’t mean to say that women shouldn’t do their own thing if it doesn’t harm anyone else, even if people don’t understand/like it. That’s what makes us all so interesting.

    • I don’t think she was saying don’t be kind or considerate, empathetic, thoughtful, etc …but more that women sometimes think it’s necessary to make themselves into something they’re not just to gain approval and it’s a very inauthentic and difficult way to go through life. That sentiment on its own is hard to argue with :)

  21. Clare says...

    Only related to weekends – we took your advice (from some comment a few weeks ago) and went to Buvette while in NYC last weekend. It was so delicious – and I guess because we got there at 2 PM, we immediately got a seat on their tiny outdoor deck. Thanks for the recommendation!

  22. The “forget about being likeable” article is gold. Also, Sheryl Sandberg’s message. So, so sad. Immediately gave my fiance a massive, rib crushing hug. It’s hard to even imagine what that would feel like.

  23. Beth says...

    Sheryl’s post was so touching and heartbreaking. I think the bit about “how are you?” vs. “how are you today?” is applicable in so many tough situations when you are trying to be supportive and present for someone going through a challenging time. Such a subtle yet impactful distinction.

  24. Jess says...

    So excited to hear you’re going to see Love & Mercy! It’s pretty darn amazing (although I’m biased as I’ve worked on it for the past 2 years ;) Enjoy!

  25. Sorry about your bike wheels! That’s really a bummer. :(
    I just watched John Cusack’s interview on Jimmy Fallon. I love the Beach Boys and that movie looks really good. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  26. Brit says...

    The photos are cute, but where are the helmets!?!

    • Theresa says...

      Obviously Joanna stole them.

  27. So sorry for the bike and the stolen wheels but there’s something to be said about walking… I just love to walk, especially during spring and fall.
    Hope you enjoy your pedestrian weekend and get your bike back soon!
    The Instagram one is a good one! Refreshing #nofilter reality! :)


  28. Claudia says...

    Thank you for linking to the “Forget about being likable” article. Just what I needed this morning.

  29. “Forget about being likeable” — such wise words, and ones I should really take to heart, but how do you even go about doing that? It’s such an innate desire, for me at least.

    Thanks for another great week of fantastic posts, Joanna. I love your content and the new(ish) look!

  30. Julie says...

    Bummer about your bike wheels! Tip so that in the future, opportunists can only get to your front wheel – if possible, always lock through that back triangle formed by the seat stays, chain stays, and seat tube – this way you’re locking the frame *and* the back wheel, and the jerks can only get at the front.