Have a Great Weekend.

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What are you up to this weekend? We are going to our friends’ cabin in Connecticut. I’m looking forward to walks in the woods and eggs and bacon. Thank you again for all your very sweet comments this week, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and mothers-to-be out there! (This made me laugh.) Meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Can’t wait to read this book.

15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter.

Empathy cards from a cancer survivor.

Blue Apron is giving two free meals to Cup of Jo readers.

Would you do a lunch swap?

Humans of New York’s fantastic Met Gala photos. Love the interviews.

A hilarious online game of The Shining.

The saddest cookbooks ever. (Braces.)

Six different NYC mothers on the street — worth reading.

How to look great this summer. (Have you tried it?)

JetBlue is starting direct flights to Cuba in July.

CHEESE MAY BE THE SECRET TO A LONGER LIFE!!!!!!! #daymade #mindblown

I just got this jacket and will be wearing it every day from now on.

Surprise: The best way to keep flowers fresh.

Did you read this upsetting expose of nail salons? Here’s what you can do.

(Shining game and cheese via Miss Moss)

  1. shopgirl says...

    So true about the 15 words! But the only word I would recommend to eliminate to sound smarter is the word” like” in every sentence! This mode of speech: “I am like so hungry” instead of ” I am hungry”… or “I was like so angry” instead of I am angry …. it has become so annoying that sometimes I do not even hear what somebody says, but only hear the word “like”!

  2. Lesley says...

    Hi Joanna,
    What size did you order your everlane coat in (if you don’t mind my asking ). I’ve had my eye on the same coat am not sure about size.


  3. Christina Trifonov says...

    I was so hoping the flowers in the fridge would not be the best option… I mean, who can fit a a vase and flowers in their fridge?!!? :)

  4. Shawn says...

    I don’t mean to rain on the flower parade, but these are all “tricks” that florists hate! The truth? To keep flowers looking their best – snip the ends and change their water every day. It’s as simple as that. Water softeners contain added salt, so avoid tap water if your home has one. People often forget – these flower are dead when you buy them, so we can’t expect them to look as though their still in the ground. Arg! That’s my rant.

  5. Kim says...

    The Everlane anorak is the best! I got it in stone and love the style and fabric. Definitely worth the price.

  6. Angela says...


    Do you love this jacket?! I’ve been thinking about ordering it after seeing it in Everlane’s mailing. It looks incredible!

  7. Ivy says...

    Did you hear that Mindy Project got canceled, Joanna? How will we cope not knowing what happened when Danny went to India? What happens with the baby? Gahh!

    Also, I’m guilty of overusing “amazing,” but generally take the time to eliminate excessive “thats” in my writing (and when I’m editing others, to their confusion and annoyance).

  8. One of my very favourite things about this column (and there are many) is the old photos you often use. They’re romantic and swoon-worthy, and also such good hair inspiration. <3 emily

  9. Kris says...

    I want to add a word of caution about putting flowers in the refrigerator. Some ripening fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas and this gas causes some/lots of flowers to drop petals more quickly. So if you do keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge just keep that in mind. Also, avoid putting your bouquets next to a counter full of bananas-mess them up, for real.

    • Shawn says...

      Yes, forgot to mention that in my comment. Thank you!

  10. Happy Mothers Day! I love the fresh flower post. Keep it simple!

  11. Kim says...

    I finished reading the NYT articles about nail salons this afternoon. How shocking! Of course, there are many industries that similarly exploit their workers, but they have to be uncovered to the public one-by-one in order for customers and human rights advocates to rally for change. Even worse than the low pay, I think, are the adverse and often irreversible health effects of these shops. Do you think that the industry will reform?

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Thanks, we updated.

  12. lomagirl says...

    Ha! I just did a lunch swap with a friend at work last week. I brought mason jars with rice bowls (jar) for Monday, and she took the jars home and filled them up with Thai chicken salad for Wednesday. Such a fun thing to do.

  13. Alex McKellar says...

    I was delighted to discover the link to Everlane and consequently learn more about their factory transparency policies. Then I saw the link to the nail salon expose and what can be done about it. Overjoyed to see my favourite blog taking more of an interest in leading the way in socially responsible consumerism! Thank you xx

  14. Happy mothers day, Joanna!
    Enjoy your weekend. Your weekly links are definitely a post that I am always looking forward to. I’ve been cursing myself each time I set up a bouquet of flowers and they immediately die..yikes. Thanks for the links!

  15. Kate says...

    I love these posts! So many tid bits to ponder….

    For the life of me, I have never understood anoraks. They just look sloppy to me. Please tell me the appeal!

  16. Maggie says...

    Happy Mother’s Day Joanna! Enjoy it :)

  17. The flower test was such a nice read, considering that I’m starting to play with them a bit more :)

  18. prudence marule says...

    Oh my soul!! – “irregardless” is the one word that is the bane of existence… my sister and I worked with this one guy – highly intelligent individual (english was his second language) and he would use that word in EVERY sentence, every! – he was one of those long-winded people who would use 25 words when 3 will do so irregardless was always there it would drive us insane…

    Roman Osiris Thunder Slayer is the best of the ridiculous names one could give a child!! – Loved it!

    this caption; under cooking with a serial killer just made my life! “Honest, Dorothea Puente really was a serial killer. Plenty of great cooks are not serial killers, so I’ll happily go to them for my recipe needs.” – hahahahaha!

    Hope you had a great weekend! – Happy Mother’s Day

  19. Casey says...

    I had a teacher in colkege that made us eliminate “that” from our sentences. And, I did. Then, a later class, got 5 points off for every place I left “that” out. I agree, sounds more fluid without it.

  20. Jossie Budge says...

    LOVE this post – the cookbooks made me laugh and cringe at the same time!!!!! EW. Hoping I WON’T be getting any of them this Mother’s Day. HMD Jo – you’ll be spoilt rotten by your boys – enjoy every moment. Am sending love to your darling sister too – can’t stop thinking about how she is doing – so hard and sad. Big hugs to her and you all – it’s been a hard year.

    LOVE your new site – a client is using it as inspiration to get her one sorted – she and I love everything about what you have done!

    Am sure you have read this – but just in case – this made me laugh hard … v clever!

    J xx

  21. Anceeta says...

    Loved the 15 words! I use some of them often myself but I’ll keep in mind not to in future!

  22. Katie Larissa says...

    This is my favorite weekend link round-up in a while! Enjoyed it so much.

  23. Steph B says...

    15 years ago when I was 15 I asked my mother why we had never had pedicures. She said it is disrespectful to yourself and others to have someone service your feet. Take the time to thank them ( your feet) for all they do personally. So I’ve only had two pedicures my whole life. ( both in college…rebel!) Mom and I still do our own nails once a month.

  24. Erin says...

    What color jacket did you get? I can’t decide between the bright navy and the stone!

  25. ali says...

    Thanks for shedding light on the nail salon work conditions- we really need to consider what we buy, how we do things and treat others. What a wake up call!

    Thanks for helping me become aware on this issue.

  26. This bit about the flowers is so interesting! I always want to buy fresh flowers, but I never do because I’m afraid they will die too quickly— although bleach being a good idea? Who thought that was. :)

  27. saddest cookbook ever made me laugh the happiest laugh ever. thank you!!

  28. Saddest cookbook ever: Microwave Cooking for One. Wa-waaah :(

  29. Erica H. says...

    St Tropez self tanner is pretty great! :) Definitely use the application mitt.

  30. As usual, great links! The empathy cards are perfect and I suspect I may not sound as smart as I thought, after all, because I use many of the “15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter” :(
    It’s a great link though I bookmarked it!


  31. Love these links. I saw Emily’s cards earlier this week and totally teared up. Such a good gap to fill those empty silences when you’re not sure what to say.

  32. Katie Coulson says...

    Love your blog! I noticed that you’ve partnered with Blue Apron before, and are doing so here–I love their meals too! But, recently, I noticed that they updated their terms to include mandatory binding arbitration, which means that subscribers can’t sue in a regular court. Instead, they have to go before an arbiter, where lots of usual court proceedings are eliminated in the name of efficiency, and decisions are unappealable. Some subscribers might prefer this method, but by making it mandatory, people are locked in before they even know if they have a claim, and before they have explored all their options.

    I too love Blue Apron and will continue to use it… but I think this (admittedly nerdy) issue is important and would love to see more people learn about it!

  33. Andrée-Anne says...

    Random thought about Toby. I feel like he has had the same green running shoes forever! I recall a post about him going Easter egg hunting without you and being sad and I noticed his shoes. Now in the snack post again with green shoes! I guess he knows what he likes!

  34. nora says...

    Best tip for flowers I ever got from my farmer grand-mother, is to actually know how much water a flower needs. For example, these tulips, as they’re bulb plants needs only little water. Plus that will save them from falling over.
    Also, I love the cards. I had a cancer too and I’m still waiting for my cruise after all the “journey” speech I got :)

    • Katie says...

      I agree — this is the expose worth reading.

  35. Tyler says...

    I loved the Everlane anorak but alas, the XS is too big for me! I love them but their clothes are not for petites :(

  36. Carmen B says...

    Um. Yay cheese!
    This weekend, I’ll be going to the Chocolate Festival in San Diego.
    No explanation necessary. :-)

  37. Angela says...

    Re: the cheese story
    No. #smh