Beautiful Quilts





We have a mini quilt folded over Anton’s crib, and whenever I walk into his room, I’m momentarily struck by how pretty it is. Ours was made by the workshop Hopewell, which has since closed, but these heirloom quilts from a new shop, One of One, have that same warm, graphic feel. Each is handmade by Kate Johnson, a mother of two, with 64 different colors.

“I come from a big family with lots of babies,” Kate told me, “So I’ve made many quilts through the years.” While quilting, “I listen to podcasts or watch really bad TV,” she said. “I just put the online shop up a month ago, after it was forever on my to-do list. Finally, late one night, watching ‘Survivor,’ I thought, I’m doing this right now!”

Aren’t they beautiful?

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  1. Becky says...

    I am just reading this post now after reading about the post regarding the new royal baby’s name guessing game.
    These quilts are beautiful. I have though about making one before we have kids that I could pass down to each child. But these are beautiful so perhaps buying one would be a better option haha

  2. Gayle says...

    I’m a quilter and the ones for babies are my favorite to make. Although I don’t do baby themed (unless specifically requested) since I want the quilt’s appeal to be long term. Mine are made to be used and not just looked at so I make ‘first quilts’ instead.

  3. Beautiful color combination!

  4. Alexandra says...

    Oh I LOVE that bassinet!!! Can you please please tell me where it’s from? The link you have sends us to a post where you describe the crib, but not this sweet bassinet! Thanks!! Love getting inspiration from our blog!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the colors. Definitely remembering these for the future! ;)

  6. Omg. These are stunning! I feel like ordering one :-)

  7. These are lovely!

  8. Cynthia says...

    These quilts are so beautiful and will grow with the child and become an heirloom! I made a baby quilt several years ago for some dear friends. I machine-embroidered beach-themed designs on it-sandcastle, shells, etc. because the nursery was beach-themed, and I machine-quilted it with a stitch which looked like gently rolling waves. I made a t-shirt quilt for my youngest daughter out of t-shirts she no longer wore, because they all had meaning for her. This quilt was twin size, and I made it all by machine. I used a lightweight batting which was made from recycled soda bottles.

  9. Tiffany says...

    There is something so simple yet striking about these quilts, really beautiful.

  10. wow these are so beautiful and at the same time so soothing to look at . i love that the artist listens to podcasts and watches bad tv while making them, makes them that much more special!

  11. Jessica says...

    So beautiful. I know a woman in Atlanta who makes stunning quilts out of fabric from your babies’ clothes. It’s so hard to get rid of those little outfits and she turns them into stunning quilts. I’m thinking all of Anton and Toby’s Winter Water Factory fabrics would look so cute!

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you so much so much for the mention and kind words! I would love to make a quilt from those clothes. They would make the most beautiful quilt. The prints are amazing!!! Schonie from Little One Quilts,

  12. Mimi says...

    These are lovely! Bookmarking for gifts.

  13. isabelled says...

    Beautiful quilts! Anton’s is amazing, i love it.
    Your new blog is great. I have 2 technical questions:
    – when reading a post, how do i navigate to the next/previous post ?
    – the rss feed ( doesn’t work, looks like it’s stuck on May 7 (in my netvibes at least).
    Nothing urgent or life threatening as you can see!
    Thanks for your great blog! Cheers from France :)

  14. Linsey says...

    Gorgeous. I love the modern take on this old-fashioned tradition.

  15. Laura C says...

    Sooooo beautiful. They give some kind of peace with their soften and harmonic colours.

  16. I adore these geometric quilts bursting with color! My parents have heirloom quilts which were sewn in the 70s and they are still going strong with hundreds of washer and dryer spins! I always look forward to staying with my parents in San Diego and snuggling up to these beauties!!!

    adorn la femme

  17. So beautiful! Love seeing modern takes on traditional craft – these are simple, but so artistically executed.

  18. Rhen says...

    These are lovely! They are very, very similar to a quilt my mom made me while I was in the womb. I cherish it (and in all honesty, at 27 years old I still sleep with it! )

  19. The featured quilts are so beautiful! I love handmade quilts – so much patience and artistry has to go into each one, and the results can be so wonderful, each quilt unique. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love this so much! I just started quilting and have found it to be the perfect balance of creativity and feeling productive!

  21. Leah says...

    These are gorgeous. I love when you feature such special handmade items. You can tell they are made with love!

  22. Corinne Quereau says...

    These are lovely.

  23. jillian says...

    gorgeous!! xo

  24. What a beautiful quilt! I love quilts! I wish I had one made when we lived in Missouri! Don’t need ’em so much in Florida! But they are pretty!

  25. Renae says...

    So lovely. My son has a quilt made by his great great grandmother out of old flour sacks she dyed. I love it.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, that’s incredible!

  26. These are so beautiful, Kate.

  27. LOVE those. i don’t have a baby but i would get one for my bed. there’s something so cozy about a handmade quilt.

  28. Natalie says...

    I’ve seen Kate’s work and can speak for the true artistry and craftsmanship of her designs. So glad her shop is open!

  29. Hannah says...

    I’ve seen Kate’s handiwork in person and it’s beautiful! So happy she’s opened a shop finally!

    • Carrie says...

      Thank you for sharing! This is a great store, and she even makes boppy covers!!

      This post is coming at a perfect time, just found out my sister is pregnant. First ultrasound on Friday!