Our Favorite Hillary Clinton Reactions

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters have landed in Cup of Jo’s backyard – a six-minute bike ride from our office (we’ve clocked it). We’re feeling huge excitement about her big announcement. “I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century,” Clinton says. Bravo.

But it’s not all serious. We’ve been reading the chatter on twitter, and here are a few of the reactions that are making us laugh…

“But I wanted to wun for pwesident.”

“My vice president, of course, will be me.”

And three great tweets…

Thoughts? Are you ready for another election to get underway? We have a year and a half until November 8, 2016.

P.S. The funniest website about work/life balance.

(Photo by Martin Schoeller. Toddler video via Mother Jones)

  1. I think the next president of Great USA will be Hillary Clinton. Because Trump is again alighted by two women.

  2. So EXCITED! Hillary all the way! The personal IS political. Glad that you posted :)

  3. There are so many conservative “mommy bloggers” and “lifestyle” bloggers out there, and I’m happy to see another voice. Thanks for posting something personal, and potentially divisive.

  4. Joanna, I love this blog so much for so many reasons and have been a loyal reader for years (and will continue to be for years!!) but this particular post has made me so very happy. I love your willingness to share with us and encourage thoughtful conversation. Thank you for being a woman I look up to, and for encouraging women to support other women!! Kudos in every regard.

  5. I would love a female president, but I will never vote for Hillary. She has lied to the country about too many things for me to respect her. But we live in a free country so we can all support who we want to!

  6. If the rest of the world could vote, Hillary would win, by far ;))

  7. Awesome job choosing to take a stand and post this. I absolutely love it.

  8. “We’re going to have to work on your platform a little bit.” Hilarious. Also, kids are nuts. What’s happening in those little brains?!

  9. I have been reading your blog for years and this is the first time I comment. Bravo for having the courage to get political!! Like someone above already said: personal IS political.

  10. I am a fan of Hillary but I think that it is a funny thing to be talking about “the unfinished business of the 21st century” We only have 85 years to go…..;-)

  11. Thank you for this nice post.I am so happy she’s running! what a step in the right direction!

  12. Ugh! I feel like we just had the last elections. I stay educated on the issues and always vote. However, I think election season is a super unproductive time in our nation. Political rhetoric is extreme, devisive and oh so scripted. All that being said…God bless some democracy! We are so lucky to live in a country where we can fight it all out and offend friends on facebook!

  13. Re The Onion tweet…was she saying that to the nation or to Bill?

  14. I’m so impressed with the thoughtful and respectful comments from your readers in response to this post. Even if we don’t all see eye to eye, it’s SO refreshing to read a blog post/comments that don’t end in personal attacks and hurtful words. Kudos to you and your community of readers!

  15. Love her ‘Don’t fuck this up for me” tweet….prize for the most deadly honest tweet e.v.e.r….

  16. Alex, You are not the only one to think that. My friend and I were talking about it the other day, didn’t think she was that old and what the race and being president does to your body. I would raise the same concerns over a male candidate.

  17. Great videos. Although when I think of Hillary I think of a woman who: rode her husband’s coattails to power and has, for many years, aided and abetted a sexual predator to protect her own political future. That is not a feminist.

  18. Something I find really interesting is how female candidates are publicly referred to by their first name (Hillary in this case, or in my home country Australia, Julia – rather than Mrs Clinton or Ms Gillard). We don’t commonly read about male leaders referring to Barack or Tony, so why do women leaders need to be on a first-name basis? It really bugs me and I can’t quite work out why – is it because female leaders need to push for popular, friendly appeal, and men are automatically taken seriously enough that they’re referred to by their title or last name? Food for thought.

    Having a female leader in Australia was both an empowering and devastating experience. I will be following the 2016 US election with bated breath.

    Here is a taste of what Australia’s first female leader endured:

  19. Mad props to you for taking a stand here. I am so glad Hillary is running and can’t wait to watch her kick butt and take names during this campaign.

  20. This post was lovely. Thank you for your candor!

  21. Love that a woman is running, however I am hoping people vote based on the person rather than the fact she is a woman. If we continue to vote based on sex rather than a leader’s vision, is that really a step in the right direction?

    On the other hand, who knows what kind of leadership dreams this will spark in our younger female generation?? Awesome!

  22. I agree it’s a shame Elizabeth Warren didn’t run. The Clintons are dreadful. Coming from the UK, I’m pretty skeptical that women for women’s sake works – look at Margaret Thatcher. The worst thing to happen to man, woman or child in living memory! Although I agree that symbolic representation is important, class is more important than gender. More of the elite Clinton establishment? So disappointing….

  23. Alex, so funny you should mention a candidate stamina… I was just thinking this morning that my stamina as a voter is waning! I just don’t think I can take a year and a half of all this…I wish we could shorten the campaining time to about 5/6 months..

  24. We may be ready for a woman President, but the countries we are currently at odds with have little or no respect for women…how effective would a MS. President be? Did she accomplish anything as Secretary of State? It concerns me.

  25. Whoever you vote for, they are just a front for the big corporations/institutions/individuals who finance and support their campaign. Man/woman/black/white..none of that makes a difference until we all wake up And stop supporting a system that supports war and massive inequality on our planet. Look up naom chomsky/john pilger/naomi klein for some of the facts. peace and love and thanks for your lovely blog. Xx

  26. Love this post, Joanna! Thrilled that she is running. xo

  27. I was ready until Jon Stewart announced he was leaving the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert ended his show. Thank goodness for SNL!

  28. So i was chatting with a female colleague the other day and we were both saying that we’re wondering if she’ll be able to make it through another presidential campaign, let alone 4 years in office. She’s 67 years old and she’s already had health problems (fainting, blood clot, etc). Our male colleague overheard and responded that he couldn’t believe as fellow women we were questioning that – would be we question a man’s stamina?? My answer was that I would and have with past candidates – but just wondering if anyone else is thinking this or if we’re alone on this one.

  29. This is an excellent post Joanna. I haven’t always been the hugest fan of every post, but when your personality and beliefs shine through, it’s so refreshing!

    I am elated that a strong, capable, liberal woman is running for president of our great country. She has capably served our government in her many roles as first lady and Secretary of State and I have no doubt she will do the same in the Presidency.

    Kudos for a great post!

  30. I very rarely agree with EVERYTHING a president or presidential candidate does or believes in. I think this country is more than ready to have a woman in the top office. Even if I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton 100% on everything, I like most of her positions, she is in favor of many things I find extremely important, she is a woman AND she is smart, smart, smart. Yes…I will vote for her!

  31. I agree with the commenter who pointed out that singling out gender as the most important factor is silly. I mean, does anyone really doubt women are not capable of doing what men do?! Really?! The question is is she the best candidate or not.

  32. While I can appreciate the humor, I won’t vote for another Clinton or Bush. So many memories of Hillary from the last time she run and so much ugliness on her behalf. Disappointed that Elizabeth Warren didn’t run.

  33. Glad you decided to write this post, I have no idea who I will be voting for but appreciate your enthusiasm. Can’t believe its so dang close, do you really own a bike? Anyhoo, judging by the comments thus far, some folks are already telling you what you should/shouldn’t do. Why oh why are politics are so divisive, let’s all support what we love without bashing what we don’t? Agree to disagree? Well, might I add, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” Onward, I say!

  34. umm no thanks. i love the possibility of a woman running for president but i’ll take a pass on mrs. clinton. she and her family believe they are above the laws of our county.

  35. While I would vote for literally anyone before I would vote for Hillary,I am glad she is running. She’s been around for so long that people are comfortable making fun of her, and there is so much fodder that this campaign season is looking to be a lot funnier and more interesting than last time. I also ideologically disagree with everything the Clintons stand for, but I genuinely admire their ability to just brazen out their many scandals and not be brought down by them. That sounds sarcastic but isn’t. They are amazing in this regard.

  36. I’m in. Not because she’s a woman but because (so far) she’s the best candidate.

  37. Most lifestyle blogs I read refuse to get political. But to steal an old feminist matra – the personal IS political! HUGE kudos to you guys for this post – I share your excitement and have one more huge reason to love Cup of Jo :)

  38. I think women should vote based on the candidates qualifications not because she is of the same sex. I do not believe in anything Hilary has to say because time and time again she proved to the American public that she lies, cheats, and deceits to push her agendas through. We need a change, but not Hilary. With Hilary we will get the same ole, same ole.

  39. Eeek. Am I the only one not excited about this?! :/

  40. j. says...

    Love Hilary! Can’t wait to vote for her and I am so excited about this Presidential campaign year. She has been smart, consistent and balanced. While I am stoked to be voting for a female President, I think that the good thing about Hilary is that I would vote for her with her record if she were a man. #HilaryforPrez

  41. I work in politics and visit your blog to take a break. Please stay neutral through this election.

  42. So I totally support the two of you drawing your life/blog lines however you choose, but I LOVE these glimpses of an especially feminist side of Jo.

  43. I don’t know much about American politics so all I’m thinking is House of Cards. Anybody else?

    • Melanie says...

      It basically is. :-)

  44. The Onion tweet is perfection rotflmao

  45. Considering the Republican candidates this should be a no brainier…. GO HILLARY!

  46. I was 12 years old when Canada got its first (and — to date — only) prime minister. It made such an impact on me and my ideas of what was possible for women. I really hope American girls are afforded the same experience in 2016. Go Hils! Canada is routing for you!

  47. I am super excited that a woman is running for president! It’s about time! However, I just can’t get behind her character and as much as I want a woman in office, my principles won’t let me vote for her. Plus I’m super tired of the Bush/Clinton regime! I’m so over it!

  48. Yes! I’m so excited for the headquarters to be in NYC so I can volunteer! Ready for Hillary!

  49. The Onion article is just so great.
    Not surprised by her announcement – but definitely excited! On another note, when I was a little girl, it never entered my mind to grow up to be something like President or Supreme Court Justice, because somewhere in my mind I thought minorities and/or women just didn’t do those things. It makes my heart so warm to know many kids today won’t have that thought.

  50. No thank you. I have real issues with her integrity. The e-mail issues, Bengazi ( our soldiers died)….. Her job as Sec. Of State was horrible. I will be looking at other candidates. I will not be voting for her.

  51. All IN for the Clinton’s being back in the white house!! Thank goodness for Kate McKinnon. She will do what Tina Fey did for this election!
    Don’t vote for Hillary because she is a woman, vote for her because she is Hillary!

  52. Thanks so much for posting this, Joanna! You will surely have readers who disagree, but I love that you were brave enough to share your unabashed Hillary love! :)

    I actually posted on Hillary today, too. Talked about the cute way my five year old daughter reacted when I told her Hillary was running…and also discussed how to talk to kids in general about the upcoming elections.

    If anyone would like to check it out…

  53. Many new parties in Spain, but not a single female candidate for president. We will be watching US campaign.


  54. Friends and I were discussing an important question: Would you vote for Hillary, just because she is a woman, and the strides it would do for women everywhere?

    Or do you vote for the person that you believe has the best vision for our country and whose views align with your own, regardless of sex, ethnicity, etc?

    Of course, if you agree with Hillary’s vision, and your views align, then you should vote of her! But it creates a conundrum for some people. I would LOVE a woman president, but I will likely not be voting for Hillary.

  55. I am disappointed to see this post. Hilary Clinton has been caught lying about Benghazi where many of our soldiers died. She has been caught deleting e-mails and even accepting money from countries that prosecute women for unjust things. Our country needs something refreshing, not more of the same, Bush’s and Clinton’s.

  56. I live in Iowa and I am NOT READY for elections to start. The coverage is already heating up. Caucus time is not a happy time…

  57. BEYOND excited!! The Onion article was hilarious and could be borderline not satire.

  58. Nation do not fuck this up for me. Amazing.

  59. Please don’t! Even if she is a woman, she shouldn’t be president :S

  60. Oh my god, that first video! It was so hilarious, and I so wanted to just give him a hug at the same time! Poor little man, with his broken little heart 💔

  61. Jo says...

    Thank you for this post, Joanna. Wow. They’re so close to you guys. Get her autograph! :-)

    Yes, that SNL sketch was SO hilarious. I love Kate McKinnon. She’s a genius.

  62. Unfortunately the videos posted are only available to view in the US:/ However, so glad she is running!