Have a Lovely Weekend.


Exciting news (for us, at least): We’re signing off early this week because we are launching a blog redesign on Monday. We are moving 4,500 posts over to the new design and will spend the next few days working out all the kinks. I’m excited to show you and really hope you like it! Meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

The best news I’ve heard since 1998.

The Black Mass movie trailer looks great and terrifying.

10 tricks to appear smarter in meetings, haha.

Loved Jeni’s career advice. What an inspiring woman.

The back of this dress is so sexy.

I’m reading this book and loving it.

How to spot income inequality from space.

Eeks! Don’t look down!

How to get a beach body.

This Mother’s Day commercial made me tear up.

A twist on a PB&J.

What it’s really like to style a photo.

Bringing art to the streets.

Made me laugh.

And, finally, most important: how to donate to Nepal.

(Photo by Unruly Things)

  1. I love the new design of your site.This is really exciting news.Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. belen says...

    I love the new design! the little o that changes background is so cute!

  3. Nice. Check out my blog

  4. the jeni’s career advice link isn’t going anywhere–would love to check it out!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous new design! You ladies should be very proud :)

  6. Nef says...

    Ah LOVE the new site! Looks amazing, very fresh and so glad you got rid of the old balloon!

  7. LOVE the new design! So fresh and modern.

  8. Jody says...

    The link for the career advice isn’t working…

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      We fixed the error, thanks, Jody!

  9. Laura C says...

    I’v been thinking about your blog since last year, I was wondering why you didn’t have a .com, congrats Joanna and team, I like the new design!

  10. amelie says...

    Congrats on the new design! Love it! Looks fresh, professional, and captures the feel of your blog. (And the previous picture with the balloon looked NOTHING like you).

    • Laura C says...

      I agree- I hardly recognize Joanna in the girl with the big pink balloon!!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha i know! it was taken in 2008; i was a baby then.

  11. Claire says...

    I love the new header and features, but , for my two cents, I wish you’d kept your Garamond post font (or something similar to the font of your titles now) – it was so much easier to read!

  12. Katie says...

    What a lovely new design! I had forgotten it was coming – what a great surprise!

  13. I love the new design! Very clean and easy to navigate. Congrats!

  14. Jessica says...

    I’m a reader since 2009 and a generally nostalgic person who HATES change…that said, I like the new look. I really do. (Though I will miss that picture of you and Alex and the balloon)

  15. Samantha says...

    The update looks amazing! Great job, ladies!

  16. Cathy says...

    Love the new design!

  17. Wow! Really love the new design! :)

  18. I’m loving the redesign–I’ve been anxiously awaiting it all weekend! Congratulations!!

  19. Grace says...

    your new design is the loveliest!

  20. PILAR says...

    A very pleasant surprise change the page .
    Greetings from Spain

  21. I LOVE the blog redesign! It looks amazing, well done. x

  22. Aidel.K says...

    Couldn’t wait for a new post–I had to look! It looks fantastic!!!!

  23. Maria says...

    Absolutely love the new design. Well done!

  24. KATERINA says...

    I love the new design of your site! Great job!

  25. Lena says...

    The new design is very nice! I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for the inspiration!
    Greetings from Germany!!

  26. Zeynep says...

    wow! i really loved the new design. it looks so clean and neat.

  27. I love the redesign!! Good work girls! :)


  28. Nora says...

    Dear Joanna,
    I really love your new blog design ♥! Have a good week,
    love, Nora from Germany

  29. Prudence Marule says...

    the mothers ad!!! – big AWWWW!!! i was teary at kid no. 1 already and how did the nose test..awww!! – I want my mommy!

  30. Jo Chan Smith says...

    Love the new look! I logged on earlier today and it hadn’t changed over, and now look at it! Brilliant!

  31. Congrats on the clean, minimalist new design Joanna! Love it!

  32. Jo, your new redesign is great!!! So much more clean and modern than before. I moved from Blogger to WordPress about a year ago and haven’t looked back :)

  33. Tara says...

    Love the new look of the site! Very fresh! :)

  34. Love following you and your blog! Can’t wait for the new design! Best of luck and have a fabulous week!love, Jamie Herzlinger

  35. Congratulations on your new design, I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’ve always loved how simple your blog looks; I like that your posts don’t get lost in the design.

  36. Hi Joanna!

    I am changing my blog design as well and searching for the best designers that suit my budget! I’ve made a few tweaks but I think I would like to be re-designed to better communicate and to interact with with my readers!! Your news is great and I can’t wait to come back to see the results! Good luck with the transition!!

    adorn la femme

  37. Joanna, I used to work with Catholic Relief Services. Thank you so much for the alert about Nepal! They do wonderful work and I’m so glad they are included on PRI’s list of charities.

    Can’t wait for the redesign! A lovely weekend to you and Caroline. Xo

  38. I am looking forward to what your blog’s new design! Thank you for providing us with your link roundup a day early ;) Have a wonderful weekend.

  39. Excited to see the blog redesign! It sounds like quite the undertaking, moving 4,500 posts, eek! Good luck! And happy weekend!

  40. Your blog is one of my favorites!! Can’t wait to see the update!

  41. Hi Joanna, I work at PRI, thanks so much for sharing our “how to help Nepal” link! Every shout out helps!

  42. @scheherezade: What is happening in Baltimore is sad but natural disaster doesn’t discriminate. The 7.9 magnitude quake in Nepal has killed more than 6000 people, thousands are without food, water and shelter. Of this, 1.7 million children are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. I truly believe compassion should be universal.

  43. That mother’s day commercial – oh my goodness. I basically wept! So sweet.

    Can’t wait to see the redesign Jonna. Good luck and have a great weekend!

  44. excited for monday!
    omgosh that mom video is beautiful. could write a book on it! and nepal, nepal. godspeed to nepal.♡

  45. How to donate to Nepal? How about “how to donate to Baltimore” and support the movement against police brutality right in our own neighborhoods! Compassion should not be reserved for those half a world away whose daily suffering does not implicate us directly. (P.S. Of course very excited for the redesign).

  46. That is so funny! Not that I don’t love your current design, but I just thought this morning “I wonder when she’s going to update her blog again.” You are just so in tune with your readers ;) Have a great weekend!

  47. Joanna, Thank you very much for mentioning Nepal Quake and how you can donate. I am extremely touched by your generosity. And, I too can’t wait to see the redesigned acupofjo.

  48. dc says...

    Ha, the “prove you’re not a robot” made me click on a chicken sandwich, the prompt said to click on all the hamburgers images.

  49. dc says...

    Love Lucy Knisley, Relish is my favorite of her graphic memoirs.

  50. How exciting!! Can’t wait to see the new look! :)

  51. Looking forward to your redesign! I am sure it’s going to be amazing. Have a great weekend!

  52. Yay! I’ll miss my daily read but can’t wait to see the new design!

  53. I actually clicked on all of these links, but the trees one is actually my favorite. Thanks.

  54. excited to see the new design! have a great weekend.

  55. New design? Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the links!! Have a lovely and creative w/k you too! :)

  56. I LOVE the beach body ready link! Genius and so refreshing! Also sort of sad that I’d never thought of the fact that on the beach everyone has a “beach body”…
    Cannot wait for the new design :)
    Have an awesome week end (here in Paris we have tomorrow off so your week end post came right on time for Frenchies!)

  57. Jo says...

    My first thought when I saw this Friday roundup post was, “Where are the ladies going?!” Haha. You can tell I’ve been a loyal reader/total fan since 2007! :^)

    I’m so happy to hear about the redesign. Congrats on yet another milestone, Joanna! I know I’m going to love it!

  58. Looking forward to checkin in to the new design, have a great weekend.

  59. Can’t wait to see the blog redesign. And I love Lucy Knisley! I just started The Age of License. So excited to pick up this new one.

  60. whoa. i read your blog every day and imagine my surprise when i clicked on the “made me laugh” link and it was MY MUG. haha. thanks for that! i’m glad it gave you a laugh! :)

  61. Can’t wait for the new design! I just started my blog up and the design has been the hardest part. I know I’ll have to redo it soon because it’s not super impressive. Also I love the beach body link, especially the squats to pee in the ocean. Cracked me up!

  62. YAY! So excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see!

  63. Looking forward to the new design! How exciting…I’m hoping to update my look as well this summer. Have fun and try not to stress too much ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear. xo, Catherine

  64. Wow! This is really exciting news!!

    I was just reading your blog a few days ago thinking ‘I wonder when she last updated her design?…’

    I get geeked out on blog design. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


    • Prativa says...

      Thanks for the link to help Nepal
      Much appreciated!!!