Have a Great Weekend.


What are you up to this weekend? Since reading everyone’s podcast recommendations, I’ve started a new ritual: Some evenings, I’ll sneak out for a bike ride along the water and listen to podcasts. (This was one of my favorites.) Also, this weekend, we’re taking the boys to the Dumbo carousel to ring in the spring. Hope you have a good one, and here are some fun posts from around the web…

First off, obviously everyone saw this hilarious and amazing skit, right? Love those women so much.

Things I definitely thought of first.”

An ode to rainy-day hair.

Families ditch cars for cargo bikes. So cool.

I want to dress like this girl all summer.

Do you agree with this map of state foods? (I’ve never had a Michigan pasty!)

Of course Italy has a carpooling app for scooter rides.

5 things happy people have in their homes.

An oral history of Mad Men.

What it feels like to fall asleep. (Sounds about right.)

How to make barista coffee at home.

An (adorable) reason to drink wine.

This family eats ONLY steak. No, but for real.

Hope you have a good one. xo

(Photo of Alex and me from last summer. State foods link via Cupcakes and Cashmere. Steak link via Miss Moss)

  1. Angeline says...

    You know what, I wish I could eat stake all the time! haha, but it seems like it would be very troublesome to arrange meals with other family members and friends that don’e share the same diet.

  2. in ND, we just call it LEFSE, not lefse crepes… wtf lol
    we also LOVE the hotdish from MN :P

  3. That steak family. Holy cow.

    I mean, good for them if it works for them and they’re all happy, but I simply cannot imagine.

    I can’t even imagine being vegan. Life without ice cream or pizza? No thanks. But this! No breakfast?! That’s crazytalk.

  4. I’ve always loved that you’re a fellow Michigander. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula. Pasty is in my family!! Haha, I think your family would love a vacation up here (to the Copper Country…a bit further than the Mackinaw Bridge:)! Once you’re here, enjoy the beautiful Lake Superior and try a pasty! Taste of home, for sure. Summertime is absolutely amazing here:) like another Marquette reader commented, you can order online to try a pasty:) but fresh homemade out of the oven is the best ! xoxo

  5. The map is mis-labeled! Nebraska and Kansas are switched…I’m from Kansas and had to look :)

  6. Have you seen this (podcast) website: I just discovered it– and am on my third discovery of the afternoon. It’s super-interesting. And even if you don’t find something that grabs you, there’s a long list of recommended podcasts to explore.

  7. Three states I’ve lived in fairly long-term and they all seem pretty representative.

    My home state is Montana, and: Huckleberry Pie. Yes. Like, yes! Everyone should be so lucky as to go to Montana and eat huckleberry pie.

  8. Such a beautiful post. I espeically liked the last point you spoke about (and it ended this sad topic on a slightly lighter note) about the kids bringing a smile to your face when you least expect it. I remember at my mother in law’s funeral all the kids in the family being just devestated. After the mass the family all stood and we exited the church first. My husband’s mother was born in Ireland and they had bagpipes playing – as we all stood and somberly walked down the aisle with tears in our eyes, my 5 year old nephew covered his ears and yelled “THIS MUSIC IS TERRIBLE!” haha. It was so real, and so fuunny. Bless their hears xo

  9. The meat family…I was open minded until I got to the part where they eat regalr beef from the grocery store. I don’t even like to eat that once a year, never mind every day. I di with them luck though.

    Food map looks good. The definitely got it right for Florida!

  10. Sorry, another steak family comment – I kept thinking it was an Onion article?! The part where he talks about not eating organic or grass fed meat anymore – What!? So instead they are eating loads of chemical and antibiotic laden meat? So, not cool for the environment either. Yikes. Anyone else get sucked into that page reading all the interviews? It’s really…real.

  11. THE STEAK FAMILY. i just straight up don’t believe them! also aren’t they TERRIBLY BORED?!!?

  12. Oh my gosh the steak stuff. UGH.

    I love podcasts! This American Life (of course) TED Radio hour is good, and if you don’t have time for a full hour NPR Planet Money is interesting (and although it’s about money, it’s weird stuff, so it’s fun). And Serial, obviously… I have more I like but I’ll stop now.

  13. I’ve been thinking about the steak family since I read it yesterday. Can that possibly be real. They all look so in shape too for not really exercising. Also — how do they not have vitamin deficiencies? I need answers! haha

  14. At first I was horrified and in disbelief about the ‘All Steak, All The Time’ family, then I realized there are some cultures that eat like that out of necessity and are very healthy (i.e. Inuits). I wonder, though, how acidic their bodies are – which is a prime environment for cancer cells to flourish. Also, wouldn’t they be constipated ALL THE TIME?

  15. Sam, if you’ve lived in Virginia all your life, you know that NOVA isn’t really VA:) Thus the lack of ham biscuits. Here in Richmond, I’d estimate 90% of all parties include them.

    Jo, I love your Friday links. So much variety!

  16. You’ve never had a pasty??!?! You have to get on up to Traverse City and visit Cousin Jenny’s! :)

  17. Is this article about the family a hoax? I started reading and I felt like it became weirder and weirder…

  18. Saturday morning: plumbers at home.
    Saturday evening: bachelorette party!

    Anyway, I’m with you and Anastasia. Only steaks and one meal a day.
    I don’t know what to think, really.
    I cannot believe that those kids have NEVER tried a piece of fruit.

  19. Please tell me the steak article is some kind of joke. He claims he feels better the less exercise he does, what?? I don’t even know what to think.

  20. Hi Joanna! I am a longtime reader, and just thought you might like to know that I look forward to your Friday posts every week! My husband and I camp out on the sofa, both on our laptops of course, and I save this post as a little reward, with a bottle of wine, for making it through the week. You’re a part of our weekly tradition! Thanks for your great blog and I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  21. Yes! You should try our Memphis dry spice ribs!

  22. The steak story tho. *eyes emoji*

  23. I live in Marquette in MI’s UP. I’ve had about a million pasties, always with ketchup. They are comfort food for sure. They also aren’t nearly as popular in the LP and when you do find one (outside of the yoop) they don’t compare. They’ve got to be Jean Kay’s from Marquette, the ORIGINAL, with rutabaga. You can order them online too!!

  24. This is truly the best round up EVER!

    First, I’d never heard of Amy Schumer until you posted that awesomely hilarious video with Will (oops, Josh Charles) yesterday, and this new one with Tina Fey and JLD is even better! (waxing the beard, ha ha.)

    That CRAZY steak family!

    The amnesia story!

    Avocado Toast (from the things thought of first)

    Truly the best, you’ve made my day!!!! WHERE DID YOU FIND THESE THINGS?

    Although you forgot to mention Madewell’s 40% off sale :)

  25. Eating steak all the time and nothing else, not even spices? I mean, c’mon! Why don’t they have scurvy?!

    The story about the women who woke up thinking she was 15 reminds me of a great book What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. If the idea of this intrigues you, read this book. It was really fun.

  26. I’m so excited that cargo bikes are becoming popular in the US! We have close friends in the Netherlands, where bakfiets have been wildly popular for forever. Definitely the easiest option there, where the ground is flat everywhere, but I can’t imagine riding one in a hilly city!

  27. Thanks for the well wishes to the community :) I hope you have a stellar weekend.

    I read the article about The Woman Who Up at 15.. my head is still spinning! Not only is HER story spectacular, but it has me thinking about my 15 year old self waking up in my current life and what she would think. Pretty crazy and amazing.

  28. The food map has Kansas and Nebraska mixed up! Also, being a Kansas City girl originally, fried ravioli is a purely Saint Louis thing.

  29. the steak family tho, wow.

  30. Pasties are originally from Cornwall, but and were made popular by Cornish miners in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. They have root vegetables, carrots and ground meat inside a flaky pie crust! I’m a huge fan, it’s a comfort food that reminds me of home! If you ever get to visit the UP (the shores of beautiful Lake Superior) you should find yourself a pasty!

  31. @sandra, thank you!! such a great tip, i really appreciate it. i generally listen to the podcast on low volume so i can very easily hear cars/people/birds/etc around me, but i’m going to do one ear bud from now on!

  32. Nebraska and Kansas are switched on the food map, FYI.

  33. I have to argue that it makes me SOOOO happy when the mess is cleaned up! My anxiety definitely kicks in when I have a dirty home.

  34. Yes Constance (the model in the Madewell ads) looks amazing, but I’ve met her in real life–she’s 9 feet tall quite thin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But that’s actually the reason I haven’t bought any of those clothes–anything that fits her perfectly will never in a million years fit me!

  35. I agree with everyone else…the steak family interview is shocking, interesting and inspiring all-in-one! I do not foresee becoming an all meat family, but I applaud them for sticking to a choice and sticking together! I have made several changes to our eating habits (definitely lowered our carb intake) and people just assume we are on a diet–when I really did it so that we can be healthier and more balanced.

  36. The steaks. I can’t even. Is it a hoax? Those boys are awful cute though. I feel a need to point out that I wouldn’t have chosen that selfie image to print! hahaha!

  37. Don’t agree with the food map. I’ve lived in Mississippi my whole life and I’ve never even had a Mississippi Mud Pie. It’s not that popular here. I think southern fried catfish or chicken would be ours, not Arkansas.

  38. JoGo, I love you, but if you go for a bike ride with headphones again, you are in big trouble young lady. It’s veh dangerous indeed.

    In fact, it’s so dangerous that it’s illegal to cycle in NYC with both headphones in. So if you HAVE to do it, leave one headphone out.

    Callmeloveyoubyeeeee x

  39. The thing I love about the “summer wardrobe inspiration” link is that the model is smiling so big in some of the photos! It’s so refreshing, and I know they say the models don’t smile because the audience/viewer is supposed to focus on the clothes, but I can’t deny how much more drawn to the particular outfits she’s wearing when she looks like she’s having fun wearing them.

  40. Whoa- the meat-only eating family seems a bit extreme judging by the language he uses in that interview:

    “I discovered that eating this clean meat-only diet was very healing, and I had my own demons and ill health that had to be expelled.”

  41. I am studying holistic nutrition at the moment, and the story about the family who only eats steaks…horrid! How you can you not eat the abundance of fruits and veggies we have? If only their bodies were see- through. Maybe they’re really lions?

  42. Joanna, I LOVE your blog so so much! I’m a neighbor and a mama and a longtime bike commuter and while I’m not (generally) in the business of telling folks what to do please know that it’s only legal to wear one earbud when you bike in NYC. And even though it’s legal, keeping your ears open is much safer! I’ve seen too many unfortunate things happen on the street and on bike paths because folks couldn’t hear what was coming. I love a good podcast too but I urge you to listen when you’re not piloting a bicycle. You’ve got some leverage so being an advocate for safe cycling will set a great example for your Cup of Jo readers and – most importantly – your children!
    xoSandra (maybe overstepping her boundaries, still well-meaning)

  43. Steak! After reading that article I don’t think I can every eat a steak again… no really.

  44. The steaks! What!? That makes Atkins look positively moderate.

  45. Seriously tho – that steak article. holy cow, no pun intended, but really intended. If it is real..which I am assuming it is? i just got hungry for steak but also I never want to look at steak again. I have complicated feelings about it.

  46. I am so glad that everyone else is freaking out about that family-steak-diet thing! BONKERS.

  47. I love the food map! My mother-in-law is from the U.P. in Michigan and every year she orders Michigan pasties through the mail for her birthday dinner with the whole family. They’re kind of like a meat pie and really filling! And I couldn’t help but laugh that my state’s food is funeral potatoes. Hey, they’re not fancy, but they’re tasty!

    You always post such great links! Thanks for sharing.

  48. The rainy day hair made me laugh out loud, it’s really unappealing even on a model!
    And my jaw fell open and stayed that way for the whole interview with the steak eating family. So hard to believe!

  49. I’ve lived in Virginia all my life and don’t think I’ve ever had a ham biscuit! But I am in Northern VA and have definitely had my share of MD crab cakes and DC half smokes…

  50. I feel like the steak thing can’t be real?! I was waiting for the “Just kidding” the whole time.

  51. That steak family is bonkers. Eating pounds of steak until they are “Thanksgiving” full every night? Oy… Whatever happened to moderation??

  52. anastasia, i KNOW. my eyes were popping out of my head while reading it.

    ps. also they only have one meal a day!

  53. I actually couldn’t even finish the steak family interview. Is this a real thing?!? It made me feel very uncomfortable.

  54. Oh my gosh, that interview about only eating steaks! Can it possibly be real? I feel like I need to talk with someone after reading it.

  55. I’m going to the opera tonight!