Have a Great Weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? This weekend is supposed to be 64 and sunny, so we’re going to go to a park and fly kites! Can’t wait to be outside. Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Broccoli cheese tots look surprisingly delicious.

Yelp reviews of newborn babies.

My fashion editor friends are freaking out about the arrival of these shoes.

Why people never smiled in old photographs.

This gluten-free art museum made me laugh.

Could you give up drinking for a year?

Love this print.

Behind-the-scenes with three ballerinas.

Brontosaurus is back, baby!

Racially diverse emojis are finally here.

I wish I’d never reported my rape.”

Emails acted out in real life make you realize how awful we all are.

Just ordered this for overnight guests.

Awesome NYC loft tour.

(Photo by You Are My Fave/Instagram. Gluten-free museum via Miss Moss)

  1. Hi Jo!
    I’m a bit slow on commenting, but thanks for the great weekend reading, as always.

    The article about giving up drinking was really interesting. I heard about H.S.M quite a while ago — it’s down the rounds down here in Oz. I stopped drinking about 2 years ago. I was really struggling with anxiety and chanced upon some research findings that suggested a link between alcohol consumption and increased anxiety. Thus, decided to stop to see whether it helped. Lo and behold, it did! It was the BEST decision I made, and was one of the first steps I took to manage my anxiety. Long story short, I have only just starting drinking alcohol again — a beer here, glass of wine there — but nothing like I used to. Not waking with a hangover is just too much of a drawcard. Not to mention my vastly improved mental health. In that respect, it was really easy to stop drinking: it was a matter of either choosing to manage my anxiety, or continuing the hellish downward spiral I was in.

    Anyway, there’s my 2 cents. Again, thanks for the great reads. And your two beautiful boys.


  2. Oh man, so many great links.

    Thanks for the laughs with the emails and Yelp reviews.

    The rape victim’s article was absolutely infuriating! I can only imagine how many other people have encountered similiar pushback from law enforcement. Heartbreaking…

  3. Haha! Those emails acted out in real life!

  4. Hey Joanna! I used to live in Buenos Aires in 2012-2013 and Birkenstock sandals were everywomen favorite shoes for the summer. It’s funny to see both fashion styles in south and north america, I feel like at least in Argentina garments are just so original and “avant-garde”, I super recommend you to shop in Buenos Aires if you can go someday :)

  5. I found it really interesting that you included a link to the “I wish I’d never reported my rape” article. As an educator for colleges about the reality of the rape epidemic (yes, 1 in 6 women being raped IS an epidemic), I feel inclined to share some links to information about how false rape accusations are an anomaly and just how real this situation is for women.

  6. Those Yelp reviews had me crying, then that rape story had me CRYING.

  7. That gluten free museum made me so sad! I just became gluten free to help combat two autoimmune disorders – reminded me of the pleasures in life I no longer enjoy. :(

  8. That image made me more excited for sunny days! Summer colors!

  9. Of course it was a man who was mind blown by the idea of giving up drinking for a year. Did it not occur to him that many women do this not just once, but multiple times in their lives without calling it a social movement? It’s called pregnancy :)

  10. ha ha ha gluten allergies are so funny. it’s so funny when your day/weekend is ruined because you can’t stop puking or pooping.

  11. The work emails video had me laughing so hard. I can relate to all of those 100%. Why are work emails always so awkward?!

    Also loved the article on smiling in old photographs. My dad used to tell me that no one smiled because the photographer was mean and would yell at them and they were scared, which I believed for years. Oh, dads, gotta love ’em.

    Have a fun weekend :)

  12. Is it just me or is that NYC loft familiar…?

  13. Brontosaurus is back! Best. News. Ever! My 3 year old palaeontologist Henry will need to verify this of course :)

  14. the giving up drinking for year sounded like a bold but interesting idea…until i remembered that i (and likely all other mamas) clocked almost a year while pregnant! though sometimes it felt like a lot longer than that. am i right?

  15. I actually gave up drinking for lent (I’m not religious, but a lot of people I work with are, so I knew I’d have support there about the pains of giving something up) and I completely empathize with the NYer article. I would argue you don’t even have to do it for 3 months – 40 days, as long as you’re reflective of the process and not treating it as an excuse to binge after – was enough to realize when and why I was drinking and what I could change about my habits. I recommend it!

  16. Wish I had read Yelp reviews. Or maybe not? ;) Two kids aged 3 and 1, everything is getting better but still so many sleepless nights…

  17. Hi Joanna,
    You rock my world!!!

    Gluten Free Museum!

    Also it is so funny to see birkenstocks are so expensive in the US!!! Everything is usually so much more expensive in Europe but at least the re-admittance of birkenstocks into “high-fashion” give us one up for once.

    To the rape victim…I hope she can feel all the love and support and respect that I and so many others are sending her.

  18. I wish i can reach out to the rape victim and tell her i am there to support her. Such a tragic story. Heartbreaking!

  19. Why are ugly shoes all the rage this year? First the old school Adidas shower shoes and now hideous wannabe Birkenstocks? I feel like (hope?) we’re getting punked.

  20. “I wish I had never reported my rape” is so, so important and a terrible reality for many rape victims. I want to give the writer a hug and let her know she is not alone. ❤️

  21. Excitement about a pair of Birkenstocks for over $200!? NYC fashion people are crazy!!