Sonnet James Giveaway

Sonnet James, the California-based clothing company for playful moms, was founded by Whitney Lundeen, a mom of two boys who believes you should be able to look great without sacrificing your ability to run and play. The dresses are beautiful but durable—the kind of thing you could wear to a meeting or to the playground, then throw in the washing machine.

The Spring 2015 collection just launched, and you could live in these dresses all summer. Once the weather gets warmer, throwing on a dress feels so much easier than figuring out a full outfit—and they’re prettier than shorts:) All Sonnet James dresses are made in San Francisco, using fabric made in America.
Today Sonnet James is giving away dresses to five lucky readers. For a chance to win, please visit Sonnet James, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite dress. Five winners will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winners have been emailed. Thanks for playing!

BONUS for all readers: Get 20% off with the code CUPOFJO20. Good through March 26th. See the full collection here.

(Photos by Remi Stoneman)

  1. Sure, it’s a good thing to enjoy your work, but there is such a thing as enjoying it too much.

  2. My new Sonnet James Daisy dress just arrived. I LOVE it…thanks for introducing us:)

  3. I love the Florence dress!

  4. Love the remi dress in navy/hunter and the piper dress

  5. Piper alllll the way! I need them all!! I’m imagining sweet potatoes and spit up all Over them and the joy of being able to toss them in the wash.

  6. Marni VNeck in Black!

  7. These are SO fabulous!! Thank you for sharing!! The Reese and Winnie are so chic, I love them!

  8. I love the Reese in White or the Florence!

  9. The Winnie Dress in Bubblegum would be perfect for Easter! <3

  10. I love the reese in white! This is my go to dress!!

  11. Love the look…love the name. Happy frolicking!

  12. Isabel dress is my favorite, it’s just gorgeous.

  13. SC says...

    I heart the Remi Dress! <3 :D

  14. Piper please! Such a Northside RVA dress.

  15. Winnie in watermelon!!

  16. Impossible to choose. To begin with one, I suppose it could be the pink Marni dress.

  17. I love the Stella dress, with the Doutzen bang a close second.

  18. i love the Reese dress in grey. so gorgeous.

  19. Remi dress in navy/hunter – so fun!

  20. The Reese in white! :)

  21. Love these! I’d choose the Reese in white. :)

  22. Too many beautiful dresses to choose a favorite!!! I think I would have to pick the Teddy Dress. Being a new mama all these dresses are so perfect for just throwing one on with my converse and some fancy shades and hitting the park while looking super cute ! :)

  23. OOh, the Piper, please!

  24. Marni is by far my favorite of the sonnet james dresses; absolutely perfect!

  25. Definitely the DOUTZEN – in black!

  26. The Margot Dress! I love that it’s nursing friendly.

  27. The Sailor Dress! They are all so pretty and look effortless and comfortable. I want one!

  28. Love them all!

  29. Daisy dress has to be my favorite! :)

  30. So fun! My pick is the Reese dress in white.

  31. These dresses are soooo comfy! Love them!

  32. Love these dresses…..So comfy!!!

  33. Oh please oh please let me have the Reese Dress! Everything, all of them.

  34. How to even choose?! Love the Stella dress!

  35. I am a mom this beautiful, chic, effortless and fun only in my dreams! Sonnet James, you are lovely!

  36. I really love most of them but the Isabel is so cute!

  37. Love the Piper, Daisy and Margot dresses. Gah!

  38. Love the Piper, Daisy and Margot dresses. Gah!

  39. It’s hard to pick one favorite! I like the Winnie and Margot in black :)

  40. I love the Piper! Great dresses and wonderful style!

  41. I like the Reese dress in white!

  42. The Reese dress, in any color. But put a gun to my head, I’d take any style!

  43. The Reese Dress in white!

  44. I love the Piper dress! Great simple and stylish dresses!

  45. I love them all! I think my fave is the Daisy dress.

  46. I’d give it to my daughter and let her pick. I think she would have a hard time choosing… Maybe the Marni?

  47. I like the Piper. I love orange and grey, that pop of color is fantastic!

  48. The Winnie Dress in Black is my favorite!

  49. I have loved the Reese dress for so long!!!

  50. Love them! And they’re local for me :) Marni vneck, long marni red one… pretty much any of them!! I can’t wait to check them out.

  51. The Reese dress! Love those stripes!! <3

  52. I am in love with the Reese and the Piper dresses. Seriously would be hard to choose if I won! Thank you guys so generous to offer such an awesome giveaway ��

  53. Love them! And they’re local for me :) Marni vneck, long marni red one… pretty much any of them!! I can’t wait to check them out.

  54. I love the Remi dresses in all the fun colors!

  55. The Reese dress in white is so functional and beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  56. I would choose the Isabel dress! I love the bright blue and green and the color blocking:)

  57. These dresses area all amazing. I know I missed the cut-off for the give-away, but thank you for the discount code too. I just bought the Doutzen in coral and can’t wait to wear it this summer. Cheers!

  58. Love them all, but favs are the Quincy Blue and the Marni!

  59. love the reese dress !

  60. Love the Reese dress

  61. I do love the Reese dress, especially with the red lipstick- it’s very French! :)

  62. LOVE the kate dress! what a great giveaway :D

  63. Love the Margot!

  64. I love the Margot dress!

  65. Thank you so much for sharing this brand! (Although my wallet may not be thanking you, ha!) I can’t take my eyes off the gorgeous Isabel dress, but Daisy and Margot also look fun and easy to wear.

  66. The Reese dress in grey, hands down.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  67. REESE dress white. Oh my goodness, perfect!

  68. I have several Sonnet James dresses and love them all. I would choose the Mara dress to add to my collection!

  69. So hard to decide which one I like best! Probably the Remi in pink/orange :)

  70. Love, love, love the dresses…Remi Pink/Orange, Doutzen Coral, Teddy Dress-Marni Stripe w/pocket are my favs! Mom of 3 boys, I love to feel beautiful & feminine but still hit the sandbox, actually PLAY at the park, toss the football, kick the soccer ball, run the bases, and attend the cello concert, all in the same dress!

  71. Love all of the stripes. Especially the Reese Dresses.

  72. Nori!!

  73. love the piper dress!

  74. Ooooo I LOVE all these but I think the Reese is my favorite!

  75. the reese dress is so pretty!

  76. the reese dress is so pretty and versatile!

  77. winnie dress in bubblegum or white reese, have been loving these dresses forever!

  78. Hard to pick just one – but i’d go with the Reese white. Great giveaway!

  79. I love that Florence dress!

  80. The Sailor Dress! So cute and classic:)

  81. Oh, the color blocking stole my heart, I would live in the Remi hunter/green!

  82. I love the Sailor dress- it’s gorgeous!

  83. I love the Kate dress! It’s fabulous!

  84. Love them all! Remi in navy/hunter would be my pick.

  85. Remi or Quincy!

  86. love the florence dress!!!

  87. All are great, but the Reese and Margot are fantastic!

  88. Piper dress! I may be a bit biased since my two week old little girl has the same name! ;)

  89. Impossible to go ast the stripes on the Reese dress!

  90. All are so beautiful. But the Reese is perfect.

  91. I love the white Reese dress!!

  92. Oh this giveaway makes me so happy. As a mom of a 6 month old boy I really appreciate comfy clothes that are also fashion forward and easy to just throw on and go. Her clothes are lovely. Fingers crossed!!!

  93. Wow, so hard to choose but I would have to go with the piper dress!

  94. Wow, so hard to choose but I think I would have to go with the Piper dress!

  95. Love the Piper dress so much!

  96. Love the Piper!

  97. Winnie in black!! So many good ones and such an excellent idea

  98. I ADORE these dresses, Jo! If I won, I’d have to share them with my mom and sister, lol. I have the Quincy but would love the Doutzen!

  99. Honestly I would love one of each, but seeing as I already have a closet full of stripes I think I’d have to go with the Mara dress.

  100. Love the whitney in bubblegum!

  101. LOVE them all! Especially the Kate dress!

  102. The Reese!

  103. I love the reese and daisy dresses!

  104. Each dress is beautiful! How do you choose!?!

  105. The dresses are all adorable- as a new mom I would pick the Reese and the Remi dresses!

  106. I love the whitney dress in bubblegum…so cute!

  107. Stella!

  108. I love the sailor dress and the Remi dress in any color!

  109. The Piper Dress! Obviously, they are all adorable though.

  110. The Margot is my favorite, love the silhouette!

  111. The Remi in yellow/white! Quincy in white/grey!:)all look so comfy and casual chic, perfect for longer days ahead.

  112. Omg I love too many of them to pick!! I feel like I’m playing favorites! Prob the Orange and pink remi dress! Also I love that they all look loose and stretchy enough for first trimester or post partum when you aren’t in maternity clothes but not ready for super close fit clothes

  113. These dresses are amazing. I’m just going to say Remi in Pink/Orange. But oh man, I definitely have some other favorites too!

  114. ooh the stripey one!

  115. I love the classic-looking Reese dress!

  116. Thanks for introducing this brand! I love the Winnie and the Margot.

  117. Thanks for introducing this brand! I love the Winnie and the Margot.

  118. I’d love the Winnie Dress in Watermelon, so pretty!

  119. The Marni V-neck in vintage red is gorgeous!