Our Brooklyn Apartment

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Last August, we moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and we quickly fell in love with our new neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. There’s a bakery and a cheese shop and a local pizzeria, and little old Italian ladies will sit on their stoops and chat with us—or call out grandmotherly advice like, “Your baby should be wearing socks!” I love how it feels like a quirky small town. So, I’m excited to share a few photos of our place, if you’d like to see…

floor plan

We live in a brownstone building, which is split into four different apartments. Here’s our floor plan, if you’re interested! (I always like to see how spaces connect.)


Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

In our apartment, the kitchen, dining room and living room all comprise one big open space. We spend 99% of our time together here—cooking meals, eating dinner, reading books, watching TV, playing games. Whenever we watch House Hunters, I notice that people always request an “open concept” home, and now I totally get that.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

When we moved in, we debated shaking things up and painting the main room pale gray or dark blue, but a reader’s comment on this post convinced us to stick with white: She said that there’s a reason why white walls are so common in Scandinavian countries, and it’s because white cheers up the gloomy dark days of winter. Good point!

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

My desk is in the living room, so sometimes I’ll work here in the evenings, or, equally often, the desk will be taken over by Toby’s Peppa Pig dollhouse and lots of tiny, carefully placed furniture. :)

Campaign-style desk: eBay. Hollywood photograph: Whisper Editions. Mobile: The Ark.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Also, we have a balcony off the living room, which is great in the warmer months. We’ve always dreamed of having a backyard, and a balcony is an awesome first step! Another bonus is that our balcony overlooks our friend Linsey’s kitchen windows, so the kids will shout to each other and have excited (mostly nonsensical) conversations across the gardens.

TV console: Room & Board. New York poster: My Guide To. Flower photograph: Kari Herer.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Years ago, we got this trusty vintage console, and our genius friend Jenny Komenda spray painted it yellow. It’s such a great example of how paint can transform things. It’s still one of my favorite pieces. It’s now home to Alex’s collection of photo books (he has read every rock-and-roll photo book known to man).

Branch floor lamp: Canvas. Car print: Hugo Guinness.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

A typical moment with the boys, ha! On weekends, we often hang out and play guitars in the living room. Alex made a playlist of Beach Boys, Belle & Sebastian and Stevie Wonder, and the boys strum their toy guitars along with it. It’s adorable and NOISY.

Deer bed print: Katherine Wolkoff. Wall lamps: One Forty Three. Sofa: Design Within Reach. Rug: ABC Home.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

When we first saw the apartment, I actually didn’t like that the kitchen was right in the living room. It felt crammed together. But now it’s one of my favorite things about our house. It’s great to be able to pack school lunches, cook pasta, pour wine, etc. without having to leave the main hang-out space. It’s funny how you can’t always predict what you’re going to like (or not) until you try it out.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Also, while these photos show the house tidy, needless to say, it’s often a wreck. My mom recently told me how she thought of her house as “breathing in and breathing out,” as we kids made messes throughout the day and then it got cleaned up at night. I feel the same way: I cherish that moment after the kids are in bed, when we can tidy up, light a candle and just chill. Peace at last.

Bookcase: The Container Store. High chair: Stokke.


Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

We wanted to create a cozy bedroom, and when I saw Victoria’s gray bedroom, I was inspired. So we went with Benjamin Moore Gravel Gray and crossed our fingers. You never know with paint (will it be cozy or cave-like?), but we loved the way it turned out.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

One major difference about Brooklyn vs. Manhattan is how generally quiet this neighborhood is. In the West Village, we slept with ear plugs and two noise machines, but now we can hear a pin drop in this apartment, even though our bedroom faces the street. It’s such a joy!

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

This dresser displays things that are dear to us—photos of our sons, and the loveliest statue, who is said to be a protector of mothers and children. (It was a sweet gift from Kate Suddes, the writer of this beautiful essay.)

Buffalo print: Animal Print Shop. Tufted headboard: Jenny Komenda (tutorial here). Long Josef Frank pillow: We bought the fabric and Jenny had it sewn. Bedside tables: Vintage. Rug: Vintage. Black dresser: Vintage. Gold lamp: Gallivanting Girls. Black-out blinds: Decorview.


Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

We wrote about our nursery inspiration last month, and I’m so happy that Anton’s room now feels like a warm and welcoming space for him. We hung a vintage map above the crib (inspired by Linsey) and then put animal prints in the corner to create a little reading nook.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Anton sleeps happily in his crib, but Toby is forever asking if Anton can sleep in his bed with him. So we’re considering letting the boys try sleeping in Toby’s double bed together (Anton on the wall side, of course!) and see how it goes. Would be so sweet if it worked out!

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

On the other side of his room are IKEA shelves, plus a little art area. Anton can spend ages drawing and coloring, although Toby will invariably interrupt by pretending to be a waiter and taking his dinner order. :)

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Crib: Oeuf. Map: Vintage, from eBay. Bronze floor lamp: Land of Nod. Gold animal prints: Sycamore Street Press. Glider: Crate & Barrel. White side table: West Elm. Shelves: IKEA. Shibori pillow: Rebecca Atwood. Art desk and chairs: Pkolino. Sconce: Schoolhouse Electric. Dresser: West Elm. Black-out blinds: Decorview. Rug: Vintage. (And Amber Interiors also has nice rugs, if you’re in the market.)


Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

For Toby’s room, we also wanted to experiment with color, so we went with Benjamin Moore Symphony Blue (again, with fingers crossed) and Toby loves it. It’s a great rich blue without being too dark or too bright.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

He’s really into books these days, and we’ve been reading slightly longer books, like Little Bear’s Friend and Frog & Toad and Best Friends for Frances. He’s also really into Search & Find. We walk over to the neighborhood public library down the block to get books out every week or so.

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

We’re so happy to have found this apartment—after two years of searching!—and already feel very at home here. We can even imagine the boys being teenagers here. (A crazy thought.)

Joanna Goddard's Brooklyn Apartment

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments! xoxo

Deer print: Animal Print Shop. Bookcase: Oeuf. Pendant light: Design Within Reach. Flokati rug: Serena & Lily. Whale print: Etsy. Edison bulb lamp: Schoolhouse Electric. Toy red piano: Land of Nod. Play kitchen: Land of Nod. Black-out blinds: Decorview.

P.S. More house tours, including 15 tips for small spaces and a rainbow bookcase.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kate Jordan. And, of course, thank you to Jenny Komenda, Emily Henderson and Will Saks, who have helped us make design decisions through the years)

  1. Your home is happy looking! :)
    And beautiful! Lovely! Thanks for sharing. We have lots of Italian grandma advice here in Argentina too!! ha ha! Loved Anton’s map too! Every detail reflects joy. Love it!

  2. @unknown, toby’s duvet cover is from dwellstudio. beth, shoot, i can’t remember, i’m so sorry!

    elena, i think we got the medium size?

    sophia, thankfully, he doesn’t get into too much stuff in that way, but now and again when he has reached for a plug, we are VERY strict. i try to even make my face a little scary so he really understands it is not at all okay to touch plugs. of course, he gets into EVERYTHING ELSE during the day haha. most of these photos were taken when he was napping!

  3. michelle, you must have been one of the very first readers! that is awesome. those posts were forever ago :) love you xoxo

  4. burling family blog, the kitchen table is discontinued but the chairs and the white living room shell chair are from DWR. thank you!

    amy, the fire truck is from land of nod. thanks!

  5. heidi, the vintage map and whale print actually both came with the wooden frame holder thing. we have a direct link to the shops in the credits part of the post, if you’d like to see the exact shops.

    emelia, thanks for the sleeping tip!!!

  6. katy, the dining table is actually discontinued, unfortunately!

    and sage, i love that!!

  7. kendall, oh man. i wish i was over my subway fear! but i just walk or ride my bike most places, and take a cab when it’s really terrible weather. i haven’t been into manhattan in a while, which surprised me when i first moved here. i thought we’d go back in much more than we do, but now everything in our life (schools, work, etc.) is in brooklyn!

  8. bantik, i love that!!!! thanks for letting me know :)

  9. @marycatherine, we kept the ceiling, closet doors, trim and inside of the windows white. we just painted the walls themselves with the gravel gray (plus the outlet covers and vents).

  10. @watermelonmymind, gravel gray *might* feel a little cave-like in rooms with less light, but i have to say, i really LOVE the way it looks at night when our shades are down. its so cozy. so i guess it’s still great even with just lamp light!

  11. Amber Shea Nichole, of course! we did a ton of research about white paint colors (you can really go down a rabbit hole!) and we ended up deciding on “chantilly lace.” it is fresh and clean without having undertones that are too yellow or two blue.

    passerine, i think the geometric pillow on the sofa was from either ABC Carpet or Canvas Home, i can’t remember!

    abby, the coffee table is from DWR.

    elena, the artwork was from DwellStudio.

    thanks for these questions!

  12. Thanks for sharing Joanna. Your place looks fantastic! I visited Brooklyn (from Australia) last year and it seems like a great place to live. Your home looks gorgeous and like somewhere you’d want to hang out in.

  13. What a beautiful home, Joanna! I think I really would enjoy living there. My home has the kitchen integrated into the living room, too, and I think it’s the best! I really love it and here in Barcelona is very common now, too, but it wasn’t when my parents decided to remove the wall that separated the two spaces. Also, the photo of Anton playing the guitar cracks me up. He rocks.

  14. jb, the sheets in our bedroom are from DwellStudio and Anthropologie, and the sheets in toby’s room are from Target! xo

  15. @Shreya, the pouf is from DWR, thank you!

  16. amy, that is so sweet. thank you so much for these really lovely comments! i’m so touched! joannaxo

  17. @caroline, it’s a watercolor painting from the artist Kim McCarty. i had a really really hard year one year and saved up and bought it for myself as a gift afterward (i had loved her paintings for so, so long). the crazy thing is, toby looks just like the boy! but i got it before toby was even born. it’s almost like he grew into him. :)

  18. @carrie, it took years! and also we’ve had help from decorator friends throughout the years, which was sooooo amazing and we were so grateful for it!

  19. @skurrus, thanks for your note! hmmm, i don’t think that much about renting vs buying. i guess i’m so used to renting since i’ve been doing it my whole adult life! luckily, the apt still seems very much like our home, even thought we don’t own it. (we had tried to buy in brooklyn but we kept getting outbid! we looked for more than 2 years and it was so demoralizing. but at the end of the day, renting feels good to me, so i’m just so glad we found this place!)

  20. Okay, so, how in the world did you find a renovated 3 bedroom brownstone in CG? is this really a rental? We used to live in CG and now we’re in Windsor Terrace. I can’t imagine how you found that place and what is must cost a month. Plus, your landlord could raise the rent at any time. Please explain!

    By the way, it’s lovely and so organized. How have you found the time to decorate yet another apartment? We moved a year ago and barely have anything on the walls yet. Are you superwoman? – Sara

  21. @westcoastgirlfriday, just loled at your comment. (!!!!)

  22. sofia, the table has a leaf to extend it to seat 6 people, but it’s actually broken! so we can only seat 4. if we have more than 2 other people over, we’ll just eat around our coffetable. not totally glamorous, but oh well!

  23. So beautiful! It is simultaneously open and cozy. Love your decorating touches :)

  24. I love love love your house! The living room area is absolutely gorgeous and at the same time very personal. And I agree, the open air area is great. Thanks for sharing.
    PS you have really opened my eyes towards brooklyn, so when me, my husband and three children are going to spend a couple of weeks in N.Y. in a couple of years, I Think it will be airbnb in brooklyn :-)

    Rikke, Scandinavian mom of three :-)

  25. heather, i’ll ask kate about the statue! xo

  26. @kristyk, thanks for your note! we have shades in all the bedrooms from decorview. (you can kind of see them at the tops of the windows.) we got the basic white shades that work for blacking out the light. they have cords for pulling them down, but decorview made it so that the cords never go too far down so that kids can get into them (for a choking hazard). it’s a great company, i’d definitely recommend them!

    also, the toy kitchen is from land of nod, but since then, i’ve found out that ikea has an adorable one, too!

  27. @thefergusonfamily, thank you! we have bins in the boys’ rooms. they don’t appear in these photos, but they’re wicker bins plus a couple from this site: we put the toys in the bins every evening, unless the boys have them specially arranged (like, sometimes, the dollhouse:)

  28. Gorgeous! I could totally move in ;-)

  29. So gorgeous and SO much space! I don’t know where you’re going to find the time to answer all the questions in the comments :)

  30. So in love with your bedroom colors! The brown leather is so lovely against the dark gray walls. Beautiful!

  31. Wow! Your place looks amazing! I love your home decor. Oh and great job picking out paint colors…just beautiful.

  32. uber cool apt!

  33. The dreamiest apartment ever! Oh my word! Such inspiration and life throughout every inch of that place.

  34. thanks…have been excited for this. beautiful home and family! i would love to know where the white kitchen table chairs are from…white seat and wooden legs.


  35. This is a beautiful home – and definitely enough space for growing boys in NYC. It is actually making me miss my NYC days – especially thinking about walking around to the butcher, restaurants, etc. Life in the burbs has its perks, but city living is something I want to return to when our 3 kids are on their own. We’ll see!

  36. I love the comment about houses with kids “breathing in and out,” a much nicer way to think of it!

  37. I bet the boys sharing a bed would work out great! My three year old twins just started sharing a full-sized bed, and it has been wonderful. They actually sleep sideways in it, to give each a little more room to roll around.

  38. Love it – feels modern but very homey x Tell Toby I’ll have a latte

  39. Beautiful home! If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know where the throw blanket on the couch is from..

  40. What a gorgeous, welcoming, comfortable looking home! So lovely! Thanks for sharing with me! X

  41. Wow! It’s amazing and the floor plan looks really clever – haven’t felt envious like this in a looong time ;)

  42. Love! Where did you get the lovely pouf in Anton’s room? I would love it for our nursery!

    Thanks for sharing!

  43. LOVE the new place, Joanna!! I’ve always wanted to take a peek inside a brownstone apartment, thanks for sharing! :)

    Is the painting on the wall near your desk a painting of Toby? If not, it looks just like him! So cute!

  44. Your apartment is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for opening it up and sharing! Very sophisticated and clean look, while at the same time cozy and is clearly loved and lived in. Thank you for letting us in to see it :)

  45. Gorgeous! The light in that space is so incredible. Thank you for sourcing your beautiful things, I pinned this post immediately for the day I get to decorate my big kid home :)

  46. I’m drooling! It’s so beautiful, truly.

  47. Wow your apartment is SO gorgeous! Amazing. I feel so embarrassed that my apartment is constantly a gigantic mess from just me and my boyfriend and yours looks like a magazine even with two boys running around!

    I adore the pictures over Toby’s bed. They’re so cool! Where are those from?

  48. I just love it! You are truly blessed, thanks for sharing.

  49. Wowzers! I remember reading posts about how your brother in law just turned 30! With your old boyfriend Jo! Now here you are Married, two kiddos, Brooklyn and just gang busters! I love your blog, always have :) So happy for you that you found such a cozy place to be a family. I love Brooklyn, a part of my heart will always be there, its such a special place.

  50. I love that I can recall many items from your previous home tours. Just goes to show that if you buy well-made items that you love, they can work in any space. Looks great!

    PS Anton looks to have so much personality!

  51. As always, your place is gorgeous! From a practical perspective, how do you manage to have so many things on surfaces, and floor lamps, and cords, and books on low shelves… and Anton?

    I’m always struggling with my incredibly curious 17-month-old; as she gets bigger there are ever fewer places to put anything and my apartment feels like it’s been stripped of anything pretty or decorative (fragile or not, she will find a way to make it hazardous). We have a useless partial bar behind our kitchen sink and counters and it seems like everything we own ends up in a pile up there.

    Has Anton always been disinterested and hands-off, or do you have some secret ninja parenting trick to getting him to not mess with everything? We’re going to be moving in two months and I’d love to be able to put some personality back in our space.

  52. This apartment is an absolut dream come true. I love it!!

  53. Hi Jo, thanks so much for sharing! I’m on a rug hunt right now- do you possibly know the name of style of your living room rug at ABC? Thank you!!

  54. Warm, lovely, inviting–just like you :) Don’t move!!

  55. Hey Joanna- Can you tell me where you got Toby’s duvet cover? I love it!

  56. Your home looks amazing! I love an open concept. It’s seems when you have a party or friends over, people want to hang in or around the kitchen so this is perfect! I love the shelves next to the dinner table. Very cool – all of it! And I thought the bossy grandmas were only in my neighborhood in Barcelona. ;)

  57. Looks fantastic–nicely designed while still feeling lived in. I’ve actually always wanted a kitchen attached to the living room–I always feel so isolated from the action when I’m in there by myself!

  58. Really nice home! I love Toby’s whale print, could you please tell me which size did you choose? Thank you so much!


  59. Apartment living is the best. I live in one by myself, but I always want to live in one.

  60. Ooh! I love the way you’ve re-purposed your previous decor into the new space. The bedroom wall color was definitely a good pick!

    Like a few others mentioned, I also am wondering about your thoughts on renting long term instead of buying.

    I’d imagine that with the high rental costs of NYC and especially for such a lovely apartment as yours, it’d be like buying a brand new house every few years but not getting any money back for the previous homes.

  61. such a lovely home…inspirational as it’s both beautiful and functional and works with kids while still having a sophisticated feel to it.

  62. wow joanna, ive always been curious how people lives their lifes in the other side… im from brazil, we have plenty sun to dry clothes, opened windows to refresh the house… and the places are not that small i thought placês in nyc were.

    but i was surprised how nice and windy your apartament is, and by your good taste as well.

    love your blog!!!



  63. Try out Madiba in Carroll Gardens! So delicious and it’s like taking a tiny trip to Cape Town.

  64. What a great space!!!! Love it! Now where do you put all your “junk” and stuff. :)

  65. How beautiful! I love your design aesthetic.

  66. Hey Jo! It looks lovely! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get the great fire truck?

  67. Where is the kitchen table and chairs from? Also, where is that gorgeous white chair from in your living room? It’s amazing!

  68. i can’t imagine living in a home that does not have an open layout. when i’m looking for vacation rentals, the house needs to have an open layout. your place looks amazing!

  69. Thank you for this post. I have used it to convince my boyfriend to paint his walls white instead of the dated buttercream yellow he was intending! I was wondering about those two-side frames for the map and whale posters in the boys rooms? Where did you get them, and why did you go with those instead of full-on frames? Are they less expensive? Thanks!!! -Heidi, Vancouver, BC

  70. Gorgeous! You’ve made a lovely home in Brooklyn for your and your family.

  71. Pinning inspiration NOW! :) I always love the spaces you create; they look so comfortable and pretty!
    My sister and I used to sleep together in a queen size waterbed (children of the 80s, lol) we were around 3 and 5, I think when we started that routine and it wasn’t every night, but we did like it. Then I think we became too chatty to sleep in the same room, imagine that! ;)

  72. It’s just fantastic. Stylish but real. Gorgeous but homey. What a wonderful space to live in. Thank you for sharing!

  73. Love it all! What color paint did you go with in your living room? I saw Intense White by Benjamin Moore tossed around in your previous posts… Thanks!

  74. Thank you for this post. I will echo everyone’s comments by saying this is the most beautiful space! I’m a mom of three young boys and your space is creative, calm, beautiful, comfortable, and personal. One of the most inviting and beautiful spaces I’ve seen in a long time.

    Can you tell me the specifics on the couch? Did you go with tweed, cotton twill, broad weave? I want to buy that couch and with little boys, I want something that will wear well. Thank you!!

  75. Such a fun, beautiful & harmonious space! You guys must really love it there. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  76. Congratulations ! Your apartment look so warm and cosy and perfect!
    Where can I buy Anton green guitar?
    Thank you!

  77. Your home is so lovely – thanks for sharing! You mentioned rock picture books and I wonder if you have: Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to the biography genre, plus it comes with a CD. My kids love it.

  78. Beautiful!! Where did you get your kitchen table?

  79. Eek! I was so excited to see that you posted your house tour. I love your design decisions – nothing looks artificial, and the whole space looks COZY, which is my favourite. I really like what your mom said, about the house “breathing in and out”. Such a peaceful, organic way to describe it. Glad you guys are feeling so at home!!

  80. Hi Joanna! Your space is beautiful! What a great layout as well. I was wondering how you are handling living in Brooklyn in regards to your fear of the subway. I know that you now have a Brooklyn office (that looks like so much fun!) but was wondering if you still make it into Manhattan regularly?

  81. What a lovely job you’ve done Jo, it looks so homely and stylish

  82. I LOVE your dark bedroom!
    But- what color is the ceiling?? Did you paint it dark as well or leave it white?

  83. It’s such a spacious apartment and I love colors of the walls. I want to get an animal print after looking at this post!

    By the way when I was little we were sleeping in one big bed (3 mattresses on the ground to be exact) with my brother and sister and it’s the most fun memory from my childhood!

  84. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home!! I wondered… is the ceiling in your Master white? or the same colors as the walls?

  85. Beautiful! I love the gravel gray – so you think it works only in rooms that get a lot of light? I love the way it makes other furniture pop.

  86. where is the coffee table from?! lovely home.

  87. Your home is really lovely! It looks like a wonderful place to grow up. :) I really love the print just to the right of your TV…looks like orange blue and purple wormy shapes? Would you please share who made it and where you got it? Thank you so much!

  88. Jo says...

    What a gorgeous home you have, Joanna! Your apartment totally looks like it came out of the pages of Domino. :o)

    PS) I am just stunned at what a fine little man Anton is at just ONE! How is he so big already? I miss his babyness (OK, he IS still a baby, I need to calm down) but I love it that he’s looking just has handsome and dandy as his big bro! (Toby is my first love, so I’m a weeny bit biased. :o)

  89. What a lovely place, so great to finally see it :)

  90. So, so pretty and tastefully done. It looks curated (in a good way) yet effortless at the same time! Could you share where you got the colorful color-blocked sofa pillow? Thanks!

  91. well done. i wondered how any place could top your last one, but i think you’ve done it! did you have help from a designer this time or is this all your genius?

    random question…i have that same throw you have on your couch. it says hand wash!! ugh. do you throw yours in the washer? do you let it line dry?

    well, i’m off to pin your entire home!

    • Claudia says...

      Would you mind sharing where the throw blanket is from?

  92. Wow, talk about a dream apartment! We are moving to Carroll Gardens at the end of the month with our 10 month old son. We are so very excited about all the wonderful things the neighborhood has to offer! Definitely feeling inspired by your home tour! We weren’t able to find a 2 bedroom in our price range so we are going to be creating 2 sleeping areas in the bedroom. You have to get creative with NYC living :)

  93. jb says...

    Lovely home! By chance, can you tell me where you purchased your bedding ( duvet/sheets)? I am in the market for new ones and yours are simple and perfect. Thank-you!

  94. Absolutely love it all! It’s perfect. I’m curious, what white paint did you choose for your main area? Currently on the search for our home. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  95. Love your space and how you decorate! Here’s my two cents about bed/room sharing: go for it. We live in a large four-square with plenty of bedrooms in Denver, but our two older boys share a room and frequently a bed. Their little brother will be in with them when he turns two also. They have a bunk bed with a single on top and a full on the bottom. My second boy often needs his own space, so he will sometimes sleep on the top bunk. Many studies show that children feel safer and more protected sleeping in the same room. I remember being a little girl and sharing a room with my brother (who was in a crib) and think he would help me fight the bad guys if they broke in and being really comforted by that thought. Our extra room and third floor are playrooms and if they all eventually want more space we will talk then. I love hearing their evening conversations. Telling each other stories, or comforting each other as kids do. And the laughter warms my heart! (Mostly! Sometimes I just need them to SLEEP!) It’s been a super positive thing in our house, and it teaches them to share space and toys. My boys started out together in the full bed when my second was about two. It took a little adjustment of me laying in the middle while they both fell asleep, but now I kiss them good night and hang out across the hall in my room with the baby (who sleeps in our room). I still take pics of the funny positions they end up in as the tangle themselves up in each other.

  96. The picture of your son playing guitar on the couch is perfection! His facial expression is amazing.

  97. Gorgeous! Greetings from a couple of Brooklyn fans from Finland ;)

  98. Your new home is gorgeous! And you’ve done a wonderful job decorating.
    A question for you, where did you get the ottoman/pouf in Anton’s room from?

  99. Thanks for sharing! I am most surprised how big it is!! 3 bedroom apartments aren’t easy to find where I live… and the cost would be very high. I guess NYC ain’t cheap… but it’s neat how this apartment is so much bigger than ones you’ve shared previously. I think it’s great how the kids get their own rooms.

  100. A classic classic classic!!! i am so happy you found a home, it looks so happy and peaceful!! May God shower his blessings on your home and your family.

  101. Amazing. I might have to try to take some deer bed photos of my own this spring! That print gives me such cozy, happy feeling. :)

  102. It’s stunning!! I love it all! Where did you get your kitchen table and chairs??

  103. You always have such great style, so I’ve been hoping you’d post your new home tour! Thank you for sharing :) Your light/colors/furniture all work together so beautifully. I feel so inspired!

  104. S. says...

    Love the wall colors! Makes me wanna experiment with my room too. I find it curious how you chose the room that’s the furthest away from your room for Anton’s nursery (you can see it from the 4th image), since parents usually place the smaller kid in the room that’s closest to them. Any specific reason for that? Maybe because the room next to yours also faces the street? Anyway, it’s a lovely home! Hope you guys get to enjoy it for as long as you can:) You have the loveliest family, God bless.

  105. Love your place!!!

    I’ve been reading your blog for four years now and I cant believe how big and cute are Toby and Anton now!!!


  106. Gorgeous! Such an inspiration!

  107. This is gourgeous, one of the most beautiful apartments I have ever seen. So much inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

  108. Looks great!! Would love to know where you got the ceiling lights in the living room.


  109. The green guitar Anton is strumming. Can you tell me the brand of it? Our 3 year old is becoming a big brother in about six weeks and I wanted a guitar like that for the baby to bring him.

  110. Looks great!! Would love to know where you got the ceiling lights in the living room.


  111. Where did you get the print of the boy (or who is the artist) near your desk? It’s beautiful!

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    I keep hoping to run into you guys around the neighborhood–maybe once it gets warmer out!

    Mary Kate

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  115. Love the balance of keeping the living area white walled and experimenting with colors in the bedrooms! Those dark colors turned out so well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  116. Love the balance of keeping the living area white walled and experimenting with color in your bedrooms! Those dark colors turned out so well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  117. Gorgeous place. I love it. Do you think you’ll always rent? You mentioned Toby and Anton as teenagers in this place. I live in SF and just don’t ever see myself being able to buy a house. I’d love to hear your thoughts on renting/owning.

  118. If I could design my dream apartment it would look almost exactly like this! What a dream!! I’m so happy for you guys to have such a lovely and artful place to grow your family. Thank you for sharing!!

    PS- All families are different (obvi), and I know some co-sleep quite well. It is so sweet that Toby wants to share his bed with Anton. Just a note, in my work-family (I’m their sitter) the two boys share a bed. Though it is so cute and snuggly, it makes nap time the w-o-r-s-t. So, if you do end up with the boys sharing a bed, I’d recommend keeping the crib for as long as you can for naps! :)

  119. I love this post! I am a total HGTV nerd and also just super nosy about other people’s homes. Do you ever feel like you are missing out by living in the city and renting instead of buying? I am a southerner and purchased my first small home at age 25, and always wonder if that was too young to jump into home ownership, even though I love my home! Any thoughts?

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    PS – deliberately cooled it on the exclamation’s ;-)

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    Can you make a post about how do you receive your friends for dinner with such a small space to eat? I have the same problem!!
    Tks for sharing

  123. its a beautiful house! very nice to see your old furniture, how it works in this new space…congrats with this lovely apartment!

  124. Hi Joanna,

    I was intrigued by the statue you mentioned in your bedroom, the “protector of mother and children.”

    Do you know what that statue is called or named? Thank you!

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  126. This has to be my favorite post ever! What I loved about this post is that not only your house is Pinterestingly beautiful, this post is also a beautiful summary of your family life at this moment!

    I started reading your blog since before you got married and many style and fashion blogs have come and conquered our screens but your blog is still the only one I read every single day. I feel like I know you a little!

  127. Hi! Love your post. I have 2 questions: 1-I notice you don’t have any window coverings/curtains, but perhaps you have a pull down shade for some privacy in the bedrooms? Is that the case? Either way, I love the light from the windows. 2-Where did you get that tiny kitchen in Toby’s room? What brand is it? I adore it and would love to look for something like that for my little one.

  128. This has to be my favorite post ever! What I loved about this post is that not only your house is Pinterestingly beautiful, this post is also a beautiful summary of your family life at this moment!

    I started reading your blog since before you got married and many style and fashion blogs have come and conquered our screens but your blog is still the only one I read every single day. I feel like I know you a little!

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    I would love to know more about your storage! I see train tracks, toy guitars, you mention a peppa pig play house – where do you keep all those toys hidden away?

    I am amazed at how clean you can keep your work space.

    I feel our house is filled with Legos and Hot Wheels.

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    laura from Rome

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    Beautiful, such a lovely home!

  140. SL says...

    What a lovely beautiful home! Thank you for the inside peek!

    We’re moving into a new apartment and I was going to leave the walls all white, but seeing your bedroom wall color makes me want to experiment with colors selectively to create different effects throughout the house.


  141. It’s beautiful! Although most of the items are out of my price range, I love the inspiration!