First Words Book

Anton is almost two years old (I can’t believe this was so long ago!), and he’s really starting to speak. It’s such a fun age! To help him learn words, we made him his own Pinhole Press Mini Book of Names & Faces.

It’s so sweet to show Anton photos of him with people who love him.\

Since our relatives live far away, this book helps Anton remember them between visits (and excitedly recognize them when he sees them again).

We also included photos of his favorite toys and animals, so when he learns words like “ball” and “house,” the images will actually look like the things in his everyday life.

Anton now requests it every night before bed–it has definitely become his favorite book. And it was quick and simple to put together—you could use Instagram photos! Thank you so much, Pinhole Press xoxo

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(Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Pinhole Press, whose products we’ve loved and ordered for years. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo)

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is SUCH a great idea. I’m married but we don’t have kids yet and I think I might just make one now. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can you just make us a book of Anton’s chubby little thighs??

  4. My 17 month-old boy would love a book like that! How cute!

  5. haha, mayfia, thank you! i know, those little thighs are so delicious. i never want him to slim down! ;)

  6. Love this idea!

  7. thanks for this! I’ve been meaning to make one (or two!) for my 18 month old twins and now I’ll get a discount. Yippee!

  8. I made a book like that when my daughter was learning to talk. She loved it and carried it everywhere. I put pictures of our cat, the bus, her clothes, her favorite foods, and of course, Mama, Daddy, and even a picture of her own self. The toughest word was “chair”.

  9. We did this for our second child (he is now 2 and a half), and for our eldest (4 years old) we made an ABC book full of all his favourite things. Both books are huge favorites at story time each evening!

  10. Anton really is absoloutely adorable, those thighs, those thighs! I rarely comment but I just had to as Anton and Toby are so different looking and I love their little personalities shining through, you do such a good job Joanna of letting them do that!

  11. I have been pulling photos together to do this very thing, what perfect timing! I love the look of the Pinhole Press book. Thank you for blogging about this.

  12. Brilliant idea! My little is only two months old, but I can’t wait to make a book like this for him. <3

  13. Thank you for sharing! I love this idea! My husband and I moved away from our niece who is almost 2 years old, and she’s really starting to talk quite a bit too. So simple and adorable!

  14. can we please see more posts of Anton? He’s so adorable!!!

  15. I love this! I will definitely use this for my nieces!

  16. THIS is genius. Can’t wait to make one for my 16-month-old twins!

  17. This is an amazing amazing idea. I wish my kids were younger bc I would totally make one of these. Going to keep this in mind for future besties and their new babies though!!

  18. I love seeing ‘Opa’ – I’m of Dutch descent, so I had an Oma & Opa and Pake & Beppe growing up. My kids just have the regular Grandpa, a few Grandmas, and a Granny.

  19. I made one of these for my niece and she loves it — and also just made one for my boss’s baby-on-the-way including a picture of his mom who passed away. Of course I ordered it a week before you had a promo code! Worth every penny, with or without the code though. :)

  20. This is SUCH a perfect idea! I will definitely use this when I have kids some day! :)

  21. I love this! It would be perfect for my niece who’s 16 months. She just said my name for the first time yesterday and my sister and I freaked out! It would also be a great way to share my photo skills with her. :)

  22. marjolein, it’s so funny: toby just started calling my dad “opa” because he couldn’t say “grandpa,” and it stuck. i didn’t realize for months that it was actually a real word for grandpa in other countries!

  23. Looks so great, wish that the pinhole company would ship to Belgium. So funny and a little bit weird to me that you call his grandfather “opa”, for me it is the dutch word for grandfather (didn’t know English-speaking people used this word).

  24. I just made one of these for my niece’s first birthday. I can’t wait to give it to her. It took about 10 minutes to put it together, and the book arrived on my doorstep in 2 days!

  25. I LOVE this idea! We live away from family too. This has inspired me to check out some Australian equivalents. Thanks, Joanna!