1. I deal with this situation daily… heheh … and I like myself anyway: D

  2. LAK says...

    Who shares a blanket anymore!? We each have our own queen size and its awesome! Highly recommend it

  3. Hahaha. I feel like you could add “talk about your gas or bowel movements for the day” to that list. My poor husband!

  4. I am dying. I have the opposite problem. For some reason, my body gives off an inordinate amount of heat when I sleep. I like to curl up next to my boyfriend when I’m falling asleep until one night he finally said, “MY GOD your body is like a furnace! Can you PLEASE move over?! I’m sweating!”


  5. haha! My husband saw this post, and loved it. He says I do all of these!

  6. Haha, all of these are so true!! Although I can safely say I don’t do the last one :P :P

  7. Just found your blog and fell right in love with it! ♥
    Way too funny! :D
    xoxo, karie ☆

  8. Hahaha. I thought this was a different type od crazy. This is so funny.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

  9. Aw I know I drove my ex crazy worrying about my candida problems…not so sexy.

  10. comforter wars happened a lot this winter

  11. Too funny!

    If there’s to be one about how to driver HER crazy – it will have to include him farting in bed as soon as he hops in, plus an insincere apology every single time!

  12. My boyfriend is definitely not pleased when I put my icy feet on him. It isn’t my fault that he is so much warmer!

  13. Ha! I’m the opposite for #1, my feet are always so hot that I usually sleep with them out. I’ll seek out my cool-bodied husband with them and he gets just as indignant as I’m sure the victims of “corpse feet” (great term, Mia!) do.

  14. Haha..I call #1,#2 which he calls me the human burrito and #5.
    And I can safely say that my boyfriend calls #3 and #4… Eating crumbly things on the bed and playing blobby volleyball with the sound on!!
    And since boyfriend is due to return from a long work trip in a couple of days… I’d say #6 is in order!

  15. Haha i love this!

  16. hilarious! my boyfriend calls #1 “corpse feet”!

  17. Haha! This is too funny!