Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Daylight savings is this Saturday, which is one step toward spring, right? Alex and I are actually taking a weekend getaway, no babies allowed:) We’re really excited and will be staying here. As I’ve mentioned, Alex has had a tough winter and this will be a nice breather from everything. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Caroline is reading this book and can’t put it down.

How to fix stale bread.

This brutally honest food magazine will make you laugh.

How long do you wait to sleep with a new partner?

This wonderful, heart-wrenching motherhood essay is worth reading.

This makes me not hate snow so much.

Such a sweet onesie.

The truth about your bookcase.

How amazing does this hostel look? Yes, hostel.

Thumbs up for cheese toasts.

Everyone in NYC is freaking out about this. (And my sister swears by it.)

The fascinating thing about children’s movies.

My new celebrity crush.

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off at Loeffler Randall with code CUPOFJO20, good through Monday morning. (Even their boots!!!)

(Image via Norr Film)

  1. I read The Girl on the Train after seeing it here…in 2 days!!! It was so good!

  2. The stock photos are hilarious! I started my career at a public accounting firm and I saw many a stock photo. These are obviously my favorite. Hope you had a nice weekend!
    – Charlie

  3. Great photo choice! Gene Kelly has been one of my longest crushes ;)

  4. Hope you have a relaxing getaway. Everyone needs a break once in a while. My husband and I just returned from a fantastic trip to Belize. Enjoy!

  5. Enjoy Jakes! Please say Hello to Dougie the bartender. My Grandmother was born and raised in Mandeville. I just love the island, Mon!

  6. I’m still on the first chapter of Girl On A Train so good to know it gets even better!

  7. Joanna, you always have the best links! Love your Friday posts :)

  8. Thank you for posting the link to the essay on motherhood. I was very moved by the mothers words. How would anyone cope in the same situation? I was touched by the loving journey and the support from the mother to find a way to reach out to her child.


  9. Hmm… I think Munchery might be feeding me lunch at work on Monday. That looks amazing!

  10. My boyfriend and I got in a blow out fight over who left the 8 dollar farmers market bread loaf out-if we would have only know this little stale bread secret!

  11. Eeeee please tell me Vince Vaughn is not your latest crush! So many stories out there about what a jerk he is in real life. I vote we stick with (Dr.) James Hamblin, woot wooot! Have a great weekend!

  12. I just love your links! The article about the mother/daughter was amazing. Have a fabulous getaway, love on your man! The bookshelf pic was great, and made me want to color code my books with covers like that! I have “The Girl on a Train” waiting in my kindle. My boys hate kids movies, with the exception of the original Cars. I watch things through their eyes, and so we don’t do movies at our house. Oh well. Now why can’t there be more movies like that? I have had a longtime crush on Vince Vaughn, longtime! Now I want to go to Miami! Great links, as usual. Enjoyed them all

  13. Les Demoiselles de Rochefort! I love that movie even if it may look a little cheesy now, but so colorful and light hearted. Plus Gene Kelly singing in french and tap dancing in pastels…priceless.

  14. jakes is gorgeous and is a blast! was just there two weeks ago…be sure to take a trip to the pelican bar!

  15. I laughed at the bookshelf post! (That’s why I have a rule of not buying any fiction unless it and found it meaningful enough to own.) Lol at the food magazine post (and so many other magazines!)

  16. I’ll be in Treasure Beach this weekend on a dental service trip ! Here’s to enjoying some sunshine!

  17. After a nearly 5 year wait we just got an adoption referral for a beautiful baby girl in Ethiopia. Of course I am getting her that onesie! Thanks for sharing it.

  18. The bread tip is awesome! The foodie magazine made me laugh out loud.
    And that’s a Hostel??? It’s amazing!

  19. dc says...

    I love your a Friday posts and I’m sharing the motherhood essay with a few moms who are having a rough time with their teens right now. Thank you for the link!

  20. I highly recommend the Rock House if you go back to Jamaica again :) Have fun!

  21. Dear Joanna, hoping you and Alex have a lovely weekend – that location looks amazing, we should never feel guilty about looking forward to child free time. It was so sad to read about Alex’s brother, sounds like you are looking after him though! I’ll toast you both with my Friday night g&t!! Pippa x

  22. Well that is super interesting about the children’s movies! As a child I could not handle the scene of Simba’s dad dying or the sadness of Bambi’s mother getting shot by a hunter. SO many kids movies depict parents dying or tragic events happening that I am sure I thought something bad and huge would happen in my life because of the story lines in those movies. You would think with the amazing writers out there for shows now that they could come up with more interesting plot lines that didn’t involve a child character’s parent dying and them needing to sort out their lives without their parents anymore in the majority of the films. Even Frozen’s scene with Ana and Elsa’s parents dying was sad and just another example of how Disney can’t seem to write a storyline without including that. It’s good to know that maybe I wasn’t as “oversensitive” as I was made to feel as a child watching those sad scenes in the movies. :)

  23. Jakes is the best! Treasure Beach is the best! Go to the Pelican Bar and get the pizza at Jakes!

  24. Ha! I LOVE Vince Vaughn. Thanks for sharing – made my month!

  25. Enjoy Treasure Beach!!! My husband and I went last winter for our babymoon (stayed at the MarBlu Villas) and it was fantastic!!! Make sure you take a boat trip out to the Pelican Bar, it was the best!

  26. YAY have fun in Jamaica! :)

    That children’s movie link is fascinating — I am working on a middle grade book and was JUST talking to my friend about incorporating death in it. Her gut reaction was “no way!” followed by us listing all the MG books with death — Bridge to Terabithia, Where the Red Fern Grows, etc. etc. Strange!

  27. What a nice trip! Go grab some sun!

  28. Im taking the train from Seattle to Portland tonight. Ask Caroline if I should read it on my kindle on the train-or if I will freak myself out :)

  29. I’m a daily Cup of Jo reader but rarely ever pop over to the comments section to say hello! Your Friday links posts are my favorite to read. I have four tabs open from links I just clicked that I’m headed to look at as soon as I finish this post. You’re a fabulous writer! Have a great weekend. :) -Erica

  30. Thank you, Joanna, for posting that Modern Love essay. I cried at my desk reading it even though I am not a mama — I connected with it so deeply, that period of despair, particularly in youth, and the power of poetry to save us. I printed it and highlighted it and plan to return to it often. Again, thank you. xo

  31. wishing you a wonderful time away…
    and thanks for posting the article about a mother and her child (with the poetry notes)…I believe this will stay in my mind for years to come.

  32. Have a great getaway! Looking forward to hearing about Jake’s – I just read through their website, it looks awesome!

  33. I actually stayed at the Freehand Miami last winter! It’s absolutely amazing and maybe a block from the beach (along with amazing Cuban food/coffee).

  34. Jamaica!!! How awesome! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Have a fun trip! Enjoy!

  35. We went to Jake’s last February and fell in love with this place!!! Recommend: Jake’s pizza place next door, getting a boat to take you to the Pelican bar in the middle of the ocean, and jumping off YS Falls (followed by a tour of the Appleton Run Estate–in that order, not the other way around). Have a wonderful, truly relaxing time.

  36. OOH have a great getaway! Looking forward to hearing about Jake’s – I just basically read through their entire website and now I want to go. :)

  37. Have a great getaway! I’ll be having my bridal shower, wedding gown fitting, and bachelorette getaway – busy busy! But I’m so excited for daylight savings for once. One step closer to spring!

    Kim .. NEON?!

  38. I just finished The Girl on the Train! It was so good. I asked my book club to read it, cant wait to see what they think :)

  39. Enjoy Treasure Beach! We were there in Feb and it was wonderful – Sundowners at Eggy’s bar shack are a must!

  40. Daylight Savings is the light at the end of the tunnel! Enjoy your baby-less weekend!

  41. We stayed at the Freehand in January and it was so great (and so inexpensive!). We stayed in a private room with 4 beds — perfect for a girls trip. The restaurant (27)is AMAZING and the cocktails at the Broken Shaker were fun, too.

  42. Before I even clicked on the link to see what Caroline was reading, my mind said, “Girl on a Train”!!!! It is very good and hard to put down! : )

  43. Thank God for daylight savings. We’re on the brink up here in Boston!