Bario Neal Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Philadelpha-based jewelry brand Bario Neal, which creates handcrafted jewelry with ethically sourced stones and environmentally conscious practices. They make beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Aren’t they lovely? (Those black diamonds are stunning!)
Today, they’re giving away these 14K gold cross studs ($185 value). Wouldn’t you love to wear them every day this spring? To enter, please visit Bario Neal and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Thank you so much, Bario Neal!

  1. They have some really nice things. I love their enamel bracelets!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  2. LOVE that aldine band! So gorgeous.

  3. I have the braided band as my wedding band and wear it every day! I got many compliments on it. It was a great decision to buy from them!

  4. yp says...

    This is an amazing brand. I have had the knot ring wishlisted for 3 years now and just need to spring for it!


  5. Yes please!

  6. love them!

  7. beautiful!

  8. Lovely studs, fingers crossed!

  9. M says...

    ÅLove the chain ring! :)

  10. I love delicate jewelry. What a great selection from Bario Neal.

  11. Those are extremely cute! Definitely would love to get a pair :)

  12. Oh my goodness! I LOVE them! Beautiful!!

  13. Love their cocktail rings!

  14. I would love a pair of delicate gold earrings especially after your post, Joanna. These are beautiful.

  15. Love these every-day-worthy earrings!

  16. Their jewelry is do beautiful! And with the added shine of being ethically and sustainably produced! Love it!

  17. Their jewelry is gorgeous. Those enamel bracelets are great!

  18. LOVE those. The perfect spring earring!

  19. I LOVE Bario Neal. The rings are so perfectly sized.

  20. I am a HUGE Bario Neal fan. Fingers and toes are crossed… and hopefully soon to be adorned ;)

  21. Love the earrings. Fingres crossed

  22. I love the simple beauty of all their pieces. Definitely my style

  23. Lovely!

  24. Love these! They’ll go with just about anything.

  25. So lovely!

  26. Love love. My babe is 16 weeks and grabbing EVERYTHING, so no more dangly earrings. These would be lovely (and safe)!

  27. So pretty! I’d love to win!!!

  28. beyond stunning!!! fingers crossed i’m lucky enough to wear them!

  29. I absolutely love Bario Neal and their ethics. I live in Philadelphia and Bario is my go-to spot for really thoughtful, well-crafted gifts for loved ones. What a special giveaway!

  30. So pretty!

  31. Wowza! I’ve been looking for a delicate wedding band for 4 years (*cough*I’m not picky*cough*) and this jeweler’s collection is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. What a fun way to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary!

  32. I am always on the hunt for beautiful and delicate jewelry!

  33. Love their rings!

  34. Love! Classic!

  35. Wearing these would feel so special, thanks for the chance!!

  36. Wow, so beautiful! Love the fact that they’re an ethical company. I see myself wearing those amazing studs :)

  37. Love these!

  38. Oh dear me – I should sot visiting your blog – your lovely posts are filling up my credit card!

  39. hope im not to late!! loveeeee

  40. Did I mention…PICK ME! :))))

  41. I love them all!!

  42. Me says...

    So beautiful! Would love

  43. The Bario Neal jewelry is beautiful! Pick me!! I’d love to wear those!

  44. These are all gorgeous! I appreciate your commitment to supporting ethically conscious brands. I’m new to Bario Neal but I am sure I will be coming back to them! Also sending to my bf :)

  45. The jewelry is beautiful.

  46. AGH! I have eye-ing the Bario Neal website for months now! I’m a student so just window shopping but man I love their jewelry

  47. Utterly beautiful! Love all the little studs.

  48. Everything on the site is beautiful!

  49. Jo says...

    I love these earrings! They’re beautiful. =)

  50. Love all their stuff!

  51. The earrings are stunning!

  52. All so pretty!

  53. B says...

    Since it will be a long time until I get a ring like these (!), earrings would be a great consolation prize. ;)

    Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing!


  54. Would love any of those!!

  55. Would love any of those!!

  56. wow! I love that they are sustainably and ethically sourced. Also, I think I’m obsessed with the Marquise Morganite Ring!!!!

  57. the cross earrings look like funny little starfish- perfect!

  58. So beautiful! And toddler friendly. Woot!

  59. Lovely pieces! So beautiful and delicate!

  60. Bario Neal – Philly pride!! These earrings are no exception!

  61. I love love Bario Neal! I’ve always stared at their pieces wistfully. Beautiful!

  62. Their jewelry is beautiful! Wish I’d known about them when I was picking out wedding bands.

  63. so pretty!!!

  64. Love these earrings!!! <3

  65. What a great giveaway! Love the aster stone earrings, too.

  66. I’d love a chance at some Bario Neal pieces! The Avens Large Ring is the perfect engagement ring (we’re looking for “the one” right now) but is way out of our price range.

  67. Love them! Those earrings are perfect for me because I just had a baby and am looking for simple earrings I can wear all summer.

  68. Love them! Those earrings are perfect for me because I just had a baby and am looking for simple earrings I can wear all summer.

  69. SC says...

    I do so love the black channel band and the cross earrings. <3

  70. Oh yes! I’d love to wear these all spring long!

  71. I love the earrings!! And the Jessica Hans Strata Collaboration earrings are mind blowing!!!!

  72. wow! I had never heard of this company but their goods are amazing!!

  73. So gorgeous! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  74. how beautiful! i’ve been really into gold jewelry lately. :)

  75. I love Bario Neal! They make the perfect minimalist-yet-still-fabulous engagement rings.

  76. I found out about their stuff from A Practical Wedding & LOVE it!!

  77. These are wonderful! Such a fun giveaway. Thank you!

  78. pretty, pretty

  79. They’re all so beautiful!

  80. These pieces are all so beautiful. I’d be so grateful to win!

  81. So so pretty! I love how they’re so simple and perfect to wear day-to-day – my kind of jewelry :)

  82. I love the Senna Round Ring! Beautiful jewelery!