2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is like coconut: you either love it or hate it. As I’ve said a million times, I once had the worst Valentine’s Day ever (lonely, slushy) only two weeks before meeting Alex and falling in love. So the day always reminds me of how something great might be right around the corner. If you’re looking for a little treat for someone special (or yourself!), here are a few fun ideas…

Animal cheese card holders, $26, plus a stinky cheese to share.
Olive Kitteridge show, $36, because Sharon says it’s amazing and we’re in love with Frances McDormand. Also, NPR says it “may be the best depiction of marriage on TV.”

The most delicious sea-salt caramels, $10.
Champagne coupes, which feel so sexy and elegant, $24 for two.
French briefs, $25. (Or this, if you’re really going for it.)
A cute card, $5.

What I Love About You, which is admittedly cheesy, but also so, so sweet. $10.
A kite to fly together, $28.
A black truffle—the ultimate aphrodisiac—to shave over pasta, eggs, even pizza. $60.
Dirty Dog soap, which smells like a peppery old cigarbox. $8.75.
A love note, $5, and a kiss.

P.S. How to keep the sparks alive.

(Photo by The Selby)

  1. Velentine’s day is very beautiful moment all of the people.So, very happy velentine’s day all of the people.

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  4. I have never been a fan of Romantic gestures especially on Valentines Day (thank God I’m working 12-10). That said this year I’ve written my boyfriend a love letter, we’ve only been together 3 months, so I wrote the story of how I fell in love with him.

  5. Laughed out loud at the “like coconut” comment! So true! I happen to love both… and all of these unique gift ideas!

  6. My bf hates valentine’s day, but I love it – so we celebrate “i like you day” on the 15th. Personalized holidays are better anyways.

  7. OMG I want a truffle <3 I love truffles sooo much.

  8. The Olive Kitteridge mini series is amazing indeed!

  9. Ha! I hate coconut AND Valentine’s Day! I just think it’s a goofy commercial holiday that puts WAY too much pressure on people. I let my husband off the hook years ago. I DO enjoy having fun with it for my kids though!

  10. I have to say I’m anti-Valentine’s Day for multiple reasons. 1) I think it shames (mostly) women into feeling guilty that they’re single. I have friends texting me saying stuff like, “Well, I guess I’ll buy MYSELF a Valentine’s Day gift.” My response is always something like, “Those are the best gifts!” Treat ‘yo self!

    2) Life’s too short to wait for one day a year to remind our loved ones we love them. Cute cards are fun, for kids especially, but I tell my husband, pets, friends, and family I love them year-round.

    I’d be very curious to hear about V-Day in other countries. Anyone outside the US actually celebrate?

  11. I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day, but NEVER hated being single! I love hanging with me, but Kendra’s idea above is genius!

    Since I’m not a big fan, me and the fiance will be grilling at home (is it just me or are restaurants on V Day the worst?) and chilling, but I’m going to have to keep that truffle idea in mind for future events! Also, I want to try those caramels, because I’m convinced Bequet caramels are the best! MMMMM

  12. I’m nearly 30, SINGLE, and hating it.

  13. I am newly engaged and enjoying all the extra love coming our way. I think for this year we are skipping on any big gifts and just trying to enjoy a day and evening to just ourselves.
    What are you guys planning on?

  14. Love the animal card holders!

  15. Champagne s’il vous plait in nice coupes!


  16. The variety of your list is inspiring. Good work

  17. @kendra’s idea above is brilliant or what.. I think it will work for couples who are clueless what to get for each other. Each makes a pinterest board and the other one can pick!

  18. Cute and fun ideas! And they don’t involve a lot of $$$ either.

  19. I’m giving my husband a book of 13 dates, one for each month and a wild card. I’m so excited for him to open it.

  20. You can get (real crystal) champagne coupes at any thrift store for a dollar. Lovelier, cheaper, and more earth-friendly.

  21. Such a nice list!
    Loving your light-hearted approach to the holiday. Some people take it far too seriously. But these presents are funny and very witty.
    Love your blog xxx

  22. I did the What I Love About You book last year for my boyfriend and he LOVED it! I highly recommend :)

  23. I just started Olive Kitteredge last night on Sharon’s recommendation. I do like it, but as a Mainer, the accents aren’t right! Too Massachusetts ;)

  24. Hah! The last line is funny. :-) I love the champagne coups though. Those are my fave.

  25. My fiancee and I prefer to go away for the weekend or do a fun activity instead of exchanging gifts. Love the champagne coupes idea though!

  26. Those are the most delicious caramels! I just discovered them at a cheese shop in Hudson you’d most definitely enjoy if you’re ever up that way- Talbott & Arding!

  27. i’m super single. Like, so very. But i like presents and surprises. So I made a secret wishlist-board on Pinterest of a bunch of fun and silly things I wanted, but wouldn’t usually buy for myself. I gave a friend my credit card and access to the board and asked her to pick out one of those things for me. There were enough things on there that I don’t even really remember everything. So for Valentines Day, I’ll get a fun surprise present from myself. :)