New Graphic Novel

  • Have you seen the graphic novel Soppy? The book is the real-life love story of comic artist Philippa Rice and her boyfriend, cartoonist Luke Pearson—as they fall in love and move in together. She captures all those little moments (grocery shopping, assembling bookshelves, sleeping side-by-side) that can so often go unnoticed. Take a look…
    And here’s the artist, Philippa:
    Will you read it? It would make a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you think?

    P.S. Five favorite graphic novels and what we’re reading.

    (Found by the wonderful Miss Moss)

    1. Josephine says...

      How did I miss this graphic novel. So cute and so true!

    2. Ange says...

      I shared the link from your blog to my boyfriend many months ago as it was so similar to our relationship. He ordered the book online and gave it to me as a gift for our first year anniversary. It was so cute <3 xxx

    3. I follow that artist on tumblr and my boyfriend actually did get me this book for Valentine’s Day! It was so nice to just read through it with him and see the things we could relate to :)

    4. Oh my gosh, the bread biting one is so cute!! LOVE.

    5. Amanda says...

      This looks great! And it reminds me of Liz Prince’s “Will you still love me if I wet the bed?” which I highly recommend.

    6. Anonymous says...

      I am a huge fan of her work. Pre-ordered it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. We read it together before bed because it describes our relationship perfectly!

    7. This looks amazing! I will be reading it, and it was great to check out your other recommended graphic novels too. Thank you! :)

    8. I got two of the zine-style Soppy collections for my husband last year for Valentine’s Day! I had no idea that she had a full-length book. Too late for this year’s Valentine’s gift, but it will make a great just-because gift in a week or two!

    9. I am SO SO GLAD you’ve finally featured Soppy on the blog!!! It’s right up your alley, Joanna. :)

    10. I loved that! I don’t usually read graphic novels, but I would read this!

    11. so cool! love it

    12. So cute. Thanks for always posting something interested and genuine and not just what seems trendy/bloggy at the time. :)

    13. My bf and I are about to move in together and I just ordered it for him- he’ll love it!

    14. I came across this in a book store while Christmas shopping at Chelsea Market and sat down right there and read half of it! I knew right then I had to bring it home. So incredibly sweet and relatable!

    15. I use Chrome too (on a chromebook) and haven’t had any troubles this week.

    16. @rachel, haha, i laughed at “as separate ingredients.”

    17. tearing and laughing – love; so easy to relate to. awesome V’s Day gift to myself!

    18. Oh man this is so cute and I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees me and my boyfriend in it. I have tears in my eyes from laughing at the last frame of her on the floor with the blanket reading! So cute and so me! Thanks for sharing!

    19. This is so adorable, I laughed out loud. “Hurry up with those biscuits.”

    20. My boyfriend bought me this book for Christmas and I LOVE it. Highly recommend:)

    21. This is so my husband and I! Except now that we have a toddler, whenever we’re asleep the kid is the one who breaks the comfortable silence with ‘Are you guys asleep?’ or ‘Mama?’ :)

    22. rebecca, thank you so much for letting me know! i’ll check with our programmer asap. xoxo

    23. So adorable! So sweet and sentimental, yet totally real and relatable.

    24. Have you posted this before? Or have I seen it somewhere else? The tea biscut thing is very familiar….

    25. this is ADORABLE. and so true. it’s the little things:)

    26. When I opened the post my boyfriend was like “That’s cute, what is that?” Then proceeded to roll over to my desk and we scrolled through all the additional images together and laughed. Lots of great moments (I personally enjoyed the “Can I read in here?” one, as I’m usually wrapped up in a blanket and he often uses a tablet to do photo retouching. The sleeping positions one and eventual move to the couch was also great.) I think I need this now. Thanks Jo!

    27. This is adorable. I loved the cartoons. So real and relatable! Will make a perfect V-day gift :)

    28. Hi! I’m a big fan of your blog- and have been so sad this week that it isn’t loading (or it is loading very slowwwwly) in Chrome.
      Thought you’d want to know.

    29. I purchased this Soppy comic for my boyfriend’s birthday about 5 months after we started dating. It’s still one of my favorite gifts I’ve given!

    30. This is so cute!! I´ve just ordered it for my husband and, although we celebrate Valentine´s Day in June in Brazil, I won´t be able to resist that long!
      I could relate to so much of it!
      Absolutely adorable!
      Thank you for sharing, Joanna! =)

    31. she is ADORABLE!

    32. The artist is as cute as her illustrations =)

    33. I love this so much and have had most of those conversations/moments with my husband at one time or another. “That’s you” is a favorite game of ours. V-day gift: ordered!

    34. That was so cute! I could relate to a lot of it!