Munchkin Bath Toys

This winter, we’ve been spending tons of time indoors with Toby and Anton, and one way to keep them happy is to take bubble baths.
To mix things up, I got some toys from Munchkin, the LA-based company that makes clever products for kids. All their gear and toys have a quirky twist.
Both boys LOVE the penguin bubble blower (which blows bubbles all over the bath!), bath crayons (which wipe right off) and pour whales (which make the water “rain”). And we use this brilliant rinser for washing their hair.
(Just like a teacher!)

Munchkin has really smart solutions in a bunch of areas, like feeding, travel and babyproofing. See all their products here.
(How genius are these Miracle 360 Cups that don’t spill??? I’m excited to have Anton try one.)

Today, they’re giving one lucky reader a $500 gift certificate to To enter, please follow them on Instagram (@munchkininc), then leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck, and thank you! Update: The winner has been e-mailed. Thanks for playing!

(This post is sponsored by Munchkin. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Target and Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

  1. I recently registered for Munchkin bath toys!! I’m happy to follow on instagram. I’m savannahdarr

  2. Would love this for my baby boy!

  3. I want this for my baby on the way!

  4. The crayons look like so much fun!

  5. Fantastic giveaway!

  6. ! My first kiddo is due in August so all of this looks so useful and cute!

  7. My daughter would LOVE the bubble blower!

  8. I love their products! Looks like the boys are having a great time.

  9. Bath toys are great, my daughter hates the bath, so would love to have some new ideas!

  10. we love bathtime!!! these toys look so fun.

  11. we love bathtime!! these toys look so fun.

  12. Such a great addition for bath time!

  13. These are absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to buy some for the upcoming showers I am hosting.

  14. We love munchkin and my one year old would love those bath toys!

  15. My baby girl would love these toys!

  16. This would be an awesome way to provide for our 3 yr old and baby on the way!

  17. I will definitely need to add some of these products to our registry. Due in 4 weeks!

  18. Would absolutely love these items for my sooon to come sweet baby

  19. I will definitely be adding some of the Munchkin products to my online registry! Expecting our first in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  20. The bubble blower looks brilliant! We’re big fans of bath time over here :)

  21. My baby girl would love this!

  22. Munchkin is a great company. We love their bath toys.

  23. love it! i would totally get that penguin bubble blower — my kids would go gaga!

  24. SC says...

    Brilliant. Love the penguin bubble blower!

  25. there it so much fun stuff to be had for our baby boy coming in july!

  26. Love these! Buying them ASAP!

  27. So many of their products would be real life savers!!

  28. K says...

    Wow, i have been using munchkin cups bath toys and plates ever since my 2 year old started eating. Good to see their products on your site. but i need to get that bubble blower asap.

  29. Great giveaway for a new mom (me!)

  30. I could spend $500 easy!!! I want to try that cup too!

  31. We’re making the transition to sippy cups right now!

  32. Thank you!

  33. Love their products!

  34. This would be so awesome


  35. My son would love more bath toys!

  36. I am ordering the penguin bubble. My kids will love it!

  37. They have great – and useful- products for my little one!

  38. Love Munchkin!

  39. Love this pictures. My daughter would love these toys.

  40. I have a sister who is pregnant and I’d love to get some stuff for her and the baby!

  41. Wow – it would be fun to buy some of those toys and share the wealth with some friends!

  42. Followed! Our new baby girl will love these!

  43. following – so many cute things!

  44. What a great way to make bath time FUN!

  45. We love bathtime, the more toys the better! Excited to pick up some Munchkin toys to add to our growing collection. Thanks!

  46. following them on IG! they have so many great products, would love to win!!

  47. Followed!

  48. My little guy would love these toys!

  49. My son would love this!

  50. n says...

    Wonderful find! Can’t wait to start trying them out!

  51. What fantastic products! Adding to my registry asap!

  52. So sweet! The little girl I babysit for would love these.

  53. Love Munchkin products!!!

  54. We love Munchkin. Have countless items of theirs already and this makes me want even more.

  55. I loooooove these fun things!

  56. These are adorable, i don’t even have kids and i want to win this for presents/hoarding purposes!

  57. We’ve always loved Munchkin. My kids would go crazy for that bubble blower. I’m getting it stat!

  58. Oh my gosh my little one would love the bubble penguin!

  59. What a fun giveaway! Our first baby is due in June and the bath products look like they would be a great time!

  60. my kids would love these to keep them busy!

  61. This would be great to win!!

  62. I love Munchkin! I would love to win this!

  63. I loooove Munchkin. As a first time mom of one little boy, their products are a God send!

  64. love munchkin products! we have the whales and they’re so fun. i think i see that bubble machine in our future :)

  65. I love Munchkin products! And these bath toys look so much fun!

  66. Awesome products!

  67. We love Munchkin toys! Thanks!

  68. All those toys are so cute!

  69. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  70. Following! Love Munchkin!

  71. Our little one loves the whales, too!

  72. This would be perfect for my new little guy!

  73. What fun! Would love to have some new bath toys for our little girl! Thank you!

  74. We’re expecting our first, but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t hate to have that penguin bubble blower for my baths!

  75. my 13m twin girls spend a lot of time in the bath too! we live in the dreary PNW and this winter was so long! baths, bubbles and inventive toys help and peak their interest.. and we take lots of baths since we get pretty muddy outside!

  76. Following! I love their Latch bottles (or rather, my baby loves them). Pick me, Pick me!

  77. Love all of these products Joanna! I’ve been using Munchkin Products since my son was born!
    Thank you!

  78. Cute stuff!

  79. These products are adorable!

  80. Super cute bath toys!

  81. I would love to win! :)

  82. New baby coming–need some new gear!

  83. Too fun!

  84. Would LOVE this giveaway! All of these items would be perfect for my baby girl :)

  85. We use the bibs every day. I love practical parenting products!

  86. What great products! Bubble maker, bath crayons – adorable!! Too bad these weren’t around when i was a kid lol. I already plan on buying them for my son :)

  87. We love their bath toys! Thank you!

  88. I’ve always wondered about those bath crayons — think my kids would love those.

  89. Those crayons are awesome!

  90. OMGoodness… this is A-mazing! Thanks so much for the sweet chance! Your little munchkins are uber adorable! I’m a preggy & this would be SO darn appreciated! xx

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  92. My 9-month-old daughter would love these toys during bath time!

  93. Fingers crossed!

  94. I am an instagram follower. Thanks!

  95. My girls would LOVE this! I’ve been eyeing that bubble blower for them for a while now, and my youngest NEEDS that hair rinser – she is always complaining when I try to rinse her hair. I’m going to check out those 360 cups, too!

  96. oooh so fun! can’t wait to try their stuff!

  97. Love that penguin blower!

  98. Following on instagram! Munchkin products seem like such cool stuff!