How to Get Baby Soft Skin

My little guys get super dry skin in the winter, but the catch is, babies seem to hate getting lotion slathered all over them. I tried applying it right after the bath (tears), before getting dressed (shrieks) and right before bed (wails). But! Our babysitter then had a brilliant idea…
She told me to let Anton apply the lotion himself.
It works like magic.
First he rubs it on his round belly…
Then his cheeks, ears and little nose.
And by then, he’s relaxed and happy enough to let me smooth it on his arms and legs.
All done! It has actually become a lovely morning ritual.
For our guys, we use Honest Body Lotion and Organic Body Oil, which are non-toxic and gentle on baby skin and use organic olive, shea, jojoba, olive, avocado, and sunflower oils to nourish and moisturize. I use them for myself, too!

I can’t say enough good things about The Honest Company’s cleaning, bath and baby products. We’ve used them for years, and they’re one of the few companies I really, really trust. (Their patterned diapers are adorable, too.)

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(Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by The Honest Company, whose mission and products I adore. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible.)

  1. If anybody even a bay or infants eczema, just dry skin or psoriasis than the best detergent can be the solution for you. Similar to the sensitive and dry skin of babies, you’ve to be cautious what you let your skin come into contact with.

  2. My youngest grandson has eczema like me. Poor kid is always itching. We try everything to get him to let us put lotion on him or have him put lotion on himself. NO way!! We have never tried Honest lotion. I order special lotion that is made with oatmeal. It is handmade. A little pricey but it does soothe his skin and we apply it after he has gone to sleep. It does seem to stop the itch for longer than any other lotion that we’ve tried. I am going to try the Honest lotion and see if that works.

  3. I have been using coconut oil now for over a year, CapriClear and this product is amazing! It’s all natural, which is what I tend to go for when choosing a skin care product. And it’s great for all skin types and ages, so it’s safe to use on the kiddos, which I do!

  4. I will definitely try this with my 5 month old when he gets a bit older!

    I have an off-subject question…what color is the wall painted behind Anton? I love that dark blue/navy and have been searching for something like it. Is this the boys’ room? If so, I must have missed that you painted it.

    Thanks, Jo!

  5. We love Honest too. Our solution for our sensory-sensitive daughter was to simply add a few drops of the body oil to her bath. Her skin is VELVET.

  6. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! These photos are just the cutest! The way Anton is looking at his belly as he rubs it :) – too sweet…

    baby bath products

  7. oh my gosh, anton is getting so big! what a cutie!

  8. Make sure you use the lotion up before it goes bad. Natural products often have really bad preservative systems (i.e. they grow mold and other icky stuff if you’re not careful).

  9. I’m melting! Anton is adorable!

  10. my 19mo old is obsessed with putting on lotion! anytime i’m putting on lotion, he asks for some as well, lol. he also mimes putting on lotion with anything that looks like a bottle. these lovely photos are adorable!

  11. These are the cutest little pictures ever! The way he looks at you! And those baby legs! Oh my gosh

  12. Fabulous idea! So simple…but so effective! My little guy’s not old enough yet (9 months…he would just eat it…) but will keep this in mind for when he’s older!

    Anton looks a lot like a [blonde] Toby in these pictures!

  13. Anton is adorable in these photos! Taking after his big brother Toby :) We swear by the Honest Company products for our two and a half year old daughter. With stubborn patches of dry skin, the healing balm works wonders. I also use it on scabs to stop the itching and scaly heels.

  14. Really? I’ve never heard of a baby disliking a warm oil/cream massage after bath! Try warm oil/cream instead of cold!

  15. Just want to say a humidifier is a life changer! no exaggeration! :)

  16. So funny! We just made the same discovery and it makes a world of difference. If only our 17 month old would want to brush her own teeth!

  17. My husband uses that trick for our boys (2 and 4 years old) at bath time. We have a mild foaming soap and they wash their own bellies, arms and legs and then do eachother’s backs – cutest thing ever! Anton is adorable!

  18. This is just DARLING! And a genius idea for sure. Going to have to remember this trick for the future.

    Circus & Bloom

  19. Cutest post ever! :)!

  20. Oh my, he is a sweetie! And what a genius trick for getting his skin moisturized. I’m due in a week with my first, and I’m going to file this away: anytime it’s a struggle to get dressed, eat, brush teeth, etc, let her do it herself!

  21. He is such a beautiful baby boy. Makes me want one :)

  22. Your baby is too adorable, Joanna. That belly and the little ankle chub. Also, he has Alex’s eyes..a little wisdom and mischief mixed in there, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing these moments of your day. They always make me smile :)

  23. Nice ritual!
    I didn’t know these products!


  24. Totally agree with Laurasaurus’s post above – I hate almost any lotion on my body. And the idea of putting clothes on after it? Yuck!

  25. These photos are just the cutest! The way Anton is looking at his belly as he rubs it :) – too sweet…

  26. lovely photos :)

    and your engagement ring is so very pretty!!

    Barbara x

  27. Little tip – when the boys are having a bath – add a good dose of bi-carb soda into the water and let it dissolve. Softens the skin beautifully.

  28. Oh my goodness, he is sooooo adorable! What a genius babysitter. =) SO precious!!!


  29. These photos are soooo adorable!! aw I love that this is a morning ritual now, what a lovely idea and wonderful way to start the day :) xxxxx

  30. we have been doing this with our daughter for a long time. she’s now 2 1/2 and loves lotion so much she will throw a tantrum if she sees it but can’t put it on. all lotion is now hidden in our house but she’s getting observant enough to figure out the hiding places.

  31. Anton is so beautiful! And thanks for the tip! My 11 month old daughter is so curious about lotion, but won’t sit still long enough for me to put it on. I never thought of letting her do it, but I bet she would love to!

  32. Gah! He is WAY too cute! I cant even handle it. Love these shots too – such sweet memories.

  33. I switched our family to body oils during the winter. My legs just get scaly, and my daughter (who has had drier skin than my son since birth) have these little eczema patches at random places on her little body. So I just bought the Honest Co Body Oil!

    I also run a humidifier most every night in her room- supposed to keep the skin more supple!

  34. Oh my goodness! His little smile just made me so happy! What an amazing kid.

  35. Oh my gosh, he is so precious. I’m going to try this with my 17 month old too!

  36. It’s funny. I’ve learned in my life and career as a healthcare professional that some people are lotion people and some people aren’t. I don’t wear lotion unless my skin is painfully dry (very infrequent). I didn’t grow up in a lotion family and would never think to put it on a baby! I think lotion is similar to chap stick in that your body gets accustomed to it. I just wash with olive oil soap and call it a day….that pic of Anton rubbing lotion on his belly though. Oh em squee.

  37. I started using beeswax on my kids and their dry eczema winter skin finally healed. Best part you only need to apply 1-2 times a week. Honest lotions did not work for us, we were still itchy and dry. I love their cleaning products though

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  39. What a great idea! And those photos are so cute!

  40. My middle son (5yrs) calls our dry-skin treatment/prevention “lyx-lyx” (e.g. luxury-luxury, so good he named it twice). After his shower he cuddles up on a towel on the warm floor and I give him a massage with baby oil.
    I enjoy our little moment too as I know there aren’t that many more years of me and him spending time like that left, soon he’ll be all grown and all.

    He dislikes cream but accept it when he’s particularly dry (he’s big enough to know it works and is needed). :-)

  41. There’s almost too much cuteness in this post! What a great idea, too! xoxo

  42. cannot even handle his cuteness!

  43. these photos are so so sweet!

  44. Yes! My little girl loves sticking her fingers in the tub of “cream” to slather on. :) Anton is looking like such a little man lately!

  45. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

  46. Always so jealous when you post about these products because you can’t get them in Australia. I used them when we holidayed in America and had a bundle delivered to the apartment we rented on our first week.

  47. BELLY!!! :)
    My littlest is not quite two years old, so he still has his chubby tummy and I love it!

  48. Fantastic post! I did a baby massage course when baby crabb was first born and when it came to applying sun lotion on our first holiday he was a total dream. Now I’m trying to keep his skin, particularly his face, hydrated in the cold snap, so will try this trick tomorrow! X

  49. When my daughter was a baby, I’d do babysitting swaps with my friend. When my friend would change my daughter’s diaper, she would give her a massage with a little oil. Well, my daughter enjoyed these massages so much she would start flipping over on her tummy every time I changed her, and say “on my back?” Meaning she wanted a little rub down.

  50. How could that kid get any cuter?! JEEZ! He’s just too much!!

  51. Oh man, babies don’t know how good they have it. I’d kill for someone to give me a daily rubdown.

  52. *Forehead smack* Why didn’t I think of this? Wonderful tip, will try it tonight. Will try this with soap in the bath, too. And I concur with the other ladies — Anton is just too cute!

  53. I have a hard time getting the Honest lotion to absorb quickly onto the skin. Aquaphor is still my go-to.

  54. What a picture of pure adorableness!

  55. Love the photos of you and Anton. You are such a great mama.

  56. Anton is sooo cute! My son is his age and the total opposite– he begs for lotion.

    It can also help to drop a little oil in the bathwater. It ends up perfectly coating the kiddos, and keeps the moisture from the bath in.

  57. Oh my Anton!! He’s a total babe!

  58. we’ve been rubbing our daughter down with coconut oil after baths since birth and for the last few months, she has insisted on doing it herself (she’s 18 months). we’re happy to oblige, even if she ends up eating half of it. :)

  59. Could that little blondie be any cuter?!?! I’ll have to try that trick. By the way, my middle name is Wiseman (my mom’s maiden name) and I love it/use it on everything. xo

  60. My goodness, he’s a cutie!!

  61. i have my 16 month old wash herself in the tub with a little baby mild dr. bronner’s on a washcloth and she takes it so seriously, it just kills me! she even lifts an arm and washes her armpits, it is the cutest, weirdest thing ever.

  62. SL says...

    oh my gosh cuteness attack!! I adore these photos <3 thank you for sharing!


  63. :-) It worked for us, too! Now our daughter loves this little ritual after bath time so much, she will even lay down asking for a massage or back rub… no more tears!