How Often Do You Check Your Phone?

Did you know most people check their phones between 50 and 100 times a day? Many of us wander through life distracted, but it turns out, we’re actually at our most creative when we’re bored. (That’s why you have your best ideas in the shower.) Our favorite doctor James Hamblin made this hilarious video about why we should put away our phones. Definitely worth watching.

P.S. Would you take a phone break?

  1. i use my phone to emergencies, to keep in touch with family…. i probably check it 3-4 times a day…sometimes i have messages and i only see them the next time. not an addict. but i hate to see some people completely focused on the phone…instead of apreciating a real conversation…i just think that is really sad. it’s a new generation and i’m very happy that i lived some years without all the gadgets…i feel lucky for that.

  2. I can go without a phone for a week or even more… but that would be best paired with a total computer/internet break… not sure if i could do that, but maybe so. it’s good i hardly ever use internet on my phone tho.

    agnes / iiiinspired / pieces-of-mine

  3. I hate to say it, but I am an addict, and it’s a problem. I used not mind at all before, but as I growing older, I appreciate do appreciate phone break more these days. One time I was on cruise for a week, so I had no cell connection. It was so liberating!

  4. I hope I’m not a phone addict. I am very aware of people using it in social situations and I hate it — I always make sure to keep my phone in my bag and make eye contact with my companions!

    I am conducting a bit of an interesting experiment now as I’ve gotten a new phone but haven’t loaded most of my apps on it yet. No FB, no Instagram, etc. I’m checking it less and feeling a bit happier about not trying to check in or keep up. Made me realize that all of these fun distractions can end up feeling like a chore if I’m not careful

  5. Hmmmm…. thanks god, I am not a phone addict. :)
    I am using phone when I needed, so I can controlling myself to using phone…
    Thats my tips. Use just you need.

  6. Ali says...

    I don’t own a smart phone. No internet or apps. I often leave my phone at home, only really taking it out of the house when I am meeting up with someone. I don’t feel the need to be on it when waiting for friends or a bus.

    Although I really enjoy the lack of technological distractions I fear I might get a bit left behind sometimes, I may miss the mass text message to warn me a meteorite is heading my way!

  7. I usually only check mine if I’m expecting a message. I’m deaf, so I can’t just wait for an actual call. I have to look and see if a text has been received instead.

  8. Too. Much. I have taken to leaving mine at home or in the car during family time. I feel lighter without it!

  9. I would absolutely take a phone break and try to go without looking in the evenings. But my new job makes it nearly impossible!

  10. No denying it- I check my phone way too much!

  11. I feel like too much, but according to friends who are always calling and texting and I am slow to respond, not enough!
    I always check it once in the morning and once at night and then maybe 6 or 7 times throughout the day…? That I am aware of at least. I think we’re all used to subconsciously picking devices up and staring at them.

  12. I am always getting in trouble from friends about not answering my phone or responding to messages fast enough! The truth is that most of the time my phone is in the bottom of my handbag and on silent. I hate being with people who have to look at their phone every minute. What is wrong with society that we have become so disconnected that we can’t just be where we are anymore? I go to the beach and breathe in the ocean and am filled with peace from the sounds, sights and smells and then I around and see people texting or checking facebook. And it reinforces my commitment to not be glued to my phone.

  13. I don’t check my phone a lot (my family and friends actually complain about my unanswered/unread messages) and I always have it on silent mode. Back in November I went to meditate for 10 days and one of the rules was giving your mobile phone at the entrance and you would recover it when leaving. When I was on day 8, I suddenly realized I was going to “be attacked” with missing calls and messages in two days and I almost started crying!!!! I felt really stressed. Then, when I had my mobile back, my frequency checking it for the first week was… less than once a day! I miss those days.

  14. WAY TOO MUCH. I have my work email set up on my phone, so my work requires me to have a six digit pin number to unlock it.

    Recently, I got the iPad Air 2 with touch ID to unlock the iPad. Now entering the pin on my phone is too much work, so I just tote the iPad around with the phone somewhere in the vicinity to pick up calls hah.

  15. I am addicted to checking my phone and wish I wasnt. Your post made me think of the ‘big turn off’ -Headspace (a great meditation app I use!) asking people to take a break from their phones this Valentine’s Day…just hope I can do it?!!

  16. amanda, that’s awesome that your phone doesn’t have internet access! we’re going on a trip this weekend and i now want to turn off the internet access of mine, inspired by you. thank you!! joannaxo

  17. I have a flip phone so I’m not a phone addict and this means when I’m out in public I am not distracted at all and I love that. It feels like pre-internet life again. However, when I’m at home “working”, I check email, FB, CONSTANTLY and make myself crazy doing it.

  18. I broke my phone on Tuesday, and today I FINALLY got around to rearranging and reorganizing my office, having up stuff, finally setting up the printer, and ordering a few office supplies! I feel so productive, I might even vacuum in here!
    I considered just not ordering a replacement, and using a dumb phone i have lying around….but I really do use GPS like no one’s business. :(
    But i’m enjoying the break while it lasts :)

  19. I love this! There is a phone app called Moment that tracks your phone use. So much time wasted!

    I understand the need to be off of our phones and bored and thinking, but I don’t really understand filling a page with 1’s and 0’s. How is that mindless activity different than mindlessly being bored on Facebook or Instagram?

  20. Our favorite doctor, indeed! I keep my phone in my purse when I’m at work and only check it when in transition (like to a meeting or to lunch, when I’m about to go home). But I am guilty of checking my email / texts and such before I get out of bed each morning. However, I commute by rail to Boston and this information is pretty crucial to my commuting life.

  21. My phone is for emergencies only and doesn’t have internet access. So when I’m out and about, I don’t check it. I’d like to cut down on internet time at home, however!

  22. I love this series. I constantly check my phone and it’s usually within reach, otherwise I feel anxious. I’ve been trying to be really conscious about not checking it or using it when I’m with friends. Also, the shower part is so true, I do all of my best thinking in the shower.

  23. When i lost my phone a few weeks ago, i at first completely panicked and HATED it, and then 3 days in, i started to adjust. i ended up loving it and actually dreaded getting my new phone. i was eating lunch without checking instagram, going to bed and setting a real alarm clock (!), and taking baths without texting. so now i’m trying so hard to maintain those good habits. it’s hard!!!

  24. Funny but no I can’t take a phone break. It’s the only way I can be reached & when that happens & you live alone, the situation is very different.

  25. I don’t consider myself a phone addict either, but when my phone recently broke for a few days, it was inconvenient (no one could get a hold of me as I don’t have a landline), but I was so much more present in my university classes and later, at work, with my customers. Now I often turn my phone off completely while I’m at work, in order to give customers my best attention.

  26. Love it, not a phone addict, but I know some!